Trackside Now: Smyrna Speedweeks - Saturday, Feb. 9th
It's Good To Be Jimmy Blewett
2008 Smyrna Speedweeks
Super Late Models
Tour-Type Mods
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Feb. 8th-16th
New Smyrna Speedway
New Smyrna, Florida
Saturday 10:55pm ET - Chad Akins made it two in a row in a dramatic way on Saturday night, winning the Limited Late Model event after hitting Drew Brannon and moving him out of the way on the last lap to grab the win on Saturday night.
“The car was tight all night,” said Akins.  “I figured it out if I let the car roll, it would be better.  My restarts were slow all night.  I don’t know what it was.  I went up into turn one and he didn’t let the car roll as much.  When I got in the gas, he was right there.   I am sure he would have done it to me too.  I think it was just hard racing.  I’m sure he’ll get me back one day.  I’ve realized if you want a friend at the racetrack, you bring your dog.”

“I didn’t have the best car,” said Brannon.  “I was just doing all I could to keep him behind me.  He ran in the back of me and I lost it.  I saved it and I ran into a couple of people.  I’m sorry for doing that, but I was just trying to save it.  It was just old hard racing.”

One of the regular favorites, AJ Curelli, fell out of the even on lap 16 with a blown engine.

Late Model Results
1Chad Akins
2JR McMichael
3Derrick Kelly
4Drew Brannon
5Greg Skyta
6Kirk Hooker
7Rick Penton
8Car #2x
9Jessica Murphy
10Ben Bargnesi
11Thomas Horner
12Rob Knox
13Allen Seymour
14Richard Douglas
15AJ Curreli
16Daryyl Maher
17Daniel Maddox
18Kevin Ingram

Saturday 10:15pm ET - Tank Tucker is making it look easy when it comes to the Florida Modifieds here at Smryna Speedweeks.  Tucker won again in the Florida Modified Division for the second-straight night, both nights winning by almost a full straightaway over everyone else.

Jerry Symons tried to match him, but fell back quickly.

"On that last restart, I about lost the race because my tires were cold," said Tucker.  "I tried to keep enough heat in them, but it is hard to keep them warm.   Having a good car and a good motor makes it look easy out there.  We just do the best job we can every night.

Florida Modified Results
1Tank Tucker
2Jerry Symons
3Robbie Cooper
4AJ Winstead
5Lee Collins
6Kevin Terry
7Shane Hill
8John Gerstner
9Kurt Jett
10Don Keeply
11Ryan Preece
12Matt Wheeler
13Jeff Coeburn
14Gary Fountain, Sr
15Gordon Moodie
16James Yarborough
17Bobby Jo Woodley
18Car #91
19Marty Hanbury
20Alan Bruns
21Woody Pitkat
22Art Kunzeman
23Robert Deal
24Doc McKinney

Saturday 9:45pm ET - Last night, Jeff Choquette was kind of an afterthought in the Super Late Model event.  He finished in the back-half of the top-10.

Today, Choquette came back with a different car.  And, the decision paid off.   Choquette started on the outside of the front row, jumped into the lead after an early restart and never looked back.

Choquette built a big lead, but found himself holding off last night’s winner Tim Russell late in the race.

“The other car had engine problems,” said Choquette.  “It broke a lifter or something.  It happened about 15 laps into the race last night.  Instead of switching motors, we decided to get the whole car out.  This is the one we won with at Lakeland.  The car is three-for-three now.  So maybe, the next six nights that the Super Late Models run, we can win them all.

“Lapped traffic and track conditions are the biggest issues here.  There are so many cars out there racing.  And, even though the groove is fine, if you get out of the groove, you get all over the place.  There have been so many blown engines and when the lapped cars put you out there, you are just sliding everywhere."

It seems like the best battles this night are for second on back.  One of the best battles on the track during the Super Late Model event was a three-way battle between Russell, Jack Landis and BJ McLeod.  However, contact was made between Landis and McLeod and BJ hit the wall hard.  Landis was penalized for the contact, but pulled off the track soon after.

Russell finished second, with Ryan Sieg in third.

Super Late Model Results
1Jeff Choquette
2Tim Russell
3Ryan Sieg
4Justin Drawdy
5Ricky Carmichael
6Trevor Sanborn
7Shane Sawyer
8Jerry Symons
9David Rogers
10Nevin Gainey
11Kurt Jett
12Chris Staggs
13Darrell Midgley
14John Gerster
15Kevin Bayless
16Bruce Gowland
17Jeremy Gerster
18Russ Shaw
19Steve Weaver
20Eddie Gainey
21Gary Terry
22BJ McLeod
23Jack Landis
24Scotty Crockett
25Frank Alberson
26John Coffman
27Louis Mechalides
28Travis Towell
29Joe Winchell
30Derrick Wood
31Rusty Ebersole
32David Myer

Saturday 9:05pm ET - Well, its now the World Series of Jimmy Blewett.  

