Saturday, 11:05pm ET - While Alex Haase celebrated in victory lane as the winner of the PASS South Howler 150 at Greenville Pickens, John Stancill celebrated what he thought was his first PASS National Championship.  The trophy was set on his car and pictures were taken, but the official ruling didn't come down for minutes later.

If the championship would have been based on the four races, Stancill appeared to have had the most points to win the title.  However, the PASS National championship allowed one of the four race finishes to be dropped, and since Cassius Clark had a better three-race total in points, he has been declared the Pass National champion.

Already in street clothes after his wreck earlier, Clark accepted the trophy in victory lane as the National winner while Stancill's crew pushed his car to the pits and to his hauler.

Meanwhile, in the race finish, North driver Adam Bates finished second with Jeff Fultz, Trey Mitchell and Toby Porter rounding out the top five.

Here are the unofficial results of tonight's race.  We will have more on this race and the championship next week on

151 HAlex  Haase
298nAdam Bates
367Jeff Fultz
4147Trey Mitchell
532Toby Porter
698Justin Wakefield
723Lonnie Sommerville
820John  Stancill
991Heath Hindman
1097John Fleming
1156Kyle Bonignore
1229xAlan Karnes
1362Mark Gibson
1432xRandy Porter
1505Alex Fleming
1609John Townley
1726Brandon Johnson
1822Perry  Brown
1948John Batten
2042Tim Pinion
218Cassius  Clark
2247Corey Williams
2324Brian Royalty
2414Clete Caywood
2518Bradley McCaskill
265Spencer Wauters
2771Jimmy Doyle
2839Dean Clattenburg

Saturday, 10:03pm ET - Alex Haase got to the inside of Justin Wakefield, but Wakefield shut the door.  Going into turn one though, Wakefield washed up the track, allowing Haase to get by.

With five laps to go, it is Alex Haase now leading with Adam Bates hot on his tail.  Wakefield has slid back numerous positions.

Saturday, 10:00pm ET - Justin Wakefield squirted out the the lead, but Alex Haase is all over his bumper as Adam Bates is all over Haase's rear end.

There are 10 laps to go.

Saturday, 9:58pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 136: Justin Wakefield and Alex Haase are side by side for the final laps of the race.

Saturday, 9:57pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 136: Randy Porter has lost a left front tire, bringing out the yellow.

Saturday, 9:54pm ET - With 20 laps to go, Justin Wakefield has a decent margin over second place Alex HaaseTrey Mitchell rides in the third spot.

Saturday, 9:50pm ET - At lap 115, Justin Wakefield had driven right to the back bumper of Randy Porter, and in one of the best pick moves I have seen at a track, Wakefield pinned Porter in the high line, forcing Porter to hit the brakes to keep from running into a lapped car.  Wakefield took over the top spot with Porter now dropping back to third behind Alex Haase.

There are 120 laps complete.

Saturday, 9:45pm ET - While Randy Porter is out in front, Justin Wakefield and Alex Haase have been waging a torrid battle for the second position.  Wakefield has it, Haase wants it.   Haase has driven his car multiple times under Wakefield, but just can't seem to get the bite low to get around him. 

These two drivers have a history of hard racing right here at Greenville Pickens, so we will see if that carries over to tonight.

There are 107 laps complete.

Saturday, 9:40pm ET - Justin Wakefield might have lead them to the green flag, but it was Randy Porter flying by on the high side as they came back around through three and four to take the lead. Alex Haase rides a close third.

Saturday, 9:39pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 90: Justin Wakefield leads Randy Porter, Alex Haase, Heath Hindman and John Stancill back to turn one.

Saturday, 9:33pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 90: Cassius Clark and John Stancill were battling hard for position, and going around a lapped car going into turn one, contact was made, sending Clark's car hard into the outside wall. Clark's car had to be towed in on the hook and might be done for the night, as well as his championship possibility.  Stancill doesn't appear to have much if any damage and continues around the track.

Also, during this yellow, Toby Porter and John Wes Townley had pretty hard contact as both of the drivers tried to get to pit road under the yellow.  Both appear to be ok.

Justin Wakefield is now the current leader.

Saturday, 9:16pm ET - Corey Williams has been on and off pit road multiple times.  He is laps down to the field and might lose the South points lead to Alex Haase tonight.

