Street Stocks Will Race at Rockingham For the Polar Bear 150
New Year's Day Race Will Boast a 99-Car Starting Field
“Anytime you put 99 cars on track for a race, you know it will be exciting”, said Frank Kimmel II.

For anyone interested in participating, young Kimmel explains that it’s easy to become part of this Street Stock event.

“It’s an all stock car and most street stockers around Rockingham and almost around the country can run it”.

The main requirements to enter the race are in the safety of the car. This includes things like roll cage, door plates, window nets and a head-and-neck restraint system.

The Polar Bear 150 will be the third race since Andy Hillenburg purchased the track last year. In addition to the Carolina 500, the Hooter’s Pro Cup Series will crown there champion at “The Rock” on November 1st. Other activities at the track this summer include the Super Stang Fest on June 14th – an all Ford Mustang car show as well as several Fast Track High Performance Driving Schools.

The ARCA RE/MAX Series recently competed at Rockingham Speedway.
Fans of Rockingham Speedway who saw the ARCA RE/MAX Series this past weekend will now have another must see race at Rockingham.

On January 1, 2009, 99 cars will take the green flag for the first ever Polar Bear 150. The Frank Kimmel Street Stock Series has given Street Stock drivers who normally only run their hometown short track the opportunity to race on major speedways including Bristol and Kentucky in addition to the “The Rock”.ce Driving Schools.