Trackside Now: Smyrna Speedweeks - Tuesday, Feb. 12th
Everyone Gets A Day Off Here At New Smyrna Speedway
2008 Smyrna Speedweeks
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Feb. 8th-16th
New Smyrna Speedway
New Smyrna, Florida
Tuesday 3:10pm ET - Well, there have been winners are weekend and week long at New Smyrna, but today, Mother Nature has taken the checkered flag.  Officials have called off today's racing program. 

The rain has remained here and New Smyrna Speedway.  And while there is a break coming in behind this current cell of rain, there is only a couple of hours worth of break time before more comes in.  And the rain is supposed to continue off and on all night long.

So rather than waiting around and keeping teams here in the pits, the track called things off early and sent everyone home.  This will allow all the teams to get in a nice break, have a nice meal and get some rest in before the final four nights of competition.

There is a chance of rain on Wednesday as well, but it is supposed to be mostly in the morning.  So it shouldn't be much of a problem, other than with a little bit of practice.

We'll be back tomorrow. 

Tuesday 2:15pm ET - We are still trying to chase down results from last night.  We've checked with the pit office and they don't have anything as of right now.  We do have the Modified results and updated point standings that we will post very shortly.

Tuesday 2:10pm ET - In addition to the regular field of cars tonight, there are two classes of Vintage cars here today that will be racing tonight.  They will race in Modified and Stock Car classes.  It could make for some great photo ops and a nice break from the regular racing we see night in and night out.

Tuesday 2:05pm ET - The second batch of rain is here now and it is raining pretty hard.  The weather is coming from the south to the north.  We've talked with our coworkers with at Orlando SpeedWorld, who was hit with the same rain just an hour or so ago.  There, it is sunny and they are drying the track.  So there might still be some hope for today.  The most unfortunate part about Florida weather is the spotty showers here and there. 

Tuesday 1:35pm ET - Well, the first batch of rain and come and gone.  But there is a bigger storm coming behind it, so track officials are waiting to try and dry the track.  We'll keep you informed as to what is going on, so stay tuned.

Tuesday 1:15pm ET - Well, the rain is here right now.  The track is under a red flag condition and everyone's cars are under tarps. 

Tuesday 1:00pm ET - Here we are at day five of Smyrna Speedweeks here at New Smyrna Speedway.  Things are back to normal today, with the Supers, Limited Lates, Crate Lates, Tour Mods and SK Mods all back in action.

Today's biggest story might be something not on the track, but off of it.  There is rain in the forecast today and that has everyone looking skyward.  It has already sprinkled quite a bit..., but nothing has kept the cars off the track.  Looking at the radar, there is a lot of stuff coming this way, so we'll keep you informed.

A couple of on-track issues... the Hillbilly #79 Modified is here today, we believe with regular driver Ronnie Silk.

Jeff Scofield has returned to the track, driving the #50 Super Late Model that has been piloted all week by Eddie Gainey.  Ironically, it was Eddie Gainey's son, Nevin, who Jeff Choquette got into it with on Sunday night.  And Choquette has taken over the ride (sort of) that was vacated by Scofield.  Word is as well that Scofield might have his own car here at the end of the week to race.

Alan Bruns has also brought out his Limited Late Model to race this week.  Bruns is a regular in the Florida Modified Division.

We are sorry for the lack of results from last night.  We're gonig to work on geting those posted and the points updated as soon as we can.


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There is a lot of rain around here today.
All eyes are on the skies here today at New Smyrna.
This is an updated look... and the weather is moving due north.
The Hillbilly team is here today.
In addition to the regular program, the Vintage cars are here as well.
The rain put a red light on today's competition here at New Smyrna Speedway.