Being Thankful in Short Trackin' By Mike Twist, Hannah Jurnigan, Jason Buckley and Elgin Traylor
Several Drivers Tell What They Are Thankful For This Season
Stephan McCurley  (ASA SAT) - “I could fill up two whole magazines of things I am thankful for, but really I am thankful for my dad and I traveling everywhere together and having what we call 'quality time.'  That is pretty much what I am thankful for.”

Gary St. Amant  (Pro Cup) - “There are a couple of things I'm most thankful for. I hit the wall out at Iowa really hard and the two things I am most thankful for overall in the season are soft walls and ButlerBuilt seats. Because I feel like that was probably the hardest shot that I've ever taken and two weeks, three weeks later, we were finishing third at Kenly and I don't think that would of happened with my old seats and possibly soft walls.

“I'm also thankful for these things for other drivers as well. The day after Iowa, I called Butlerbuilt and thanked them for their seats. It's not just me, it's everyone in racing and we all need to be thankful for all of our safety equipment.”

Tim Schendel (ASA Midwest) - I guess with the struggling times and with the economy, I'm thankful that I have sponsorship that has allowed us to keep our race team going through the years and also thankful for all the guys that help me out to make it a success, all my crew guys and my Dad.

Cassius Clark (PASS) - “I'm thankful for the chance to race.  I can't be thankful for any wins this year because we didn't get any of those.  But getting to race all these years and having the success we've had…I'm thankful for that.  It's a lot of hard work, but most of the time it pays off.”

Justin Wakefield  (PASS South) -  “Honestly, I'm just thankful that I have a ride and get to keep going at the race track week in and week out. And being able to follow the dream I've had since I was six years old, I'm just going to be thankful for that and for all of the people that have supported me throughout all the years and giving me opportunities and the fact that we won a couple of races and get to do it again next year.”
Stephan McCurley is probably thankful that his Thanksgiving dinner isn't coming from a track concession stand.

Josh Hamner (SLM) - “I'm thankful for having a family that is so involved in racing.  Not many people have an opportunity to have a Dad who is an engine builder.  My brother, Mom and sister being behind me is good too.  Another thing I'm thankful for is having a good place to race.  A lot of short tracks have been shut down this year with the economy the way that it is and they're struggled.  So I'm thankful for Tim Bryant and his staff at Five Flags Speedway because I still think that is the best place to race in the country.”

Andy Seuss (Mods) - “I'm thankful for the ability to just go out and race.  Having the right
people behind me and believing in me…I'm real thankful for that.  Everything in short
track racing is so fragile that it takes a lot of people to make it work - the fans, the
promoters, the sponsors, the crew…I need to be thankful for them all and appreciate
what everyone does for the sport.”

Ben Rowe  (PASS North) - [Who was thankful to have race at South Georgia the week
before Thanksgiving]  “Everything is really good from the motors, to the CRA guys,
things like that make racing fun and that what we need to be thankful for. With the
economy the way it is we still travel as much as we can to support the other series.

“[I'm thankful for] Tracks like South Georgia that have great facilities and they make
you feel like a Sprint Cup driver when you come run these shows.”

Eric Holmes (CW West) - “I was hired by Bill [McAnally] to win a championship for him
and Napa and Toyota, and for me, I was thankful and proud that I did that for him, I mean,
I did what I was hired to do.”

Jay Fogleman (Pro Cup) - “We just got through another year safe, that's the biggest thing and we had some success.”

Jay Fogleman is no doubt thankful for another Pro Cup victory this season.
Chris Gabehart (CRA Super Series) - “I am just thankful that short track racing is here.  Some people would tell you that it's in limbo right now, but we still have lots drivers and fans that so show up each week.  I am thankful that we get to see these people every week, they become like family when you spend this much time with them.”

Alex Haase (PASS South) - “You know the way the economy is right now just being able to go racing is something to be thankful for.  I just have to thank Kyle (Busch) for everything that he ha done. It means a lot to be the driver in this organization. Hopefully next year we can be just as thankful.

“This is the first Thanksgiving for me since I moved out of my parents house, so it will be a real easy meal for me.  I think I am just going to go to KFC or something.  I don't have nothing to cook or anything like that.  I was thankful for all the great meal that my parents made on Thanksgiving, but now I have to deal with that part on my own.”