Trevor Sanborn Gets His First Career PASS Win at Orange County by Elgin Traylor
100 Degree Weather Doesn’t Slow Maine Hot Shot
They say that good things come to those that wait. 

Last year, Trevor Sanborn watched other drivers take the checkered flags that he saw slip through his fingers.  He had three runner-up finishes along with a pair of third place run in PASS North competition, but no victories. 

This season he came aboard with Richard Moody Racing, the same team that he started his PASS North career with back in 2006, and regained a valuable teammate, Ben Rowe.  It seemed like a good match, a four time Super Late Model Champion teamed with a young talent. 

Right away, it showed potential too.  Sanborn had a strong run in PASS South event at Motor Mile and then one of the fastest cars in the PASS North race at White Mountain, before he got taken out by a lapped car.  But neither of those races brought a win and the wait continued.

(top) Trevor Sanborn was fast all day at Orange County.
(Bottom) 13-Year old Logan Ruffin made history as the youngest pole sitter in PASS history. (51 Photos)

Now though the wait is over.  After enduring the heat, and the best the PASS South regulars had to offer at Orange County Speedway (NC), to post his first Super Late Model win.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Sanborn. “It’s just so exciting to finally win.  During those final 10 laps I was driving the car for all it was worth and it was awesome when the checkered came out.  I led so many laps last year and finished second so many times.  It’s just unbelievable to win after all the near misses.”

Sanborn and runner-up finisher Jason Hogan had the two best cars all night long.  The two were in such a hurry that at one point they had a half of a track lead over the rest of the field.  They also lapped up into the top-10 during the longest stretch of green flag racing.

“When Hogan started on the outside of me I just let him go because there is no sense in running him hard only 40 laps into the race,” added Sanborn.  “Hogan led for a while but when I got the outside groove on the next restart I knew he weren’t going to touch me.  I got out and left him and my brother Corey told me on the radio, ‘Pace yourself.  Don’t burn the tires up,’ I said, I’m not.’”

Both cars were so good they looked like they were using their stuff up lap after lap. But they continued to hold the top spots.

“I wanted to lead and when (Sanborn) got around me I said well he can set the pace,” said Hogan.  “He was flying.  Fortunately we had good racecars and it put on a great show for the fans.”

The race got underway with a historic front row consisting of a 13-year old rookie
and a four-time series champion.  Logan Ruffin drew the pole to the fans delight
and the youngest-ever polesitter in PASS South history led the pack to the line
with Ben Rowe on the outside.  Rowe led the opening laps before a tire leak slowed his pace and forced him into the pits during an early yellow.  Ruffin also had problems but ran in the top-five for over 100 laps before he spun.

“I was really pushing it and I finally killed the tires and it went around on me,” said Ruffin.  “You learn so much by being in this series.  These guys are the best of the best.  It’s neat being the first person to ever do this being this young.  Some people disagree with me for racing as young as I am. You have to ignore what other people say and just go out there and prove yourself.”

The spin by Ruffin gave Rowe and Corey Williams a chance to close back to the leaders.  Williams entered the race as the point leader and the defending champion of the race, but he, like Rowe, had tire issues.  It also matched the leaders side by side with less then 40 laps to go.  It was only a handful of laps before the yellow came out again.
“Late in the race someone dumped oil on the track and I was sideways all around the track, and I gave the lead back to Hogan,” said Sanborn.  “Then the yellow came out a few laps later and I said this is it.  This is my race to win.”

It turned out to be the final restart and the leaders sailed away with Sanborn taking back the top spot in the high groove.  In the closing laps, Hogan pulled up to Sanborn, but could not make the pass on the low side.  Sanborn held on for his first career win, Hogan was second followed by Jeff Fultz, Ben Rowe and John Stancill rounding out the top five.. 

“He tried to put the pressure to me but I still won,” added Sanborn. “We had an awesome time and I can’t wait until everyone reads Speed51 to see that we won down here at Orange County.  I can’t believe how hot it is here.  When we left Maine it was 50 degrees, we drove through the night and when we got here it was like whoa, get me in the hotel and turn up the AC.”

Hogan who ended up second said the heat was a factor for him as well.

“The heat was killer tonight,” said Hogan.  “I have to thank David Hole for giving me a cool box.  I used the blower at the first of the race and on the last run.  That made a world of difference.  It’s not that we are out of shape or anything it’s just so dang hot. That kid (Sanborn) was wheeling his heart out and I was hoping with me being a veteran that he might slip up, but he wanted that first win.  I remember my first Super Late Model win it’s a special feeling.”

Sanborn becomes the 34th different driver to win a PASS Super Late Model race.  Something he owes a lot to the man who has won the most events in PASS history.

“Ben (Rowe) helps me a ton and he’s got a lot of knowledge,” said Sanborn. “He’s won a lot of races.  You need to have someone like him around if you want to win races.”

Rowe for so many years has been the boy wonder to his father Mike Rowe, but for the first time he feels the roles are reversed. 

“The kid can drive a racecar,” said Rowe. “You have to pull back the reins on him, but he’ll win us some races.  Maybe I should swap cars with him but he will probably beat me in this one as well.”

The PASS South Super Late Models return to action on June 20th at Wake County Speedway (NC) for the running of the Capital City Clash.

(top) Ben Rowe was fourth while his teammate (Bottom)
scored his first PASS win. (51 Photos)