Trackside Now: Smyrna Speedweeks - Monday, Feb. 11th
Preece & Goodale Become First Time Modified Winners
2008 Smyrna Speedweeks
Super Late Models
Tour-Type Mods
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Feb. 8th-16th
New Smyrna Speedway
New Smyrna, Florida
Tuesday 2:15pm ET - We are still trying to chase down results from last night.  We've checked with the pit office and they don't have anything as of right now.  We do have the Modified results and updated point standings that we will post very shortly.

Monday 11:30pm ET - The Florida Modified race had the makings to end just like the SK race, but this time the two drivers raced hard and clean to the finish line.  Kurt Jett led Tank Tucker to the white flag lap, but Tucker slung his car to the outside lane.  The drivers raced side by side for the lead all the way to the finish line with Tucker nipping Jett by mere feet to take the victory.

This was Tucker's third victory of Speedweeks, this after his primary car was destroyed yesterday in a lap one wreck.

"It was a pride issue," said Tucker.  "We had a car that was half there.  We decided to put it together and finish out Speedweeks.  Our hearts were broken last night after that wreck.  We lost the car, but we came back and showed them we could do it on the outside.

"That #9 car (Jett) is a good driver.  He raced me clean.  He gave me just enough room to get in there.  That is what I needed.

Florida Modified Results
1Tank Tucker
2Kurt Jett
3Alan Bruns
4AJ Winstead
5Lee Collins
6John Gerstner
7Gary Fountain, Sr
8Ryan Preece
9Gordon Moodie
10Matt Wheeler
11Don Keithley
12Bobby Jo Woodley
13Art Kunzeman
14William Burba
15Mark Vandevender
16Mickey Wright
17Shane Held
18Kevin Terry
19Jerry Symons - DQ

Monday 11:05pm ET - The SK Modified race looked like the checkered flag was going to go to either Kenny Horton or Jimmy Blewett.  Both drivers went into turn four nose to tail with Horton leading Blewett on the final lap, but contact between the two sent Horton into the spin cycle and Blewett into the wall.  Horton attempted to coast backwards to the finish line first, but Eric Goodale squeezed by to take the checkered flag, then nosed his car into the wall trying to save it past the finish line.

"I didnt have nothing for Horton," said Goodale.  "Jimmys car seemed to get better.  I saw them for the last five laps get a little racey.  I was going to take the third and be happy with it.  I sent it into three real soft just in case anything happened, and God Bless I am glad I did.  I came around turn four and saw them piled into the fence.  I cut it hard left.  One of the cars came down the track and barely missed me.  Horton was driving in reverse and I thought he was going to beat me to the line so I just spun it out across the line.  I never thought my first Modified win would be like that."

After the race, Blewett was dejected at the way the race ended, taking full responsibility for the incident.

"It was totally my fault," said Blewett.  "I had one last shot at the end there.  I figured I would give him a little shove and go to the bottom.  When I gave him a shove I guess I shoved him a little too hard.  I just want to say sorry to him and his crew.  I totally didnt expect either of us to get wrecked.  I just drove a little over my head.  It was unfortunate for both of us.  I just misjudged.  I would like to apologize to him and his crew.   It was totally my fault."

Horton, who was trying to win the race for himself, his crew and his kids at home, wasnt thrilled with the contact on the last lap, but accepted Blewetts apology.

"I lifted the other night for Jimmy when he lost control of his car," said Horton.  "After the race tonight he ran to me on the track to let me know he felt awful about it.  He is pretty upset about it that he made a mistake.  He knows I dont race like that and I would never do that to him. I accept Jimmys apology.  He is a good guy.  I hope the lesson is learned.

"I have three little boys at home,  KC, Matt and Kyle.  They left me a message today.  They said while they were away just win the race for them.  I am a little bit down in the dumps that I didnt get this win.

