The Big 10's Take On the 10 Biggest Stories From the Week That Was In Short Track Racing
1) Losing Lakeland
USA International Speedway in Lakeland, FL closes its doors after final Sunbelt SLM race on Saturday.  The place always sparkled in person and on TV and put on great shows like Speedfest, Sunbelt SLM races and Pro Cup events, but the temptation of selling out at a big profit was bigger than any crowd could permit.

2) Hustlin' Hunter
Hunter Robbins was a virtual unknown before he won the Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model race at Five Flags in 2005.  Since then, he’s been a serious threat in Super Late Models, winning several races.  Now, in his rookie Hooters Pro Cup season, he won at Hickory, proving the early success wasn’t a fluke.

3) Just Call Us Miss Cleo
Last week, we predicted right here that if Derek Ramstrom raced in PASS South, he’d be winning races. That very night, the teenager went out and won his first PASS North race at All-Star Speedway. So who is our next victim? Well, we’d always admired the dedication of Wade Cole and Jake Marosz on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. So maybe at Stafford this week….

4) Welcome Back Johnny V
When Johnny Van Doorn went on a tear in the late part of 2007, winning a bunch of SLM races including the All-American 400 at Nashville, he was rocketed to the top of the “must watch” list.  2008 has been mostly a disappointment for Van Doorn, but he finally got back into victory lane in CRA at Toledo.

5) Them's Fightin' Words
Colt James and Jimmy Lang trade shots on the track and in post-race interviews after the Orange County ASALM race.  A good rivalry is brewing, which could make the otherwise uninteresting ASALM South interesting again.

6) Civali Calls It Quits
At 24, James Civali said he didn’t want to be a Saturday night racer anymore, so he quit his Mod Tour ride.  Remember when 24-year-olds were considered too young to make it to the big time?  Now they’re burnt out by the game by then.

7) Way to Go Wakefield
It’s nice anytime a former NASCAR All Pro Division can still get the job done.  Justin Wakefield had to wait a day in the rain to score his first PASS South victory on Sunday afternoon.

8) Snowball Comin' At Ya
It’s hard to believe that in just 17 weeks, the 41st Annual Snowball Derby weekend will be kicking off.  Expect to see business really pick up for the Blizzard Series at Five Flags starting with next weekend’s race with teams preparing for the Derby in December.

9) Lethal Weapon?
LW Miller didn't seem to make many friends in the Bowman-Gray Southern Mod Tour race this week. Brian King used some choice four letter words to describe him to after a first lap incident. Later on, Miller recovered to ride around a few laps down and he locked horns with Jonathan Brown. Miller has admitted that he doesn't like Bowman-Gray, but he really seems to be fitting in at the rough and tumble bullring.

10) Souza Surprise
No big-name, big-money sponsor?  No Cup affiliation?  No multiple-car team?  No problem for Todd Souza.  The road course regular won a thriller in the Camping World West race at Miller Motorsports Park.  Meanwhile, on the East Coast, no DQ's were reported from this week's CWES race.  Oh, there wasn't a race this week?  Dang.