Trackside Now: April 12th, 2008 - Miller Lite Series 100-Lap SLM at Mobile International Speedway
Bubba Pollard Goes To Victory Lane In Series Opener
Saturday, 1:05am Central Time - That is all for us here at Mobile International Speedway.  Stay tuned to next week for more on the Miller Lite Series season opener.

Saturday, 1:00am Central Time - Here is the finishing order of the Miller Lite Series season opener:

1)#26 Bubba Pollard
2)#94 Mitch Cobb
3)#82W Donnie Wilson
4)#82 Grant Enfinger
5)#10C Ryan Crane
6)#70 Jeff Choquette
7)#6 Hunter Robbins
8)#41 Chris Davidson
9)#54 Todd McLemore
10)#99L Dale Little
11)#131 Jeff Letson
12)#99S Casey Smith
13)#07 Jeff Scofield
14)#14 Adam Crawford
15)#44 Michael Pope
16)#43 Dennis Schoenfeld
17)#02 Matt Smith
18)#3 Chris Serio
19)#49L Joey Logano
20)#11 Donald Long
21)#10 Danny Bagwell
22)#2 John Bolen
23)#96D Greg Davidson
24)#42 Kevin Rehwinkel
25)#27 Jason Young
26)#49 Stanley Smith
27)#96 Steven Davis
28)#1M Tim Martin

Saturday, 12:50am Central Time - Tech has cleared all cars.  We will list the full field rundown shortly.

Saturday, 12:45am Central Time - Mike Mattox won the Modified feature and Shane Scott won the bomber feature.

Friday, 11:32pm Central Time - Bubba Pollard has won the first Miller Lite Series 100-lap Super Late Model event of the 2008 season at Mobile International Speedway. 

We are going trackside to get reaction from the drivers and will have more later.

Friday, 11:29pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 92

Friday, 11:27pm Central Time - With under 10 laps remaining, the top five are: 1) Bubba Pollard; 2) Mitch Cobb; 3) Donnie Wilson; 4) Grant Enfinger; 5) Jeff Choquette

Friday, 11:25pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 92: Matt Smith and Jeff Scofield were involved in an incident on the backstretch. 

Friday, 11:23pm Central Time - With 10 laps remaining, Bubba Pollard leads Mitch CobbDonnie Wilson has moved up to third with Grant Enfinger and Jeff Choquette rounding out the top five.

Friday, 11:17pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 71

Friday, 11:14pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 71: We are in a rash of cautions at the moment.  The yellow came back out as an incident occured in turn three, which involved Adam Crawford and Chris Serio.  Serio ended up going off the track in turn three, but was able to come back to the track under his own power.

The top five are: 1) Bubba Pollard; 2) Mitch Cobb; 3) Jeff Choquette; 4) Grant Enfinger; 5) Donnie Wilson

Friday, 11:12pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 71 ... Bubba Pollard is now the leader.

Friday, 11:10pm Central Time - A huge turn of events.  As Danny Bagwell was trying to get righted, leader Casey Smith sped up and the two collided, tearing up the whole right side of his car.  He made it to the pits to try to repair some damage, but this will almost certainly take him out of contention for the win.

Friday, 11:07pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 71: Dale Little, Donald Long and Danny Bagwell got involved in an issue off turn two.

Friday, 11:05pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 68

Friday, 10:59pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 68: On the restart, Chris Davidson got in the back of Ryan Crane coming off turn two.  Crane, trying to regain control of his car, hit the side of Davidson coming off the corner, sending Davidson for a wild ride across the whole infield as his car got airborne across all the elevation changes back there.  He came right back down on his wheels though, coming to a stop on the track in turn three.

Both were able to continue on.

Friday, 10:58pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 68

Friday, 10:55pm Central Time - None of the leaders have pitted during this yellow.

Friday, 10:51pm Central Time - The engines have fired and we will be back going here soon.

Friday, 10:45pm Central Time - Since we have a moment during this red flag, here are the lead lap cars in order: 1) Casey Smith; 2) Bubba Pollard; 3) Mitch Cobb; 4) Jeff Choquette; 5) Grant Enfinger; 6) Donnie Wilson; 7) Joey Logano; 8) Ryan Crane; 9) Chris Davidson; 10) Hunter Robbins; 11) Jeff Letson; 12) Danny Bagwell; 13) Dale Little; 14) Dennis Schoenfeld; 15) Michael Pope; 16) Adam Crawford; 17) Jeff Scofield; 18) Todd McLemore

Friday, 10:42pm Central Time - We have been told by the officials that about 10 feet of the guardrail got taken out by this latest incident, which is the reason for the lengthy red flag.  The are making repairs to it back there so those on the infield will be safe when the field goes back green.

