Saturday, 11:42pm ET - While Johnny Clark celebrated his victory in the PASS South 250-lap event at the Mason-Dixon 500, Alex Haase celebrated as the PASS South Super Late Model 2008 Series champion.

Here is the unofficial results from tonight's PASS event:

1) Johnny Clark
2) Jeff Fultz
3) Cassius Clark
4) Trevor Sanborn
5) Randy Porter
6) DJ Shaw
7) Kelly Moore
8) Ryan Blaney
9) Lonnie Sommerville
10) Corey Williams
11) Jeremie Whorff
12) Alex Haase
13) Perry Brown
14) Mark Gibson
15) Jay Fogleman
16) Clay Jones
17) Scott Alexander
18) Tim Pinion
19) Adam Bates
20) Harry Olson
21) Alex Fleming
22) Heath Hindman
23) Tom McCann Jr
24) Justin Wakefield
25) John Fleming
26) John Batten

Saturday, 10:48pm ET - Johnny Clark has won the PASS South 250-lap event as part of the Mason-Dixon 500.  We will have more shortly.

Saturday, 10:45pm ET - 10 laps remaining.  Unless something happens, this race belongs to Johnny Clark.  The Championship?  We aren't sure.

Saturday, 10:42pm ET - 25 laps remain in the PASS South season, there is no change in the top four:  Johnny Clark, Jeff Fultz, Cassius Clark, Trevor Sanborn

Saturday, 10:38pm ET - There are only 12 cars on the track at this time.  With 215 laps down, the top five are: Johnny Clark, Jeff Fultz, Cassius Clark, Trevor Sanborn, Randy Porter.

Saturday, 10:36pm ET - PASS Officials issued the black flag to the #23 of Lonnie Sommerville for what appears to be a severe tire rub, creating a ton of smoke.  He has ignored the black flag, and it is unclear if they have pulled the black flag or if they are no longer scoring him.  The smoke has subsided a bit.

Saturday, 10:31pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Cassius Clark looked to have a good jump on Johnny Clark, but Johnny Clark muscled his way back to the lead. Jeff Fultz then worked his way to second, putting Cassius Clark back to third.

Saturday, 10:30pm ET - CAUTION LAP 186: The Alex Haase / Perry Brown sitaution continues.  Contact on the front stretch by Haase to Brown sent Brown hard into the inside wall, tearing up his race car.  Brown went the wrong way on the track, trying to hit Haase's car on the front stretch.

PASS officials have issued a five lap penalty for the contact to Haase.  Meanwhile, Brown's car is trashed and appears to be done for the night.

Recently, looked at the retaliation factor.  Some series have penalized drivers points for their actions on the track.  This will make the championship even more interesting, depending on if PASS penalizes Haase points.

Saturday, 10:23pm ET - Cassius Clark is on the move.  He has worked his way to second and appears to be chasing down Johnny Clark for the lead.  Behind him, Jeff Fultz used the bumper to move Lonnie Sommerville out of the third position, allowing DJ Shaw to also advance a position, putting Sommerville in the fifth position.  171 laps are on the board.

Saturday, 10:20pm ET - Johnny Clark got the jump over Lonnie Sommerville for the top spot. Cassius Clark rides a close third.  Behind him, Jeff Fultz has worked his way to fourth with DJ Shaw in fifth.  There are 157 laps complete.

Corey Williams is back on the track, but he appears to have lost a few laps to the field.

Saturday, 10:18pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Johnny Clark and Lonnie Sommerville are leading the field to the green with Cassius Clark third, DJ Shaw fourth and Randy Porter fifth.

Saturday, 10:16pm ET - CAUTION LAP 150: Trevor Sanborn, who was side by side with Johnny Clark, got sideways going into turn one.  He spun, but Corey Williams couldn't miss him, hitting Sanborn's car.  Another car came in and clobbered the side of Williams' car. 

Williams has hit pit road for repairs.

This championship is really up in the air now.

Saturday, 10:13pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Trevor Sanborn and Johnny Clark are side by side for the lead.

Saturday, 10:12pm ET - CAUTION LAP 148: Kelly Moore had a tire go down, causing the yellow.

Saturday, 10:12pm ET -  Trevor Sanborn held serve as the leader as Johnny Clark fell in behind him.

Saturday, 10:10pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Trevor Sanborn and Johnny Clark are side by side for the lead.

Saturday, 10:09pm ET - CAUTION LAP 144: Alex Haase went for a spin off the bumper of Perry Brown.  Brown tagged Haase in turn three, but it appeared to be a retaliation for three quarters of a lap before, when Haase got into Brown on the front stretch.

Saturday, 10:08pm ET -  Trevor Sanborn made a power move on the outside, taking the lead away from Johnny Clark.

Saturday, 10:08pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Johnny Clark leads Trevor Sanborn to the green flag.

