Trackside Now: Whitley Truck and Equipment 150
UARA-Stars season opener
Saturday, 11:00pm - Ross Furr takes his second straight win here at Concord Motorsport Park (NC) in UARA Competition. The defending champion is on track to make back to back in 2008. That's all from Concord have a good night and stay tuned to for more. 

1  Ross Furr
2  Jake Crum
3  Roger Lee Newton
4  Clay Greenfield
5  Jamie Yelton
6  Shaun Mangum
7  Alex Yontz
8  BJ Mackey
9  Cliff Daniels
10Clint Mills
11Curtis Truex Jr.
12Kyle Moon
13Jamey Caudill
14Casey Holt
15Andrew Carlsen
16Jeff Melton
17Richard Boswell II
18S.. Craig Turlington
19Thomas Hartensveld
20Brad Kurth
21John Gottsacker
22Chuck Crump
23Kenneth Brooks
24Daniel Pope II
25Nicholas Losito
26Paddy Rodenbeck
27Corey LaJoie
28Brandon McReynolds

Ross Furr has won the Whitley Truck and Equipment 150. Stay tuned for to come!

Saturday, 10:18pm - Ok lets set the stage for you Ross Furr leads Jake Crum and Roger Lee Newton, Clay Greenfield is fourth and coming back from a spin to fifth is Jamie Yelton. As we go green white checkered.

Saturday, 10:12pm - Just when Jake Crum and Ross Furr were putting on a heck of a show up front the yellow and now the red flag has come out for a single car wreck in turn three Brad Kurth hit head on and puked the motor all over the turn.

Saturday, 10:09pm - Lap 135 coming to the green Jamey Caudill gets turned into the wall and Thomas Hartensveld piles in hard. A few other cars spun but Caudill and Hartensved got major damage..

Saturday, 10:00pm - Lap 126 Clint Mills gets turned and seven cars spin no major damage but the pole sitter is out of any chance of a win.

Saturday, 10:00pm - Roger Lee Newton is making some noise, he's up to third but Ross Furr is checking out.

Saturday, 9:58pm - We told you about Roger Lee Newton who broke a rear end before the race. Well he's up to ffith and he's flying.

Saturday, 9:56pm - Lap 113 S. Craig Turlington spins for another yellow flag.

Saturday, 9:53pm -  Ross Furr takes the lead.

Saturday, 9:50pm -  BJ Mackey leads Ross Furr and Jake Crum.

Saturday, 9:45pm -  Lap 96 multi car wreck in the first turn. Brad Kurth, Andrew Carlsen, John Gottsacker all got a good piece of the damage. 

Saturday, 9:40pm -  Ross Furr pushed his way around Clint Mills for second.

Saturday, 9:36pm -  Kenneth Brooks had his car just quit on the restart. he came to rest in turn two brining out the fifth caution.

Saturday, 9:32pm -  Daniel Pope took a wild ride on the homestretch, he rolled to a stop at the pit road entrance. He is ok.

Saturday, 9:28pm -  no change at halfway BJ Mackey still leads...

Saturday, 9:23pm -  Ross Furr is up to third he looks to have one of the best cars on the track.

Saturday, 9:20pm -  Off the restart Nick Losito spun coming back to the first complete lap, the car has body damage on the rear deck lid.

Saturday, 9:15pm -  Off the restart Corey LaJoie and Brandon McReynolds ended up in turn one wall, other were involved but they drove away. 50 laps are in the books 

Saturday, 9:09pm -  Jamie Yelton spun coming off turn four the for the first yellow of the night at lap 41. Top Five BJ Mackey, Clint Mills, Ross Furr, Jake Crum,Shaun Mangum.

Saturday, 9:05pm -  BJ Mackey has taken the lead on lap 31.

Saturday, 9:04pm -  30 laps clean and green Shaun Mangum leads over BJ Mackey and Clint Mills..