In the other championship battle, the National title, Cassius Clark and John Stancill run eighth and ninth on the track.  Early calculations show Stancill needs to finish five spots ahead of Clark, or Clark wins the National title.

There are 88 laps complete with Toby Porter leading Justin Wakefield.

Saturday, 9:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 75

Saturday, 9:21pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 75: Clete Caywood has stopped on the backstretch.

During this yellow, Alex Haase, Trey Mitchell, Alex Fleming, Jeff Fultz, John Stancill and a host of others have hit pit road for tires or adjustments.  Up front, Toby Porter and John Wes Townley stayed out and lead the field.

Saturday, 9:16pm ET - There is a hard battle on the track between the North and the South #98 cars.  North driver Adam Bates had his #98n in the fourth position while Justin Wakefield rode in fifth with his #98 (from the South series).  After multiple laps of hard pressure, Wakefield was able to get the spot from Bates.

There are 72 laps on the board with Toby Porter still leading John Wes Townley and Trey Mitchell.

Saturday, 9:12pm ET - At the 60 lap mark, the top five are Toby Porter, John Wes Townley, Trey Mitchell, Adam Bates and Justin Wakefield.  Alex Haase rides just outside the top five in sixth with John Stancill in seventh. John Fleming, Perry Brown and Heath Hindman round out the top 10.

Saturday, 9:08pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 47

Saturday, 9:07pm ET - More cars have hit pit road during this yellow, including Jeff Fultz and Cassius ClarkMark Gibson came in and had the hood up on his car, but he has returned to the track.

Saturday, 9:06pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 50: Randy Porter went for a spin in turn one while battling hard for position with Alex Haase.  He was able to get back going again.

Saturday, 9:03pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 47: Toby Porter and John Wes Townley leads John Stancill, Adam Bates, Alex Haase and the rest of the field to turn one.

Saturday, 9:02pm ET - Six cars have hit pit road during this yellow, including Cassius Clark and Heath HindmanCorey Williams still sits on pit road with the rear end jacked up.

Saturday, 8:59pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 47: Clete Caywood has spun in turn two, jamming up the field.

Spencer Wauters also hit the wall trying to avoid the mess.

Saturday, 8:57pm ET - Bradley McCaskill has hit pit road and drove to a stop in his pit area.  It looks like his night might be over.

Meanwhile, up front, Toby Porter is holding serve.

Saturday, 8:57pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 43: Toby Porter, who is now leading, starts on the inside of John Wes Townley.  Meanwhile, Corey Williams is still sitting in the pits as the cars flash by.

Saturday, 8:54pm ET - Corey Williams has come down pit road a second time.  Both times the crew has had the back end of his car jacked up as they were working with something under the rear of the car.

Saturday, 8:52pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 43: Jimmy Doyle spun his #71 going into turn one on his own, backing into the outside wall.  He was able to drive off, but the back end of his car has damage.

About 10 or so cars have pitted during this caution, including Corey Williams, Jeff Fultz, Spencer Wauters and Justin Wakefield.  This race is a six tire race, meaning the drivers have the option to change two tires during the event.

Saturday, 8:48pm ET - The field is strung out pretty good around the track here at Greenville.  The leaders, so far, have been able to work their way around the lapped traffic fairly good. 

The best battle on the track is just behind Cassius Clark in the fifth position. Adam Bates, Heath Hindman, Corey Williams and Alex Haase have been mixing it up for position.

40 laps are in the books with John Wes Townley still leading the field.

Saturday, 8:43pm ET - With 25 laps in the books, John Wes Townley has built himself up a bit of a lead over the competition.  Toby Porter is in the second spot now with John Stancill in third.  The three leaders have a large margin on fourth and fifth, which is Justin Wakefield and Cassius Clark.

Saturday, 8:39pm ET - Dean Clattenburg is still rolling around the track, but slower than the rest of the field.  His motor sounds flat, so it probably won't last the whole race.

Saturday, 8:37pm ET - Cassius Clark and John West Townley went side by side for the first three corners, but Townley got the edge coming off turn four to lead the first lap.

A few laps later and Clark has dropped back to the fourth position as John Stancill and Toby Porter have advanced to second and third.  There are five laps complete.

Saturday, 8:34pm ET - GREEN FLAG as Cassius Clark and John Wes Townley lead the field towards turn one.

Saturday, 8:25pm ET - The support divisions have completed their features, so the Howler 150 PASS South Super Late Model feature is next.