Saturday, 10:05pm ET -  Jeff Fultz has pulled out of the fifth spot to pit and make adjustments to his car.

Saturday, 10:03pm ET - CAUTION LAP 140: The #17 car of Scott Alexander lost it down the front stretch, nosing head first into the outside wall.  He was able to keep going, but his front end is bashed in pretty good.

Saturday, 10:02pm ET - The long yellow period before allowed Alex Haase's crew to work on his car.  He has just re-entered the race, but the whole right side is torn off the car.

Saturday, 10:00pm ET - Johnny Clark scooted back out to the lead, but behind him Trevor Sanborn made a move around Lonnie Sommerville for the second spot.  Corey Williams settled back in fourth with Jeff Fultz all over his bumper for fifth.

Saturday, 9:58pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Johnny Clark and Lonnie Sommerville lead the field to the green flag once again,

Saturday, 9:53pm ET - There appears to be oil all around the track, possibly from Adam Bates' car.  It might be some time before we go back to green.

Saturday, 9:51pm ET - A fire erupted in the pit area of Clay Jones after he had left his pit stall.  It was put out right away and it appears no one was injured.

Saturday, 9:48pm ET - CAUTION LAP 128: Perry Brown has spun in turn four.  He didn't hit anything, but another racer did hit his car while he was stopped.  Brown did accelerate during the yellow and swerve at Kelly Moore, so it appears Moore might have been the reason why Brown went around.

Also, at the same time, something happened to Adam Bates' machine.  He has pulled his car into the pits.

Up front, it is Johnny Clark, Lonnie Sommerville, Trevor Sanborn, Corey Williams and Jeff Fultz.

Saturday, 9:42pm ET - Here is the top 10 at the restart: Johnny Clark, Lonnie Sommerville, Trevor Sanborn, Corey Williams, Jeff Fultz, DJ Shaw, Randy Porter, Adam Bates, Jay Fogleman, Cassius Clark.

Saturday, 9:41pm ET - Perry Brown is not out of the championship chase either.  He entered the race 30 points out of the lead, just 10 points behind Corey Williams.  If Williams has problems, Brown could possibly walk away with the PASS South Super Late Model Series championship tonight. 

Brown currently rides in the 11th spot.

Saturday, 9:39pm ET - News from the pits:

Johnny Clark said his car is good to go with no changes.  The rest of the top five are making minor changes in hopes to catch Clark.

Lonnie Sommerville thinks he has what it takes, but needs to step it up to get past Clark for the win.

Saturday, 9:28pm ET - CAUTION LAP 125: This is the halfway break in the race. Johnny Clark is the leader at the midpoint in the event.  There are 17 cars still on the track.

Saturday, 9:24pm ET - Johnny Clark once again got the good jump and leads the field.  Lonnie Sommerville is still in second, followed by Trevor Sanborn, Corey Williams and Jeff Fultz.  Alex Haase is looking at the damage on his car.  It appears they are done for the night.

There are 115 laps on the board, 10 laps until the break.

Saturday, 9:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Johnny Clark and Lonnie Sommerville lead the field to the green flag.  Haase still sits on pit road.

Saturday, 9:18pm ET - CAUTION LAP 105: Alex Haase lost a right front tire going into one, hitting the wall hard.  He was able to drive off, but he came down pit road with heavy damage to his car.

This could be big for the championship as it opens the door for Corey Williams to win it.  Williams needs to finish 11 spots ahead of Haase to win the championship (20 point difference, so 11 spots is 22 points).

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Johnny Clark and Alex Haase are side by side down the front stretch.

Saturday, 9:13pm ET - CAUTION LAP 103: Kelly Moore has spun his car, backing into the turn one wall.  He was able to pull off and continue, but there is damage to the back of his #47 machine.

Saturday, 9:12pm ET - At lap 100, everything has spread out just a bit. Johnny Clark still holds a commanding lead with Haase running second.  Sommerville is third, followed by Sanborn and Williams.  Kelly Moore is just outside the top five.

There are 25 laps until the halfway break.

Saturday, 9:09pm ET - Johnny Clark got the jump on the green, which is good for him as it is a madhouse behind him. Alex Haase was able to hang onto second, but it is close racing from second on back.

Saturday, 9:07pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 9:06pm ET - Here is the top five at this time: Johnny Clark, Alex Haase, Corey Williams, Lonnie Sommerville, Kelly Moore.

Saturday, 9:04pm ET - During this yellow, Jeff Fultz, who had dropped back through the field a bit, has made his way down pit road.  It appears they were looking under the car or making a chassis adjustment.

Saturday, 8:59pm ET - CAUTION LAP 82: Alex Fleming has hit the wall in turn four, needing the wreckers to remove his car.

Saturday, 8:58pm ET - Johnny Clark had been working the back bumper of Corey Williams for multiple laps, and finally got around him at lap 73 to take the lead.  Meanwhile, Alex Haase got under Williams as the two battled side by side for a few laps with Haase eventually taking the second spot.

