Trackside Now: August 20th, 2008 - Aaron's 150
Pro Cup Action at Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, TN
Wednesday, 8:15pm ET - What a wild race here in Bristol.  Caleb Holman takes home his first career Pro Cup win.  There were only eight cars on the lead lap at the end of the race.  Despite spending 20 laps behind the wall Mark McFarland won the Southern Division Championship.  Hunter Robbins won the Rookie of the Year honors in the south.  It's on to the four race Championship Series. that's all from Bristol, goodnight. Stay tuned to for more later this week.

175Caleb Holman
266Benny Gordon
384James Buescher
455Woody Howard
529Trevor Bayne
665Mikey Kile
768Allen Purkhiser
854Clay Rogers
913John Gibson
1082Billy Bigley Jr
1148Sam Fullone
124Jay Fogleman
1223J P Morgan
13OOTim Bainey Jr.
142Matt Hawkins
1578Josh Hamner
177Gary St. Amant
1828Michael Ritch
19O6Bobby Gill
2075Ronnie Souders Jr.
216Hunter Robbins
2281Mark McFarland
2311Tyler Young
24O7Matt Lofton
2522Derek Kale
2739Ryan Sieg
2821Derrick Kelley
295Danny Jackson
3099Brett Butler
31O2Joey Coulter
3296Wade Day
3312Carl Long
3492Dange Hanniford
3581Shane Huffman
3624Landon Cassill
3773Jeff Agnew
3822Drew Herring
3892Mart Nesbitt
3952Kirk Leone
4032Matt Merrell

Wednesday, 7:08pm ET - is in the pits getitng all the stories and scoop from a wild 150-lapper at Bristol and an equally wild championship showdown during the Southern Division finale.  We'll be back!

Wednesday, 6:55pm ET - Caleb Holman has won the Aaron's 150 at Bristol, more to come soon.

Wednesday, 6:48pm ET - With 17 laps to go Hunter Robbins has hit the wall in turn four.  This will set up a dash for the finish. 

Wednesday, 6:45pm ET - With 25 laps to go we only have 23 cars running of the 40 that started.  Clay Rogers used a lap car a pick to get around Benny Gordon for secon on lap 120.

Wednesday, 6:40pm ET - With 40 laps to go Holman still leads Gordon and Rogers.

Wednesday, 6:30pm ET - The leaders pulled away on the start and Holman still leads Gordon and Clay Rogers.

Allen Purkhiser finally pitted on lap 78 for tires. Will his fresh rubber bring him back to the front?  We will soon find out.

Wednesday, 6:25pm ET - We have been clean and Green for 20 plus laps and Caleb Holman is looking good out front. Benny Gordon tried to get by Allen Purkhiser, but he could not finish the pass and he sits third.  Clay Rogers is fourth and James Buescher is fifth.

Ryan Sieg has hit the wall coming off turn four we are under Yellow at lap 76.

Wednesday, 6:20pm ET - Right as we went back Green Mark McFarland went behind the wall.  This might cost him the Southern Division championship.  Caleb Holman has taken the lead on lap 52.

Wednesday, 6:15pm ET - We are Yellow again on lap 42.  Matt Hawkins and Brett Butler have wrecked on the backstretch.

The top five:  Purkhiser, Holman, Gordon, Derrick Kelley, and Trevor Bayne.

Purkhiser still has not come in for his pit stop.

Wednesday, 6:10pm ET - After a quick green / yellow combinations we are finally back Green on lap 30. Allen Purkhiser. still leads Gary St. Amant and Caleb Holman.

Wednesday, 6:00pm ET - The cars that pitted are now 10th on back.  Green is out and we are underway again on Lap 11.

Allen Purkhiser gets away clean as he has good lead.

On Lap 18 we have gone back Yellow as a big mess in turn four has pilled up more cars.  Bobby Gill, Landon Cassill, Michael Ritch, Shane Huffman, and many others have been involved.  From the replay we can see that it all started when Mart Nesbitt got turned around.

Wednesday, 5:55pm ET - When we went back to Yellow most of the leaders came in giving the top spot to Allen PurkhiserGary St. Amant is second as we get ready to go back Green.

Wednesday, 5:45pm ET - After one lap of GREEN we are under RED after Drew Herring got the worst end of a major wreck in turn one.  Michael Ritch, Herring, Kirk Leone, Billy Bigley Jr and JP Morgan are a few that were collected.  Herring lost it off four and hit the inside wall head on. He was then t-boned by Kirk Leone.    

Wednesday, 5:40pm ET - Engines have fired at cars are rolling here at Bristol. We will be under way soon. All Drivers have to make at least a two tire pit stop, we expect they will do that on the first caution period.