Here is the starting lineup after the qualifying session, last chance qualifier and the top-10 redraw:

1st8Cassius  Clark
2nd09John Townley
3rd98nAdam Bates
4th20John  Stancill
5th98Justin Wakefield
6th32Toby Porter
7th91Heath Hindman
8th67Jeff Fultz
9th47Corey Williams
10th97John Fleming
11th18Bradley McCaskill
12th05Alex Fleming
13th39Dean Clattenburg
14th71Jimmy Doyle
15th22Perry  Brown
16th51 HAlex  Haase
17th147Trey Mitchell
18th29Alan Karnes
19th32xRandy Porter
20th56Kyle Bonignore
21st23Lonnie Sommerville
22nd62Mark Gibson
23rd14Clete Caywood
24th5Spencer Wauters
25th24Brian Royalty
26th26Brandon Johnson
27th48John Batten
28th42Tim Pinion

Saturday, 7:40pm ET - Earlier in the day, Cassius Clark had a skip under the hood that caused the team to scramble throughout the practice sessions, trying to find what was wrong with the car.  It took until after qualifying for them to find the problem: a burned up spark plug wire.  The team has made the necessary changes and he should be good to go for the race.

Saturday, 7:20pm ET - The driver meet and greet has concluded.  The PASS Super Late Models have been moved from the front stretch back to their pit stalls as the Renegades, Chargers and Allison Legacy Series features will take place next.

Saturday, 6:35pm ET - The fans have just been let onto the track for the meet and greet, so we are going to head down and chat with the drivers before the race starts.

Saturday, 6:16pm ET - Update from Martinsville: Ben Stancill finished his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race in the 20th position, completing all the laps.  Now it is up to his brother John Stancill to see if he can win the PASS National title tonight at Greenville Pickens.

Ryan Lawler, the 2007 PASS South champion, finished 27th in the Craftsman Truck Series race.

Saturday, 6:06pm ET - Heat races for the Chargers and the Renegades are on the track.

Saturday, 6:05pm ET - The two provisionals go to John Batten and Tim Pinion.

Going home will be:

#22x Michael Buckner
#7 Jared Stokes
#29 Austin Northcutt

We will list the complete starting field before the race as the top 10 drivers will redraw for their starting position during the meet and greet.

Saturday, 6:00pm ET - Observers in the tower say that Austin Northcutt spun his tires on the start of the qualifier.  That caused him to lose control and hit the outside wall.

Saturday, 5:55pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG: Lonnie Sommerville took the checkered flag first in the qualifier event.  Mark Gibson passed Clete Caywood for second during the back half of the race.  Caywood held on for the third spot with Spencer Wauters, Brian Royalty and Brandon Johnson rounding out the top six.  All those drivers have locked themselves in to the feature.

We are awaiting who will get the provisionals and who will go home, not making the field for the Howler 150 PASS South Super Late Model event.

Saturday, 5:52pm ET - As the drivers were passing the flag stand to complete the halfway mark, Lonnie Sommerville took the lead from Clete Caywood.    Mark Gibson runs third with the pack tight around the transfer spot.

Saturday, 5:50pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 5:48pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - lap 0: The #29 car of Austin Northcutt hit the wall on the front stretch, damaging his right front tire.

Saturday, 5:48pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 5:45pm ET - The PASS South Last Chance Qualifier race is moments away from starting.  There are some names in this race that we would have expected to be locked in the field already, like Mark Gibson (fourth in the South standings) and Spencer Wauters. 

Here is the starting order for the qualifier (12 laps, top six transfer):

1) 14Clete Caywood
2) 29Austin Northcutt
3) 5Spencer Wauters
4) 23Lonnie Sommerville
5) 62Mark Gibson
6) 48John Batten
7) 24Brian Royalty
8) 7Jared Stokes
9) 26Brandon Johnson
10) 42Tim Pinion
11) 22XMichael Buckner

Saturday, 4:50pm ET - We spoke to a few drivers before they went out to qualify to find out how their day has gone to date.

John Wes Townley said he is struggling with forward bite coming off the corner.  This is his first visit in the PASS South Super Late Model Series and said he enjoys racing in all different divisions he has run in over the last few years.

A short 24 hours ago, Jeff Fultz had no intentions of coming here to race, but he decided his team needed a win, so they packed up the car and headed to the track for today's race.