78 laps are complete. Clark leads Haase, Williams, Lonnie Sommerville and Kelly Moore.

Saturday, 8:55pm ET - Corey Williams used a power move on the outside to take the lead from Alex Haase on the first lap back to green. Johnny Clark has since moved around Haase, pushing him back to third.  Kelly Moore rides fourth with Lonnie Sommerville in fifth.  67 laps are complete.

Saturday, 8:54pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Alex Haase leads Corey Williams to the green flag.

Saturday, 8:49pm ET - CAUTION LAP 55: Multiple cars ended up wrecked at the end of the front stretch after it appeared someone might have spun their tires on the restart.  Involved were Heath Hindman (heavy damage), Cassius Clark, Jeremie Whorff, Perry Brown, Jay Fogleman, Justin Wakefield and Mark Gibson.

Hindman and Wakefield appear to have the most damage.  Gibson has some front end damage and currently sits on pit road.  Cassius Clark has been on and off pit road a few times as well as Fogleman and Brown.

Saturday, 8:46pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Alex Haase and Jeff Fultz lead the field under the flag stand once again.

Saturday, 8:45pm ET - CAUTION LAP 55: The #16 of Tom McCann went around in turn two.  He was able to keep going.

Saturday, 8:44pm ET - Alex Haase got the jump on the start, but Jeff Fultz has been all over his bumper.  Corey Williams got a good start.  He has moved into third, putting Kelly Moore to fourth and Johnny Clark to fifth.

Saturday, 8:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Alex Haase and Jeff Fultz lead the field under the flag stand.

Saturday, 8:41pm ET - A few drivers back in the pack are making pitstops during this yellow.

Currently the top 10 is: Alex Haase, Jeff Fultz, Kelly Moore, Corey Williams, Johnny Clark, Trevor Sanborn, Ryan Blaney, Lonnie Sommerville, DJ Shaw, Alex Fleming.

Saturday, 8:38pm ET - CAUTION LAP 48: John Fleming and Ryan Blaney got together on the backstretch, which sent Fleming into a spin. 

Saturday, 8:36pm ET - Alex Haase had a bit of a scare, by his own doing.  A lapped car didn't move out of his way fast enough, so he gave him a shove going into turn three.  Both drivers were able to keep from wrecking, but it was a close call.

Saturday, 8:34pm ET - Alex Haase has taken over the lead shortly after the 30th lap.  At the same time, the driver chasing him in points, Corey Williams, has moved up to fifth.

Saturday, 8:28pm ET - Jeff Fultz has moved into the lead at lap 13, and has brought Alex Haase to second behind him.

Saturday, 8:27pm ET - Kelly Moore got the jump and the lead, but John Fleming didn't fair so well.  After a few laps, he has already dropped to fourth.  Jeff Fultz is stalking the back bumper of Moore with Alex Haase in third.  Ryan Blaney, who spun the tires on the start, sits in fifth with 10 laps down.

Saturday, 8:24pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Kelly Moore and John Fleming lead the field under the flag stand.

Saturday, 8:20pm ET - Earlier in the day, the PASS South Super Late Model racers took a few hot laps on the track to help scuff in their tires.  One person missing on the track was Jay Fogleman.  He was working on his car at the time they announced they would be scuffing, so he didn't make it out on the track today before the feature.

Also, Johnny Clark is using the same car he won at Wiscasset and Beech Ridge with earlier this season in PASS North competition.

Saturday, 8:15pm ET - Next up is the PASS South portion of the Mason-Dixon 500, which will be 250 laps of green flag racing (caution laps do not count).  Here is the starting lineup:

1) 47NKelly Moore
2) 97John Fleming
3) 10Ryan Blaney
4) 67Jeff Fultz
5) 44Trevor Sanborn
6) 51HAlex Haase (fast qualifier)
7) 47Corey Williams
8) 60DJ Shaw
9) 54Johnny Clark
10) 8Cassius Clark
1123Lonnie Sommerville
1232Randy Porter
1305Alex Fleming
1415Clay Jones
1598Justin Wakefield
1662Mark Gibson(won the qualifier race)
1798NAdam Bates
1891Heath Hindman
1916Tom McCann Jr
2022Perry Brown
214Jay Fogleman
2248John Batten
2317Scott Alexander
2422NHarry Olsen
2542Tim Pinion
2600Jeremie Whorff

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - Here is the unofficial finish of the LMSC 250-lap event:

126Philip Morris
208Deac McCaskill
344Justin Johnson
416Dustin Storm
551Wayne Ramsey
629Brandon Butler
758Frank Deiny Jr
83Chad Harris
951Wesley Falk
1000David Triplett
1127Tommy Lemons
1218Dane Rudolph
134Kelly Kingery
1440CE Falk
1519Jason Dickerson
162Owen Miller
1757Eddie Johnson
1891David Quackenbush
1955Mark Wertz
2090Terry Carroll
2114Rodney Cook
229Bruce Anderson
237Dude Gibbs
2430Daniel Watkins
2504Forrest Reynolds
2674Ronald Hill
2756Ryan Truex
2803Lee Pulliam
2912Jonathan Cash
3084Greg Edwards
3189Jonathan Bailey
3246Jon Denning
3370Craig Olver
3406Davin Scites
3523Matt McCall
3621Peyton Sellers

Saturday, 7:49pm ET - Philip Morris has won the Late Model Stock Car 250-lap race at the Mason-Dixon 500.  We will have more from this race and the start of the PASS South 250-lap event shortly.

