Saturday,11:00pm ET - Mark McFarland had all the cards play out in his favor tonight at Myrtle Beach.  With the solid run he has made up a lot of ground in the points on Michael Ritch who had problems.  Unofficially he takes the point lead.

That's all from Myrtle Beach, stayed tuned to for more on Monday. Goodnight!

Unofficial Results:
181Mark McFarland
255Woody Howard
32Matt Hawkins
454Clay Rogers
529Trevor Bayne
692Dange Hanniford
796Wade Day
884Gary Helton
952Kirk Leone
1093Dakoda Armstrong
1122Drew Herring
129Tom Hessert
1382Billy Bigley Jr
14O2Joey Coulter
156Hunter Robbins
1613John Gibson
17O6Bobby Gill
181Don Satterfield
19O3Randy Hawkins
2017Bryan Silas
2175Caleb Holman
223Dana White
2323J P Morgan
2412Carl Long
2567Reece Milton
2620Mark Whitaker
2727Scotty Crockett
2840Dusty Williams
2928Michael Ritch
30O4Larry Barrett

Saturday, 9:35pm ET - Mark McFarland has won the Greased Lightning 250!! Stay tuned more to come.

Saturday, 9:33pm ET - With ten laps to go we have no change up front McFarland leads Howard, Hawkins, Rogers, and Hanniford.

Saturday, 9:30pm ET - Mark McFarland still leads as the laps tick off, Howard is starting to real him in.

Saturday, 9:26pm ET - Mark McFarland is pulling away from Woody Howard, Matt Hawkins is third right behind Howard. 20 laps to go.

Saturday, 9:23pm ET - Michael Ritch is out of the race and is done for the night, this will have a big shake up in the south points standings.

Saturday, 9:19pm ET - GREEN flag is back out with less then 50 laps to go.  McFarland leads going into turn one.  Woody Howard shot around the Hawkins and Rogers and is now second behind McFarland.  

Saturday, 9:14pm ET - YELLOW flag comes out again as the 67 of Reece Milton hit the wall in turn one for a second time.

Saturday, 9:12pm ET - Hawkins took the lead for two laps, but McFarland came back around to get the top spot.  Rogers is third, Day is fourth and Woody Howard fifth.

Saturday, 9:09pm ET - GREEN flag is back out and McFarland leads the charge Hawkins is in hot pursuit.

Saturday, 9:05pm ET - Ok, things were a little crazy because of the pit stops,  McFarland leads as Hawkins moves to second with Rogers in third.   YELLOW flag comes out on lap 180 as the 67 of Reece Milton hit the wall in turn one.

Saturday, 9:02pm ET - Things are now even as far as tires and gas go.  With less then 100 laps to go Mark McFarland leads, Clay Rogers, Matt Hawkins, Scott Crockett and Trevor Bayne are the top five. 

Saturday, 8:55pm ET - Green is back out and Dusty Williams quickly went to the lead as they are all jammed up behind him.  Williams didn't last long out front as Clay Rogers went into the lead on 161.  Williams then got into Michael Ritch bringing out another yellow.

Saturday, 8:49pm ET - Because you can not take tire and fuel during the same yellow some cars took gas while some took tires,  Dange Hanniford is the leader with Dusty Williams second, Woody Howard third, Clay Rogers fourth, and Mark McFarland fifth.

Some cars have gas and some have tires, let's see what happens.

Saturday, 8:43pm ET - Dusty Williams still leads and he is pulling away from the pack. He has a 4-second lead over second place Dange Hanniford.  Finally the YELLOW has come out for debris in turn one.

All the leaders will be on pit road we will let you know what happens.

Saturday, 8:37pm ET - Dusty Williams is now the leader he has come up thorugh the top five quickly in the last few laps.  Hanniford, Rogers, Bayne, and McFarland round out the top five. 138 laps in the books.

Saturday, 8:33pm ET - We are halfway and we are still under Green.  Bobby Gill who has already lost a lap has hit pit road for tires.  At this point the tires wear is getting critical.

Saturday, 8:30pm ET - The leaders are in heavy traffic and Clay Rogers is now second behind a big pack of cars.

Saturday, 8:27pm ET - Dange Hanniford has taken the lead away from Mark McFarland. 

