Saturday, 12:15am ET - The lights at the track are shutting down as most of the racers have left Orange County Speedway.  That is it for us on Trackside Now for the PASS South  "Orange Blossom Special" Super Late Model Series 150-lap race.

Stay tuned to for more from OCS next week on the site.

Saturday, 11:45pm ET - "I can't wait until everyone in Maine reads this on Speed 51," said Trevor Sanborn, after winning his first PASS South Super Late Model event.  Sanborn,

Saturday, 11:45pm ET - "I can't wait until everyone in Maine reads this on Speed 51," said Trevor Sanborn, after winning his first PASS South Super Late Model event.  Sanborn, from Parsonfield, Maine, was really happy to win after being so close so many times to taking the checkered flag first.

Here is the unofficial finishing results from tonight's race:

1) #44 Trevor Sanborn
2) #92 Jason Hogan
3) #67 Jeff Fultz
4) #4 Ben Rowe
5) #20 John Stancill
6) #51H Alex Haase
7) #47 Corey Williams
8) #5 Spencer Wauters
9) #98 Justin Wakefield
10) #24 Brian Royalty
11) #26 Preston Peltier
12) #22 Perry Brown
13) #91 Heath Hindman
14) #62 Mark Gibson
15) #29 Allen Gordon
16) #18 Brandon McCaskill
17) #51 Zach Stroupe
18) #76 Logan Ruffin
19) #70 Jeff Choquette
20) #42 Tim Pinion
21) #05 Alex Fleming
22) #31 Ryan Lawler
23) #30 Rodney Brooks
24) #0 Strom Altman
25) #48 John Batten
26) #15 Clay Jones
27) #80 Shannon Mines

Note: Ginny Quinones (#00) was able to use a provisional to get into the event, but did not start the race.

Saturday, 10:52pm ET - Trevor Sanborn has won the Orange Blossom Special PASS South Super Late Model event.  Jason Hogan crossed the line second with Jeff Fultz, Ben Rowe and John Stancill rounding out the top five. 

We will have more coming shortly.

Saturday, 10:51pm ET - There are just 10 laps to go in the Orange Blossom Special.  Trevor Sandborn still leads over Jason Hogan, but the margin is only a couple car lengths.  Jeff Fultz has moved up to third with Alex Haase and Ben Rowe rounding out the top five.

Saturday, 10:46pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 122: It took a lap of side by side racing, but Trevor Sandborn was able to get the lead over Jason HoganAlex Haase poked a nose under Hogan for second, but settled into third.  Stancill has some story of problem and dropped back a few sports, but is now back up to speed.

Saturday, 10:43pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 122 : Brandon McCaskill appeared to have lost a tire and hit the wall pretty hard in turn one.  He was able to limp his damaged machine to pit road.

The current top five are: 1) Jason Hogan, 2) Trevor Sandborn, 3) John Stancill, 4) Alex Haase, 5) Corey Williams

Saturday, 10:40pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 119: Jason Hogan was able to wrestle the lead from Trevor Sanborn as the field got real close through one and two.

Saturday, 10:38pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 119 : A car has spun in turn one.

Also, Stroupe is still sitting on pit road and is now out of his car.  There appears to be a fluid trail running to his pits and there is a lot of right side damage on his car.

Saturday, 10:37pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 117: Trevor Sanborn lead Jason Hogan to the green flag.

We are not sure, but it Zach Stroupe didn't pull up to line up with the lead lap drivers.

Saturday, 10:34pm ET - The current lead lap cars are: 1) Trevor Sanborn, 2) Jason Hogan, 3) John Stancill, 4) Ben Rowe, 5) Alex Haase, 6) Corey Williams, 7) Jeff Fultz, 8) Zach Stroupe, 9) Spencer Wauters, 10) Logan Ruffin (still on the lead lap, but currently sitting in the pits)

Saturday, 10:34pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 117 : Fourth-place racer Logan Ruffin appears to have spun on the backstretch, coming to a stop on the backstretch.

Saturday, 10:29pm ET -  Jeff Choquette has pulled his #70 machine onto pit road.  He has exited his car, so it appears he is done for the night.

Trevor Sanborn still leads Jason Hogan, John Stancill, Logan Ruffin and Ben Rowe with 100 laps in the books.