Saturday, 7:44pm ET - Philip Morris has pulled away from the other competition as the battle now is for second between Justin Johnson and Deac McCaskill.

We are at lap 232.

Saturday, 7:42pm ET - With 25 laps remaining, the top five are: Philip Morris, Justin Johnson, Deac McCaskill, Wayne Ramsey and Dustin Storm.

Saturday, 7:39pm ET - There are two seperate hot battles up front..  Deac McCaskill, Wayne Ramsey and Dustin Storm have been mixing it up for the third spot, meanwhile Justin Johnson has been all over the back of Philip Morris since the drop of the green.

213 laps are on the board.

Saturday, 7:36pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 200 - Philip Morris leads them down to turn one.

Saturday, 7:34pm ET - We are a couple laps away from green flag racing.  There are 25 cars still on the track of the 36 starters.

Saturday, 7:27pm ET - The cars are firing back up and we should be back to green flag racing shortly.  These last 50 laps will be 50 green flag laps.  Cautions will not count.

Saturday, 7:14pm ET - This incident has taken us to the 200 lap break.  It will be a 15 minute break in the action where drivers can make adjustments to their cars.

The top 10 at the break are: Philip Morris, Justin Johnson, Deac McCaskill, Wayne Ramsey, Dustin Storm, Brandon Butler, Tommy Lemons, Frank Deiny Jr, Wesley Falk, Chad Harris.

Saturday, 7:08pm ET - CAUTION LAP 195: Ronald Hill appeared to have blown his motor on the backstretch, causing multiple cars to spin, including Ryan Truex, Lee Pulliam and Dude Gibbs.  On the front stretch, as Hill was going slow around the track, he also cut down across the front of Dane Rudolph, pushing him into the wall.

Saturday, 7:06pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 193 - Philip Morris still leads.

Saturday, 7:04pm ET - CAUTION LAP 190: Daniel Watkins spun in turn two, right in front of the leaders.  No one else was involved in the incident.

Current top five: Philip Morris, Justin Johnson, Deac McCaskill, Wayne Ramsey, Dustin Storm.

Saturday, 7:02pm ET - Justin Johnson has moved in to second and is closing in on Philip Morris.  

Saturday, 6:59pm ET - CE Falk just made a pass through pit road after the green.  According to people in the booth, NASCAR penalized him a pass-through penalty for rough driving after the issue with Jonathan Cash.

Saturday, 6:57pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 167 - Philip Morris still leads.

Saturday, 6:55pm ET - We are back to yellow flag conditions as the cleanup has been completed.  The top five are: Philip Morris, Deac McCaskill, Justin Johnson, Wayne Ramsey and Dustin Storm.

Saturday, 6:45pm ET - RED FLAG: LAP 163: Officials have red flagged the race due to the extensive cleanup in turn four.

Under the red, Jonathan Cash didn't "Walk the Line," rather he sprinted from his car down to CE Falk's car, stopped in turn three, to have a few words with him.  The NASCAR officials went down and got Cash away from Falk's car.

Saturday, 6:41pm ET - CAUTION LAP 162: A pileup occured in turn four after contact between a few drivers, which sent Jonathan Cash around.  Greg Edwards and Jonathan Bailey also was involved.

Saturday, 6:38pm ET - On the restart, Jon Denning slowed and dropped off the pace.  He was running in the fourth position.  He has gotten out of his car and appears to be out of the race.

Saturday, 6:37pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 153 - Philip Morris still leads.

Saturday, 6:29pm ET - CAUTION LAP 142: Craig Oliver and Rodney Cook went for a ride down the front stretch, making hard contact with the inside wall going towards turn one.  Both drivers drove away, but Oliver left a trail of fluids out from under his car.

Saturday, 6:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 118 - Philip Morris got another great jump over the field and still leads.

Saturday, 6:19pm ET - CAUTION LAP 113: Dude Gibbs, went for a spin in turn one.

The top five at this yellow are Phillip Morris, Deac McCaskill, Justin Johnson, CE Falk and Wayne Ramsey.

Saturday, 6:15pm ET - Wayne Ramsey has moved up to the fifth position.

Meanwhile, Bruce Anderson has made his way to pit road after scraping the wall.  His team appears to be changing the right front tire.

