Sunday, 2:27am ET - The victory lane photos have been added.

Stay tuned to next week for stories from the Piedmont Pride 250.

Saturday, 11:59pm ET - We are experiencing difficulties with our imaging.  Victory lane photos will be placed in here at a later time.

Saturday, 11:43pm ET - Before the last two events, Justin Wakefield's win column had a goose egg occupying it.  Two PASS South races later the number "2" is in the column as he has won his second race in a row.

Here is the unofficial finish.

1Justin Wakefield
2Alex Haase
3Bradley McCaskill
4Mark Gibson
5Dean Clattenburg
6Ryan Blaney
7Spencer Wauters
8Michael Buckner
9Trey Mitchell
10Billy Leslie
11Trevor McKinley
12Corey Williams
13Michael Bellines
14Matt Bowers
15Hal Goodson
16Tim Pinion
17Alex Fleming
18Duane Linville
19Cale Gale
20Heath Hindman
21John Batten
22Perry Brown

Saturday, 10:37pm ET - Justin Wakefield has won the Piedmont Pride 125.

Stay tuned for more.  We are heading down to talk to the drivers.

Saturday, 10:35pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Justin Wakefield and Bradley McCaskill leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 10:33pm ET - The PASS officials had to get the cars single file to get the lineup straight.

The top five: Justin Wakefield, Bradley McCaskill, Alex Haase, Ryan Blaney, Mark Gibson.  (Spencer Wauters was in the wrong position on the track)

Saturday, 10:31pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 124 - Trey Mitchell and Billy Leslie have made contact in turn two, bring out the yellow once again.

The new top five: Justin Wakefield, Bradley McCaskill, Alex Haase, Spencer Wauters, Ryan Blaney... we think ... there has been a lot of shuffling during the yellow, so we aren't sure.

Saturday, 10:29pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Justin Wakefield and Bradley McCaskill leading them down to turn one with just two laps to go.

Saturday, 10:24pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 123 - Corey Williams and Dean Clattenburg, battling for the second position, got together and wrecked going into turn three.  Williams hit the wall pretty good, but he is ok (the car isn't).  Dean Clattenburg has continued on.

Justin Wakefield leads Bradley McCaskill with Alex Haase back up to third.  Trey Mitchell is fourth and Billy Leslie in fifth.

Saturday, 10:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Justin Wakefield and Corey Williams leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 10:21pm ET - Justin Wakefield is leading with Bradley McCaskill in second.  Dean Clattenburg is third with Corey Williams in fourth. Alex Haase is sixth after blending in where he got going.

Saturday, 10:19pm ET - PASS officials have deemed the contact just a little too much.  They have sent Mark Gibson to the back of the pack for rough driving.

Saturday, 10:16pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 122 - Mark Gibson had made a hard charge back up to the bumper of Alex Haase and they were battling hard for the top spot.  While going around a lapped car going into turn one, Gibson got into the back of Haase, sending Haase around in turn one.  Justin Wakefield stopped to avoid Haase's spinning car.

Saturday, 10:14pm ET - There are just 10 laps remaining in tonight's race.  Alex Haase has jumped out to a good lead over Mark Gibson and Justin Wakefield.  Corey Williams and Bradley McCaskill are riding in fourth and fifth.

Saturday, 10:11pm ET - For the first time tonight, Mark Gibson didn't hold onto the top spot after a restart. Alex Haase got a better restart than Gibson, giving him the lead before they got to turn one.  Gibson settled in second with Justin Wakefield holding onto third.

Saturday, 10:09pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Mark Gibson and Alex Haase leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 10:05pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 99 - Matt Bowers has spun coming off turn two.  He was running in the sixth position.

The current top five: Mark Gibson, Alex Haase, Justin Wakefield, Bradley McCaskill, Corey Williams.

Ryan Blaney got the lucky dog, which puts him back on the lead lap.

Saturday, 10:01pm ET - It was Mark Gibson once again getting a great jump on Alex Haase.  Haase had to battle Justin Wakefield for the second spot, but got down in the groove to hold on to that position. 

Saturday, 9:59pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Mark Gibson and Alex Haase leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 9:58pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 83 - Ryan Blaney spun in turn two on the restart.  He had a flat right rear tire and has made his way to the pits to change it.