Friday, 10:32pm Central Time - Officials are going to give Mitch Cobb his spot back since he was spun after the yellow came out.

Friday, 10:31pm Central Time - RED FLAG LAP 68: Officials have put the red flag out as Davis' car is hung up on the inside wall and needs assistance to be removed.  Since this will take a bit of time, officials are helping save fuel by stopping the field until they get his car removed.

Friday, 10:27pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 68:The #96 of Steven Davis spun on the backstretch and into the infield.  While slowing down, the #94 machine of Mitch Cobb got tagged from the rear and went off the track on the outside of the backstretch.

Friday, 10:21pm Central Time - With 50 laps completed, we are at the halfway point in the race. Casey Smith still holds a solid lead, but Bubba Pollard has now dropped back a bit and has a close challenge for third from Mitch CobbGrant Enfinger and a hard charging Jeff Choquette round out the top five. 

Joey Logano, who finished second at Five Flags last night, currently runs seventh and Hunter Robbins, who finished third last night at Five Flags, currently runs 10th.

Friday, 10:16pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 36

1) Casey Smith; 2) Bubba Pollard; 3) Mitch Cobb; 4) Grant Enfinger; 5) Donnie Wilson

Friday, 10:15pm Central Time - The Todd McLemore machine made it back onto the track, but Steven Davis had to be hauled back into the track area and into the pits on the hook.

Some drivers are pitting during this yellow.

Friday, 10:10pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 36:John Bolen spun in turn three, which caused a couple cars behind him to scramble.  Both Steven Davis and Todd McLemore went off the track surface in turn three going out of view down the hill.

Friday, 10:05pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 30

Friday, 10:00pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 30: Dennis Schoenfeld went around in turn four.  It appeared he might have been tapped from behind.  Jeff Scofield spun to avoid the wreck.

None of the leaders pitted during this yellow flag.  The top five are: 1) Casey Smith; 2) Bubba Pollard; 3) Mitch Cobb; 4) Grant Enfinger; 5) Donnie Wilson

Friday, 9:52pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG LAP 15

Friday, 9:51pm Central Time - A few cars towards the rear of the field have pitted, but none of the leaders have on this early caution.

Friday, 9:48pm Central Time - YELLOW FLAG LAP 15: Kevin Rehwinkle spun off turn two.  He was able to get going in the right direction and will restart on the lead lap.

The top five at the yellow are: 1) Casey Smith; 2) Bubba Pollard; 3) Mitch Cobb; 4) John Bolen; 5) Grant Enfinger

Friday, 9:47pm Central Time - Casey Smith has jumped out to an early lead with Bubba Pollard in second.  They have stretched it out over the field in the first 10 laps.

Friday, 9:41pm Central Time - GREEN FLAG

Friday, 9:35pm Central Time - This race will be 100 green flag laps, meaning they will not count cautions.

Friday, 9:33pm Central Time - Just a note to those that enjoyed our Trackside Now updates from Five Flags yesterday.  The officials and media booth is a bit smaller here at Mobile, so unfortunately we had to set up in an area that will not allow us to see the track at the same time as typing.  We will attempt to update throughout the event as much as possible.

Friday, 9:33pm Central Time - The engines have been fired and we will be green flag shortly.

Friday, 9:25pm Central Time - Driver introductions are now taking place on the front stretch.  We are getting close to the start of the event.

Friday, 9:20pm Central Time - Our final batch of pre-race notes from the pits:

Matt Smith wishes the race was yesterday as his car was better then than now.  He did discover one reason why he was slower than expected today, which was a bad set of tires.  He feels he will be able to race better than he qualified.

Danny Bagwell might be a veteran in the Dash Series, but he is a rookie in a Super Late Model.  Bagwell said he is just in a learning process with these cars, which is something he is trying to do to stay behind the wheel since he doesn't know if the ISCARS Dash Series will survive another year.

Pole setter Casey Smith is happy with his car.  He said the team put some shims in so the car didn't bottom out on the bump stops, but otherwise he is ready to rock and roll.

Friday, 9:15pm Central Time - More pre-race notes:

We caught up with Josh Hamner in the pit area.  He is not just watching the race tonight.  He will be spotting for Donald Long.

Speaking of drivers helping drivers, Jason Hogan is here crewing for Adam Crawford.

Michael Pope had the wrong gear in his car for qualifying.  During the break the team changed the gear.  He is hoping his car will be good tonight.

Mitch Cobb said his car is ok.  He tested here Thursday and this is his first race at the Mobile International Speedway.

Friday, 9:10pm Central Time - We checked in the pit area during the Sportsman race with some of the Super Late Model racers.  Here are some quick notes from the pits:

Joey Logano's crew didn't relax after qualifying.  They have been busy changing just about everything on the car before the race.  The team decided to go in a different direction than Stanley Smith's car to see which setup is better.  Even though they are all exhausted from the changes they made, they are all smiling and having fun here at Mobile.

