Trackside Now: Smyrna Speedweeks - Thursday, Feb. 7th
It's Practice Day Before The Start Of Nine Nights Of Action
2008 Smyrna Speedweeks
Super Late Models
Tour-Type Mods
Much More
Feb. 8th-16th
New Smyrna Speedway
New Smyrna, Florida
Thursday 8:10pm ET -  Well, that is a wrap from the practice day here at Speedweeks.  We'll be back tomorrow when practice begins.

Thursday 7:50pm ET -  The SK Modified practice ended in a shower of sparks for Butch Perry.  According to reports from the pits, Butch's daughter Shelly, who drives the #76 SK Modified, was clipped by another car and ended up sliding down into her father and he tried to squeeze by.

To add insault to injury, the one wrecker on site couldn't get Butch's broken car off the track, so Butch brought out his own flat bed to clean up the mess.  Both cars had extensive damage.

Thursday 7:45pm ET -  Joey Pole suffered some sort of engine trouble in the Crate Late Models.  There was oil under the car and his team was visably frustrated.  It is unclear on if the engine trouble is terminal or not.

Thursday 7:31pm ET -  With the wave of the checkered flag, all three divisions of the fendered cars have completed their practice for the day.  No major incidents occured on the track during these final sessions.

Up next are the SK Modifieds to start the final round of practice for the Mod bunch.

Thursday 7:00pm ET -  The #07 that has been known as the Jeff Scofield Super Late Model ride in Florida has a different driver in the seat.  Jeff Choquette is currently in the car practicing it.  Scofield's name is off of the roof.  We will follow up on this story tomorrow.

Thursday 6:55pm ET -  The final round of practice for all divisions is starting now with the Super Late Models.  

Thursday 6:48pm ET -  Traffic jams usually occur on the freeway, but tonight the jam up is at the end of pit road.  The Late Models have doubled up at the end of pit road, blocking some Tour-Type Modifieds from being able to get on the track for their practice.  Officials finally decided to put out the yellow flag and have the Modifieds that were on pit road enter the track at turn two from the infield.  A few Modified racers appeared confused, thinking they were being told to go to their pit stall, but the confusion was straightened out and they were able to enter the track for their session. 

Thursday 6:30pm ET -  Practice is continuing here.  There haven't been any real incidents on the track.  Just a couple of spins here and there. 

The practice sessions for the Crate Late Models has been nothng less than wild.  Most of the drivers are racing as if their practice is a 100-lap event.  It's even had track officials talking.

Thursday 6:05pm ET -  The Tour-Type Modifieds just finished their first practice session.  Five Modifieds took to the track, including former Speedweeks champion Andy Seuss, Chuck Hossfeld, Kenny Horton and Justin Bonsignore

Thursday 5:55pm ET -  Super Late Models just finished up their second practice of the day.  A few more cars got out there this time around, including the likes of Trevor Sanborn (in Jay Cushman's #29), Louis Mechalides and Kurt Jett.

Thursday 5:40pm ET -  The Florida Modifieds have finished their practice and it looks like the Super Late Models are up again. 

Thursday 5:25pm ET -  It looks like practice is about to get underway once again.  The sky is very cloudy, but things are moving forward.  The track is dry and cars in the infield are being uncovered and fired up.  It looks like the Florida Modifieds will be up first, followed by the Tour-Type Modifieds, which is where we left off about two and a half hours ago.

Thursday 5:00pm ET -  Track crews are out and the track is getting dry.  Within the hour, we should be back to practice conditions.

Thursday 4:10pm ET -  The rain has let up again and is almost come to a complete stop here.  The track crews haven't made their way out to start drying things yet, but we hear they are going to soon. 

Practice will be extended until 8pm tonight.  So once things get going, we get back to it.

Thursday 3:45pm ET -  The rain looked like it was going to move out, but then it started back up again.  It's still raining here pretty steady.   We're hanging out and waiting to see what is going to go on.  We will let you know as soon as we find out more.

Thursday 3:20pm ET -  The rain has lightened up here at New Smyrna Speedway, but the 15 minutes of heavy downpours have wet the track considerably.  The infield is lined with puddles.  No efforts have begun yet to start drying the track, but practice is scheduled to go to at least 7pm.  

We'll keep you posted.

Thursday 3:05pm ET -  The rain has begun to fall here at New Smyrna Speedway, so practice is currently on hold.  It is raining very hard at the moment.