Up in front of him, it was a dead heat through the turns and down the backstretch between Mark Gibson and Alex Haase, so it will be interesting to see if Gibson will be able to keep that top spot once again.

Saturday, 9:56pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Mark Gibson and Alex Haase leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 9:52pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 83 - The #41 of Tim Pinion has spun going into one, hitting the wall.  

This caution could have been a blessing for Mark Gibson, who had his brake rotors glowing brightly after multiple laps trying to get around Billy Leslie.

Saturday, 9:51pm ET - Mark Gibson has had all sorts of trouble getting around Billy Leslie, who was the last car on the lead lap.  He finally got around him, but it closed Alex Haase up on his bumper.

Saturday, 9:49pm ET - Alex Fleming has dropped off the pace and has pulled it into the pits.

Saturday, 9:48pm ET - The leaders have had their hands full getting around lapped cars.  There is a lot of agressive racing on the track from drivers on and off the lead lap. 

At lap 70, Mark Gibson leads Alex Haase, who got around Justin Wakefield for the second spot once again. 

Saturday, 9:41pm ET - Cale Gale, who was running in the top 10, has dropped off the pace and pulled his car into the pits.

Saturday, 9:40pm ET - Mark Gibson just doesn't want to give up the lead.  He got the jump once again and holds the top spot. Justin Wakefield worked his way around Alex Haase for the second position.

Saturday, 9:39pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Mark Gibson and Alex Haase leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 9:38pm ET - During this yellow, Corey Williams gave up his fourth place position to pit for adjustments.

Saturday, 9:37pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 40 - The #88 of Michael Bellines and #187 of Billy Leslie got togther and went for a spin in turn one.  According to the announcer, Leslie was the driver that was in the last caution with Bellines, so it is unclear if it was just a simple incident the second time or if it was something to do with the prior incident.

Saturday, 9:35pm ET - Mark Gibson still holds serve at the front of the field, getting the jump on the restart, keeping the lead over Alex Haase.

Saturday, 9:33pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Mark Gibson and Alex Haase leading them down to turn one.

Saturday, 9:31pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 34 - The #88 of Michael Bellines went for a spin in turn one after contact from another car.

The top five: Mark Gibson, Alex Haase, Justin Wakefield, Bradley McCaskill, Corey Williams

Saturday, 9:29pm ET - The PASS South drivers are putting on a show for the fans.  Between dipping and diving around lapped traffic and just good hard racing, there is a battle everywhere on the track.  With that, there are a lot of close calls, but we are so far still green at lap 30 with Mark Gibson leading Alex Haase, who just moved around Justin Wakefield for the runner-up spot.

Saturday, 9:26pm ET - Something has happened to Heath Hindman's car.  When Alex Haase moved around Hindman, Hindman's car started dropping back through the field like a rock.  He is still on the track, but is much slower than he was earlier.

Saturday, 9:23pm ET - 10 laps are in the books.  Mark Gibson has a good lead now on the field.  Justin Wakefield still rides in second with Dean Clattenburg, Heath Hindman and Alex Haase rounding out the top five. 

Saturday, 9:22pm ET - Mark Gibson got the jump again on the start, leading Justin Wakefield. 

Saturday, 9:20pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out with Mark Gibson and Justin Wakefield leading them down to turn one once again.

Saturday, 9:17pm ET - RED FLAG is out to get the car off the track on the backstretch.  They are having to use two tow trucks to pick up the car.

John Batten has pulled his car into the pits, so he might also be done for the night.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - YELLOW FLAG is out on lap 2 for a hard hit into the wall by Perry Brown.  His car got sideways coming off turn two, and when he tried to correct it, it went hard into the wall, knocking the tire off and almost going over on his lid.  He was able to get out ok.

Saturday, 9:14pm ET - Mark Gibson got the jump and led the first lap.

Saturday, 9:13pm ET - GREEN FLAG for the Pro All Stars Series South Piedmont Pride 125.  Mark Gibson and Justin Wakefield lead the field to turn one.