Saturday, 10:25pm ET -  Jeff Choquette and Perry Brown have both been lapped. There are 13 cars now on the lead lap as we are working lap 87.

Saturday, 10:23pm ET -  We are just past the halfway mark for the Orange Blossom Special.  There is no change in the top five, but Ben Rowe has been on a tear after making his pitstop during the last yellow flag and currently races in the seventh spot.

Saturday, 10:20pm ET -  Ryan Lawler has pulled his car off the track and on pit road.  He nosed his car into his pit stall, so he might be done for the day.

Saturday, 10:19pm ET -  Top 10 at lap 64: 1) Trevor Sanborn, 2) Jason Hogan, 3) John Stancill, 4) Logan Ruffin, 5) Alex Haase, 6) Spencer Wauters, 7) Perry Brown, 8) Justin Wakefield, 9) Zach Stroupe, 10) Allen Gordon

Saturday, 10:17pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 52: Jason Hogan tried to hold the lead, but had to give it up to Trevor Sanborn.

Saturday, 10:15pm ET -  The yellow flag was for a slow car on the track on the backstretch, which wasn't easily seen over the haulers on the back stretch.

Ben Rowe and a few others have been down pit road during this time.  We are not sure if they changed a tire or just made an adjustment.

Saturday, 10:14pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 52 : The yellow flag has been flown, but we are not sure yet what it was for as there wasn't any issues on the track that we could see.  We are waiting to hear from race control.

This yellow was a big break for Corey Williams, who was just a few car lengths away from being lapped.

Saturday, 10:11pm ET -  The lights on the backstretch from the exit to turn one to the middle of the back stretch have gone back off again, but the officials are keeping the race going under green.

Saturday, 10:07pm ET -  Ben Rowe has been having all sorts of trouble keeping his car under him.  He has now dropped back to the 13th spot.

Currently, at 30 laps complete, the top five are Jason Hogan, Trevor Sanborn, John Stancill, Logan Ruffin and Perry Brown. 

Saturday, 10:05pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 19: Jason Hogan, from the outside line, was able to take the lead from Trevor Sandborn.

Saturday, 10:03pm ET -  Consi winner Allen Gordon has raced his way from 21st to 10th in just 19 laps.

Saturday, 10:02pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 19 : Clay Jones has stopped his car in turn two after some possible contact on the track.  When his car coasted to a stop, sparks were flying from under it.

During this yellow, Corey Williams headed to the pits for some adjustments.  he was running in the top 10 at the time.

Saturday, 10:00pm ET -  Trevor Sanborn was able to get the lead from Jason Hogan on the restart.  There was a lot of close calls as Ben Rowe slid back a few spots.

Heath Hindman is also back on the track, running ahead of the leaders.

Saturday, 9:58pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 14: Jason Hogan and Trevor Sanborn are at the front of the pack.

Saturday, 9:58pm ET -  During this yellow flag, Jeff Choquette was on pit road, but has pulled back onto the track.

Saturday, 9:57pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 14 : Preston Peltier and Clay Jones were involved in an incident on the back stretch. 

Saturday, 9:56pm ET -  Logan Ruffin dropped back a few spots on the restart as Ben Rowe took off with the lead.  It didn't take long though for Jason Hogan to assert himself as he moved into the lead at lap 12.

Saturday, 9:55pm ET -  GREEN FLAG - LAP 6: Ben Rowe and Logan Ruffin lead them down to green as Hindman still sits on pit road.

Saturday, 9:54pm ET -  Heath Hindman was second in points coming into tonight's event as he currently sits on pit road. 

Saturday, 9:52pm ET -  YELLOW FLAG - LAP 6 : Heath Hindman started smoking coming down the front stretch, and it appears he was dropping oil.  It took three quarters of a lap for it to catch up and hurt someone as Brandon McCaskill spun in turn three.  Mark Gibson checked up and got hit in the rear by Shannon Mines and he spun.

Saturday, 9:49pm ET -  Ben Rowe jumped ahead of Logan Ruffin on the start to take the early lead. 

Saturday, 9:48pm ET -  GREEN FLAG: Logan Ruffin and Ben Rowe took the field up to speed, heading into turn one for the start of the race.