Saturday, 6:12pm ET - Forest Reynolds has dropped out of the top 10.  He has made it onto pit road, where the team is changing a right rear tire.

Saturday, 6:10pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 85 - Philip Morris got another great jump over the field and still leads.

Saturday, 6:08pm ET - The current top 10 at this yellow: 1) Philip Morris, 2) Deac McCaskill, 3) Justin Johnson, 4) CE Falk, 5) Jon Denning, 6) Brandon Butler, 7) Wayne Ramsey, 8) Greg Edwards, 9) David Tripplett, 10) Forest Reynolds. 

Saturday, 6:05pm ET - CAUTION LAP 76: Terry Carroll, who was dropping back through the field, was contacted from the rear in turn two by Owen Miller, stacking up about five cars in the process.  All drivers were able to drive away, but Eddie Johnson appeared to get significant right side damage in the process.

Saturday, 6:01pm ET - Once again, Philip Morris jumped out to a decent-sized lead.  Currently Deac McCaskill runs second with Justin Johnson third and CE Falk in fourth. 

Saturday, 6:00pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 5:57pm ET - CAUTION LAP 60: Dane Rudolph made some contact with Jason Dickerson, sending him into the spin cycle in three and four.

Saturday, 5:55pm ET - Philip Morris got a great jump on the restart and still leads the event.

Saturday, 5:54pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 5:53pm ET - The Late Model Stock Car event is 250 laps, but during the first 200 laps they are counting cautions.  The last 50, after a break, will only count green-flag laps.

Saturday, 5:52pm ET - CAUTION LAP 50: Davin Sites, Eddie Johnson and Daniel Watkins all were involved in an incident in turn three.

At this caution, Philip Morris still leads the event with Deac McCaskill second. Justin Johnson is in third with CE Falk in fourth and Jon Denning in fifth.

Saturday, 5:45pm ET - 2008 SoBo track champion Wayne Ramsey is closing in on the top 10 after starting 15th.

Saturday, 5:44pm ET - 25 laps are complete here at South Boston and we are still racing under the green.  Philip Morris is still leading the race and is in lapped traffic.  Deac McCaskill is still second with David Triplett third. 

Saturday, 5:43pm ET - Frank Deiny Jr is up to 22nd at lap 20.

Saturday, 5:40pm ET - Peyton Sellers has dropped off the pace and headed into the pits.  He looks to be done for the day.

Saturday, 5:39pm ET - Philip Morris is showing some early muscle, moving to the lead at lap eight.

Saturday, 5:38pm ET - David Triplett jumped to the lead to lead the first two laps, but Deac McCaskill retook the lead at lap three.   At lap five, the top 10 are single file, but behind them it is a hornet's nest of two-wide racing.

Saturday, 5:36pm ET - GREEN FLAG as Deac McCaskill and David Triplett lead the field under the flag stand.

Saturday, 5:31pm ET - The start of this race should be interesting.  The track still has a few wet spots on it, including a few spots that appear to be seeping, according to our observers.  Hopefully the drivers will be patient during the first few laps until the track gets a little more dried out.

Saturday, 5:27pm ET - The National Anthem has been sung and the engines have fired.  We are moments away from the start of the Late Model Stock Car 250-lap event.

Saturday, 5:17pm ET - Due to the weather earlier, the PASS South Super Late Model racers are also being introduced to the crowd now as they will head directly into the race following the Late Model Stock Car race.

Saturday, 5:03pm ET - The drivers for the Late Model Stock Car race are being introduced on the SoBo stage to the fans.  We should be going green soon.

Saturday, 4:50pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for the Late Model Stock 250-lap feature:

Late Model Stock 250-Lap Lineup
108Deac McCaskill
200David Triplett
326Philip Morris
446Jon Denning
529Brandon Butler
644Justin Johnson
784Greg Edwards
84Forest Reynolds
940C.E. Fallk
1023Matt McCall
1157Eddie Johnson
129Bruce Anderson
136Davin Scites
1474Ronald Hill
1551Wayne Ramsey
163Chad Harris
1721Peyton Sellers
1827Tommy Lemons
1956Ryan Truex
2016Dustin Storm
2112Jonathan Cash
2214Rodney Cook
2389Jonathan Bailey
2441Wesley Falk
2519Jason Dickerson
2603Lee Pulliam
2718Dane Rudolph
284Kelly Kingery
292Owen Miller
3091David Quackenbush
3156Frank Deiny, Jr.
3255Mark Wertz
3390Terry Carroll
3470Craig Oliver
357Dude Gibbs
3630Daniel Watkins

Did Not Qualify
1Travis Hurt
01Jeff Shiflett
07Richard Storm
41Rusty Skewes
42Mark Parks
77Michael Hardin
15Michael Rouse (wasn't in last chance race, but was entered)
34Stacey Puryear (wasn't in last chance race, but was entered
71Barry Beggarly (wasn't in last chance race, but was entered
73Rodney Sawyers (wasn't in last chance race, but was entered
88Leigh Caruthers (wasn't in last chance race, but was entered
99Brandon Dean (wasn't in last chance race, but was entered

Saturday, 4:46pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG: Frank Deiny, Jr has won the last chance race.  Mark Wertz was second, followed by Terry Carroll and Craig OliverMichael Hardin finished fifth, one spot out of the transfer.