Chris Serio's team was thrashing trying to get his car ready for the race.  Serio has struggled since he got here.  He said since they cannot change the track itself, they were changing just about everything on the car.

Hunter Robbins feels his car will be good for the feature, but he said he thinks it will be tight.

Jeff Choquette did more damage to his car yesterday at Five Flags than most thought.  The car was pretty bent up, so the team has his New Smyrna Speedweeks car here to race tonight.

Friday, 9:05pm Central Time - James Patrick took the checkered flag first in the Sportsman race.

The Super Late Models are lining up for the start of their 100-lap event.

Friday, 7:45pm Central Time - Pre-race festivities will begin soon followed by the Sportsman 20-lap feature prior to the Miller Lite Series SLM 100-lap event.

Friday, 7:40pm Central Time - Here is the results from tonight's Super Late Model qualifying.  This is also the starting order as the Miller Lite Series starts the race straight up as the qualify.

1) #99 Casey Smith (17.126)
2) #26 Bubba Pollard (17.139)
3) #2 John Bolen (17.176)
4) #94 Mitch Cobb (17.185)
5) #82 Grant Enfinger (17.223)
6) #10 Ryan Crane (17..243)
7) #82 Donnie Wilson  (17.260)
8) #6 Hunter Robbins (17.353)
9) #14 Adam Crawford (17.378)
10) #11 Donald Long (17.387)
11) #70 Jeff Choquette (17.427)
12) #49L Joey Logano (17.442)
13) #27 Jason Young (17.449)
14) #41 Chris Davidson (17.451)
15) #44 Michael Pope (17.515)
16) #43 Dennis Schoenfeld (17.524)
17) #96 Greg Davidson (17.546)
18) #96 Steven Davis (17.552)
19) #131 Jeff Letson (17.577)
20) #99 Dale Little (17.612)
21) #54 Todd McLemore (17.625)
22) #49 Stanley Smith (17.649)
23) #07 Jeff Scofield (17.652)
24) #1M Tim Martin (17.743)
25) #42 Kevin Rehwinkle (17.760)
26) #02 Matt Smith (17.852)
27) #3 Chris Serio (17.904)
28) #10 Danny Bagwell (17.994)

Friday, 7:18pm Central Time - Qualifying has completed.  The 2007 Miller Lite Super Late Model Series champion Casey Smith from Austin, Texas set fast time with a 17.126 second lap.  Bubba Pollard timed in second with John Bolen third fastest.

We will have a full starting grid shortly.  Officials stated they will start all 28 cars tonight.

Friday, 6:43pm Central Time - Donnie Wilson has rolled off pit road and onto the track to start qualifying.  Once completed we will have the starting grid.

Friday, 6:30pm Central Time - The local practice sessions have completed.  Qualifying for the Super Late Models are up next. 

Friday, 6:20pm Central Time - One driver missing from the field is last night's Blizzard Series winner Josh Hamner.  Even though he is not here to race, Hamner is here to watch.  He was seen on the infield riding around on a scooter.

Friday, 6:10pm Central Time - Some might have thought they were seeing double during the practice as there were two #49 Stanley Smith cars on the track at the same time.  Joey Logano, who finished second in last night's Blizzard Series race, is driving one of the #49 cars (designated with the letter "L" in front of the number) while Smith is driving the other.

Friday, 6:00pm Central Time - Here is a list of drivers that are here for the Miller Lite Series Super Late Model event:

#02 Matt Smith
#07 Jeff Scofield
#1M Tim Martin
#2 John Bolen
#3 Chris Serio
#6 Hunter Robbins
#10 Danny Bagwell
#10C Ryan Crane
#11 Donald Long
#14 Adam Crawford
#26 Bubba Pollard
#27 Jason Young
#41 Chris Davidson
#42 Kevin Rehwinkel
#43 Dennis Schoenfeld
#44 Michael Pope
#45 Nick Tasson (withdrew)
#49 Stanley Smith
#49L Joey Logano
#54 Todd McLemore
#70 Jeff Choquette
#82 Grant Enfinger
#82W Donnie Wilson
#94 Mitch Cobb
#96 Greg Davidson
#96 Steven Davis
#99L Dale Little
#99S Casey Smith
#131 Jeff Letson

Friday, 5:55pm Central Time - The #45 car driven by Nick Tasson has decided to withdraw from the event.  The team struggled with the handling of it during practice and felt it wasn't risking tearing up the car this evening.

