Crane Lucks Out in Rattler Pro Late Model 125 by Elgin Traylor
Steven Davis Wins Race, But Loses in Tech
“I hate to win one in post race tech but a wins a win,” said Crane an hour after the race.”

Crane was awarded the victory after Davis crossed the scales too heavy on the left side. He came in with 58.3 percent left side weight which was three tenths over the allowed weight. Crane had started to close in on Davis in the final laps but he was still two seconds back at the finish.

“They threw us out for too much left side weight,” said Davis who was calm after tech.  “Point three or point four over is what we were, but we’ll be back. We went over the scales three or four times this weekend and never had an issue, it’s just one of them deals.”

Davis had the best car hands down in the race.  He drew the pole after timing in second fastest and led all 125 laps in route to the apparent victory. Only fast timer Michael Pope could keep up with Davis, but a tangle with a lap car led to the toe of Pope’s car getting knocked out which eventually slid him back in the pack were he got caught up in a wreck on the front stretch. 

“I told them on the first long green run that the car can’t be any better,” said Davis. I don’t know if I will ever have a car that good again. In the end it didn’t matter”

Crane’s run to second was more interesting, he was sent to the back twice.  Once, his penalty was for contact with a another car and the second time, it was for jumping a restart. But nothing could keep him back there for long. He quickly got back into the top five and passed David Hodges for the what proved to be the win with only five laps to go.
There was a full field of Super Late Models at South Alabama Speedway for The Rattler.  (51 Photos)
To say Ryan Crane is superstitious would be inaccurate. His 13th starting spot in the 125-lap Pro Late Model feature during The Rattler weekend at South Alabama Speedway didn’t faze him as he apparently drove to a second place finish.  However, 13 proved to be even luckier at South Alabama Speedway a while after the conclusion of Saturday night’s race when apparent race winner Steven Davis was disqualified, giving Crane the win in the Pro Rattler 125.
“We had way too much to over come,” added Crane. “I got into a guy one time but the other times I am not sure who was calling the shots. I think we need to get my qualifying down better, if we can knock that out we should be alright. This win is a great start to the weekend.” 

The win makes Crane the only driver to win the Pro Rattler, the Rattler 250 and the Snowflake 100. He won both the Snowflake and the Pro Rattle in the same car.  David Hodges ended up second with Joey Senter in Third, Gary Sanford Jr. in fourth and Ronnie Sanders in fifth.

Pro Rattler 125

1.Ryan Crane
2.David Hodges
3.Joey Senter
4.Gary Sanford Jr.
5.Ronnie Sanders
6.Johanna Long
7.Donald Crocker
8.Shane Sawyer
9.Jody Knowles
10.Duwayne Middlebrooks
11.Brandon Odom
12.David Hole
13.Josh Hollis
14.Jeff Morgan
15.Keith Thorpe
16.Chris Comalander
17.Royce Johnston
18.Joey Watkins
19.Greg Boone
20.Michael Pope
21.Tony Clark
22.Andy Pugh
23.Shanky Smith
24.Mike Alexander Jr.
25.Brad Webb
26.Michael Walding
27.John Bolen
28.Jamie Ater
29.Chris Dilbeck
DQ       Steven Davis

Steven Davis may have gotten the winner's laurels pre-tech (top), but Ryan Crane was the one who took the trophy home (bottom).