Justin Wakefield had better things to say about his car this time around. They changed some parts on the car and he has picked up speed.  Whatever he changed did the trick as he timed in second fastest.

Perry Brown not only hit the wall at Caraway Speedway for the last PASS South event, he tried to take the wall down as he hit it hard.  He was hoping to have all the bad luck behind him, but as he went out to stage for qualifying today at Greenville with sticker tires, his team noticed a nail had lodged itself in his right front tire.  He had to strap a used tire on it for qualifying.

Alex Fleming and his crew are a bit frustrated over an fluid leak they just cannot figure out.  He said the more the car runs, the worse it gets, getting on his front tires.  He has slid his car a few times through the corner during practice, but thankfully so far he has been able to keep it pointing in the right direction.

Dean Clattenburg said his car was a bit tight.  He said they were "going at it from a different approach," in reference to his setup.

Saturday, 4:40pm ET - The Allison Legacy cars are about to qualify.  We will have some more notes from the PASS South pits shortly.

Saturday, 4:35pm ET - Toby Porter has set fast time for the Howler 150 later on this evening.

The top 20 drivers were locked into the field during the qualifying session with the top-10 drivers redrawing for their starting position during the fan meet and greet.  There will be a last-chance qualifier, with the top-six drivers from that event transferring into the feature.  The field will be filled with provisionals, which should take the starting field to around the 28 or 29 car mark.

Here is the results from qualifying:

PosNo.NameBest Tm
132Toby Porter20.207
298Justin Wakefield20.276
309John Townley20.284
467Jeff Fultz20.293
597John Fleming20.302
698nAdam Bates20.316
747Corey Williams20.32
891Heath Hindman20.381
920John  Stancill20.382
108Cassius  Clark20.395
1118Bradley McCaskill20.413
1205Alex Fleming20.422
1339Dean Clattenburg20.423
1471Jimmy Doyle20.484
1522Perry  Brown20.532
1651 HAlex  Haase20.552
17147Trey Mitchell20.579
1829Alan Karnes20.612
1932xRandy Porter20.614
2056Kyle Bonignore20.636
2114Clete Caywood20.666
2229Austin Northcutt20.697
235Spencer Wauters20.74
2423Lonnie Sommerville20.768
2562Mark Gibson20.839
2648John Batten20.849
2724Brian Royalty20.902
287Jared Stokes20.953
2926Brandon Johnson21.186
3042Tim Pinion21.258
3122XMichael Buckner21.398

Note: Ralph Carnes was here yesterday, making 32 total cars for the weekend, but he had vehicle issues and is not here today.

Saturday, 3:50pm ET -Right before going trackside, we found out an interesting news nugget.

PASS officials have decided to not reschedule the Hickory race that was rained out in September.  To make it up, PASS has changed the Thanksgiving Classic event at Southern National Raceway Park (NC) on Saturday, November 29th from a non-points event to a points event, which will be the final race of their 2008 points season.

Saturday, 3:45pm ET -The Renegades have finished their practice, so up next is qualifying.  We are heading down trackside during qualifying, so we will have updates on times once completed.

Saturday, 3:30pm ET -While John Stancill is here at Greenville trying to obtain his first PASS National title, his brother Ben is at Martinsville Speedway (VA), racing in his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event.  Ben will start from the 26th position.

Qualifying for John and the rest of the drivers here at Greenville for the PASS South Howler 150 will start at 4:00pm.

Saturday, 3:25pm ET -The third and final practice session for the PASS South Super Late Models has completed.  Here are the times from the last practice:

PosNo.NameBest Tm
167Jeff Fultz20.24
232Randy Porter20.559
347Corey Williams20.574
491Heath Hindman20.581
598nAdam Bates20.611
69John Townley20.643
798Justin Wakefield20.648
88Cassius  Clark20.655
951 HAlex  Haase20.712
1018Bradley McCaskill20.815
1123Lonnie Sommerville20.825
1222Perry  Brown20.904
13147Trey Mitchell20.911
1414Clete Caywood20.962
1562Mark Gibson20.979
165Spencer Wauters21.001
1797John Fleming21.054
1848John Batten21.091
1939Dean Clattenburg21.153
205Alex Fleming21.223
2156Kyle Bonignore21.253
227Jarod Stokes21.541
2322XMichael Buckner21.567
2442Tim Pinion22.322
2526Brandon Johnson22.351
2620John  Stancill24.304

Saturday, 3:10pm ET - Word has it Ben Rowe contacted BDI Racing to see if the #51 seat was open for Greenville-Pickens, but the two sides could not put together something as quickly as needed.  Rowe supposedly has spoken to the team about other upcoming events.  BDI Racing helped Zach Stroupe (15) become the youngest winner ever in PASS SLM history earlier this year in its car, but the team has no official driver at this time.