SK Mod Results
1. Eric Goodale
2. Kenny Horton
3. Josh Sylvester
4. Billy Anderson
5. Brad Vanhouten
6. Mike Fiebelkoran, Jr.
7. Glen Griswold
8. Jimmy Zacharias
9. Russ Savoy
10. Phil Wehrkiem
11. Jimmy Blewett
12. Butch Perry
13. Shelly Perry
14. Don King, Jr.
15. Chris Jansen
16. Kevin Shea
17. David Cramner
18. Michael Callavini
19. Jason Migonia

The Florida Modifieds are now on track for their 25-lap feature, which will close out tonight's action.

Monday 10:45pm ET - For the second night in a row, Zach Stroupe drove his #51 machine to the victory in the Pro Challenge 25-lap race.  Stroupe had to stay on top of his game to hold off a strong Dean McIntyre throughout the race.  Jason Burchard crossed the line third.

"The car was even better tonight then it was last night," said Stroupe.  "We were able to start up front, jump out there and get a pretty comfortable lead.  With no cautions, the other guys were able to get on our back bumper.  There were some tough guys out there though.  Dean (McIntyre) and Jason (Burchard) are really good."

Stroupe has won all four races held at New Smyrna over the past two Speedweeks.  His brother Nick won in the same car at Orlando Speedworld Friday night while Buchard took the victory Saturday night.

"We've had a good Speedweeks.  It's just too bad that Nick wasn't able to drive here becasue of his age, but that allowed me to race again and that was great, becasue I love this place.  It's really neat to win at New Smyrna."

Pro Challenge Results
1Zach Stroupe
2Dean McIntyre
3Jason Burchard
4Trevor Cauble
5Terry Horak
6Malcolm McMaster
7Jeremy Troiano
8JL Snowden
9Jeff Layne

The SK Modifieds are on track for their feature.  Jimmy Blewett sits on the pole and will lead the field down to the green flag. 

Monday 10:20pm ET - Bo Hartley made the winning move at the one-third mark of the Sprint Car race driving around the leader on the outside and holding off a late charge to take the victory in their 30-lap event. 

The Pro Challenge division is next up with Zach Stroupe and Dean McIntyre leading the field of racers to the green flag.

Monday 9:40pm ET - With just a couple laps to go, 13-year old Logan Ruffin made the move under Will Thomas to take the Crate Late Model Series victory.  

Ruffin nearly lost a chance at the victory when his car wouldnt start after the final red flag of the race, but after a push start from a tow truck, Ruffin got back in line behind Thomas right as they were giving the one to go signal.

"That was intense," said Ruffin.  "They all got to warm up their tires before I did.  Fortunately I got a good start with this two-speed transmission.  We had an awesome car.  We got off the corner just perfect and had a great pass.

This was Ruffin's second win of the 2008 Speedweeks.

"I thought we had a good car and everything, but I didnt think we would get two though.  That was cool."

Crate Late Model Results
1Logan Ruffin
2David Wagner
3Earl Beckner
4Will Thomas
5Steven Brooks
6Jimmy Lang
7Kyle Maynard
8Eric Chase
9AJ Fulgenzi
10Casey Caudill
11Griffin McGrath
12Dustin Skinner
13Patrick Mennaga
14Dave Russell
15Nick Glaze
16Gene Kirila III
17Chuck Tuck
18Thor Anderson
19Brady Demeree
20James Weller III
21Robert Petrus
22Joey Pole
23Kyle Eastham
24Mark Stevenson
25Joseph Gase
26Car #39
27Chazz Anderson
28Brett Moffitt

Monday 9:15pm ET - The red flag is out at lap 15 for the second time during the Crate Late Model race as Robert Petrus took a hard hit into the turn four wall head on.  Petrus was able to get out of his car, but the extensive fluids running down the track forced officials to stop the race.  The first red flag was also for track cleanup following a prior wreck.

Will Thomas and Logan Ruffin are running first and second during this wreck-filled event.  Due to the problems during this race, officials have cut it down to a 20-lap event, meaning there will be five laps to go once it gets back going again.