Wednesday, 5:15pm ET - With 47 cars here at Bristol several guys did not make tonight's race. Here are those drivers, Michael Phelps, Dana White, Bryan Silas, Scotty Crockett, Shelby Howard, Gary Helton, and Tom Hessert

Wednesday, 4:35pm ET - We have a quick break before the race and we are going to take one as well.  The Aaron's 150 is scheduled to go green at 5:45pm.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 4:30pm ET - Here is the starting order for tonight's Aaron's 150.  Below is the results from qualifying.  Because this is a North / South race the order was fixed to have the South cars on the inside row and the North on the outside.

Start Order
1. 96 s Wade Day
2. 66 n Benny Gordon
3. 75 s Caleb Holman
4. 68 n Allen Purkhiser
5. 92 s Dange Hanniford
6. 39 n R Ryan Sieg
7. 29 s Trevor Bayne
8. 65 n R Mikey Kile
9. 81 s Mark McFarland
10. 81 n Shane Huffman
11. 22 s R Drew Herring
12. 4 n Jay Fogleman
13. 54 s Clay Rogers
14. 99 n Brett Butler
15. 84 s James Buescher
16. 24 n Landon Cassill
17. 52 s Kirk Leone
18. 32 n R Matt Merrell
19. 28 s Michael Ritch
20. 22 n Derek Kale
21. O6 s Bobby Gill
22. 73 n Jeff Agnew
23. 2 s Matt Hawkins
24. 7 n Gary St Amant
25. 55 s Woody Howard
26. OO n Tim Bainey Jr
27. 12 s Carl Long
28. 5 n Danny Jackson
29. O7 s R Matt Lofton
30. 11 n R Tyler Young
31. O2 s Joey Coulter
32. 48 n Sam Fullone
prov- 82 s Billy Bigley Jr
prov- 21 n Derrick Kelley
prov- 6 s R Hunter Robbins
prov- 75 n Ronnie Souders
prov- 23 s J P Morgan
prov- 92 n Mart Nesbitt
prov- 13 s John Gibson
speed prov- 78 n R Josh Hamner

Time Trials Results
1. Wade Day 15.779
2. Caleb Holman 15.79
3. Benny Gordon 15.8
4. Dange Hanniford 15.867
5. Trevor Bayne 15.876
6. Mark McFarland 15.887
7. Drew Herring 15.897
8. Clay Rogers 15.904
9. Allen Purkhiser 15.908
10. Ryan Sieg 15.915
11. Mikey Kile 15.923
12. Shane Huffman 15.93
13. James Buescher 15.931
14. Kirk Leone 15.965
15. Michael Ritch 15.991
16. Jay Fogleman 15.998
17. Brett Butler 16.008
18. Bobby Gill 16.01
19. Landon Cassill 16.015
20. Matt Hawkins 16.027
21. Matt Merrell 16.047
22. Woody Howard 16.065
23. Carl Long 16.065
24. Matt Lofton 16.071
25. Derek Kale 16.075
26. Joey Coulter 16.078
27. Gary Helton 16.079
28. Jeff Agnew 16.113
29. Billy Bigley Jr. 16.119
30. Scotty Crockett 16.12
31. Gary St. Amant 16.134
32. Tim Bainey Jr. 16.174
33. Danny Jackson 16.179
34. Tyler Young 16.19
35. Michael Phelps 16.19
36. Sam Fullone 16.194
37. Josh Hamner 16.215
38. Hunter Robbins 16.217
39. Shelby Howard 16.228
40. Mart Nesbitt 16.264
41. Bryan Silas 16.267
42. Derrick Kelley 16.273
43. J.P. Morgan 16.288
44. John Gibson 16.348
45. Ronnie Souders 16.356
46. Dana White 16.529
47. Tom Hessert No Time

Wednesday, 3:45pm ET - Some would think NASCAR Nationwide Star Landon Cassill would be piloting a Pro Cup car prepared by Hendrick Motorsports or out of Dale Earnhardt Jr's stables but it is not the case. Landon is behind the wheel of a third-string Gary St. Amant racecar at Bristol. Gary St. Amant was a mentor of sorts for Cassill during his early years in the Late Model ranks. Landon is all smiles about the reunion and says the car isn't super fast but handles real well. Both he and St. Amant say they have a better car for the race than qualifying.

Wednesday, 3:30pm ET - Super Late Model standout Jeff Choquette is one of many racers just taking in the big Pro Cup Bristol race. He and his girlfriend aren't hitting the pits looking for a ride though. They are at the track to support the Long family and their effort with Josh Hamner. Hamner and the #78 team made it into their first Hooters Pro Cup show by taking the race's final provisional starting spot. Josh will line-up 40th when the field takes the green.