Saturday, 8:59pm -  After 15 laps Shaun Mangum lead by twenty car lenghts over pole sitter Clint Mills.

Saturday, 8:55pm -  The Green is out, and where racing at Concord Motorsport Park.

Saturday, 8:50pm -  S. Craig Turlington made the event after Garrett Campbell could not fix his car in time to race.

Saturday, 8:30pm -  As the Whitley Truck and Equipment 150 draws closer we will head down to the track for pre-race activities.

Saturday, 7:55pm -  The heat race is in the books and Curtis Truex Jr. grabs the win with Thomas Hartensveld. Nicholas Losito and Kyle Moon all making the feature. Moon has the help of Maine racing legend Stan Meserve helping him out this weekend.

Saturday, 7:40pm -  What a tough weekend for Darrell Wallace Jr. he wrecked in practice and he just pulled off in the heat race with smoking coming from the hood.

Saturday, 7:35pm -  On the first lap of the heat race Darrell Wallace Jr, Brandon Bonnett and Nicholas Pope tangled in turn 4. All have damage, Pope lost a door in the wreck.

Saturday, 7:30pm -  The heat race is about to go green, the top 4 advance.

Saturday, 6:40pm - The top 22 are in the show and the rest go to the heat race. The top four will advance from that to the Whitley Truck and Equipment 150. There will then be two provisional's to round out the field of 28.

Saturday, 6:25pm - Qualifying is in the books and Clint Mills will start from the pole here are the unofficial standings:
77Clint Mills16.278
5Shaun Mangum 16.308
8Jamie Yelton     16.354
2BJ Mackey16.409
3Chuck Crump    16.460
1Jake Crum16.461
25Ross Furr16.476
72Richard Boswell II   16.503
6Jeff Melton16.524
54Kenneth Brooks16.551
22Casey Holt      16.571
84Clay Greenfield       16.576
71Corey Lajoie            16.600
28Brandon McReynolds16.604
9Brad Kurth16.631
12Garrett Campbell            16.639
30Cliff Daniels           16.644
91John Gottsacker     16.676
81Paddy Rodenbeck  16.689
98Andrew Carlsen      16.692
50Jamey Caudill        16.707
55Alex Yontz            16.714
48S. Craig Turlington 16.716
88Curtis Truex Jr.     16.726
36Thomas Hartensveld      16.754
16Daniel Pope  16.766
17Matthew Godley    16.782
64Nicholas Losito    16.795
19Kyle Moon           16.798
76Darrell Wallace Jr.16.801
10Brandon Bonnett  16.875
26Nicholas Pope     17.050
18Scott Andrews Jr.17.092
86Anthony Anders   17.141
11Joey Bryant         17.157
OORyan Salomon    17.174
29Bobby Measmer Jr.17.438
97Bryan Dauzat      17.741
O3Dillon Smith      18.122
33Roger Lee Newtonno time
96Tony Coxno time
O5Payne Picklesno time
O8Justin Bostonno time

Saturday, 4:50pm - Qualifying is under way for the Whitley Truck and Equipment 150, we will have results after time trials.

Saturday, 4:40pm - A little delay as we get all cars ready for time trials, looking at the UARA History we find that Ross Furr is one of only two winners here at Concord Motorsport Park. Furr finished second to Matt DiBenedetto here last spring.

Saturday, 3:45pm - As we prep for time trials we can tell you that because of the cool weather each driver will get two dead laps. Each driver will then get two timed laps. With 43 cars Qualifying will be a little longer then itusually is.

Top times in practice:
1. Shaun Mangum   16.400
2. Ross Furr            16.443
3. Jamie Yelton        16.444
4. Jake Crum           16.475
5. Curtis Truex Jr.     16.503

Saturday, 3:15pm - The rain has pushed teams into a "hurry up offense". Practice just ended, there is no tech before qualifying each team has to be lined up at 3:30. Drivers will take their cars to tech after they qualify. Needless to say some teams might not be ready for such a quick turn around. 