Saturday, 9:04pm ET - Officials are moving the program along quickly to make sure weather doesn't play into racing action here.  The PASS South cars have pulled onto the track and stopped on the front stretch.  They are being introduced to the fans, but there will not be a fan meet-and-greet.  The green flag will be coming shortly.

Saturday, 9:01pm ET - After winning rookie of the year, Stephen Bergh drove his #70 Pro Challenge car to victory lane for his first series victory.  Kyle Plott, who led early, finished second.  Trevor Edwards raced a steady race and it paid off with a third-place finish.  Devon Haun, after having his Pro Challenge truck appear to shut off when he was running in second, got it refired and fiished fourth.  Justin Crider rounded out the top five.

Saturday, 8:53pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG - Stephen Bergh has won the Pro Challenge feature.  We will be back shortly for the PASS South race.

Saturday, 8:51pm ET - Devon Haun just slowed on the track with five laps to go, but has fired back up.  Strange.

Saturday, 8:50pm ET - Stephen Bergh has taken over the lead from Kyle Plott at lap 26.  The two raced side by side for a few laps, but Plott got a little too high in turn one and got in the dirt.  He slid back to third with Devon Haun in the middle.

Saturday, 8:47pm ET - At lap 17, Plott still leads, but there has been a great battle right behind him as Stephen Bergh put the pressure on Devon Haun, using a lapped car as a pick to get second.

The top three cars are seperated by only a few vehicle links.

Saturday, 8:43pm ET - The GREEN FLAG is back out.

Saturday, 8:40pm ET - The YELLOW FLAG has come out at lap 4 as Kyle Wilson has stopped in turn two.

Kyle Plott still leads with Trevor Edwards, Devon Haun, Stephen Bergh, Jr. and Justin Crider rounding out the top five.
Saturday, 8:38pm ET - The GREEN FLAG is back out with Kyle Plott leading Trevor Edwards.

Saturday, 8:34pm ET - The YELLOW FLAG has come out on lap 1.  Going into turn one, it appeared the #07 of Clint King got sideways going into the corner and caused about five or six cars to spin and stop on the track.  Observers in the tower say he lost it on his own.

All cars appeared to continue, but the 51 of Meghan Dillner and the #07 of King.  Both are being taken back to the pits on the hook.

Kyle Plott got the jump on the start and was far enough out of the wreck to not get collected, so he leads the field.

Saturday, 8:33pm ET - GREEN FLAG for the Pro Challenge feature.

Saturday, 8:30pm ET - The Pro Challenge cars are on the track for their feature event.  

Saturday, 8:27pm ET - On the redraw, Mark Gibson will start the race from the pole.  Here is the starting lineup for the PASS South feature.  Note: Spencer Wauters qualified around the 15th fastest, but was put to the rear due to him being one of the drivers that practiced yesterday.

162Mark Gibson
298Justin Wakefield
391Heath Hindman
439Dean Clattenburg
547Corey Williams
651HAlex Haase
705Alex Fleming
818Bradley McCaskill
935Cale Gale
1022Perry Brown
1110Ryan Blaney
1267Duane Linville
1384xMatt Bowers
140Hal Goodson
15147Trey Mitchell
1683Trevor McKinley
17187Billy Leslie
1822XMichael Buckner
1988Michael Bellines
2042Tim Pinion
2148John Batten
225Spencer Wauters

Saturday, 8:20pm ET - We do not have times, but here is the top-10 qualifiers for the PASS South race.  We will have the starting lineup shortly.

198Justin Wakefield
247Corey Williams
391Heath Hindman
451HAlex Haase
505Alex Fleming
635Cale Gale
722Perry Brown
862Mark Gibson
939Dean Clattenburg
1018Bradley McCaskill

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - The officials have switched up the order once again.  The Pro Challenge will the first feature race, coming up shortly, followed by the PASS race.

Saturday, 8:05pm ET - Clint King has qualified on the pole for the Pro Challenge feature.  Here is their starting lineup.

1) 07 Clint King
2) 4 Kyle Plott
3) 51 Meghan Dillner
4) 13 Devon Haun
5) 05 Kyle Wilson
6) 70 Stephen Bergh, Jr
7) 3 Trevor Edwards
8) 7 Justin Crider
9) 6 Chris Brown
10) 151 Mikey Mayberry
11) 01 Eric Goble

Saturday, 8:00pm ET - Jeff Choquette has set fast time for tonight's Piedmont Pride 125 ... and promptly is loading up his car and going home without racing.

