Rule Change Announced for Brighthouse SLM Series Series Press Release
Sealed Engine Now Requires a New Chip
New Smyrna Speedway is a cornerstone of the Brighthouse Series schedule.
This rule does not apply to the Sunoco Sunbelt Super Late Model Series.

For technical information contact, Butch Pierce, Race Director (407) 702-4170 or Mark Tanner, Technical Director (321) 377-3586.

Officials for the Bright House Challenge and New Smyrna Speedway announce the following rule change for the Florida Super Late Model Sealed (Spec) motor.
Effective immediately all Bright House Challenge cars with the Florida Spec (Sealed) motors based on their current engine part numbers and configuration will be required to run a 7400 rpm chip and their weight will be increased by 50lbs to 2750.  Spec Motor, Steel Head Motors and 9-1 motors will all have the same race weight of 2750 lbs.

Teams using the Florida Spec Motor will be required to have a 7400 rpm chip during tech and the chip sealed to the box.  Teams using dual boxes will be required to disconnect the second box from the engine wiring harness before coming thru tech.

To allow team’s time to adjust to the rule change, New Smyrna Speedway will have practice exclusively for Super Late Model competitors prior the next Bright House race on Saturday May 17th. Pit gates will open at 10:00am, with Bright House practice to follow.  Bright House Challenge tech will open at 2pm with practice for all other classes beginning at 4:00 pm. Bright House Challenge Teams are invited to arrive Friday and secure there rigs for early practice Saturday.