Trackside Now: 2008 Speedfest at Lakeland's USA Int'l Speedway - Friday (part two)
Qualifying Races Under the Lights at Lakeland
Super Late Models
Crate Late Models
Jan 24th - Jan 26th
USA International Speedway
Lakeland, Florida

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Friday 9:05pm ET -  Jeff Choquette moves into third by Travis Cope on lap 19. Cope drifts way hight and loses a few spots. Jay Middleton and Perry Brown sail by to complete the top-five.

Friday 9:00pm ET - Restart on lap 12. Anderson still leads Crockett, Cope, Choquette, and Jay Middleton (who got by Justin Larson for fifth before the caution).

Friday 8:55pm ET - Jeff Scofield hits the wall hard on the backstretch. It appeared that he may have tangled with Brian Finney at first observation. Scofield climbed from his #07 and pointed at Justin Drawdy as he drove by.

Friday 8:55pm ET - Wayne Anderson rockets to the lead over Scotty Crockett at the start. Travis Cope and Justin Drawdy make contact and Drawdy slips all the way back to 11th spot as the field scrambles.  1) Anderson 2) Crockett  3) Cope 4) Choquette 5) Larson

Friday 8:50pm ET - The first Super Late Model qualifier, Southern (Florida) cars slated for 100-laps, is on the track. Scott Crockett and Wayne Anderson are on the front row and will lead the field to green
click here for the starting lineups for both North and South 100-lappers

Friday 8:40pm ET -  Murphy gets loose on the last lap and Hoffman goes by for the win. Lang squeaks by for second coming out of the final turn.

1) Eddie Hoffman  2) Jimmy Lang  3) Sean Murphy  4) Beau Slocumb  5) Kris Stump

Friday 8:34pm ET - Eddie Hoffman is all over Sean Murphy. He had ducked underneath the #32 and the two cars are racing side-by-side for the lead.

Friday 8:34pm ET - Lap 14 and Sean Murphy finally gets by Jimmy Lang for the lead.  Eddie Hoffman follows into second with Lang drifting back to third.

Friday 8:30pm ET -  Jimmy Lang is holding off Sean Murphy’s charge. Lang is playing defense from the outside groove and the fans are on their feet.  Eddie Hoffman is in tow just watching the battle.

Friday 8:25pm ET -  Green Flag is out for the Southern 25-lap Crate Late Model race. Jimmy Lang takes the lead and stretches the advantage slightly over Sean Murphy.

Friday 8:20pm ET -  Next up is the Southern Qualifier for the Crates

Friday 8:20pm ET -  Travis Cope takes the win in the ASA Crate Late Model Southern 25-lapper.
1) Travis Cope  2) Wayne Morris  3) Travis Wilson  4) Chris Fontaine  5) Patrick Staropoli

Friday 8:12pm ET -  Travis Cope takes the lead away from Wayne Morris on lap-16.

Friday 8:12pm ET -  Restart. It's Morris in the lead with Travis Wilson in tow. The field spreads out a little after that with Travis Cope, Chris Fontaine and Patrick Staropoli round out the top-five.

Friday 8:10pm ET -  Green flag is out. Chris Fontaine doesn't get up to speed at the start and Wayne Morris takes the lead.  CAUTION... #24 or Michael Pilla slams the inside wall on the front stretch coming to the completion of lap number-one.

Friday 8:00pm ET -  The first of the Crate Late Model 25-lap qualifier races is on the track. First up is the Southern (Florida) designated cars.  After the re-draw Chris Fontaine starts on the pole with Wayne Morris on the outside.

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Friday 12:50pm ET - is wrapping up after a very long day at Speedfest. We will be beck tomorrow to cover the featured event of Speedfest. Thanks for following!

Friday 12:40pm ET - POST RACE SCOOP...

