Mackey Wins at Motor Mile  by Wink Bodenhamer / UARA-STARS PR
UARA-STARS Season Starts to Roll
Jamey Caudill claimed the Sunoco Pole with Jake Crum taking the KLB Race Cars and Parts outside pole in qualifying for the Holley Performance 150 at Motor Mile Speedway on Saturday April 12, 2008.  It was Crum who jumped out to the lead on the first lap and he would maintain that position for the first 19 circuits. Jamie Yelton was giving him a run for the money and they were running neck and neck on lap five. Crum was not going to give up easy. 

During the Crum-Yelton battle the heat was on throughout the field.  Caution 1 flew on lap 7 as Clint Mills was involved in an accident in turn four along with Roger Lee Newton, Casey Holt and Kyle Moon.  Mills car would be the worst for wear with heavy front end damage.  When the green flies the competition is on.  Crum will continue to lead and in the field Andrew Carlsen battles with Darrell Wallace, Jr.  Carlsen will be the victor for this position.  Lucas Ransone and Curtis Truex, Jr. will also give the fans some excitement with a race of their own.

Lap 20 finds Yelton taking the lead from Crum and setting sail.  Alex Yontz and Jamey Caudill are fighting for position as Garrett Campbell passes Nick Losito followed by Scott Andrews. Jr. after several laps of side by side action.

Young Paddy Rodenbeck puts the move on Clay Greenfield on lap 28.  Melling Select Rookie contender Dillon Smith is having a good run when his powerhouse erupts coming down the front stretch on lap 30 bringing out caution 2.  The track crew will take a while to get this mess cleaned up.

Lap 43 sees the green flying again.  Lucas Ransone is loose in the 1 and 2 turns and several cars get the move on him.  Caution 3 was for the old dreaded debree on the track.  With the race back to green Alex Yontz is working hard on passing Jamey Caudill with Ross Furr in hot pursuit as Yelton continues to dominate the front of the pack.  Paddy Rodenbeck and Richard Boswell II battle. Boswell will keep the position and will continue on to put the pressure on Yontz and Furr. 

BJ Mackey's #2 Late Model (Drew Heirwarter Photo)
Roger Lee Newton passes Clay Greenfield and it is observed that Newton's right fender is loose but still attached to his car firm enough not to be a hazard.

Yelton appears to be slowing on lap 63 and Crum regains the lead.  Yelton will head to the pits and his day is over from apparent engine failure.  Ross Furr is loose and Richard Boswell II takes advantage of the situation claiming 5th spot.

Crum will claim the Mel's ignition Half Way leader award.  Following Crum at this point will be Mackey, Caudill, Yontz, Boswell, Furr, Rodenbeck, Newton, Carlsen, Greenfield, Truex, Scott Andrews, Jr., Darrell Wallace, Jr., Garrett Campbell, Nick Losito, Thomas Hartensveld, Scott Turlington, Brandon McReynolds, Shaun Mangum, Joey Bryant, Anthony Anders and Bryan Dauzat on the track with others being tended in the pits.
Bryan Dauzat will spin between the 3rd and 4th turns on lap 77 to bring out caution 4.  Someone is slow on the restart causing Ross Furr and Paddy Rodenbeck both to suffer front end damage in the process.  They will head to the pits ending their good runs at this point.

Garrett Campbell and Darrell Wallace, Jr. put on quite a show for several laps with Campbell gaining the tenth place position.  Casey Holt and Bryan Dauzat do some serious side by side racing and Alex Yontz puts the move on Jamey Caudill.

Caution 5 occurs when Nick Losito spins in turn four on lap 96.  Lap 100 finds Crum still on the point with Mackey putting the pressure on.  At this point of the race there are only two cars not in the lead lap.  Crum and Mackey put on a fantastic show but Mackey will prevail on lap 108 and never look back.

Joey Bryant finds himself hitting hard into the wall on the front stretch on lap 111 bringing out caution 6.  On the restart it appears Crum spins the tires and Yontz is right on his rear bumper but they maintain a grip on their cars and continue on.  Brandon McReynolds and Darrell Wallace, Jr. fight for position.  Wallace will slow however with several cars passing him in a row.

Clay Greenfield and Scott Turlington spin on the front stretch along with Shaun Mangum and Scott Andrews, Jr.  Mangum and Andrews suffer damage bringing out caution 7.    With the race back underway the hood of the Anthony Anders car flies up and he dashes to the pits to have it removed without loosing a lap to leader Mackey.  In the meantime Boswell passes Yontz for third on lap 134.  Brandon McReynolds has managed to inch his way up through the field from a 27th starting position to 10th.  McReynolds spun during practice and suffered damage to his car early in the day.  His progress will land him the Holley Performer of the Race Award.

The final and 8th caution falls on lap 145 as Losito and Andrews spin in turns 1 and 2. This turn of events will bring the field to a green, white, checker finish. 

Andrew Carlsen was named the Melling Select Rookie of the Race.  The 2008 rookie race is going to be one to behold.  They are young and strong.

The Aluminum Racing Products Hard Luck driver of the race was Jamey Yelton.  Yelton appeared to be the man to beat before bad luck decided to sting him.

Darrell Poe claimed the Comp Cams Engine Builder of the Race Award.

The UARA-STARS will be in action again at Orange County Speedway April 26, 2008.  For more info visit or call 828-692-3833


  1. B.J. Mackey
  2. Jake Crum
  3. Richard Boswell II
  4. Alex Yontz
  5. Jamey Caudill
  6. Roger Lee Newton
  7. Curtis Truex, Jr.
  8. Andrew Carlsen
  9. Garrett Campbell
10. Brandon McReynolds
11. Anthony Anders
12. Clay Greenfield
13. Darrell Wallace, Jr.
14. Scott Turlington
15. Thomas Hartensveld
16. Bryan Dauzat
17. Casey Holt
18. Scott Andrews, Jr.
19. Nick Losito
20. Shaun Mangum
21. Joey Bryant
22. Paddy Rodenbeck
23. Ross Furr
24. Jamie Yelton
25. Lucas Ransone
26. Dillon Smith
27. Kyle Moon
28. Clint Mills
29. Justin Boston