Trackside Now: 2008 Speedfest at Lakeland's USA Int'l Speedway - Saturday
It's Raceday at Lakeland for the Crate and Super Late Models
Super Late Models
Crate Late Models
Jan 24th - Jan 26th
USA International Speedway
Lakeland, Florida

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The only racing going on at Lakeland in the morning-time was the motorcross track behind the frontstretch.
David Stremme's team was one of sevral at the track early working on their racecars after last night's Qualifier races.
The cars are under the covers but track officials say they are hoping to get the features run tonight.
Hunter Robbins checks the sky, hoping they can get some valuable practice time in before tonight's features.
Saturday 10:50pm ET -  Racing will start up tomorrow (Sun) at 1pm.  Pit Gates open at 10am. Spectator gates open at 11am.  The Super Late Model race will be the first race now, followed by the Crate Late Model race, which will return to being a 100-lap contest.

Saturday 10:30pm ET -  The race is post-poned due to rain.

Saturday 10:12pm ET -  Officials have just announced that due to weather and the delay in the program the ASA Crate Late Model 100 will now be a 75-lap event.

Saturday 10:04pm ET - Crate Late Models are on the track and making pace laps to help dry the track.

Saturday 10:01pm ET - has learned that if the rain does wash out tonight's race, Kyle Busch would stay and race Speedfest on Sunday rather than traveling to Vegas NASCAR testing (Monday and Tuesday testing).

Saturday 9:59pm ET - It looks like we might be going racing soon. Safety vehicles are pulling to the infield and the jet dryer is putting some finishing touches on the racing surface. Drivers are climbing in their cars getting ready for this ASA Crate Late Model 100. A look at the radar show another band of rain on it's way but after that is looks pretty clear.

Saturday 9:44pm ET - Kyle Busch is hoping to get racing underway. He was supposed to leave for Las Vegas tonight for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series testing (Monday and Tuesday. If they don't get the show in, the race would be moved to Sunday with a start time of 1pm.

Saturday 9:37pm ET - The rain has stopped and the jet-dryer is on. They are trying again to dry the racetrack. A large crowd of good-loyal Short Track fans have stayed and are hoping to see some racing tonight.

Saturday 8:23pm ET - A good crowd at Lakeland is watching several safety vehicles attempt to dry the track. Some are dragging tires. The track has a jet-dryer to assist the operation.

Saturday 8:15pm ET - Michael Pilla has returned to the track and will now start at the rear of the field in the ASA Crate Late Model race. "crack-photographer/reporter Jamie Williams just let us know that they had the car down at Mario Goselin's shop getting it ready to race.

Saturday 8:05pm ET - We are coming to the end of the current band of weather. It looks like there is a window behind that band. After that, there may be another band but it looks like there is a break after that one. Officials said they will do nearly whatever they can for fans and teams to get this show done tonight. Note: there is no curfew at Lakeland.

Saturday 7:32pm ET - Uh oh, it's started to rain again. Teams are scurrying to cover the cars parked on the frontstretch. They are going to carry on with driver intros however, even through the raindrops. Looking at the radar it looks like this is a big fast-moving system but there is another break behind it.

Saturday 7:30pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for tonight's ASA Crate Late Model 100-lapper.
click here for the complete starting lineup

Saturday 7:27pm ET - The Autograph session is over and fans are going to their seats. Weather is in on it's way and officials are trying to make sure to stay on schedule. The ASA Crate Late Model race is slated to go off at 8pm. Drivers are standing by at their cars in preperation for driver introductions.

Saturday 7:09pm ET - After a brief rain shower, a great crowd has gathered on the frontstretch for the on-track autograph session. As expected, the biggest crowds are around the two NASCAR stars, Kyle Busch and David Stremme.

Saturday 7:00pm ET - Florida Short Track legend Dick Anderson is helping Crate Late Model driver Patrick Staropoli this weekend.

Saturday 6:58pm ET - Hunter Robbins, driving for Tracy Goodson this weekend, said they think they found what has been plaguing them this weekend. They changed about everything they could in the right front suspension because it was binding up and feel they could be a contender again if the problem is indeed solved.

Saturday 6:53pm ET - Mac Johnson is rolling out a back-up #6 for the Super Late Model 200 tonight. Florida Short Trackers Mike Bresnahan is helping Mike this weekend.

Saturday 6:45pm ET - Kurt Jett has decided to pack up his #9 Super Late Model and go home. The team was not happy with their performance throughout the weekend.

Saturday 6:42pm ET - Both Rowe's have packed up. After his scuff session crash, Mike Rowe has left and the team has loaded up the car. It clearly needs a new clip. Ben Rowe, who crashed Friday night, is staying to watch the race.

Saturday 5:03pm ET - Scuff-sesssion complete. We will hit the pits and be back later.

Saturday 5:00pm ET - Speed51's Steven Neely is down in the #2 pit and says the crew is trying to make repairs to the #2 car. Mike Rowe told him that a tire blew and he couldn't keep it off the wall. Rowe is doubtful that they will have the car repaired in time for tonight's feature.

Saturday 4:53pm ET - Austin Siebert says his engine has been running flat in the #16 Crate Late Model. They are rolling out the backup.