Monday 8:35pm ET - When you come down to Speedweeks, you see the best-of-the best race and win races.  Names like Ted Chrstopher, Chuck Hossfeld, Eric Beers and Jimmy Blewett are expected to win races. 

Ryan Preese was not one of the drivers that people expected to win.  However, Preese took advantage of the eight-car qualifying inversion by starting on the Pole Position of the Tour-Type Modified race, leading all laps and taking his first Tour-Type Modified victory. 

He was followed across the line by Kevin Goodale, Chuck Hossfeld, Bobby Grigas and Ted Christopher.

"This win means a lot to me," said Preese.  "Everyone that comes out here.  These guys are the best of the best.  To beat them all and to do it with a new car is great.  Everyone thought we were crazy with all of the wrecking down here.  We put our heart and soul into this car to get it ready.  So to give this win to my parents is great.  It means the world to me.  Everyone is out there.

"Then, to get to beat Jimmy Blewett is great.  He is one guy that I look up to.  He is such a clean driver.   And to beat him is awesome.  And beating Chuck Hossfeld and Teddy Christopher.  This is really just awesome."

Kyle Busch, who was making his Modified debut during the 2008 Speedweeks, was involved in an early incident, putting him out of the race at lap two.  Busch had trouble in qualifying, hitting the wall, forcing him to start towards the back of the field.

"Somebody spun out in front of me, I ran into him, broke the front end and ended our night," said Busch.  "If we could frickin’ run two laps we would be alright."

The Crate Late Models are up next for 25-laps of racing.  Will Thomas and Logan Ruffin will lead the field down to the green flag.

Tour-Type Modified Results
1 Ryan Preece 40
2 Kevin Goodale 58
3 Chuck Hossfeld 22
4 Bobby Grigas III 09
5 Ted Christopher 00
6 Charlie Pasteryak 5
7 Rowan Pennick 16
8 Jimmy Blewett 19
9 JR Bertuccio 14
10 Andy Suess 70
11 Buck Catalino 48
12 Jon McKennedy 73
13 Justin Bonsignore 23
14 Kenny Horton 29
15 James Civali 28
16 Billy Pauch, Sr 06
17 Butch Perry 96
18 Eric Beers 9
19 Kyle Busch 7ny
20 Billy Anderson 80
21 George Bierce 1

Monday 8:05pm ET - Dave Steele won the third Sprint Car heat race.  Up next is the Tour-Type Modified feature (25 laps).

Monday 7:53pm ET - Wayne Reutimann, Jr. won the second Sprint Car heat race.

Monday 7:42pm ET - Jimmy Alvis won the first Sprint Car heat race.

Monday 7:30pm ET - With the National Anthem sung, the racing action is beginning tonight.  The Sprint Cars are on track for the first of their three heat races.

Monday 6:50pm ET - Richey Ethridge will be running the Crate Late Model event tonight.  He was running as a teammate to Jason Hogan before Hogan wrecked on the first night.  Ethridge is a regular at Lanier National Speedway and a previous winner in the Georgia Asphalt Series.

Monday 5:45pm ET - There is some downtime here at New Smyrna until the Sprint heats take to the track at 7:30pm, followed by the feature races.

Monday 5:30pm ET - The Pro Challenge Series has completed their qualifying session.  Zach Stroupe has placed his #51 on the pole for tonight's race.  Malcolm McMaster did enter the track, but was slow coming up to speed, pulling off the track before completing his first lap.  Jeff Layne, who hit the wall earlier, did not take time.  Also, Florida racer Ryan Rust, who ran yesterday, did not come to the track today for the race.

Pro Challenge Qualifying
1Zach Stroupe19.838
2Dean McIntyre19.974
3Trevor Cauble19.982
4Jason Burchard20.361
5Terry Horak20.446
6Jeremy Troiano21.041
7JL Snowden21.344
8Malcolm McMasterno time

Monday 5:25pm ET - Jerry Symons, who was also damaged during the big Florida Modified wreck last night, just pulled into the track with his car.  It appears he will be racing tonight as well.