Saturday, 8:25pm ET - The bumper is also taking the spoiler off on the left side of the car. Trevor Bayne is slowly dropping back with a very loose car.

Saturday, 8:23pm ET - The top four are now nose to tail.  Trevor Bayne is looking to pass them all on the low side.  He had gotten up to second when Clay Rogers got into him.  the contact loosened the bumper on Bayne's car.  It is sort of hanging back off the car as Bayne falls back to fourth.

Saturday, 8:17pm ET - As we approach the 100 lap mark we have only a dozen cars on the lead lap.  the pace is very fast and many cars back in the pack are struggling to keep up.

McFarland still leads, but Hanniford is right behind him.

Saturday, 8:13pm ET - on lap 75 Trevor Bayne got by both Matt Hawkins and Clay Rogers.

Saturday, 8:11pm ET - The leaders are starting to closing back up to each other. the top five of McFarland, Hanniford, Hawkins, Rogers and Bayne are all on the same straightaway.

Saturday, 8:08pm ET - Trevor Bayne has moved into fifth place.  he started 11th and like Hawkins was slowly picking them off.  Reports from the radio is that he is a half a second faster then our current leader Mark McFarland.

Saturday, 8:05pm ET - At 50 laps the top five has McFarland in the lead, with Hanniford, Matt Hawkins, Clay Rogers and Kirk Leone rounding out the top five.

Hawkins has quietly been picking them of to get to third he started 7th.

Saturday, 8:02pm ET - Ritch changed tires and went back out.  He ran over the air hose leaving pit road so he came back in to sure a stop and go penalty. He is four laps down.

Saturday, 7:57pm ET - In a four wide pass for the lead Mark McFarland used a few lap cars as picks to get around Dangie Hanniford.  He has opened up a couple of car length advantage.

Point leader Michael Ritch was moving to the front, but we have an unconfirmed report that something might have broke on his car.  He has hit pit road on lap 39.

Saturday, 7:54pm ET - At 25 laps Hanniford leads over Mark McFarland and Kirk Leone.

Saturday, 7:51pm ET - Kirk Leone has moved back into second and Mark McFarland is now third as Hessert is dropping back.

Saturday, 7:48pm ET - The pack has strung out nicely up front with Tom Hessert taking the second spot behind HannifordKirk Leone is third, with Mark McFarland and Clay Rogers rounding out the top five after 10 laps.

Saturday, 7:43pm ET - Green Flag is out and Dangie Hanniford leads the charge to turn one.  He got away clean and he will ead lap one.

Saturday, 7:35pm ET - Engines have fired and cars a rolling around on the parade laps.

Saturday, 7:30pm ET - Drivers are strapping in to their cars and the Greased Lightning 250 will be underway shortly.

Saturday, 6:10pm ET - Looking back in the history books this is the 19th race for the USAR Pro Cup Series here at Myrtle Beach. Last year's winners Michael Ritch and Trevor Bayne are both in the field.  In 2006 Clay Rogers won both races here at "The Beach".  We are heading trackside for the autograph session.

Saturday, 6:00pm ET - Austin Hogue won the pole and the feature in the Allison Legacy race.  Pro Cup cars will be moving to the grid soon. 

Saturday, 5:45pm ET - The Allison Legacy cars are on the track finishing up their feature.

Saturday, 5:15pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for tonight's Greased Lightning 250.  Dange Hanniford from near by Florence, SC won his first career pole position. 

192Dange Hanniford20.894
252Kirk Leone20.983
39Tom Hessert21.035
481Mark McFarland21.056
555Woody Howard21.059
654Clay Rogers21.076
72Matt Hawkins21.081
828Michael Ritch21.091
922Drew Herring21.094
10O6Bobby Gill21.150
1129Trevor Bayne21.156
1213John Gibson21.216
1396Wade Day21.228
1440Dusty Williams21.234
1582Billy Bigley Jr21.254
1684Gary Helton21.258
1727Scotty Crockett21.343
1817Bryan Silas21.371
1975Caleb Holman21.434
2012Carl Long21.435
21O2Joey Coulter21.443
226Hunter Robbins21.448
2367Reece Milton21.474
2423J P Morgan21.492
251Don Satterfield21.493
26O3Randy Hawkins21.545
2720Mark Whitaker21.642
2893Dakoda Armstrong21.653
293Dana White21.925
30O4Larry Barrett22.086

Saturday, 5:00pm ET - Dange Hanniford has won the pole for tonight's race full run down coming soon.