Provisionals go to Dude Gibbs and Daniel Watkins.  We will have the full starting field for the Late Model Stocks here shortly.

Saturday, 4:43pm ET - With 20 laps on the board, the top three have checked out on the rest of the field.  They are still all three nose to tail, like they want to race for position, but if they were smart, they will just ride as they are all three in transfer spots. Craig Oliver is in fourth, the finall transfer spot, and has a decent lead over fifth on back.

Saturday, 4:40pm ET - Terry Carroll led off the green flag, but Frank Deiny, Jr quickly wrestled the lead from him.  Carroll has dropped back to third with Mark Wertz taking over second.  There are 10 laps on the board.

Saturday, 4:37pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 4:35pm ET - We are going to reset the field here the best we can before the restart of the now 25-lap (minus one lap completed) last-chance race:

1) Terry Carroll, 2) Frank Deiny Jr, 3) Mark Wertz, 4) Travis Hurt, 5) Michael Hardin, 6) Craig Oliver, 7) Richard Storm, 8) Rusty Skewes, 9) Dude Gibbs, 10) Daniel Watkins

Saturday, 4:30pm ET - Amazingly, Rusty Skewes is out on the track, looking like a Modified on the front end.  Apparently he isn't ready to give up after wrecking his car yesterday, then getting swept up in both early wrecks today. 

Saturday, 4:27pm ET - The Late Model Stock Cars are on track.  They will get a few hot laps on the track to check it out and see if it is good to go for racing.

Saturday, 4:20pm ET - A slight mist is still felt in the air, but the track is about ready to go.  The jet dryer has pulled off the track, but it is refueling. 

Saturday, 4:05pm ET - We have just gotten word from track officials that the last chance race will be shortened to 25 laps. The Late Model Stock Feature will begin shortly after.

Saturday, 3:50pm ET - The PASS South pit party (meet and greet) has been canceled due to the rain, so the top-10 redraw has already occured.  We will list the full-field rundown, but here is how the top-10 will line up for the PASS South feature after the redraw:

1) Kelly Moore
2) John Fleming
3) Ryan Blaney
4) Jeff Fultz
5) Trevor Sanborn
6) Alex Haase
7) Corey Williams
8) DJ Shaw
9) Johnny Clark
10) Cassius Clark

Saturday, 3:45pm ET - Track drying continues here at South Boston.  It appears all the rain drops have stopped for a bit now and the jet blower has been making progress as some light gray is showing on the track.

The weather radar doesn't show any more rain behind what has passed, so we are hopeful to get some racing in here.

Saturday, 3:00pm ET - It is now 3:00pm, the original starting time for the first of the two features today, however the only thing going around the track right now is a few trucks dragging tires, trying to get the track dry.  The jet dryer has been on and off multiple times, currently off and sitting in turn four as the rain showers continue.  Essentially it cannot decide whether to rain or not to rain as it stops and starts every few minutes. 

We are still here, waiting it out.

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - They have now fired up the Martinsville jet dryer, so they must feel what weather came through is the last batch for a while.

Saturday, 2:20pm ET - It has lightened up a bit and the track-drying trucks have started circulating to try to get the track dry for racing action.

Saturday, 1:54pm ET - The darkness over turns one and two now have enveloped the track and it is now raining much harder.

The only excitement happening right now is three vehicles being towed from the back gate area for parking in front of the gate, blocking people from getting out.  

Saturday, 1:38pm ET - A couple trucks circulated around the track for a few laps, but have since stopped again.  The sky is light over three and four, but over one and two it is dark.  It still is sprinkling and the track is drenched, so it will be a while before we get any racing action on the track.

Saturday, 1:05pm ET - According to track officials, the showers we are getting is the third of nine little pockets of rain going over the track.  Behind it is supposed to be a clearing, so track officials feel we will get the racing in today.  It will just be delayed.

Saturday, 12:59pm ET - The rain has picked up now and they have stopped the jet dryer since this appears to be a drenching shower.

Saturday, 12:55pm ET - RED FLAG: Due to how wet the track got during this rain shower, they have red-flagged the field and pulled them onto pit road.  The jet dryer is now on the track.

Saturday, 12:45pm ET - While under this yellow, what was a very light sprinkle has turned into a bit of a rain.  So far they haven't lost the track, but we are still under yellow with just one lap listed as complete on the board.