Thursday 3:00pm ET -  A total of six SK Modifieds took to the track during their first practice session, led by Kenny Horton, Josh Sylvester, Glenn Griswold, Russell Savoy, Chris Jensen and

Horton spun alone coming out of turn four during the session.

Thursday 2:50pm ET -  There are big numbers of Crate Late Models here at New Smyrna Speedway.  The Crate Late Model practice session was actually split into two there were so many to practice.  A couple of the noteable names of the 19 that took some laps included Dustin Skinner, Darrell Midgley (running a Super as well), Joey Polewarczyk, Jimmy Lang, Logan Ruffin, Jerick Johnson, Thor Anderson and
Brett Moffitt.

Will Thomas spun during the practice when he got hit from behind by Gene Kirila, III.

Rich Lushes, who was a long-time Crew Chief for Landon Cassill when he ran Late Models, is here crew chiefing for Griffin McGrath, another Cedar Rapids, Iowa driver.

Thursday 2:35pm ET -  The Limited Late Models are now done with practice.  A total of six Limiteds took to the track, including AJ Curreli, Jessica Murphy, Ben Bargnesi, Kirk Hooker, CJ Faison and Kevin Ingram.

Thursday 2:25pm ET -  The Super Late Models are done with their first practice.  Six cars took to the track, including the three mentioned below, Ricky Carmichael (in Dick Anderson's #92), Ryan Sieg and Darrell Midgley.

Thursday 2:00pm ET -  The Super Late Models are getting ready to head out onto the track for their first practice of the day.  And the three cars already lined up... Justin Drawdy, Jack Landis and Tim Russell... three huge names.

Thursday 1:55pm ET -  One face we saw around the pit area was that of Johnny Clark.  But Johnny isn't here driving.  He is here helping Louis Mechalides, hoping to get Louis back to the days of a SLM Championship.

Thursday 1:50pm ET -  The Northeast Modifieds are in high order there at New Smyrna Speedway.  There are plenty of Tour-Type Modifieds and SK Modifieds here as well.  And we all know how often rides change in the Modified world, so a lot of teams don't have names above the doors.   Again, we'll let you know what we can, when we can, as soon as we can. 

Thursday 1:45pm ET -  There are a lot of Late Models here at New Smyrna Speedway... but its hard to tell who is in what class.  All three classes look basically the same on the outside.  The biggest difference is what is under the hood.  There are Super Late Models, Crate Late Models and Limited Late Models all here. 

There don't seem to be many surprises in any of the classes in names.  However, by a quick look through the pits, there seem to be more Crate Late Models than any others.  That could mean for some good racing and high car counts.

Thursday 1:40pm ET -  We might not be able to get you a full rundown of the cars that are in attendance here yet today, because so many are loaded up or under tarps.  We'll do our best to let ;you know what is happening and who is around though.  We'll let you know who hits the track as well.

Thursday 1:35pm ET -  Just as a reminder, there will be no times available other than for qualifying here at New Smyrna.  The cars don't run transponders here.

Thursday 1:30pm ET -  Here we are once again... New Smyrna Speedway and the 2008 version of Smyrna Speedweeks, officially known as the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Auto Racing.

Things are getting started here today.  A lot of haulers are already here and there is practice scheduled for later in the day.  There are plenty of classes here as well, with Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, Tour-Type Modifieds, SK Modifieds, Florida Modifieds and more. 

The pits are a buzz.  Some cars are unloaded and rolling through tech.  Others are still loaded up.  Some are just covered in tarps and car covers.  Some are being worked on, and some people are just lounging and hanging out.  It's the easiest day of the week here, as the action will get crazy starting on Friday. will be here for all nine nights of action, as long as Mother Nature allows us to be.  Its been sprinkling off and on already here today, but nothing to slow any of the action down.

Ben Dodge (left) and Dick Brooks (right) in Florida means only one thing...  its Speedweeks time.
There are plenty of cars in tech and getting ready to go for nine nights of action.
This car has plenty of trophies ready for the week ahead.  Someone would like to walk away with a lot of Speedweeks trophies themselves.
The Limited Late Models have hit the track here at New Smyrna Speedway.
It took only a few hours into Speedweeks for the first rain to hit the track.
Terry Roberts and his staff have done a great job to make New Smyrna just a little bit better and better each year.
There are a lot more Crate Late Models here on practice day than any other class.
The clouds have been hanging over the track since we went back to practice, but the Tour-Type Modifieds have gotten a little practice.
The Jeff on the door is the same, but the last name is different... its not Scofield, its Choquette.
The Perrys had a tough night.