Ben Rowe, who was involved in a hard impact with the wall on a restart on lap 13, has decided that the damage to his #4 car is not repairable.  Going into turn one, something in the motor broke and a stream of oil sent his car headlong into the outside retaining wall, tearing up the right front of the car.  The team did not bring a backup car and is loading up and preparing to return to Maine.

Jeff Scofield, who was collected in an incident in the South SLM 100-lapper, has significant damage to the rear end, but has decided to come back tomorrow to repair it and race.  This is the second car that has suffered problems today for Scofield, the earlier being a blown motor with his primary car.

Corey Williams’ Speedfest race weekend has come to an abrupt end after motor problems in his #47 forced him to retire from the North Super Late Model 100-lap qualifier.  He battled with carburetor problems during practice today, but Williams told Speed51 that he doesn’t believe the two problems were related, and that the motor expired suddenly.

Eddie Hoffman had been running well in the North SLM qualifier before he lost a cylinder in his #8 machine.  He pulled off the track on lap 73 and analyzed the problem.  He decided that he and his team will come back early tomorrow morning and change the engine.

David Stremme had been running in the top-10 before sliding up the track in turns one and two and smacking the wall.  He said that the brake pedal went soft and tried to get it slowed down.  Stremme also told us that he and the #35 team are going to try to come back tomorrow, repair the damage, and prepare for the race.

Augie Grill’s Speedfest has also come to and end after a crash with only two laps to go.  While fighting for the lead with Ryan Lawler, his car spun in turn two and collected several other cars.  Augie told Speed51 that the damage probably could be fixed in time for the race tomorrow, but he’s just too heartbroken to run after coming so close tonight.  He’ll pack up and head back to Alabama tomorrow.

Aaron Pierce was one of the cars collected in the pileup on the backstretch after Augie Grill spun.  His car was heavily damaged on the entire front end, including the right front suspension, but the team has decided to return tomorrow and attempt to fix the car.

Jeff Fultz was another driver collected in the pileup on the backstretch, and his team has decided to try to repair the damage to the car in the morning.

Friday 12:00pm ET - Here are the full-field results from each of the North-South qualifier races for the ASA Crate Late Models and Super Late Models.

Super Late Model North (100-lap) results
Super  Late Model South (100-lap) results
Crate Late Model North (25-lap) results
Crate Late Model South (25-lap) results

Friday 11:16pm ET - Ryan Lawler and Jeff Choquette, tonight's two Super Late Model winners, flipped a coin to decide if the north or south would start on the inside or outside. Choquette chose tails. The flip came up heads and Ryan Lawler chose to start on the inside of the front row.

Friday 11:11pm ET - We're not done yet! Stay on your computer. is hitting the pit area to find out what some of the crash-outs and drop-outs are doing for tomorrow's Super Late Model Main event.  We will have the scoop before we shut down for the night, plus full field results. We are also going to try and put up a few pics from tonight.

Friday 11:08pm ET - Ryan Lawler wins the Northern 100-lap qualifier over Kyle Busch.  1) Lawler  2) Busch  3) Hantz  4) M. Rowe

Lawler joked about all the late-race restarts during his post-race interview; "I was thinking, how many of these things can we do?"

Friday 11:06pm ET - The track announcer Gene Crane is calling the race now from the flagstand...classic!

Friday 11:00pm ET - Another Green-white-checker showdown. Hopefully this time the field will make it to the end.

Friday 10:57pm ET - It's a wild one. Augie Grill loses the handle on his #112 coming out of turn-two. He spins and collects Aaron Peirce, Jeff Fultz and Scott Hantz.  Looks like Grill and Peirce are being towed off the track.

Mike Rowe magically escaped the accident even though he was in the middle of it.  He came out third but just pulled down pit road to fix some minor damage. He will line-up fourth since there are only four cars on the lead lap.

Friday 10:55pm ET - Restart coming on lap 98. A two-lap shootout.

Friday 10:53pm ET - Scott Hantz gets in the back of Shane Seig. Seig spins and hits the wall coming out of turn-two.