During qualifying, Kyle Busch slide-slapped the wall coming off turn four on his first lap
Monday 5:15pm ET - Chuck Hossfeld set fast time for the Tour Mods.  The top eight will be inverted, giving Ryan Preese the first starting position.

During qualifying, Kyle Busch slide-slapped the wall coming off turn four on his first lap of qualifying.  Busch pulled the car into the pits after completing the first lap.  The damage didn't look terminal, so we expect Busch to make his New Smyrna Speedweeks debut this evening.

Tour Modified Qualifying
1Chuck Hossfeld16.858
2Ted Christopher16.875
3Jimmy Blewett16.907
4Kevin Goodale16.916
5Charlie Pasteryak16.918
6Eric Beers16.963
7Kenny Horton16.991
8Ryan Preece17.005
9Bobby Grigas III17.013
10Andy Seuss17.033
11JR Bertuccio17.036
12Buck Catalano17.067
13Jon McKennedy17.076
14James Civali17.207
15Justin Bonsignone17.417
16Rowan Pennick17.471
17Kyle Busch17.782
18Billy Pauch Sr18.015

Monday 4:55pm ET - Jimmy Blewett once again is showing he is fast here at New Smyrna by setting fast time in qualifying.  The series will invert the top six drivers, giving David Cramner the pole position for tonight's feature.  16 cars took time.

SK Modified Qualifying
1Jimmy Blewett17.574
2Josh Sylvester17.628
3Eric Goodale17.684
4Billy Anderson17.821
5Kenny Horton17.821
6David Cramner17.823
7Glen Griswold17.835
8Brad VanHouten18.072
9Jimmy Zacharrias18.302
10Russ Savoy18.303
11Michael Callavini18.428
12Phil Wehrkiem18.471
13Chris Jenson18.591
14Kevin Shea18.654
15Mike Fiebelicorn Jr18.899
16Don King Jr.19.436

Monday 4:25pm ET - Tank Tucker's #15 Florida Modified has come out on pit road with a few other cars getting a final shakedown prior to qualifying, this after destroying his car last night in a lap-one wreck.  Tucker's crew either are miracle workers, or Tucker has wheeled out a backup car.  Either way, it appears Tucker will race after all tonight.

Monday 4:18pm ET - The Pro Challenge Series wrapped up the final scheduled  practice session of the day.  Late in their practice, Jeff Layne backed his truck into the turn four wall hard, doing significant damage to the rear of his truck.  He was reported to be ok, but it is unclear how much damage his truck took and if he will be able to get it fixed for tonight's feature.

Qualifying for the SK Modifieds will begin around 4:30pm, followed by the Tour Mods and Pro Challenge Series.

Monday 3:30pm ET - Practice continues here for all divisions.  The Super Late Models are currently on the track.  Practice will conclude at 4:15pm, followed by qualifying 15 minutes later.

Monday 3:00pm ET - Due to the inactivity at Daytona International Speedway today, SPEED Channel commentator Bob Dillner has shed his SPEED gear for his BDI Racing team colors today to help get the Pro Challenge #51 car and #151 truck ready for tonight's racing action.  Dillner has been able to make it to Orlando Speedworld Friday night and New Smyrna Sunday night after his SPEED duties to see his drivers, brothers Nick and Zach Stroupe, take victories during Speedweeks.  

More news has come out of the BDI Racing stable today as Matt Harris, driver of the #151 truck, will be stepping out of the vehicle for tonights event.  Jeremy Troiano, 51 Sports General Manager, will be playing double duty at the track by continuing to report on the happenings here at New Smyrna with the staff for Trackside Now updates as well as driving the #151 truck in the Pro Challenge feature.

