Concord Motorsport Park Announces Sweeping Changes for 2009 Season  Track PR
Pro Late Models Added to the Weekly Roster
The Pro Late Models are an offset chassis car, commonly referred to as a “straight rail” car because of one type of chassis construction, and are similar in design to the Super Late Models of years past.  Offset perime­ter chassis cars are also allowed in the new weekly division.  The new Pro Late Models, however, are based on a “crate” engine formula.  The allowed crate engines are the G. M. 8604 and Ford Blue Oval engines sup­plied by bonded engine builders specified by the speedway.

The shift to the Pro Late Models is multi-faceted.  First, and most important, is to make the feature division racing much more affordable.  The offset chassis car is less expensive to build and maintain, not to mention much less expensive to repair.  The crate engine concept makes the engines much less expensive to purchase and maintain. The specifications keep changes to a minimum, thus the actual racing is more competitive and much more entertaining for the racers and the race fans alike.

Offset chassis cars ran for many years under the “Big 10 Series” banner, but, those cars were originally titled “Late Model Sportsman” and later as “Super Late Models”.  An offset chassis with a 650 plus horsepower (read that: Very Expensive) engine.  The Pro Late Model crate engine will be in the range of 440 horsepower, not as powerful or as quick as the Super Late Models, but to the eye watching the cars on the track, not a noticeable difference.

Referring to the new division, speedway General Partner David Laton stated “It’s time to get out of the box.  Continuing to do what most of the other Carolina’s short tracks are doing is not the answer.  We want positive change… a better program for racers and race fans alike.”  Concord Motorsport Park has a terrific heritage with the offset chassis cars.  Present plans include introducing the new division early in the 2009 season with an extended length special event.  Two other special events should follow near mid-season and at the end of the season.    The rules package is nearing completion and is expected to be available within a few days.

Pro Late Models are popular on tracks throughout the Southeast and now will make their way to Concord Motorsports Park..
The management of Concord Motorsport Park today announced sweeping changes to affect positive growth for the competitors and race fans.  Commencing with the 2009 season, the feature division in the weekly Saturday night racing series is the new Pro Late Model, replacing the present Late Model Stock Car that will compete in the first support division.  New regulations are also going into effect in the 2009 season for the Pure Stock division.

The present feature division, Late Model Stock Cars, are quickly becoming too expensive to operate at the weekly level. Concord Motorsport Park will continue to offer this late model type car with an economy minded tire rule as its first support division.  The G. M. 8602 crate engine will continue to be an option in this division. 

The Pure Stock division cars will be able to race with the G. M. 8602 “Crate” engine in 2009 and a spec tire rule is going into place, all in an attempt make the racing more affordable.

The Fast & Furious Fours, the four-cylinder front-drive division will remain as-is, with drivers receiving free en­try to the pits each week.

Concord Motorsport Park is located on Highway 601 South of Concord.  For information call 704-782-4221 or visit the website at