Crum Tops All of the UARA-STARS at Coastal Plains From UARA-STARS PR
Rain Goes Away and Great Racing Breaks Out
The day started out wet once again for the UARA at Coastal Plains Raceway but the STARS prevailed once again to give the fans what they were looking for - a GREAT RACE.  The rains began in the morning damping hopes of getting the show going but after a delay practice began and the day progressed under cloudy skies and was back on schedule for qualifying.
Thirty cars took the clock and Jamey Caudill was the man with the quickest time of 15.880 for the Sunoco Pole followed closely by Jake Crum with a 15.891 getting the KLB Race Cars and Parts outside pole.

Jamey Caudill claims the lead for lap one but his glory will be short lived as that other Jamie the Yelton one takes control on lap four and will have the pressure on for the next 139 laps.  Justin Boston finds his car spinning to bring out the first caution on lap 6.  Back to green Yelton takes control with a host of fierce competitors in hot pursuit.  Caudill, B.J. Mackey, Crum, Richard Boswell II, Darrell Wallace Jr., Jason York, Alex Yontz and Clay Greenfield are the top ten and each one has their eyes set on the front of the line.

Scott Andrews  and Paddy Rodenbeck spin in turn four on lap 25 bringing out the second caution.  Andrews comes back out on the track with much sheetmetal missing but his night will be short and end with only 48 laps completed.  Rodenbeck is penalized two laps for passing the pace car during this caution.  Rodenbeck is a young
gun from Florida who shows potential to be a successful STARS competitor and be a front runner. 

B.J. Mackey who had a strong car in the lead pack heads for the pits with a flat tire possibly from debree due to this accident.  It is later learned that Mackey had a brake rotor come apart ending his hopes for a win.

Bryan Dauzat makes contact with the turn two wall and during this action the Darrell Wallace, Jr. machine goes over someone as he gets up in the air and damages his fender in the process.  Wallace tries to rub the fender off on the wall with no success and comes to the pits for quick attention from his crew. 

The big one happens on lap 95 as the cars of Caudill, Scott Turlington, Jason York, Ryan Robertson and Ross Furr all go spinning and crunching in turn three.  Furr and York appear to have a temper issue with one another but quickly settle down and head for the pits.  Robertson's car stalls on the track and has to be pushed off.  In his haste to get back into positon Robertson passes the pace car and he too gets a two lap penalty for this move.

Yelton still has the point with the competition giving him a run for the money.  Crum and
Boswell are really putting the pressure on with Alex Yontz having a super run appearing
to have shaken the monkey off of his back that had been bugging him for the past few
races.  Kyle Grissom who was the UARA-STARS 2005 Melling Select Rookie of the
Year made his return to the UARA at Hickory last week with a top five finish and is
having a super run at Coastal Plains with a prospective winning car under him. 
Grissom is no stranger to the UARA winners circle.

Chris Bowers and Ryan Robertson spin in the first and second turn but continue on
after a short caution.

The next caution flies as the Dillon Smith machine is against the backstretch wall
coming into turn three with a flat tire.  Smith has damage and takes his car in the pits
to the care of is father Steve and his crew.  Smith is one of the young rookies getting
some valuable seat time showing improvement weekly.

Yelton has been dominant all evening but Richard Boswell II has been high and low all
around Yelton.  Boswell puts the move on Yelton in the first and second turns and gets the lead down the backstretch.  Yelton dives back down under Boswell in the third turn, there is contact and Boswell goes spinning.  Yelton is black flagged for rough driving and Boswell sees his hopes of a win disappear. Boswell has been a force to reckon with at each event.

At the checker Crum is the one who came home victorious with Alex Yontz, Darrell Wallace Jr., Kyle Grissom, John Gottsacker, Thomas Hartensveld, Ross  Furr, Brandon McReynolds and 2006 Melling Select Rookie Barry Andrews finishing out the top ten.

The STARS has one vivacious Melling Select Rookie season going on for 2008.  Learning patience is something stressed to the new breed.  Patience is survival and survival is the key to winning or a good finish.  Three 2008 rookies finished this night in the top ten.  The Melling Select Rookie of the Race and also Holley Performer was Darrell Wallace, Jr. 

Richard Boswell II will bring home the ARP Hard Luck award.  The Sonic Most Lap Lead Award will go to Jamie Yelton.  RayVon Clark will be the Comp Cams Engine Builder of the Race.


  1. Jake Crum
  2. Alex Yontz
  3. Darrell Wallace, Jr.
  4. Kyle Grissom
  5. John Gottsacker
  6. Thomas Hartensveld
  7. Ross Furr
  8. Brandon McReynolds
  9. Barry Andrews
10. Roger Lee Newton
11. Curtis Truex, Jr.
12. Corey LaJoie
13. Jamey Caudill
14. Joey Miller
15. Garrett Campbell
16. Chris Bowers
17. Andrew Carlsen
18. Jamie Yelton
19. Justin Boston
20. Ryan Robertson
21. Richard Boswell II
22. Paddy Rodenbeck
23. Dillon Smith
24. Clay Greenfield
25. Jason York
26. Scott Turlington
27. Scott Andrews
28. Bryan Dauzat
29. B.J. Mackey
30. Kyle Moon

Jake Crum in victory lane at Coastal Plains Speedway (UARA Photos)
Darrell Wallace had a good race.  He finished third and won the Performer of the Race and Rookie of the Race awards.