Saturday, 4:10pm ET - We are going to head down as we prep for qualifying, we will be back shortly with the full rundown.

Saturday, 3:50pm ET - Austin Hogue won the pole for the Allison Legacy race.  Pro Cup qualifying will start at 4:30pm.  

Saturday, 3:30pm ET - The weather looks good despite some clouds that have rolled into the speedway here at Myrtle Beach.  Some drivers that we talked to were not to worried about being outside the top ten in practice.  They say the track goes through a lot of changes.  The Allison Legacy cars are on the track for qualifying. 

Saturday, 3:00pm ET - Here are the practice speeds from earlier.  South division point leader Michael Ritch was the fastest.

128Michael Ritch21.166
281Mark McFarland21.211
355Woody Howard21.334
429Trevor Bayne21.384
586Gary Helton21.432
612Carl Long21.479
723J P Morgan21.532
854Clay Rogers21.538
913John Gibson21.541
10O6Bobby Gill21.550
112Matt Hawkins21.566
1296Wade Day21.568
1352Kirk Leone21.624
1492Dange Hanniford21.727
1520Mark Whitaker21.805
1627Scotty Crockett21.823
1722Drew Herring21.830
18O4Larry Barrett21.859
1975Caleb Holman21.895
201Don Satterfield21.983
21O2Joey Coulter21.989
229Tom Hessert22.005
2382Billy Bigley Jr22.045
2493Dakoda Armstrong22.045
2567Rece Middleton22.070
2640Dusty Williams22.083
276Hunter Robbins22.085
28O3Randy Hawkins22.342
2917Bryan Silas22.470
303Dana White23.273

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - Good Afternoon from the Beach!  Ok we are a few miles inland, but this historic track is still called "The Beach".  Our Trackside Now coverage has brought us to Myrtle Beach Speedway for the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.  Today it's the running of the Greased Lightning 250.  We have 30 cars in the pits and lots to tell so stick around. 

09:00 a.m. Pit Gates Open
09:30 a.m. USAR HPCS Tech Inspection Begins
10:00 a.m. USAR HPCS Rookie Meeting
11:30 a.m. USAR HPCS Practice Begins
1:30 p.m. USAR HPCS Practice Ends
2:00 p.m. USAR HPCS Drivers Meeting (Engines Off)
2:15 p.m. Chapel Service (Engines Off)
2:30-3:00 p.m. Allison Legacy Series Practice
3:30 p.m. Front Gates Open
4:30 p.m. Awesome Awnings Pole Qualifying for the USAR HPCS
5:15 p.m. Allison Legacy Series Race-50 laps
6:15 p.m. Wraps Ink On-Track Autograph Session for the USAR HPCS
7:00 p.m. Pre-Race Ceremonies for the 250
7:30 p.m. Greased Lightning 250

Hooters Pro Cup
Greased Lightning 250
June 21st, 2008
Myrtle Beach Speedway
Myrtle Beach, SC
Trackside Now: "Greased Lightning 250"
Hooters Pro Cup Action From Myrtle Beach Speedway (SC)
This is what the south drivers have seen a lot of in 2008, the back bumper of Michael Ritch. (51 Sports Photo)
Trevor Bayne doing a TV Interview.   (51 Sports Photo)
Looking for an autograph? Between Bobby Gill (L) and Clay Rogers (R) they have 63 wins and 6 series titles.
The turns are tight and fast here at Myrtle Beach.
  (51 Sports Photo)
Who will see this first tonight?   (51 Sports Photo)
Hunter Robbins will be looking first top five of the season.  He had a replacement driver score him a 3rd place run at Milwaukee.
Kirk Leone will also be on the front row with Dangie Hanniford.   (51 Sports Photo)
Last years winner Trevor Bayne will start 11th.
(51 Sports Photo)
Mark McFarland got to talk to all the media after his win at Myrtle Beach.   (51 Sports Photo)