Trackside Now: 2008 Speedfest at Lakeland's USA Int'l Speedway - Sunday
Full Covereage of Sunday's Raceday at Speedfest for SLM and Crate Lates!
Super Late Models
Crate Late Models
Jan 24th - Jan 26th
USA International Speedway
Lakeland, Florida

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Sunday 3:16pm ET -  Quick Un-official Top-ten. We are heading down to chase stories.

1) Choquette  2) Lawler  3) Sawyer  4) D. Rogers  5) Busch  6) Colangelo  7) Brown  8)  Drawdy  9) Cope  10) Finney

Sunday 3:13pm ET -  Jeff Choquette wins the NOS Energy Drink 200 presented by Goodyear and is the Speedfest champion.

Sunday 3:10pm ET -  Choquette has stretched out his margin over Lawler. Five to go.

Sunday 3:08pm ET -  Shane Sawyer passes Kyle Busch for third. Busch pulls the dirt-track slide job and passes him back. But the very next corner, Sawyer takes the spot again. Busch tries to pull the same move, but Sawyer's #38 is just too strong.

Sunday 3:07pm ET -  The left side of Justin Drawdy's #12 is flapping and lifting up. He is currently in 8th even after his spin into the wall.

Sunday 3:05pm ET -  Lawler is catching Choquette little by little but the laps are running down and he might not have enough time to reel in the #70. 20-laps to go

Sunday 3:00pm ET -  David Rogers goes by Jeremy Colangelo to take the fifth spot with 24-laps to go.

Sunday 2:59pm ET -   Perry Brown makes slight contact with the wall.

Sunday 2:56pm ET -   Restart on lap-164. There are 17-cars remaining on the track. Tope-ten  1) Choquette  2) Lawler  3) Busch  4) Sawyer  5) Colangelo  6) D. Rogers  7) Brown  8) Cope  9) Drawdy  10) Robbins

Sunday 2:54pm ET -   Jay Middleton gets into the back of Brian Finney and spins the #80 on lap-159.  Finney does a spectacular job keeping it off the wall in the dramatic frontstretch spin.

Sunday 2:53pm ET -   Shane Sawyer is on the move. He got around David Rogers and now Jeremy Colangelo for fourth on lap 153.

Sunday 2:52pm ET -  It seems Middleton's car has gone away. Brian Finney just booted him out of the way. Middleton is off the pace and pulling the car down onto pit road.

Sunday 2:50pm ET -  Restart Lap 141 - Choquette drops down low and takes the lead on lap 142. Quick top-five  1) Choquette  2) Lawler  3) Busch  4) Colangeo  5) Rogers. Shane Sawyer is on Rogers' tail.

Sunday 2:49pm ET -  Jay Middleton comes in and changes right side tires. Drawdy's car is getting repaired as the flagger gives the signal for the restart. Drawdy re-joins the field.  

Sunday 2:45pm ET -  Justin Drawdy spins in turn-four. Drawdy has damage on the left-rear of the #12.

Sunday 2:44pm ET - Justin Drawdy pulls down the track coming off of turn-two to let the faster car, Kyle Busch, get by for third. Busch is on the move.

Sunday 2:43pm ET -  Busch makes quick work of Colangelo to move into fourth on lap 132.

Sunday 2:42pm ET - Kyle Busch, with a taped up front end from the big wreck, has moved into the top-five by passing Shane Seig on lap 129.

Sunday 2:41pm ET - was just told that the cause of the big one was a battery failure on Jay Middleton's car. When that happened Mac Johnson moved out of the way and checked up causing the pile-up.

Sunday 2:40pm ET -  Ryan Lawler to the lead by Justin Drawdy on lap 121. Jeremy Colangelo now duels with Drawdy.

Sunday 2:39pm ET -  Restart lap-118 - New Top Ten  1) Drawdy  2) Lawler  3) Colangelo  4) Sawyer  5) D. Rogers  6) Choquette  7) Cope  8) Landis  9) Busch  10) Finney

Sunday 2:27pm ET -  Cars involved that have returned to the racetrack include  Kyle Busch, David Rogers, DJ Shaw, David Stremme, Shane Seig, Jack Landis, Brian Finney, Trais Cope.