Wednesday, 3:25pm ET - Instead of being in an air-conditioned trailer cooling off, NASCAR star David Stremme was walking around the grid during Pro Cup Series qualifying. Stremme was catchin up with some Short Track friends and told that he was impressed with the Pro Cup Series and how far it has come over the years. David, a Short Tracker at heart, also laughingly made reference to the now infamous Burt Myers vs. Junior Miller Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) Modified incident that happened last week, "Did you see that?"  Stremme is pulling double duty at Bristol driving the Billy Ballew #15 in the Craftsman Truck Series and his RWI #64 in the Nationwide Series.

Wednesday, 3:20pm ET - Wade Day went from a blown engine in the first practice to the front row in qualifying. He will lead the field to the green in tonight's Aaron's 150. Caleb Holman was second and Benny Gordon was third.  We will have the full field rundown soon.

Wednesday, 2:15pm ET - We are heading trackside for qualifying, we will be back in a bit.

Wednesday, 1:55pm ET - We told you that 51 drivers had entered the Aaron's 150,  Tim Kerr, Lonnie Rush Jr., Joe Harrison Jr. and Don Satterfield are not here today leaving us with 47.  Also Tom Hessert hit the wall early in the morning.  He did not make any laps in the second session, we will let you know if he plans to qualify.

Wednesday, 1:45pm ET - Josh Hamner and Ryan Sieg are both attempting to make their first Hooters Pro Cup starts today at Bristol.  Both Super Late Model regulars have chosen one of the biggest stages in all of motorsports to make their debut.  With a 40-car field and 47 drivers on hand both drivers will have their work cut out for themselves.

Wednesday, 1:35pm ET - As we approach qualifying we found Trevor Bayne's team hard at work after engine troubles. About half of the cars have gone through tech, Bayne might be the last one today as the team is make an engine change. 

Wednesday, 12:50pm ET - Here are the top speeds from the second practice.

1. Caleb Holman 15.611
2. Jeff Agnew 15.662
3. Dange Hanniford 15.678
4. Drew Herring 15.689
5. James Buescher 15.726
6. Shane Huffman 15.733
7. Clay Rogers 15.748
8. Mark McFarland 15.756
9. Benny Gordon 15.762
10. Bobby Gill 15.768

Shane Huffman is 6th in the second practice.  He is in the 81N, which is a team car to Mark McFarland who is leading the South Division points. Huffman has not been in a Pro Cup car since 2006.

Benny Gordon has been quick in both sessions, he has won four races in the north this season.     

Wednesday, 12:30pm ET - We have some big point races that will be settled today in Thunder Valley.   Mark McFarland has a 44 point lead over Michael Ritch in the Southern Division.  Wade Day is third in points and currently sits 83 points off the top spot.  One of these three drivers will win the title today. 

Wednesday, 12:20pm ET - Former Pro Cup driver Mike Herman, Jr is in the pit area. Herman said it felt weird walking around Bristol and he wishes he was out on the track with the Pro Cup boys. Herman, a Driver Coach/Spoter for Joe Gibbs Racing, is walking around the pit area with NASCAR Camping World Series driver Marc Davis.  Word in the pits is that Davis will pilot the #81 Randy Moss owned Chevrolet Silverado in the Craftsman Truck Series race at Gateway International Raceway on September 6th. Moss is an NFL Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots. Sprint Cup star. Jimmie Johnson is piloting that truck this weekend at Bristol.

Wednesday, 12:05pm ET - Wade Day had a rough start to his day in Thunder Valley. The driver who is third in points had a engine expire during the first lap of practice. The Lopez Wealth #96 crew quickly went to work and swapped engines getting Day out for the second round of practice. "I guess it's better to blow up on the first lap of practice than the first lap of the race," said Day while strapping in his car for the final session.

Wednesday, 11:55am ET - Practice is in the books and the speeds at the end of the first run show that Allen Purkhiser led the way with Trevor Bayne was second and Mark McFarland third.

1. Allen Purkhiser-15.575
2. Trevor Bayne-15.593
3. Mark McFarland-15.598
4. Benny Gordon-15.602
5. Dange Hanniford-15.606
6. Shane Huffman-15.615
7. Bobby Gill-15.635
8. Matt Hawkins-15.636
9. James Buescher-15.637
10. Woody Howard-15.645
11. Carl Long-15.646
12. Shelby Howard-15.653
13. Mikey Kile-15.665
14. Matt Lofton-15.666
15. Jeff Agnew-15.667
16. J.P. Morgan-15.671
17. Hunter Robbins-15.697
18. Clay Rogers-15.699
19. Drew Herring-15.705
20. Tom Hessert-15.717
21. Caleb Holman-15.742
22. Gary Helton-15.760
23. Jay Fogleman-15.772
24. Ryan Sieg-15.799
25. Michael Ritch-15.818
26. Matt Merrell-15.831
27. Scotty Crockett-15.849
28. Joey Coulter-15.875
29. Landon Cassill-15.914
30. Kirk Leone-15.951
31. Derek Kale-15.969
32. Mart Nesbitt-15.972
33. Wade Day-15.978
34. Brett Butler-15.991
35. Gary St. Amant-15.999
36. Tim Bainey Jr.-16.003
37. John Gibson-16.010
38. Sam Fullone-16.020
39. Billy Bigley Jr.-16.047
40. Michael Phelps-16.067
41. Josh Hamner-16.162
42. Danny Jackson-16.179
43. Dana White-16.205
44. Derrick Kelley-16.633
45. Ronnie Souders-16.249
46. Bryan Silas-16.300
47. Tyler Young-16.393