Friday, 5:45pm Central Time - Here are the top five times in each of the practice sessions:

SESSION ONE - Top Five Practice Times
1) #82W Donnie Wilson (17.555)
2) #10C Ryan Crane (17.572)
3) #99S Casey Smith (17.583)
4) #82 Grant Enfinger (17.595)
5) #27 Jason Young (17.600)

SESSION TWO - Top Five Practice Times
1) #99S Casey Smith (17.510)
2) #82 Grant Enfinger (17.563)
3) #82W Donnie Wilson (17.606)
4) #07 Jeff Scofield (17.644)
5) #70 Jeff Choquette (17.668)

SESSION THREE - Top Five Practice Times
1) #99S Casey Smith (17.302)
2) #94 Mitch Cobb (17.306)
3) #26 Bubba Pollard (17.378)
4) #82 Grant Enfinger (17.530)
5) #6 Hunter Robbins (17.561)

Friday, 5:30pm Central Time - Chris Serio was a late arrival, getting into the track as the driver's meeting was happening.  Serio said his team thrashed this morning to get the car ready to race and loaded up to get here without any time to spare.

Serio was 21st fastest in the final practice session.

Friday, 5:15pm Central Time - The three practice sessions have completed.  Besides a few spins on the track, there were no major incidents during the sessions.

A total of 29 Super Late Model racers are here and have put down times.  Donnie Wilson paced the first session with a best lap of 17.555 seconds.  The second and third sessions were topped by Casey Smith with a 17.510 second lap in the second session and a 17.302 second lap in the third session.

We will have more as well as a complete driver roster here shortly.

Friday, 3:30pm Central Time - We are heading down to the driver's meeting and will stay trackside for the practice session.  We will have updates after the practice session completes.

Friday, 3:15pm Central Time - Earlier today storms raced across the area, but tonight weather doesn't seem to be a factor.

Friday, 3:05pm Central Time - Just a quick reminder to those following along on the East Coast.  Mobile International Speedway is in the Central Time Zone, so the times of the updates will reflect local track time (1 hour behind Eastern time).

Friday, 3:00pm Central Time - Good afternoon from Mobile International Speedway in Irvington, Alabama.  We are here for the first of five Miller Lite Series races in 2008, the 100-Lap Super Late Model event.

Many drivers that competed in last night's Blizzard Series event at Five Flags Speedway (FL) made the trip about an hour west to Mobile for tonight's racing action.

Here is the schedule for today.

• Pit Gate Opens @ 2:00 PM 
• Super Late Model Driver Meeting 3:15
• Super Late Model Practice (3:30-5:00)
• Rotating Practice 5:00 2 rounds (Sportsman, Modified, Bomber) 
• Miller Lite Super Late Models Qualifying Begins @ 6:30
• Driver’s Meeting @ 7:30

• Pre Race Festivities 7:50 with Charles “Little Man” Bazzel Tribute

• Sportsman  Feature (20 Laps)
• Round 1 of 5 Miller Lite 100 Lap Super Late Model Race
• Modified Feature  (25 Laps)
• Bomber Feature (15 Laps)
Miller Lite Series
100-Lap SLM
April 12th, 2008
Mobile International Speedway
Irvington, Alabama
Last night's Blizzard winner Josh Hamner watches practice from the infield today at MIS.  (51 Photo)
Chris Serio during practice.  (51 Photo)
Joey Logano (top) and Stanley Smith (bottom) will be driving very similiar looking cars tonight.  The main difference is the letters by the numbers - "L" for Logano, "S" for Smith.  (51 Photo)
Casey Smith clocked in fastest in the final two practice sessions.  (51 Photo)
Donnie Wilson was the fastest driver in the first practice session.  (51 Photo)
Nick Tasson had a tough time during the practice session, spinning in turn four.  His team decided to withdraw after practice completed.  (51 Photo)
Dale Little spun in practice, but the only thing you could see was his skid marks going over the edge of the surface.  He was able to continue after getting back on the right side of the track.  (51 Photo)
Without an outside wall, Jeff Scofield looks like he is driving off into the sunset.  (51 Photo)
The drivers sit on the front stretch wall as they listen in to the rules of the day during the driver's meeting.  (51 Photo)
Michael Pope (#44) and Hunter Robbins (#6) waiting in line for the final practice session of the day.  (51 Photo)
Mobile, Alabama's own Adam Crawford is here to race today.  His father, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series racer Rick is on hand to help his son out today.  (51 Photo)
Austin, Texas native Casey Smith set fast time during qualifying.  (51 Photo)
Bubba Pollard was fast in qualifying.  He will start outside Casey Smith on the front row.  (51 Photo)
Bubba Pollard celebrated his victory with his friends, family and crew.  (51 Photo)
The side of Casey Smith's car was torn open like a can opener.  (51 Photo)