Saturday, 3:05pm ET - Here are the times from the second practice:

PosNo.NameBest Tm
167Jeff Fultz20.62
28Cassius  Clark20.637
332Toby Porter20.659
420John  Stancill20.679
509John Townley20.686
671Jimmy Doyle20.703
7147Trey Mitchell20.716
897John Fleming20.798
929Alan Karnes20.821
1023Lonnie Sommerville20.825
1147Corey Williams20.852
1298nAdam Bates20.867
1322Perry  Brown20.88
1451 HAlex  Haase20.942
1539Dean Clattenburg20.968
1698Justin Wakefield21.023
1729Austin Northcult21.119
1814Clete Caywood21.125
1932Randy Porter21.157
2024Brian Royalty21.177
2105Alex Fleming21.237
2248John Batten21.242
2318Bradley McCaskill21.261
2491Heath Hindman21.32
2522XMichael Buckner21.36
267Jarod Stokes21.456
2762Mark Gibson21.524
285Spencer Wauters21.582
2926Brandon Johnson22.054
3056Kyle Bonignore23.085

The final practice is now on track.

Saturday, 2:50pm ET - The second round of practice has completed.  We will have times shortly. 

The Allison Legacy cars are on track for their second practice.

Saturday, 2:40pm ET - A few other notes from the first practice:

Alex Haase might have turned in the fourth-fastest time, but it wasn't at the end of the session as his engine sounded flat on the track.  He pulled it into the pits, and after a short while, the crew determined the motor was broke.  Haase, driving for Kyle Busch Motorsports, has a backup car on hand and the crew quickly unloaded it to get it prepared to practice and race.

Justin Wakefield used a word to describe his car that we cannot print, but lets just say it is something you would find in a cow pasture.  He said they brought the same setup back here they used before, but it just wouldn't handle the way he wanted it to.  He was walking up and down pit road, looking for parts that might help it a bit.  Wakefield thinks there might still be some damage to the car from his wreck at Newport.

Corey Williams said his car is ok and they are still working on it to get it faster.  He is here with a white car with black flames instead of his usual black car.  He said they keep changing it up, hoping to get better luck.

Mark Gibson said his car was better during yesterday's practice than today.  He is trying to get it to where it drives better through the corner.

Ben Rowe is .... missing.  He is third in National points, but his #4 isn't anywhere to be seen.

Saturday, 2:35pm ET - The PASS National championship is primarily between Cassius Clark and John Stancill, but after the first practice session, they are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Stancill said his car is good and had that familiar Stancill half smile, which usually means the competition has something to worry about.  Stancill also resurrected his "Wild Turkey" nickname he used back in his Legends Car days, when he used to dominate the Semi-Pro division, and has it on the top of his door.

Clark meanwhile is not smiling.  His #8 machine has developed a skip in the engine.  The crew is trying to diagnose the problem, but so far there is a bunch of long faces in the Clark pits.

Saturday, 2:35pm ET - Here are the times from the first practice session:

198nAdam Bates20.536
247Corey Williams20.612
367Jeff Fultz20.672
451 HAlex  Haase20.686
597John Fleming20.705
622Perry  Brown20.706
791Heath Hindman20.772
8147Trey Mitchell20.822
923Lonnie Sommerville20.881
1014Clete Caywood20.939
1109John Townley20.956
1271Jimmy Doyle20.956
1398Justin Wakefield20.956
1439Dean Clattenburg20.967
158Cassius  Clark21.013
1648John Batten21.028
1732Randy Porter21.058
1824Brian Royalty21.082
1929Austin Northcult21.166
2020John  Stancill21.178
215Spencer Wauters21.202
2262Mark Gibson21.248
2305Alex Fleming21.281
2418Bradley McCaskill21.314
2542Tim Pinion21.376
267Jarod Stokes21.519
2722XMichael Buckner21.657
2856Kyle Bonignore21.91
2926Brandon Johnson22.105

Saturday, 2:20pm ET - The first round of practice has completed.  Adam Bates was the fastest during the session.