Here is what happened.

Choquette and a few other drivers were reported to have tested at the track on Friday.  According to sources, PASS rules dictate that if you practice within a certain amount of days prior to the event, you will start the event in the rear, regardless of where you qualify.  Sources also say this rule is exempt if a driver is a rookie.

Choquette claims he called and got clearance to practice (without penalty) from PASS officials this week, but PASS officials disagree.  Regardless, after he qualified he heard on the track intercom that he would have to start at the rear.

A verbal discussion between Choquette's father and a PASS official ensued on pit road that appeared to get heated, causing PASS officials to tell Choquette's team to pack it up and go home.

That gave Justin Wakefield the fast time. will have more on this situation next week.

The full field rundown will be next.

Saturday, 6:35pm ET - The driver's meeting is going on right now.  Next up will be qualifying.  We will have more updates after the cars time in.

Saturday, 6:30pm ET - Here are the 11 Pro Challenge drivers that are here:

05 Kyle Wilson
07 Clint King
07 Eric Goble
3 Trevor Edwards
4 Kyle Plott
7 Justin Crider
6 Chris Brown
13 Devon Haun
51 Meghan Dillner
70 Stephen Bergh, Jr.
151 Mikey Mayberry

Saturday, 6:25pm ET - Here are the 23 PASS South SLM drivers that are here:

0Hal Goodson
05Alex Fleming
5Spencer Wauters
10Ryan Blaney
18Bradley McCaskill
18Billy Leslie
35Cale Gale
39Dean Clattenburg
42Tim Pinion
47Corey Williams
47Trey Mitchell
48John Batten
62Mark Gibson
67Duane Linville
70Jeff Choquette
83Trevor McKinley
84Matt Bowers
88Michael Bellines
91Heath Hindman
98Justin Wakefield
22BPerry Brown
22XMichael Buckner
51HAlex Haase

Saturday, 6:25pm ET - Practice has concluded.  We do not have times to provide, but we do have a driver roster.  It will be coming shortly.

Saturday, 6:15pm ET - Unfortunately we do not have times available for the first two PASS South practice sessions, but the third is on the track, and hopefully we will have something to give you at the conclusion of that practice.

Saturday, 5:25pm ET - There has been a schedule change for the order of races.  The officials changed the order in case weather would become a factor later in the evening.  Here is the new order of races, scheduled to begin at 8:00PM.

- PASS South Super Late Models Piedmont 125
- Pro Challenge Feature
- UCARS Feature
- Street Stocks

Saturday, 5:20pm ET - Practice continues here at Caraway.  There hasn't been any major incidents through all the sessions thus far. 

The Pro Challenge Series just wrapped up their second practice and the PASS South Super Late Models are on the track now for their second round.  If we can get some times, we will pass them along.

Saturday, 4:10pm ET - Before we headed down to the track, we noticed the track was starting to dry quite quickly.  That is thanks to the heat and the sun, which has been on the track now for the last 15 minutes or so.

Pro Challenge cars have been summoned to practice at 4:15PM.

Saturday, 3:50pm ET - Even though the sun is peaking out on the track, the surface is still wet, so it will delay the on-track activities today.  We are going to take a break, head down to the track and chat with some of the drivers and teams.

We will try to have an update soon, but if they start practice while we are down there, we will come back with a report after practice.

Saturday, 3:45pm ET - According to some PASS officials, early numbers appear to be around the 25 mark for PASS South Super Late Models here at the track, which should produce a great race this evening.  Just looking own at the track grounds where the teams are going through tech, some of the usual names are here, like Corey Williams, Alex Haase, Justin Wakefield, Mark Gibson, Dean Clattenburg and Spencer Wauters.

On the Pro Challenge side, some of the usual suspects are here as well, like Meghan Dillner, Clint King, Kyle Wilson and Stephen Burgh, Jr.  Kyle Plott is also here with his Plott Boyz / BEC / BDI Racing team.  Also, a new face will be racing in the Pro Challenge Series - Mikey Mayberry.  Mikey is the son of the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) owner Tom Mayberry, and he will be driving the #151 BDI Racing truck tonight.