Augie Grill gets by Kyle Busch for second in an awesome side by side battle.

It appears Fultz was sent to the rear of the lead lap for contact that officials said caused Aaron Peirce to spin causing the previous caution

Friday 10:50pm ET - Restart will be on lap-96 setting up a four lap shootout to the finsh. Lawler, Busch and Grill... it should be close.

Friday 10:47pm ET - Aaron Peirce spins while in a fierce battle with Hantz and Fultz. Fultz remains on the inside of Hantz and the two drivers are talking under caution.

Friday 10:44pm ET - Coming to the green on lap-93 there are eight cars on the lead-lap.  1) Lawler  2) Busch  3) Grill  4) Peirce 5) Hantz 6) Fultz  7) M. Rowe 8) Seig  

Friday 10:42pm ET - Ryan Seig is off the pace. Aaron Peirce moves into fourth.

David Stremme hits the wall in turn-two bringing out the caution on lap-88. His #35 is limping it's way back to pit road and behind the wall

Friday 10:40pm ET - Ryan Lawler makes some pretty heavy contact lapping the #38 of Shane Sawyer.

Friday 10:38pm ET - Eddie Hoffman has pulled down pit road. The crew is looking under the hood on the Lisa Thomas #8. The crew has pushed Hoffman behind pit wall on lap-78.

Friday 10:35pm ET - Texas driver Ryan Lawler, who know resides in North Carolina, is holding off one of NASCAR's best and has maintained a healthy lead margin. Busch is getting through lapped traffic a little better though.

Friday 10:28pm ET - Halfway (50-lap) Running Order:  1) Lawler  2) Busch  3)  Grill  4) R. Seig  5) Peirce  6) Hoffman  7) Hantz  8) Fultz  9) Stremme  10) M. Rowe

Friday 10:24pm ET - Corey Williams team has pushed the #47 behind the wall. DJ Shaw comes to pit road on lap 45.

Friday 10:23pm ET - Ryan Lawler gets under and by Augie Grill for the lead on lap 35. Kyle Busch breezes by for second and now sets his sights on the lead.

Friday 10:20pm ET - Busch gets by Ryan Seig for third. Seig tried to battle back, but Busch's #51 is on rails. David Stremme and Jeff Fultz are currently having quite the battle for 8th place.

Friday 10:16pm ET - Kyle Busch continues his march to the front getting by Aaron Peirce for fourth on lap-20. He is reeling in the top-three quick.

Friday 10:15pm ET - Eddie Hoffman gets crossed up coming to the restart, a pair of Ryan's slip by as Seig and Lawler take second and third. Hoffman slips back more with Peirce getting by for fourth. Now Kyle Busch is on the outside of Hoffman and gets by to break the top-five.

Friday 10:13pm ET - Restart on lap-14. Coming to the green the running order is: 1) Grill  2) Hoffman 3) R. Seig  4) Lawler  5) Peirce  6) Hantz  7) Busch  8) Fultz  9) Stremme  10) Shaw.

Shane Seig ducks into pit road with a flat, after some side by side consultation on the track by his brother Ryan (they ran side by side under caution to check the tire out).

Friday 10:03pm ET - Restart on lucky-lap #13.  1) Rowe 2) Grill 3) Hoffman 4) R. Seig  5) S. Seig. 
Ben Rowe's restart wasn't so lucky though. It appears he blew a tire on the #4 and hits the wall super-hard in turn-one. A vicious lick for the New Englad driver. Word from the track is that an engine failure might have caused the crash.  Red Flag is out. Ben Rowe has walked away from his car under his own power. One crew member for each car is being allowed out on the frontstretch to tend to their racecar.

Friday 9:59pm ET -  Corey Willams spins on the backstretch and somehow nobody hits his spinning #47 car.  Coming to the yellow flag, John Wes Townley slows and Shane Seig gets into the back of the #09 sending him around in a spin. Ben Rowe gets the lead back as they go back to the lap previous in scoring.