Sunday 2:09pm ET -  A few teams that weren’t involved have rolled onto pit road and are making adjustments. Jay Middletons’s crew is working on the #74.

Scotty Crockett was also involved in the big-wreck making it by our count a 17-car wreck.

Sunday 2:07pm ET -  THE BIG ONE. On the restart a huge multi-car crash in turn-one. The massive pileup includes Kyle Busch, Travis Cope, David Stremme, Mac Johnson, Hunter Robbins, Brian Finney, Shane Seig, Eddie Hoffman, Cassius Clark, DJ Shaw, Perry Brown, Justin Larson, Scott Hantz Wayne Anderson Jeff Scofield and Aaron Pierce. All drivers are ok. The red flag is out and teams are allowed to work on their cars. Kyle Busch is on pit road making repairs as is Larson, Cope, Finney, Robbins, Stremme Landis and Shaw.

Sunday 2:07pm ET -  Restart lap 117. Top-ten 1) Drawdy  2) Middleton  3) Johnson   4) Choquette  5) Hoffman  6) Busch  7) Lawler  8) Larson  9) Hantz  10) Cope

Sunday 2:06pm ET -  Pit stops – The leader Jeff Choquette pits. Hantz Hoffman Anderson Scofield, Larson, Lawler, Clark, S. Sieg, Colangelo, Robins, Busch, Cope, David Rogers, Stremme, Pierce, Crockett, Finney, Landis, Brown all pit.

Choquette and Hoffman come off of pit road, it’s close. Give it to Choquette.

Sunday 2:04pm ET -  Brian Finney spins bringing out the caution on lap-109.

Sunday 2:02pm ET -  Brian Finney and Scofield go three-wide around lapped traffic. Finney bounces off the wall. Scofield gets by and Larson, Andeson, Lawler, Clark, and a host of others follow. Finney has his hands full.

Sunday 2:00pm ET -  Drawdy moves by Finney, who was super loose, to break into the top-five. Middleton follows.

Sunday 1:59pm ET - Lap  100 Rundown – 1) Choquette  2) Hantz  3) Hoffman  4) S. Seig  5) Finney  6) Drawdy  7) Middleton  8) Scofield  9) Larson  10) Anderson

Sunday 1:57pm ET - Justin Drawdy marches past Middleton on lap 95 as the group with fresher rubber cuts it’s way up to the front.

Sunday 1:51pm ET -   Lap 8,  Jay Middleton moves into the top-ten passing Shane Ryan Seig.

Sunday 1:50pm ET -  John Wes Townley has pulled behind the wall on lap 73.

Sunday 1:49pm ET -  Restart Lap 71  Top-ten  1) Choquette  2) Hantz  3) Finney  4) Anderson  5) S. Seig  6) Scofield  7) Larson  8) Hoffman  9) R. Seig  10) Stremme

Sunday 1:47pm ET – The majority of the field ducks down and pits. Choquette, Hantz, Finney, the Sieg’s Anderson, Hoffman Scofield and Larson all stay out for track position. Justin Drawdy is the winner of the race off pit road.

Sunday 1:45pm ET -  Caution lap-63 USAC standout Aaron Pierce spins.

Sunday 1:44pm ET -  Choquette gets by Middleton for the lead on lap 62.

Sunday 1:44pm ET -  Caution lap-63 - USAC standout Aaron Pierce spins in turn-one.

Sunday 1:42pm ET -  Choquette gets by Middleton for the lead on lap 62

Sunday 1:40pm ET -  Jeff Scofield and Shane Seig havegotten around Colengelo and brings a train with him that includes Justin Larson Aaron Pierce, David Stremme and Eddie Hoffman. The lead pack is now tightening up as well.

Sunday 1:39pm ET -  The #70 of Jeremy Gerstner has some right front fender damage. It's flappin' around pretty good.