Blewett won his second-straight SK Modified race on Saturday night.  He also won the Tour Modified race as well.  And, he’s won three of the four poles between the Tour Modifieds and SK Modifieds so far this Speedweeks.

Needless to say, its been a good weekend thus far for Blewett.

Once again, Blewett was rather untouched in the race, holding off a early charge from Josh Sylvester to pull away for the win.

“At the beginning of the race, Josh Sylvester was right there,” said Blewett.  “For being a rookie, not having as much experience as he has in these cars and coming down here and to be running as good as he is running is pretty impressive.  At one point in the beginning of the race, I think he had the car to beat.  He was putting the pressure on me.  I was just trying to maintain my line and get a good run from the center out. 

“We had that long caution and they put a lot of speedy-dry down and I think my experience on that helped me out.  I think he did have the car to beat, but at the end of the race, my car started to come around and I was able to pull away and get the win.”

SK Mod Finish
1 Jimmy Blewett
2 Glen Griswold
3 Josh Sylvester
4 Billy Anderson
5 Eric Goodale
6 Russ Savoy
7 Shelly Perry
8 Phil Wehrkiem
9 Butch Perry
10 Mike Fiebelkoran, Jr
11 Don King, Jr.
12 Jimmy Zacharrias
13 Kevin Shea
14 Kenny Horton
15 David Cramner
16 David Brown
17 Jason Migonia
18 Chris Jensen

Saturday 8:40pm ET - For the second-straight night, the Crate Late Models started the race a big caution that took out a few cars. 

Once things got sorted out though, it was young Logan Ruffin, the 13-year-old former Pro Challenge Series driver, who took the win in dominating fashion.  The kid who looks like he needs a phone book just to see over the steering wheel was able had it going on Saturday night after starting on the outside of row one.

"This is our second win in a big car,” said Ruffin, who also won at Lanier National Speedway earlier this year.  “We are realy excited about it being Speedweeks.  “It’s pretty exciting.  I’m one of the youngest kids to get to do this.  I know the age limit here is 14, so I’m not really sure how I am getting to race.  I am in the shadows on this.  I just show up and race. 

“Some people will say that I earned this win.  Some people will say that I just got lucky.  There are plenty of different ways to look at it really.  We’ll just have to see how the rest of the week goes.

Ruffin was able to hold off the field after a caution with six laps to go to take the win.  He was never seriously challenged all night long. 

The best battle was for second, between Will Thomas, David Wagner and Earl Beckner.

Crate Late Model Results
1Logan Ruffin
2Will Thomas
3Earl Beckner
4David Wagner
5AJ Fulgenzi
6Steven Brooks
7Eric Chase
8Kyle Maynard
9Dustin Skinner
10Casey Caudill
11Jimmy Lang
12Jimmy Weller
13Joey Pole
14Robert Petrus
15Thor Anderson
16Gene Kirila III
17Blake Koch
18Joseph Gase
19Patrick Mennaga
20Brett Moffitt
21Nick Glaze
22Car #21
23Kyle Eastham
24Chuck Tuck
25Car #6
26David Rigan
27Griffin McGrath
28Jerick Johnson

Saturday 8:10pm ET - The Crate Late Models are on the track now.  They didn't qualify tonight.  They drew for starting spots.  Steven Brooks and Login Ruffin are starting on the front row.

Saturday 8:00pm ET - Jimmy Blewett made it two-for-two… in a different way on Saturday night.  Friday night, Blewett won the SK Modified feature.  On Saturday night, he won the Tour-Type Modified event.

Blewett jumped out to the lead quick and pulled away into his own zip code in the early portion of the event.

The big battle was for second between Charlie Pasteryak and Ted Christopher.  TC eventually got around Pasteryak for second, and Chuck Hossfeld followed suit.  Both drivers made their passes on the outside.

Then, a spin on lap 19 by Billy Pauch Jr tightened up the field and made it a whole new race.  TC and Hossfeld found themselves right on Blewett’s bumper.

The final few laps were nothing bumper three-way bumper cars.  TC took a look on Blewett a couple of times during the final two laps, but wasn’t able to make the pass.  Hossfeld finished third.