Wednesday, 11:45am ET - This is the list of drivers who entered the Aaron's 150.  47 cars were on track during the first practice, we are checking to see who was a no show today or if some drivers sat out the first round of practice.

11Don Satterfield
22Matt Hawkins
33Dana White
44Jay Fogleman
55Danny Jackson
66Hunter Robbins
77Gary St. Amant
89Tom Hessert
911Tyler Young
1012Carl Long
1113John Gibson
1217Bryan Silas
1321Derrick Kelley
1422Derek Kale
1522Drew Herring
1623J P Morgan
1724Landon Cassill
1827Scotty Crockett
1928Michael Ritch
2029Trevor Bayne
2132Matt Merrell
2239Ryan Sieg
2348Sam Fullone
2452Kirk Leone
2554Clay Rogers
2655Woody Howard
2756Shelby Howard
2857Joe Harrison Jr.
2965Mikey Kile
3066Benny Gordon
3168Allen Purkhiser
3271Lonnie Rush Jr.
3373Jeff Agnew
3475Ronnie Souders Jr.
3575Caleb Holman
3677Tim Kerr
3778Josh Hamner
3881Shane Huffman
3981Mark McFarland
4082Billy Bigley Jr
4184James Buescher
4286Gary Helton
4392Mart Nesbitt
4492Dange Hanniford
4596Wade Day
4699Brett Butler
4700Michael Phelps
4800Tim Bainey Jr.
4902Joey Coulter
5006Bobby Gill
5107Matt Lofton

Wednesday, 11:30am ET - Good morning from Bristol Motor Speedway (TN).  Today we are at the "World's Fastest Half Mile"  as the Hooters Pro Cup Series put the finishing touches on it's regular season.  The North drivers wrapped up their points battle in the last race, today it's the Southern drivers turn. The Aaron's 150 is the warm up race for tonight's Craftsman Truck race The O'Reilly 200.

Here is the rundown for today.

8:15 AM - 9:35 AM Aaron's 150 Practice
8:30 AM Spectator Gates Open
9:45 AM - 10:50 AM O'Reilly 200 Practice
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Aaron's 150 Final Practice
Noon - 1:15 PM O'Reilly 200 Final Practice
2:30 PM Aaron's 150 Qualifying
4:15 PM O'Reilly 200 Qualifying
5:15 PM Aaron's 150 Driver Intros
5:45 PM Start of the Aaron's 150
7:30 PM O'Reilly 200 Driver Introductions
8:00 PM Start of the O'Reilly 200

Hooters Pro Cup
Aaron's 150
August 20th, 2008
Bristol Motor Speedway
Bristol, Tennessee
Holman takes a polish victory lap. (51 Photos)
Mark McFarland had trouble, but still won the Southern Division Championship. (51 Photo)
Caleb Holman in victory lane. (51 Photo)
Racing action at Bristol. (51 Photo)
Gary St. Amant talks with David Stremme before qualifying.
(51 Photo)
Wade Day will have the pole for the race tonight.
(51 Photo)
Caleb Holman is looking good after being fast in practice and time trials.  (51 Photo)
Trevor Bayne doing some advertising for Chevrolet.
(51 Photo)
Caleb Holman was the quickest in the second practice.
(51 Photo)
Shane Huffman is back. He has won 28 career Pro Cup events including one here at Bristol. (51 Photo)
Josh Hamner is making his Pro Cup debut today. (51 Photo)
Mark McFarland is looking to wrap up the South Division title here today at Bristol. (51 Photo)
with only 40 starting spots some big name drivers will not be racing today.  (22) Drew Herring and (29) Trevor Bayne are high enough in the points that they don't have to worry. (51 Photo)
Wade Day is back on the track after problems earlier in the day. (51 Photo)
Marc Davis (L) talks with Mike Herman, Jr. (R), Davis will be making his Craftsman Truck Series Debut at Gateway Internatonal Raceway. (51 Photo)
The oil dry tells the whole story as Trevor Bayne will have a new engine for qualifying. (51 Photo)