Sunday 1:37pm ET -  Cassius Clark reels back in Anderson and re-takes ninth. Jeremy Colangolo now works on Anderson.

Sunday 1:32pm ET -  Restart lap-37. Wayne Anderson is on the charge and moves into 9th by Cassius Clark.

Sunday 1:30pm ET -  On the restart Justin Drawdy knocks Cassius Clark out of the top-ten. Clark regains entry into the top-ten as David Rogers spins after contact with Hunter Robbins on the next lap. Caution-lap 31.

Robbins is being sent to the rear by Speedfest officials.   

Sunday 1:26pm ET -  Restart will be on lap-30   Top-ten  1) Middleton  2) Choquette  3) Busch  4) Lawler  5) Cope  6)  D. Rogers  7) Robbins  8) Hantz  9) Finney  9) C. Clark

Sunday 1:22pm ET -  Caution - lap 24. Jeff Fultz slows after making slight contact wiht the wall in turn one-and-two. Fultz comes in and changes right side tires.

Sunday 1:18pm ET -  Travis Cope moves by David Rogers and into the top-five. Hunter Robbins, who is on the move, now stalks Rogers.

Sunday 1:17pm ET -  Kyle Busch sneaks by Ryan Lawler for third.

Sunday 1:14pm ET - DJ Shaw nearly hits the wall sailing the #60 up high in turn one.

Sunday 1:13pm ET -  Restart lap 8 - Single File. Jay Middleton ducks under Jeff Choquette and takes the lead in turn-three.

Sunday 1:12pm ET -  Caution lap 3 - Scotty Crockett cuts a tire and saves the car. He slows to bring out the first yellow. Heads up job by all cars to get around him. David Stremme almost bit the inside pit wall avoiding the mess.

Sunday 1:10pm ET -  Green Flag is out. Jeff Choquette storms out front with Ryan Lawler, Middleton and Busch filing in behind.

Sunday 1:05pm ET -  The Speedfest Super Late Model 200 starting lineup

Sunday 1:00pm ET -  The sun has burned off the clouds revealing blue skies. The cars are rolling out for the Super Late Model feature. Things are about to heat up here in Lakeland. It's racetime!

Sunday 12:55pm ET -  David Stremme will start toward the rear of the field in his #35 Late Model. The NASCAR star has been keeping tabs with everything on Speed51 througout the weekend and asked while on the pre-race grid if we would give a shout out to all the Short Track fans following on Speed51. Well David, there ya go!

Sunday 11:50am ET -  Tim Russell is not racing today. His reason is pretty good, the young Florida driver is getting married today. Russell was one of the quickest Super Late Models all weekend and was a favorite for today's race.

Sunday 11:10am ET -  One car that won't be racing today is the red #49 of Stanley Smith. The Short Track veteran had a conflict with air-travel and made the decision to not run today's 200-lap main event. Smith was slated to start 13th

Sunday 11:10am ET -  It's a cloudy an chilly day at Lakeland. Cars on pit road and behind their trailers. The gates have just opened to let the fans in. is heading down into the pits to talk with the drivers and teams. We will be back later on.

Sunday 10:45am ET -  NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch has decided to stay and race Speedfest. He will now fly out to Vegas after the race today. He will be testing on Monday.

Sunday 10:40am ET -  The Mama's and Papa's sang "Sunday Sunday" and we are too here in Lakeland, FL. Rain put a damper on last night's action moving the 4th Annual Speedfest to Sunday.  The Super Late Models will race their NOS 200 presented by Goodyear at 1pm. That race will be followed by the ASA Crate Late Model 100.

It's a tad cloudy at Lakeland, Florida's USA International Speedway, but we will be racing today.
33-Super Late Models on a pacelap at Lakeland.
Mac Johnson's #6 sits on pit road with some right-front damage.
David Stremme's #35 getting thrashed on by the crew to get it back out on the track.
THE BIG ONE- Lap 117. It involved 17-cars and took about a bunch of them.
Final Results for the ASA Crate Late Model 100

Final Results for the Super Late Model NOS 200

Sunday 4:39pm ET – Sean Murphy wins the ASA Crate Late Model 100.