“After leading last night and having troubles with the fuel pump and dropping back to eighth, I was just ready to go,” said Blewett.  “I burnt the car up way too early though.  I just wanted to go and wanted to go and wanted to go.  All I wanted to do was win.  At the end of the race, TC was getting some good runs on me because my car wasn’t handling as well.  He pressure me.  I gave him a little bit on the outside and he didn’t want to take it.  So I guess a win is a win.”

Bobby Grigas III was the only other of a caution flag, when he spun during bumper car episode in turn two.

JR Bertuccio’s girlfriend, Marisa Neidermeyer, started JR’s family-owned car. 

Tour-Modified Results
1 Jimmy Blewett
2 Ted Christopher
3 Chuck Hossfeld
4 Eric Beers
5 Kevin Goodale
6 Ryan Preece
7 Jon McKennedy
8 JR Bertuccio
9 Bobby Grigas III
10 Billy Pauch, Jr
11 Kenny Horton
12 Andy Suess
13 Justin Bonsignore
14 Charlie Pasteryak
15 Butch Perry
16 Marisa Neidermeyer
17 Billy Anderson
18 George Bierce

Saturday 7:30pm ET - The Tour Modifieds are pulling out on the track and will be begining their 25-lap event soon. Jimmy Blewett will start on the front row, along with Charlie PasteryakChuck Hossfeld and Ted Christopher are on the second row.

Saturday 6:40pm ET - There are been some down time here, while the teams prepare their cars for tonight's features.  The driver's meeting has come and gone for tonight. 

The Tour Mods will run first at 7:30.  They will run 25 laps.  The Crate Late Models will be next (25 laps), followed by SK Mods (25 laps), Super Late Models (30 laps), Florida Mods (25 laps) and Limited Late Models (25 laps).

Saturday 5:40pm ET - Jimmy Blewett drew the pole for tonight's Tour Modified race, while Eric Goodale drew the pole for the SK Modifieds.

Saturday 5:35pm ET - For the second-straight night, Tim Russell has turned in the quick time for the Super Late Models.  The question remains, can he win for the second-straight night.

Super Late Model Qualifying
1Tim Russell17.312
2Ryan Sieg17.443
3Justin Drawdy17.473
4Ricky Carmichael17.476
5Jack Landis17.523
6BJ McLeod17.528
7Shane Sawyer17.536
8Trevor Sanborn17.537
9Jeff Choquette17.604
10Louis Mechalides17.819
11Jerry Symons17.823
12Kurt Jett17.948
13Joe Winchell17.949
14Eddie Gainey18.143
15Travis Towell18.175
16John Gerster18.202
17Darrell Midgley18.318
18Rusty Ebersole18.355
19David Rogers18.367
20Martin Maresca18.443
21Kevin Bayless18.456
22Scotty Crockett18.465
23Steve Weaver18.677
24John Coffman18.715
25Jeremy Gerster18.816
26Nevin Gainey18.819
27Gary Terry18.843
28Derrick Wood18.924
29Chris Staggs18.999
30Bruce Gowland19.037
31Frank Alberson19.223
32Russ Shaw19.528
33David Myer25.191

Saturday 4:50pm ET - Chuck Hossfeld kept his strengh from last night going, as he grabbed the pole for tonight's 25-lap Tour Modified feature.  He was the only driver to run a sub-17-second lap.

Tour Mod Qualifying
1Chuck Hossfeld16.890
2Bobby Grigas III17.019
3Ted Christopher17.032
4Ryan Preece17.053
5Jimmy Blewett17.101
6Charlie Pasteryak17.125
7Eric Beers17.134
8Kevin Goodale17.186
9Kenny Horton17.223
10JR Bertuccio17.248
11Jon McKennedy17.252
12Andy Seuss17.280
13Billy Pauch Jr17.365
14Justin Bonsignone17.495

Saturday 4:20pm ET - Qualifying is over for the SK Modifieds and Jimmy Blewett is two-for-two.  Blewett beat out Kenny Horton once again for the top spot.  The two drivers finished one-two last night.

SK Qualifying
1Jimmy Blewett17.470
2Kenny Horton17.591
3Glen Griswold17.756
4Eric Goodale17.948
5Josh Sylvester18.057
6Billy Anderson18.164
7Jimmy Zacharrias18.402
8Russ Savoy18.403
9Phil Wehrkiem18.645
10Mike Fiebelicorn Jr19.258
11Don King Jr.19.668
12Chris Jenson20.394
13David Brown26.330

Saturday 4:00pm ET - Qualifying is getting ready to go here.  The SK Modifieds are first, followed by Tour Mods and Super Late Models

Saturday 3:55pm ET - A couple of quick news bites, not from here at the track, but from the short track world...

