Nu-Style Motorventures Combining
New and Old-School to Help You Win
Babb’s Decades of Experience Help Cars Run Fast & Look Good
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In his company’s name, Nu-Style Motorventures, Jerry Babb conveys that he has the knowledge of the latest technological advances in engineering and mechanics to get today’s racer to the front of the field.  Yet, Babb has the ability to combine his new-school technology with an old-school work ethic to make racers and teams succeed with race-winning cars and award-winning looks.

Currently, Babb is offering his decades of experience in the short track world and NASCAR garage to help racers build, maintain, repair and set up their racecars, while also creating cutting edge paint schemes and graphics all under one roof at BDI Racing in Concord, North Carolina.

“I was brought up old school,” said Babb.  “I learned that if you’re going to do anything, do it right – good enough is never good enough if you want to win races.  I’ve also kept up with the new technologies like the bump stops, and the soft spring-big bar setups that we didn’t do just five years ago.  I understand that stuff well, but I still believe that knowing and starting with the basics are what get you to victory lane.  The tweaks and the tricks are good, but you have to get the basics down first.  You have to know where you are to effectively get where you want to be, think GPS, the more detailed your input, the more promising, efficient and accurate your destination arrival.”

Babb has worked along side of the best short track racers that have strapped on a helmet, including nine-time NASCAR champion Mike Stefanik, three-time PASS Super Late Model champion Johnny Clark, and Northeast winners, Tracy Gordon and the late Scott Fraser.  With every driver, Babb has been able to help get to victory lane on the track, but not before taking the proper steps in the shop.

“To go into a shop and show people how to improve things there, whether it’s organization or actual hands-on work, can be a great tool to have.  Most teams have a lot of great stuff going on, but in my experience, they may also be going in the wrong direction on certain things.  It’s all a process, and we like to connect the dots.  We can start with something as simple as the importance of good note-taking and lists, to suggesting what parts to purchase, and what to stay away from depending on what you’re racing.  We can start when we walk through the shop door and go all the way to set-ups, scaling the car, suggesting spring and shock combinations, weights and more.  However, my greatest advice to any team is preparation, as 99% percent of the time the race is won in the shop.”

As a former driver himself and track champion at Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine, Babb can also help develop a driver’s talent behind the wheel.

“I’ve driven my own cars for years, so I can help a driver find the quick way around a track. But, there is so much more to development than finding the correct line, braking, passing, or entering a turn.  Effective communication skills are critical.  Honing into what the driver “feels” then having him or her put the “feel” to words as feedback a crew chief can use is huge.  Good communication equals time and speed.  I can lend a lot of advice to younger drivers as far as skill development, but I also like to promote respect and regard for fellow competitors and the sport.  Most crew chiefs were either a driver at one time themselves or worked with a really good driver.  I was lucky enough to do both.”

Beyond the nuts and bolts of the racecars, Babb is an accomplished designer of paint schemes, logos and vinyl decals.

“I don’t want to sound like I can do everything, but I know I’m one of the few people that can go to a steel rack and build a race-winning car from scratch, then take the car to an show and win “Best Looking Car” with the lettering and graphics.  I started out hand-lettering back before I had a driver’s license.  These days I can wrap a car and can offer everything from a total paint scheme from scratch, number and logo designs, vinyl decals and more.”

Nu-Style Motorventures is available for one-off setups to complete race team overhauling with the experience and knowledge of Jerry Babb.  Nu-Style shares a shop with BDI Racing, a top-level Chevrolet development team.  Babb serves as the crew chief of BDI Racing’s Super Late Model program in addition to his Nu-Style Motorventures business.

BDI Racing, owned by NASCAR on SPEED broadcaster Bob Dillner, currently has openings in its Late Model program, with Jerry Babb steering the ship.  Inquiries from funded and qualified drivers are welcome by contacting Matt Kentfield at 704-788-2134 ext: 5 and

Based in Concord, North Carolina, BDI Racing is a full-service short track development team that offers a “total package” approach to building strong racers both on the track and off.  BDI Racing has a full fleet of cars from Quarter Midgets, Bandoleros, Legends Cars, Pro Challenge Series cars and Super Late Models.  Several house drivers including Michael Pope and Meghan Dillner make up the core of the BDI Racing development program, but opportunities are available in all facets of BDI Racing’s organization for the entire 2009 season.

Marketing opportunities for the BDI Racing team and its driver development program are currently available for events 2009, as well.  For more information on how partnering with BDI Racing can provide a multitude of benefits for companies of all sizes, contact the team at (704) 788-2134 ext: 5 and visit the team online at

Jerry Babb    (Jamie Williams Photo)
Babb gets into his work on the BDI Racing #51.  (51 Photo)
Babb also spent time in what is now the NASCAR Camping World East Series as crew chief for Mike Stefanik.  (51 Photo)