1) Murphy  2) Stump  3) Lang  4) Wilson  5) Shaw  6) Macy  7) Morris  8) Hoffman  9) Pilla  10) Staropoli

We'll be back with more ...goin to chase the stories!

Sunday 4:39pm ET – Another nail-biting restart for Murphy. He appears to have a better car at this point than those behind him but you never know what can happen when the tires cool and when things are bunched up on restarts.

Sunday 4:37pm ET – Restart on lap 96...a four lap shootout with Murphy leading Stump and Lang. Jeremy Gerstner stops in turn-two to bring out the yellow.

Sunday 4:36pm ET – Murphy gets into the back of Hoffman on the restart in turn-three. Hoffman spins and the yellow is out. The fan are on their feet in dis-belief.

Sunday 4:35pm ET – It will be a single-file restart on lap-96  . The tires are cooled off a little bit. Lets see what shakes out. It looks like it will be a barn-burner between the top-two cars.

Sunday 4:32pm ET – Contact. The two cars touch. Both save it. They touch again off of turn-four but a caution is out for Michael Pilla and Patrick Staropoli.

Sunday 4:30pm ET – It's a dog-fight. Murphy is peaking low and Hoffman isn't giving him much room. Some good clean racing here at Speedfest. Ten to go.

Sunday 4:27pm ET – Murphy is all over the bumper of Eddie Hoffman. It's a battle of the veteran (Hoffman) and the young gun (Murphy).

Sunday 4:25pm ET – Sean Murphy is on the move. He gets by Kris Stump and starts to reel in Eddie Hoffman on lap 73.

Sunday 4:24pm ET – Sean Murphy gets by Travis Wilson for fourth on lap-67

Sunday 4:23pm ET – Kris Stump gets by Jimmy Lang for second on lap 66.

Sunday 4:21pm ET – Sean Murphy gets underneath Travis Wilson. The two cars make contact and drive down towards the inside of the frontstraighaway. Wilson wins the battle and Murphy tucks in behind. The two cars continue to battle.

Sunday 4:20pm ET – Restart on lap-64 of the 100-lap contest. Hoffman still leads over Lang, Stump and Wilson.

Sunday 4:15pm ET – Chris Fontaine is hard in the wall in turn-one after contact with Michael Pilla. Caution is out on lap 59.

Sunday 4:13pm ET – Eddie Hoffman gets underneath and by Jimmy Lang for the lead on lap-55.

Sunday 4:12pm ET – Midway Top-ten  1) Lang  2) Hoffman  3) Stump  4) Wilson  5) Fontaine  6) Ruffin  7) Macy  8) Shaw  9) Pilla  10) Murphy  

Sunday 4:10pm ET – Restart Lap 49.

Sunday 4:05pm ET – Steve Smith spins to bring out the caution on lap 45.

Sunday 4:04pm ET – Chris Fontaine moves into the top-five getting by Wayne Morris in a paint-swapping battle. Logan Ruffin follows as Morris now starts to fade

Sunday 4:03pm ET – Kris Stump gets by Wilson for second and now sets out to catch Lang.

Sunday 4:00pm ET – Jimmy Lang gets by Eddie Hoffman for the lead. Travis Wilson and Kris Stump make contact with Hoffman and follow Lang by for second and third.

Sunday 3:57pm ET – Restart on lap-30.  1) Hoffman  2)  Lang  3) Wilson  4) Stump  5) Morris  6) Fontaine  7)  Ruffin  8) Macy  9) Pilla  10) Smith

Sunday 3:59pm ET – Sean Murphy is on pit road. The left-side of the car is jacked up. Butch Miller has climbed underneath the #32 and has hopped up to signal officials that they need to change a tire. A tire change must be approved by officials in the Crate Late Model 100. They are changing the right-rear on Murphy’s car.

Sunday 3:58pm ET -  Travis Cope is now a lap down for not getting his tire change approved by officials before he made the change.