Saturday, 12:44pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 1: Craig Oliver went for a spin in turn three, collecting Rusty Skewes.  This time, Skewes' car appears to be done as they are using a wrecker to remove it from the track.

Saturday, 12:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Terry Carroll and Frank Deiny Jr lead the field to turn one.

Saturday, 12:40pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 0: On the start, it appeared the #42 of Mark Park spun the tires and lost control.  He tried to catch it all the way down the front stretch, but ended up spinning in turn one. Rusty Skewes and Michael Hardin were also involved.

Saturday, 12:38pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 12:35pm ET - The line-up for the last chance race is different than what the track provided.  Terry Carroll is starting on the pole with Frank Deiny, Jr starting outside pole. 

Saturday, 12:29pm ET - The tire scuff / practice for the PASS South Super Late Models has been completed. The last chance race for the Late Model Stock cars is next.  It will be a 50-lap race with the top four transferring to their feature.

Saturday, 12:18pm ET - The PASS South Super Late Models are on track right now getting scuff laps in.

Saturday, 12:00pm ET - Today is the championship race for the PASS South Super Late Models.  Originally it was sceduled as such, but then the officials announced that the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Raceway Park (NC) was being changed from a non-points event to a points event to make up for the Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) rainout earlier in the year.  However, this weekend the PASS race was removed from the Southern National schedule, making today's race the final event of the season.

According to a PASS representative, the 2008 championship for the South division is based on a driver's best 12 finishes.  Originally there were to be 14 races, so a driver had two "drops" to use, but since there are only 12 races (due to rainouts), all 12 races will count towards the championship.

Here is the top 10 drivers in points:

151HAlex Haase2270
247Corey Williams2250
322Perry Brown2240
491Heath Hindman2206
562Mark Gibson2204
605Alex Fleming2060
798Justin Wakefield2052
848John Batten1860
95Spencer Wauters1744
1042Tim Pinion1550

Saturday, 11:50am ET -

A few notes from the pits:

Cassius Clark stayed down south this past week instead of heading home.  He worked on his car at Jeff Fultz's race shop.

Also, Lonnie Sommerville stayed in Mooresville and worked out of Gary Crook's shop.  Sommerville is from New Brunswick (Canada).  It took him 24 hour to get down south.

What do drivers do for breakfast in the AM?  Peyton Sellers chose McDonalds.  He was seen with some of his crew guys eating breakfast at the local McD's, just a few minutes from the track.

Just because the track is still damp doesn't mean there isn't some racing going on.  Some were seen playing with a radio-controlled car on pit road.

Saturday, 11:45am ET - The track is getting dry as they are still working vehicles around it.  Obviously things will not be starting directly on time, but since there will not be a PASS last chance race, there is a little extra time. 

Saturday, 11:43am ET - Each race will be handled different for the 250 laps.  The Late Model Stock race will go 200 laps, then a break, then the last 50 laps (they might also break at lap 100, we are not certian).  The PASS event will have a halfway break at lap 125, where they can change four tires if they opt to.

Saturday, 11:40am ET - Here is the current list of drivers locked into the Late Model Stock Car event.

108Deac McCaskill
200David Triplett
326Philip Morris
446Jon Denning
529Brandon Butler
644Justin Johnson
784Greg Edwards
84Forest Reynolds
940C.E. Fallk
1023Matt McCall
1157Eddie Johnson
129Bruce Anderson
136Davin Scites
1474Ronald Hill
1551Wayne Ramsey
163Chad Harris
1721Peyton Sellers
1827Tommy Lemons
1956Ryan Truex
2016Dustin Storm
2112Jonathan Cash
2214Rodney Cook
2389Jonathan Bailey
2441Wesley Falk
2519Jason Dickerson
2603Lee Pulliam
2718Dane Rudolph
284Kelly Kingery
292Owen Miller
3091David Quackenbush

Here is the drivers for the Late Model Stock race that will race in the final last chance qualifier.  They will take the top four, plus possibly two provisionals.

134Stacey Puryear
299Brandon Dean
371Barry Beggarly
456Frank Deiny, Jr.
590Terry Carroll
655Mark Wertz
770Craig Oliver
87Dude Gibbs
915Michael Rouse
1042Mark Parks
1130Daniel Watkins
1277Michael Hardin
1388Leigh Caruthers
1473Rodney Sawyers
151Travis Hurt
161Jeff Shiflett
1707Richard Storm
1841Rusty Skewes

Saturday, 11:30am ET - Here is the 26 drivers and where they are currently slotted. Alex Haase was the fast qualifier.  The top 10 will redraw for their starting position.  Also, Mark Gibson won the qualifier race yesterday, so he will start 16th.