NASCAR has issued a press release that has named Chad Little the new Director of the Whelen Modified Tour. 

Also, the Pro Challenge feature at Orlando SpeedWorld is over.  Jason Burchard took the win, followed by Dean McIntyre and Terry Mathis were the top-three finishers.

Saturday 3:40pm ET - Qualifying is set to begin here at 4pm. 

Saturday 3:15pm ET - Here are a few other notes from around the pit area...

Jessica Murphy got into the wall in her Limited Late Model.

Several of the Crate Late Models that were damaged last night have been repaired.  Dustin Skinner and his team got the entire from of their car repaired, as did Darrell Midgley and last night's quick qualifier, Brett Moffitt.

Bear Motorsports has their #14 Tour Modified repaired and JR Bertuccio has been practicing it.  JR's personal car, that he drove in the feature last night, is back under covers.

Jeff Choquette has another different car that he is practicing today.  He was not overly happy with his sixth-place finish on Friday evening. 

Jason Hogan is not racing the #21 tonight after getting into the wall headon in last night's Super Late Model event.

David Cranmer, who finished third in the SK Modified event last night, wrecked his car in practice.  The team is currently trying to repair the damage.

Ryan Preece has unloaded his Tour Modified and will run it tonight.

Saturday 2:30pm ET - Well, its been an interesting practice here at New Smyrna Speedway.  Things haven't been as calm as they were on Friday.

All of the divisions have been slowed by numerous caution flags.  Sometimes, it is for simple spins, sometime it is for more.

It seems that blowing engines has been the theme today. Neil Smith oiled down the track in the Florida Modifieds.   That has caused quite the delay in practice. 

Michael Fiebelkorn did the same in the SK Mods.  Fiebelkorn's issues had lingering circumstances as well.  In the mist of his blown engine, Eric Goodale slid up and banged into the wall. 

The guy that might have had the toughest weekend thus far is Tyler Brown.  Brown blew a engine in his Crate Late Model in practice.  It was just the first of many issues for the driver from Ontario, Canada this weekend.  The team already destroyed a vehicle this weekend when they were invovled in a traffic accident on the way to New Smyrna.  Their brand-new pickup was destroyed in the accident, while their trailer and racecar were heavily damaged.  They were able to fix the car and get the trailer fixed enough to tow it on down to Speedweeks, where he finished 12th on Friday night.  They are currently looking into replacing their engine.

Saturday 12:30pm ET - Practice is underway here at New Smyrna Speedway for night two of action at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing. 

The first night of action went off well... albeit a little bit late... without too many problems.  There are a lot of Crate Late Models getting patched up here today, after their 25-lap event took over and hour to complete after three red flag situations.

Things today will be a little bit less rushed.  There will only be three classes that qualify (SK Mods, Tour-Mods, Super Late Models), which begins at 4pm.

The tentative race order for tonight will be the Tour Mods first, followed by Crate Late Models, SK Mods, Super Late Models, Florida Mods and Limited Late Models. is going to take some time and head to the pits to see what is going on after last night's action.  We'll be back soon, so keep your internet browsers locked in right here. 


Make sure to check back later for full results and quotes.
JR Bertuccio has Bear's #14 back out on the track today.
David Cramner hit the wall in practice.
Darrell Midgley fixed his Crate Late Model after getting "run over" last night.
The Super Late Models and the other six classes are out practicing right now.
Eric Goodale bounced his car off the wall after another blew a engine. You can see the wall dust on his right-front tire.
Does this pose look familiar?  Well, get used to it, because Jimmy Blewett is winning plenty of races this Speedweeks already.
Chuck Hossfeld grabbed the pole for tonight's race.
Tim Russell is the quick qualifier again for Super Late Models.
Jimmy Blewett won the Tour Modified race on Saturday night.
Logan Ruffin, who is all of 13-years-old and looks like he is about 8, won the Crate Late Model event on Saturday night, putting him in good position in the early point standings.
Jeff Choquette brought out a different car and it worked for him, as he won the Super Late Model event.
Chad Akins won his second (can you guess?) Limited Late Model event of the week.
Chad Akins (#60) tried to catch up with Drew Brannon (#08).
AJ Curelli fell out of the event with engine problems.
Tank Tucker took his second-straight Florida Mod victory.
Tucker (#15) held off Jerry Symons (#66)
The Super Late Model race was a little rough.
Jimmy Blewett (#12) and Josh Sylvester (#18) race.
Logan Ruffin started on the outside of the front row before grabbing the win.
There was a great three-way battle in the Crate Late Model race for second, third and fourth.
Jimmy Blewett held off Ted Christopher.