We will have times and notes from the first practice momentarily.

The second practice is on track.

Saturday, 12:40pm ET -We are heading down trackside to browse through the pit area and talk to drivers before the practice session starts at 1:00PM.  We might update some times and notes during the sessions, otherwise stay tuned for a driver roster and more information from Greenville-Pickens later this afternoon.

Saturday, 12:30pm ET -We do not have a complete car count of PASS drivers here, but a quick check up and down pit road count around the 30 car mark.  The usual suspects are here, like Alex Haase, Dean Clattenburg, Mark Gibson, Spencer Wauters, Justin Wakefield, Cassius Clark, Perry Brown and others.  One new face here today is the #09 Zaxby's car driven by John Wes Townley, who has dabbled in just about every form of racing over the last few years, including the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

Saturday, 12:10pm ET -Besides being a South division points event, this is the last event in the four-race PASS National tour.  Here are the current top-10 in points in the PASS National tour:

18Cassius Clark649
220John Stancill634
34NBen Rowe602
491Heath Hindman570
551HAlex Haase519
717Travis Benjamin417
847Corey Williams408
998Justin Wakefield408
1022Perry Brown404

Saturday, 12:05pm ET - Yesterday was supposed to be a practice day for the event, but rains across the South kept some of it at bay.  The weather today at Greenville-Pickens is different as the rains have moved out of the area.  Also, the weather front brought some cool weather into the area, and since cool weather usually increases track speeds, it should be a good night of racing action later. 

Saturday, 12:00pm ET - Good afternoon from Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Greenville (Easley), South Carolina for the Pro All Stars Series South “The Howler” Super Late Model event. will be on hand for the entire day here and will have coverage of the action as it happens at the track.

Here is today’s race schedule:

Gates open @ 11:00 am

Practice Schedule
PASS SLM                   1:00 – 2:00
Allison legacy                   2:00 – 2:15

PASS SLM                    2:15 – 2:45
Allison legacy                    2:45 – 3:00

PASS SLM                    3:00 – 3:10

PASS SLM Drivers meeting @ 3:15pm @ Scale Building
Any Renegade or Charger Practice  3:30 – 3:45

3:30 pm   Line up PASS SLM time trials


4:00 pm   PASS SLM time trials
Allison legacy time trails immediately following 1 lap

ALL Renegade and charger drivers must sign in and draw by 5pm for heat starting positions!

4:50 – 5:00  Renegade Practice
5:00 – 5:10  Charger  Practice

Renegade drivers meeting 5:15-5:20
Charger drivers meeting 5:25-5:30

5:45 pm    PASS Super Late Model Last chance qualifier(if needed)12 laps
             Charger heats (2)    (6 laps)
               Renegades (2)         (6 laps)

6:15 – 7:00pm          PASS SLM ON TRACK Meet and greet with Halloween contest/Plus top 10 redraw

7:15 pm   Renegade feature                     12 laps
                   Charger feature                        15 laps              
                   Allison Legacy feature              35 laps
7:45 PM   PASS SLM - line up for feature event in qualified position on pit road.

Approx 8:15 pm                PASS Super Late Model “Howler” 150 feature event.

PASS South
October 18, 2008
The Howler
Greenville-Pickens Speedway
Easley, SC
Trackside Now: PASS South "The Howler" at Greenville-Pickens
Alex Haase Wins The Race, Cassius Clark Wins The National Title
Adam Bates has been fast during the practice sessions.  (51 Sports photo)
Jeff Fultz likes getting close to the turn one inside wall.  (51 Sports photo)
Yes, that is Corey Williams, in a white car instead of the black #47 he usually drives.  (51 Sports photo)
John Stancill was pleased with how his car was driving.  (51 Sports photo)
Cassius Clark looks under the hood of his car after experiencing some engine misses.  (51 Sports photo)
Alex Haase helped his team pull out the backup car after experiencing a motor failure on his primary car.  (51 Sports photo)
Besides the PASS South / National race tonight, the Allison Legacy Series will run a feature event at Greenville.  (51 Sports photo)
The PASS South racers are getting ready for their first practice of the day at Greenville.  (51 Sports photo)
After some confusion, Cassius Clark was given the championship trophy for the PASS National Series.  (51 Sports photo)
Alex Haase won his third PASS South division race tonight at Greenville  (51 Sports photo)