Friday 9:57pm ET -  Augie Grill takes the lead on lap-seven passing Ben Rowe.

Friday 9:55pm ET -  Green flag is out, Stanley Smith drifts up to the fourth groove while Corey Williams slides up coming out of turn-two making slight contact with the wall. Ben Rowe hops in the lead with Augie Grill jumping to second while Townley settles in in third with Eddie Hoffman and a gaggle of cars on his bumper.

Friday 9:47pm ET -  So you don't have to scroll down... here is the link to both starting lineups for the Super Late Models.  Rolling out on the track now are the Northern cars (anyone not from Florida). John Wes Townley and Corey Williams will lead the field to green. 
click here for the complete lineup

Friday 9:42pm ET -  The combination of dropping temperature outside and hot-air (from some) inside has created a foggy window situation in the press-box. Anyone have a squeegie?

Friday 9:40pm ET -  Jeff Choquette wins the Southern Super Late Model 100-lapper.  Middleton was second by inches over Rogers at the line. Tim Russell quickly pulled up along side Scotty Crockett after the race to show his displeasure, maybe of a little late-race blocking?
Top-ten Finishers:  1) Choquette  2) Middleton  3) D. Rogers  4) Crockett  5) Russell  6) Cope  7) Colangelo 8) Drawdy  9) Finney 10) Boyd

Friday 9:32pm ET -  Ageless-wonder David Rogers jumps into third with a power move by Scotty Crockett just a lap after the restart.

Friday 9:29pm ET -  Caution lap-75, Wayne Anderson is in the wall in turn-two. Anderson was running third at the time.
Lap 75 Top-ten running order  1) Choquette  2) Middleton  3) Crockett  4) D. Rogers  5) Russell  6) Cope  7) Drawdy  8) Colangelo  9) Finney  10) is a race off of pit road and belongs to... Joe Boyd.

Friday 9:24pm ET -  Trouble for Perry Brown. He drifted high on the track and now pulls down pit road. His crew is looking under the hood of the #22.

Friday 9:22pm ET -  It's a snoozer! So far there has only been one caution flag in the 100-lap race and because of that the field is strung out.  Choquette leads on lap 65.

Friday 9:19pm ET -  Lap 50 – Top-ten running order:  1) Choquette  2) Middleton  3) Anderson  4) Crockett  5) Brown  6) D. Rogers  7) Cope  8)  Russell  9)  Finney  10) Drawdy

Friday 9:17pm ET -  Jay Middleton continues his charge and takes second from Wayne Anderson on lap-46.

Friday 9:15pm ET -  Patrick Conrad coasts his #2 behind the wall and is done for the night.

Friday 9:14pm ET -  Jay Middleton moves into third, sneaking by Scotty Crockett on lap 42.  Middleton is coming.

Friday 9:12pm ET -  Jeff Choquette takes the lead on lap 35 after a two-lap battle with Wayne Anderson.

Friday 9:10pm ET -  Justin Larson and Justin Drawdy are fading with ill-handling racecars. Meanwhile David Rogers and Tim Russell are on the charge. 

Jeff Choquette moves past Scotty Crockett for second on lap 30 for second.
Ben Rowe's car is toast.
Augie says he's packing up and going home.
Ryan Lawler was the big winner over Kyle Busch
David Stremme had a rough Friday.
The rear-end on DJ Shaw's car being repaired after the race.
Augie Grill (#112) and Kyle Busch (#51).
Ben Rowe hits the wall hard.
Stanley Smith drifts way high at the start.
Jeff Choquette won the Southern 100-lap qual race.
Wayne Anderson took a hard lick into the wall.
Eddie Hoffman and Sean Murphy battle to the finish.
Sean Murphy and Jimmy Lang put on a show during the Northern Crate Late Model race.
Travis Cope was the winner of the Southern Crate Late Model race.