Quarter Master Clutch Performance of the Week
Who Performed the Best In the Clutch This Week?
Dennis Wilder
#2 Pro Late Model
Georgia Asphat Series
Peach State Speedway (GA)

Sometimes it really is never over till it’s over.  That was certainly the case this past Saturday night at the Georgia Asphalt Series race at Peachstate Speedway in Jefferson, GA.

Many drivers use the Mark Martin approach to racing these day.  Race when it counts and let those faster than you by when it doesn’t.  The problem is, to use that philosophy you need to know who you are racing.  During the GAS event at Peachstate, young Kyle Fowler had dominated the 100-lap race and was saving his equipment by backing off the throttle near the finish.  Fowler admitted he kept asking his father, who was spotting for him, how close the nearest car was as the race reached its conclusion.  His father assured him the car behind him was a lapped car and that the second place competitor was plenty far back.  The two discussed the car behind them, who they thought wanted to get its lap back.  So to not push the issue, Fowler backed out and let the car behind him by as they took the white flag.  Problem was, that car was not lapped car.

Dennis Wilder was the driver of that mysterious car and when the two crossed the finish line, the checkers appeared first for Wilder and not Fowler.  Wilder was the outright winner of the GAS event, much to the surprise of Kyle Fowler.  It was Wilder’s first GAS victory of the season and the series’ 10th winner in 12 races this year.

Wilder said he had thought Fowler’s car was giving up and was surprised what the real story was.  For his persistence in never giving up and seizing the opportunity when it presented itself, Quarter Master salutes Dennis Wilder for “Clutch Performance of the Week,” be it one of the most unusual ones we have seen since the inception of the award.
Performing in the clutch is what seperates a winning driver from the rest of the pack.  Flexing muscle at the right time is something that true talents posess.  Often luck plays a big role in winning versus losing, but being able to squeeze just enough strength out at the perfect opportunity is what separates winners from losers.  Performing in the clutch doesn't necessarily mean winning, however; it's all about making the most from what you've got.

That's why Quarter Master, providers of winning clutches & driveline components to racers from Super Speedway to the Bullring, from IRL to Rally, from NASCAR to the "Weekend Warrior," is proud to honor a weekly "Clutch Performance of the Week" from the short track ranks of America.  Each week, an esteemed panel of short track industry insiders will vote on which drivers came through in the clutch.  The driver or team with the most votes will then be the "Clutch Performance of the Week."  At the end of the 2008 season, the driver or team that received the most votes throughout the season will then be the "Clutch Performer of the Year" and will be awarded a clutch kit from Quarter Master, valued at $3,500.

This week's "Quarter Master Clutch Performance of the Week" goes to ...

2008 Quarter Master
"Clutch Performance of the Week"
Week of October 3rd - 4th
1. Dennis Wilder (GAS)
2. Dan Fredrickson (ASA MW)
3. Johnny Clark (PASS)
4. Andy Seuss (WSMT)
2008 Cumulative Winners
Dennis Wilder (GAS)
Josh Vadnais (SLM)
Tony Hirschman  (Mods)
Eddie MacDonald (CW East)
Tim Schendel  (ASA MW)
George Brunnhoelzl III (WSMT)
Ted Christopher (WMT)
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