The Big 10's Take On the 10 Biggest Stories From the Week That Was In Short Track Racing
1) Happy Harvick Wins the 250
Boy did he have some umph off the corners.  Well, after all those rain delays, the HP’s were probably ready to be unleashed anyways.

2) Kobyluck Keeping Pace With Cuppers
CWES is supposed to be dominated by Cup-affiliated teams, but apparently Kobyluck didn’t get the memo.

3) Not A Winner In Cup, But…
Rookie Regan Smith did go up to Canada last week and spoil the dreams of some of the best Canadian racers and US imports Travis Benjamin and Johnny Clark in the IWK 250.

4) Hirschy On a Roll
Three wins in a one-week span in three different rides.  Maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree after all.  His dad is five-time NASCAR Modified Tour champ Tony.

5) Feeling the Pinch
Troubled economy keeping fans and racers away from track.  Low car counts, race dates cancelled and/or moved & fans keeping away from the track.

6) ASA SAT Schedule – A Bugs Bunny Routine
The recent (and many) ASA Southeast schedule changes remind us of the famous Bugs Bunny “Hiawatha Rabbit Hunt” cartoon in which the question was asked, “Which way did he go?  Which way did he go?”

7) Preston Not Perfect
Preston Peltier is a good racer, but he’s certainly not perfect, especially in tech this year.  He’s been in a couple tech-bouts this season, but leaving your Roush airbox on your car for the whole world to see, when ASA SAT rules dictate ABC body rules (hence a Five-Star airbox) was not the smartest move.

8) Deon Who?
Deon Deneau is one the top crew chiefs in short track racing, but many thought Sean Murphy would be in a world of trouble when Deon left the team after three-straight ASA Challenge triumphs.  Murphy’s win last week in second leg of the Triple Crown Challenge proved a point to all naysayers.  Then again, it doesn’t hurt that he has short track legend Butch Miller as his crew chief.

9) What’s Up With RMR?
With Trevor Sanborn’s recent success in a pay-to-play role for Richard Moody Racing, is he getting the primo equipment and Ben Rowe playing second-fiddle?

10) Driver X or X-Drivers
Reruns of “Roush Racing Driver X” back on TV now from 2005.  Amazing how many of those “next big things” from the Gong Show are just “things” at best three years later.  Remember Sondi Eden?  James Gue?  Matt Jaskol?  Nevin George (pictured at right)?  Nah, we barely do either.  Good thing there's reruns.