151HAlex Haase(will redraw)
254Johnny Clark(will redraw)
367Jeff Fultz(will redraw)
447Corey Williams(will redraw)
544Trevor Sanborn(will redraw)
697John Fleming(will redraw)
78Cassius Clark(will redraw)
847MKelly Moore(will redraw)
960DJ Shaw(will redraw)
1010Ryan Blaney(will redraw)
1123Lonnie Sommerville
1232Randy Porter
1305Alex Fleming
1415Clay Jones
1598Justin Wakefield
1662Mark Gibson(won the qualifier race)
1798NAdam Bates
1891Heath Hindman
1916Tom McCann Jr
2022Perry Brown
214Jay Fogleman
2248John Batten
2317Scott Alexander
2422NHarry Olsen
2542Tim Pinion
2600Jeremie Whorff

Saturday, 10:40am ET - According to a few people roaming around, Corey Williams set fast time for the PASS South event.  Those outside the top 15 ran a qualifier race to set the rest of the field.  We are awaiting word on who finished where.  It appears there are 26 PASS South cars here, so all will make the feature.

Also, Deac McCaskill set fast time for the Late Model Stock race.  Chad Harris, Peyton Sellers and Tommy Lemons Jr. won the heat races.  There are approximately 48 Late Model Stocks here. 

Once we get a full list from yesterday, we will post them.

Saturday, 10:40am ET - The weather might be an issue today.  Currently it is slightly drizzling, but the track drying process is going on as it was heavier earlier today.  The forcast shows that we might not be out of the woods yet as far as rain goes, but it does appear that it will move out of the area by race time.

Saturday, 10:35am ET - Yesterday, both the PASS South Super Late Models and the Late Model Stocks held their qualifying sessions and heat races.  We are working on getting all the data from the PASS and track officials.

Saturday, 10:30am ET - Good morning from the South Boston Speedway in South Boston, Viginia, for the Mason-Dixon 500 PASS South Super Late Model / NASCAR Late Model Stock Car event.  There are only two races held today on the track, but with each race being 250 laps in length, there will be plenty of action on the track.

Here is today’s race schedule:

9:00 AMRegistration/Pit Gate Opens
11:00 AMMandatory Driver’s/Crew Chief’s Meeting/LMS-Pass
11:00 AMGrandstand Gate Opens
12 Noon50-Lap Last Chance Race/LMS/Pass
1:30 PMFan Appreciation Begins Trackside
2:30 PMFan Appreciation Ends
2:30 PMPre-Race Activities Drivers intros/LMS & Pass
3:00 PMGreen Flag(SoBo Late Model “250”)

To Follow Pass Super Late Model 250

PASS South
October 25, 2008
Mason-Dixon 500
South Boston Speedway
South Boston, VA
Trackside Now: Mason-Dixon 500 at South Boston Speedway
Philip Morris, Johnny Clark and Alex Haase Leave Virginia as Winners
Rusty Skewes was involved in two early wrecks, none of his doing, which wrecked his car.  (51 Sports photo)
Bongggg!  Peyton Sellers is here driving an orange car in the Late Model Stock race with Taco Bell as the sponsor.  (51 Sports photo)
Jeremie Whorff  (51 Sports photo)
PASS National Champion Cassius Clark is hoping to pull off a win today.  (51 Sports photo)
Jeff Fultz sits in his car prior to the warmup.  (51 Sports photo)
Randy Porter  (51 Sports photo)
Adam Bates on the track.  (51 Sports photo)
Alex Haase set fast time for the PASS portion of the show.  (51 Sports photo)
Corey Williams makes a call during the morning while waiting for the track to dry.  (51 Sports photo)
Johnny Clark from the PASS North division is down south, ready to steal a checkered flag.  (51 Sports photo)
Passing the time: radio-controlled cars were on pit road for some racing earlier.  (51 Sports photo)
Scottsburg House of Horror is on the side of Dude Gibbs' car.  (51 Sports photo)
Lonnie Sommerville stayed in North Carolina this past week instead of heading home to Canada  (51 Sports photo)
A jet dryer from Martinsville Speedway is here helping dry the track this morning.  (51 Sports photo)
Drivers and teams are starting to unload their stuff.  (51 Sports photo)
Frank Deiny, Jr. being interviewed after winning the last-chance qualifier for the Late Model Stock race.  (51 Sports photo)
Drivers wait to be introduced to the fans (51 Sports photo)
Rusty Skewes didn't give up, waiting out the rain with a wrecked car, trying to make it into the Late Model Stock feature.   (51 Sports photo)
Deac McCaskill receives the pole award for the Late Model Stock Car event.  (51 Sports photo)
The salute to the flag.  (51 Sports photo)
Ryan Blaney (left) talks with Kelly Moore (right) in the pit area. (51 Sports photo)
Fans look on as a wreck occured on the front stretch  (51 Sports photo)
Philip Morris was happy after winning the LMSC 250-lap event at the Mason-Dixon 500. (51 Sports photo)
Johnny Clark celebrates after winning the PASS South race  (51 Sports photo)
Damaged car and all, Alex Haase ended up as the PASS South champion. (51 Sports photo)