Saturday, 3:40pm ET - The weather today at Caraway Speedway should be much better than what many people thought.  Earlier this week, torrential rains from the storm "Fay" caused flooding across the state.  Just over an hour south of the track in Harrisburg, local streams and rivers overflowed on Wednesday, causing havoc for the locals.  Also on Wednesday, fellow NC track Southern National Raceway Park (Kenly, NC) decided to cancel all weekend activities at the track, thinking the rains were going to stick around and cause more problems.

Thank goodness, those major storms moved out of the area.  However around the 3:00PM time frame, rain did slam the speedway for a short bit.  It has since stopped, and while there is cloud cover, it is quite bright outside.  There is still a 30% chance of rain all day through the night, but right now everything is good to go for later. 

Saturday, 3:30pm ET - Good afternoon from Caraway Speedway in Asheboro, North Carolina for the Pro All Stars Series South “Piedmont Pride 125” Super Late Model event, which also features the Pro Challenge Series. will be on hand for the entire day here and will have coverage of the action as it happens at the track.

Here is today’s race schedule:

Sign in Opens @ 2:30
Gates open @ 3:00pm
PASS Tech opens @ 3:00pm
Pro Challenge Tech Opens @ 3:00
Pro Challenge Registration @ 3:00

Practice:            4:00pm – 6:15pm
Pro Challenge   4:00 – 4:15
PASS SLM       4:15 – 4:45
Street Stocks     4:45 – 4:55
Pro Challenge   4:55 – 5:05
PASS SLM        5:05 – 5:35
Street Stocks     5:35 – 5:45
U Cars               5:45 – 5:50
PASS SLM       5:50 – 6:10

Pro Challenge Driver Meeting @ 6:00

PASS Drivers Meeting @ 6:20 pm

ALL Cars Must be in time trial staging @ 6:30pm

Time Trials @ 7:00 pm
Pro Challenge

Racing Starts @ 8:00 pm

2 Street Stock Heats                       7 laps

PASS Last chance Q (if necessary) 15 laps (Over 28 cars)

Ucars Feature                                10 Feature

Street Stock Feature                      25 laps

Pro Challenge                                40 laps

PASS Cars on Track @ approx      8:45pm 

PASS Main Event Green Flag   @  approx  9:00pm  

PASS South
Piedmont Pride 125
August 30th, 2008
Caraway Speedway
Asheboro, NC
Trackside Now: PASS South Piedmont Pride 125 at Caraway
Saturday Night Super Late Model and Pro Challenge Action in NC
Clint King is here in his Pro Challenge looking to lock up the North division points.  (51 Sports Photo)
While SPEED TV's Bob Dillner is in California for the NASCAR races, his daughter Meghan is wheeling his team's #51 at Caraway in the Pro Challenge event. (51 Sports Photo)
Corey Williams no longer has the Batman logo on his Super Late Model hood that he has had all season.  Instead, he has a skull on his number..  (51 Sports Photo)
Mikey Mayberry, PASS pres Tom Mayberry's son, is driving the BDI Racing #151 in the Pro Challenge race tonight.
(51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Blaney attempts to get his car up to speed for tonight's race.  (51 Sports Photo)
Mark Gibson sits patiently in his Super Late Model while his crew works on it..  (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Choquette was working on his car prior to the first practice session.  (51 Sports Photo)
Floods earlier in the week in NC (above in Harrisburg) threatened the racing action this weekend, but everything is currently a go in Asheboro. (Jason Buckley/51 Sports Photo)
On Wednesday, some roads were shut down in the Concord, NC area, forcing many teams, including BDI Racing as well as the staff, to find alternate ways to the shop and office. (Jason Buckley/51 Sports Photo)
A little rain hit the track in the afternoon, but the skies have cleared up and the track is getting dry.  (51 Sports Photo)
Stephen Bergh, Jr won the Pro Challenge race.  (51 Sports Photo)
Justin Wakefield won tonight's PASS South event..  (51 Sports Photo)