Saturday, 2:00pm - Practice will be underway with in the hour.

Saturday, 1:45pm - Here is a list of cars that drew for qualifying, a total of 43 drivers will take time. These are the drivers and their car numbers. 

1Jake Crum
2BJ Mackey
5Shaun Mangum
6Jeff Melton
8Jamie Yelton
9Brad Kurth
10Brandon Bonnett
11Joey Bryant
12Garrett Campbell
16Daniel Pope
17Matthew Godley
18Scott Andrews Jr.
19Kyle Moon
22Casey Holt
25Ross Furr
26Nicholas Pope
28Brandon McReynolds
29Bobby Measmer Jr.
30Cliff Daniels
33Roger Lee Newton
36Thomas Hartensveld
38Chuck Crump
48S. Craig Turlington
50Jamey Caudill
54Kenneth Brooks
55Alex Yontz
64Nicholas Losito
71Corey LaJoie
72Richard Boswell II
76Darrell Wallace Jr.
77Clint Mills
81Paddy Rodenbeck
84Clay Greenfield
86Anthony Anders
88Curtis Truex Jr.
91John Gottsacker
96Tony Cox
97Bryan Dauzat
98Andrew Carlsen
O3Dillon Smith
O5Payne Pickles
O8Justin Boston
OORyan Salomon

Saturday, 1:25pm -  Officials of UARA Stars have asked people in the pits to help drive the track with there personal vehicles. Its not much but it is the only racing we have seen today. 

Saturday, 1:15pm -  Track drying is underway, again. Things are looking good, when racing does start there will only be one practice for UARA Stars.

Saturday, 11:45am -  As we wait out the rain we can tell you that 38 cars were on track yesterday here at Conocrd Motorsport Park. Richard Boswell II was the fastest with a lap of 16.494. Jake Crum was second fastest at 16.497. Defending UARA-Stars Champion Ross Furr was third fastest.

Saturday, 11:30am - Here is today's Schedule, the rain has been steady in the last few minutes enough to suspend track drying efforts.

Today’s Schedule
UARA Stars Whitley Truck Equipment 150

11:00 to 12:00 Late Model Practice #1
12:00 to12:30  Break
12:30 to 1:30           Late Model Practice #2
2:00 to 2:30     Support Divisions Practice
2:30 STARS Pre Tech Starts
4:00         Qualifying
4:00         Grandstands Open
5:30        UARA STARS Drivers and Spotters Meeting
5:45 Local Drivers Meeting
6:00 Autograph Session
7:00 Green Flag
UARA Heats #1 and #2
Grand Stock
Fast and Furious
UARA Whitley Truck Equipment 150

Saturday, 11:15am - Rain has washed down the track here in Concord, track drying efforts are underway.

Saturday, 10:45am - Good morning from Concord Motorsport Park! Today is the season opener for the UARA-Stars, tonights running of the Whitley Truck and Equipment 150 is the first of 16 races this year for the Late Model Stock touring series. We will be here trackside as nearly 40 cars are on hand for today's race.

The pits are lined with close to 40 Late Model Stock Cars.  (51 Photo)
The battle for the lead, fans help dry the track in Concord  (51 Photo)
Whitley Truck and Equipment 150
March 29th, 2008
Concord Motorsport Park
Concord, North Carolina
The track is wet as light rain falls here at Concord.  (51 Photo)
Corey LaJoie and Dillon Smith battle in turn two  (51 Photo)
Darrell Wallace Jr. spins into the wall in practice   (51 Photo)
Clint Mills will roll off from the pole (51 Photo)
Roger Lee Newton broke a rear end in Qualifying, he will be one of the provisional's.  (51 Photo)
The front row for the Whitley Truck And Equipment 150 
(51 Photo)
Ross Furr relaxes before the race.  (51 Photo)
Ross Furr wins the Whitley Truck and Equipment 150.
(51 Photo)