Sunday 3:57pm ET – Logan Ruffin and Patrick Staropoli get together. Staropoli goes around in turn-three bringing out the caution on lap-25.

Sunday 3:55pm ET -  Logan Ruffin, after his wreck, is passing cars inside and out on his way to the front. He is up to eighth.

Sunday 3:54pm ET -  Sean Murphy is fading back. Something is wrong with the #32 car.

Sunday 3:53pm ET - Restart lap-17  Jimmy Lang gets by Murphy for second and Travis Wilson follows suit.

Sunday 3:37pm ET -  It will be a complete restart.

Sunday 3:37pm ET -  Green is out and Eddie Hoffman tkaes the lead heading into turn-one.  Big crash in turn-three of the first lap. George Crenshaw slams a spinning Logan Ruffin in the drivers' door. Michael Pilla was also involved. Ruffin has some damage but has pulled his car onto pit road. Crenshaw's car looks to be hurt too bad to continue.

Sunday 3:36pm ET -  The cars are on the track and we are ready to go for 100-laps of action to close out Speedfest. Eddie Hoffman and Travis Cope will bring the field around for the green flag.

Sunday 3:30pm ET -  It's time for the ASA Crate Late Model 100.

Here is your starting lineup for the ASA Crate Late Model 100
Super Late Model 200 below.... Crate Late Model 100 above
Super Late Model race pictures to come later today on this page
Sunday 12:00am ET – Scroll down... some pics are up!

Sunday 6:51pm ET – The haulers are gone and the lights are out.  Things are shutting down here at Lakeland, including this press box. So, to avoid being locked in here until the next event at Lakeland's USA International Speedway, we willl sign off for now.  We will try and get a few more pics up later tonight if we get a chance in our travels,  so check back before you go to bed.

It was a great weekend, be it an extended one, at the 4th Annual Speedfest. Just because the checkered flags have flown doesn't mean the covereage is done. Expect our comprehensive covereage of this event to continue. Full-race stories for both the Super Late Model 200 and the Crate Late Model 100 will be up early next week. Af some point after that... our Leftovers section will cover the stories behind the race, who dumped who, un-happy campers and happy ones, the "big one" in the Super Late Model race and more! It will surely be some entertaining reading!

Thanks to everyone for following our coverage this weekend and to Speedfest and USA International Speedway officials for their hospitality.  Our crew of Matthew Dillner, Steve Neely and Jamie Williams enjoyed the great race weekend.  Now, it's time to hit the road!

Don't forget to check out the full-fieldv results below.

Sunday 6:06pm ET – We're still here. just got back from the pit area where we were chasing some pretty interesting stories.  Mike Cope was pretty heated after the race and his son Travis being put a lap down for an un-approved tire change. We will have more on that story in our Leftovers section (check back for our extensive Leftovers at some point in the coming weeks).
Sean Murphy celebrates his big win in the Crate Late Model 100 at Speedfest. (51/Jamie Williams photo)
Jeff Choquette took home the hardware in the NOS Energy Drink 200 Super Late Model race at Speedfest. (51/Jamie Williams photo)
Scofield makes like the cream in the oreo cookie sticking it in-between Crocket and Finney.
Contact from Eddie Hoffman sends Aaron Pierce around.
Robbins was sent to the rear after contact with David Rogers.
Scotty Crockett carnage after "The Big One"
Cassius Clark looks at his damage.
Sawyer and Busch have a spirited battle.
Choquette wins.
Hoffman and Murphy don't give eachother an inch, but remain clean in a spectacular battle. (51/Jamie Williams photo)
Jimmy Lang and Kris Stump were impressive but didn't have quite enough for the win.  (51/Jamie Williams photo)
Chris Fontaine was not happy with Michael Pilla (#24) after this wreck. . (51/Jamie Williams photo)
Macy under Gerstner.. (51/Jamie Williams photo)
Beau Slocumb spins and makes heavy contact with the wall in turn-one.  (51/Jamie Williams photo)