Saturday 4:49pm ET - Blake Lehr has a oil-leak that they can't seem to figure out on the #14 Super Late Model. The North Carolina driver tells that if they don't get it figured out soon they plan on making an engine change.

Saturday 4:45pm ET - Mark Martin development driver Jeremy Colangelo spins coming off of turn-four bringing out the caution.

Saturday 4:38pm ET - Mike Rowe his the wall hard. He has brought the 2n car down into his pit. The car has heavy right-front damage. The crew is surveying that damage right now. We will find out more and bring you the scoop. Rowe is scheduled to start 7th in tonight's Super Late Model race.

Saturday 4:35pm ET - The scuff-session is underway for teh Crate Late Models and Super Late Models. Both divisions are on the track at the same time.

Saturday 4:05pm ET - Practice has concluded. Tires are now released from impound for the Super Late Models. A scuff session will take place between 4:30 and 5pm this afternoon. We will be back.

Saturday 4:05pm ET - We spoke too soon. David Stremme brings out the yellow-flag with a spin out of turn-two. It is the same spot he had problems yesterday. Stremme did not hit anything and keeps on rolling.

Saturday 3:57pm ET - Good news: So far Super Late Model practice has been incident free. Better news: The latest weather cell has seem to split around the area and is so far avoiding the Speedway. I guess Larry McReynolds ol' vortex theory is correct!

Saturday 3:31pm ET - Charlie Menard, winner of the first Speedfest four years ago, is here at Lakeland. He has turned in his helmet and gloves for a headset though. Menard is spotting for Kris Stump and the #5 ASA Crate Late Model team.

Saturday 3:26pm ET - Crate Late Models have about 10-minutes left in their practice. Super Late Models hit the track at 3:35 and practice until 4:05pm.

Saturday 3:18pm ET - Crate Late Model practice is underway. The track is pretty green after today's rain so some teams are being cautious.

Saturday 3:08pm ET - Cars are going on-track, but not for practice just yet. Jett, Jimmy Lang,.and Beau Slocumb are pulling out on the track.  Officials have told us that cars will be allowed to follow the pacecar onto the track in an attempt to help dry the surface even more.

Saturday 3:05pm ET - Engines are fired and it is a little drier here in Lakeland. Kurt Jett has pulled his car on line to be the first out when practice starts. Officials are hopeful to start on-track activity soon.

Saturday 3:00pm ET - Wayne Anderson and the team have been working on his #84 car getting it ready for action today after wrecking in last night's race.

Jeff Fultz's damage from last night's North Super Late Model qualifier was pretty much cosmetic.

Ben Rowe's car is packed up but he and the team are sticking around to see father, Mike Rowe, run Speedfest. 

Saturday 2:50pm ET - Kurt Jett has pulled out his back-up Super Late Model out and have it ready for practice. Jett and the team struggled with the backup car all weekend and made the decision to pull out the black and orange #9 for this morning.

Saturday 2:40pm ET - Overheard up in the press-box, track workers have told officials that they think the track might be ready for cars in about 20-minutes. If the weather holds out we could see some practice real soon.

Saturday 2:40pm ET - The rain has slowed down to an occational drop or two. Tow vehicles are out drying the track right now and have made some progress. Right now the ambulance is about to put some of the two-trucks a lap down.

Saturday 2:20pm ET - We're back online, but a little soggy. Rain has hit Lakeland, Fl.  Practice is delayed for now.

Saturday 12:10am ET - is going to hit the pits and talk to the teams. We'll be back for the 2pm practices.

Saturday 11:55am ET - Several teams have been here all morning working on their racecars. Some teams put in requests to Speedfest Officials to work on their cars early this morning. For those teams it will be a very long day. Practice is in a few hours and the feature events aren't until 8pm.

Saturday Event Schedule

11:00 AM Registration and Pit Sign-In 
11:30 AM Pit Gate Opens – Hauler Parking – Tech Inspection Begins 
12:30 PM Officials Meeting
1:00 PM Drivers Meeting
1:30 PM Safety Meeting
2:00 PM Grandstands Open
Practice by Divisions - (ASA 40 min. / SLM 50 min.)
3:30 PM Practice Ends
4:30 PM Tire Scuff Session for all cars (45 min.)
5:30 PM Qualifying for remaining car (if necessary)
Cars locked in go to tech  
6:30 PM All cars must be through tech and on grid for On-Track Autograph Session 
7:30 PM Pre-race Ceremonies followed by Last Chance races (if necessary)
8:00 PM Crate Late Model Challenge 100 presented by GOODYEAR

(To Follow) Speedfest Super Late Model NOS Energy Drink 200 presented by GOODYEAR

Saturday 11:35am ET - is back at the track and preparing for the big day here at Speefest.

Mike Rowe hit the wall hard during the Scuff-session.
David Stremme looks low under Scott Hantz during Super Late Model practice on Saturday.
The radar at 7:42pm EST. There is a break ahead and another one after then next front. Keep your fingers crossed.
An exciting fan brings her Late Model Digest for autographs and something special for Kyle Busch to autograph.
It looked empty, but come autograph session time, the people started showing up at Lakeland.