Revisit The Past With Reworked 51 Archives
Stories From Six Years Ago Are Up To Be Read Again
51 Sports PR Report
The year was 2003 and Reed Sorenson was gaining experience in ASA , Kyle Busch and Casey Mears were logging laps ARCA, the old ASA National Tour and the NASCAR Elite tours appeared to be healthy, Rich Bickle was winning the Slinger Nationals and Ted Christopher won the Florida Speedweeks Modified championship for car owner Joe Brady.

Well, some things might never seem to change, but most of those things are distant memories here just six short season later.  You can relive the past though now that has brought old stories back to life in their newly refurbished archives section.

The oldest portion of the 51 archives had been off line due to technical problems for the past few seasons, but now stories going back to early 2003 are available to read once again.

“We had some problems with our archive pages and revising that whole system was something that was always on the to-do list here at,” said Mike Twist,'s Editor.  “Just figuring out how to do it was a pretty daunting task.  Luckily, Editor Jason Buckley knows a lot of computer tricks and he invested the time to make this project happen.  Now, thanks to his hard work, fans can view a lot of 51 content that had been seemingly lost."

In that content are some nuggets of gold.

“You can spend hours going back and reading some of the things out there on the archive pages,” continued Twist.  “There are stories about drivers who became big stars in the sport as well as remembrances of a few drivers who looked to be the next big thing, spent some time in the majors and now are off the map again.  Off course, there are stories about veterans like Mike Garvey, Freddie Query, Mike Eddy, Andy Santerre, Junior Hanley, Kevin Cywinski and Mike Rowe winning races too.  It's fun just to go back and re-read a lot of those stories.”

Some of the things that happened way back then seem to be years ago now - like “Dash Cars Test at Lowe's Motor Speedway” (April, 2003) or “Eddy Returns to ASA in Style.” (June, 2004).

The decline and fall of the ASA National Tour is also something well documented on the pages of the 51 archives.  Speedway tests in 2003 set the stage for race cancelations in early 2004 and the saga of the series shutting down later that season.

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Kyle Busch winning in ARCA (Top), ASA National Tour Racing (Middle) and a Busch North battle between Martin Truex, Jr.'s #56 and Andy Santerre's #6 are a few blasts from the past that can be found in the 51 archives.