Troiano is not a stranger to driving.  Last year Troiano gave the BDI Racing team a victory in a CrashCar at Lowes Motor Speedway during the 2007 Summer Shootout.  

Monday 2:45pm ET - JL Snowden, who finished second last night to Zach Stroupe in the Pro Challenge Series feature, will not be racing his #40 NAPA car tonight.  Instead, Malcolm McMaster from the Canada Pro Challenge Series will race Snowden's car.  Snowden has brought another Pro Challenge vehicle he had in his stables and is considering running that truck if he can get it running.

Snowden set fast time in qualifying last night, earning his first pole position in 18 years of racing.  Monday afternoon he was still all smiles on finally getting a pole.

"I have never earned a pole or drawn the first spot ever," said Snowden.  "I cant even get a pole on a PlayStation."

Monday 1:30pm ET - Things are underway here at New Smyrna Speedway with bright, sunny skies above. 

Today, the Super Late Models and Limited Late Models have the day off, while the Sprint Cars and Pro Challenge cars run in their final night.  The Tour Mods, SK Mods and Crate Late Models are back in action.

There are several new Tour Mods and SK Mods in attendance today.  Most noteably is the #7NY car, owned by Kevin Manion of Dale Earnhardt Inc. fame.  The car was built to be a tribute car to the late Tom Baldwin.  The car first appeared at New Hampshire Speedway with JJ Yeley behind the wheel.  Today, NASCAR Sprint Cup star Kyle Busch will be running the car.  Plans as we know call for Busch to run the car tonight and tomorrow night, while things are quiet at Daytona.

Other newbies in the Modifieds today include James Civali, Buck Catalano, Ronnie Silk and Barry Callavini.

Tank Tucker, who won the first two nights of Florida Modifieds, is not back and looks like he will not be returning after getting taken out in last night's feature event.

Qualifying is set for 4:30pm.  The Tour Type Mods, SK Mods and Pro Challenge cars will all qualify today.

We're going to head pit side and find out some stories and see what is going on.  We'll be back soon and let you know all the stories. 


Click Here For Speedweeks Point Standings
Kyle Busch is here to race with the Tour Type Modifieds.
The #27 Florida Modified of Dennis Pierce blew up in practice and smacked the wall.
SPEED's Bob DIllner put down the microphone at Daytona and picked up tools at New Smyrna help out his BDI Racing Pro Challenge teams (#51 and #151).
JL Snowden rolled out another Pro Challenge vehicle after finishing second last night.  He is letting another driver race his #40 machine tonight.
Kyle Busch is fixing his car after damage during the Tour Modified qualifying.
Ryan Preece was all smiles after his first Tour-Type Modified victory Monday night.
Kyle Busch was understandably frustrated after his night ended on lap two of the Tour-Type Modified feature.
13-year old Logan Ruffin took his second Crate Late Model win of Speedweeks Monday night.
The checkered flag in the Sprint Car race belonged to Bo Hartley Monday night.
Zach Stroupe took his second straight Pro Challenge victory during Speedweeks 2008.  He also swept last year's races at New Smyrna.
Eric Goodale was thrilled with his SK victory after the leaders took each other out on the final lap ahead of him.
The steering wheel was even bent up after Robert Petrus hit the turn four wall nearly head on.
Tank Tucker came back from a huge accident last night to win his third Modified event.
Tucker (#15) just got by Kurt Jett (#9).  (Jim DuPont photo)
The end of the SK Modified race was a wild one.  Kenny Horton (#19) and Jimmy Blewett (#12) raced hard all race long.  The two got together coming to the checkers.  Kenny Horton tried to roll backwards across the line, but Eric Goodale (#20) was able to power down and avoid the accident, sliding across the line sideways to earn the win.
With Zach Stroupe dominating the Pro Challenge event, the only other racing was behind him.
Logan Ruffin jumped under Will Thomas late in the Crate Late Model event.
Ryan Preece was the big Modified winner.
Ted Christopher (#00) races with Bobby Grigas.