Saturday, 9:46pm ET -  The red flag was displayed before the green flew for the lighting issue on the backstretch.  It took a few minutes, but half of the lights on the pole are working, so the cars are now circulating under yellow, getting ready for the green flag.

Saturday, 9:42pm ET -  One problem that might be a little concerning is a set of lights on the backstretch are out and not working.  Coming off turn two to halfway down the backstretch it is a bit dark back there.  

Saturday, 9:40pm ET -  The engines have been fired and we will be green flag shortly. 

Saturday, 9:30pm ET -  The PASS Super Late Model top-10 drivers have redrawn for the starting order of the race.  13-year-old Logan Ruffin drew the pole position for tonight's race. 

Here is the starting order:
1) 76Logan Ruffin
2) 4Ben Rowe
3) 20John Stancill
4)44Trevor Sanborn
5)47Corey Williams
6) 67Jeff Fultz
7) 31Ryan Lawler
8) 92Jason Hogan
9) 22Perry Brown
10)51Zach Stroupe
11)98Justin Wakefield
12)24Brian Royalty
13)51HAlex Haase
14)26Preston Peltier
15)91Heath Hindman
16)5Spence Wauters
17)0Strom Altman
18)15Clay Jones
19)18Brandon McCaskill
20)70Jeff Choquette
21)29Allen Gordon
22)48John Batten
23)05Alex Fleming
24)30Rodney Brooks
25) 62Mark Gibson
26)42Tim Pinion
27)00Ginny Quinones
28)80Shannon Mines

The #25 of Chad Martin is the only driver not racing tonight.

Saturday, 9:10pm ET -  Bruce Anderson has won the 50-lap Limited Sportsman Feature.  The cars for the Orange Blossom 150 will be moving to the starting grid as the race will begin shortly. 

Saturday, 8:55pm ET - The Limited Sportsman Feature is under a red flag condition after a multi car wreck in the first turn.  They only have ten laps to go and clean up should be rather quick. 

Saturday, 8:25pm ET - Brent Evans has won the 35-lap Grand Stock Feature, up next the 50 lap Limited feature then the Orange Blossom 150.

Saturday, 8:15pm ET - The Final spots for the Orange Blossom 150 have gone to Shannon Mines and Ginny Quinones.  This will send Chad Martin home unless Quinones can't make repairs in time for the feature.  We will keep you posted.

Saturday, 8:05pm ET - Ryan Glenski, in his first start in the Pro Challenge Series, set fast time in qualifying and led flag to flag for the win.  Glenski beat out Meghan Dillner after she came from the rear after problems prior to the green flag.

Saturday, 7:40pm ET - Allen Gordon has won the last chance race.  Unofficially Alex Fleming crossed the line second, followed by John Batten, Rodney Brooks, Mark Gibson and Tim Pinion rounding out the top six.

We will have the provisionals soon.

Next up is the Pro Challenge Rookie race.

Saturday, 7:39pm ET - GREEN FLAG, LAP 13: Allen Gordon leads the field back to the green.

Saturday, 7:35pm ET - YELLOW FLAG, LAP 13: Ginny Quinones lost control of her car, slapping the wall in turn two.  She stopped coming off the corner, causing the yellow flag to fly.  Her car is being towed off the track.  She probably will have a provisional to make it into the field if she can get her car fixed.

Saturday, 7:33pm ET - GREEN FLAG, LAP 11: Allen Gordon and Alex Fleming head off into turn one side by side.

Saturday, 7:31pm ET - YELLOW FLAG, LAP 11: Debris is sitting in turn three, bringing out the yellow flag as the #25 of Chad Martin slowed and took his car to the pits.

Saturday, 7:29pm ET - GREEN FLAG, LAP 6: Alex Fleming and Allen Gordon led the field back to the green flag.  Gordon was able to squeeze into the lead past Fleming.

Saturday, 7:28pm ET - YELLOW FLAG, LAP 6: The 80 of Shannon Mines has spun on the backstretch.  This is Mines’ first race since a horrible crash last season at Greenville-Pickens.  Mines was able to continue without any damage.

Saturday, 7:27pm ET - The #05 of Alex Fleming has jumped to the lead on the first lap.

Saturday, 7:27pm ET - GREEN FLAG: The green flag is out with John Batten leading the field.

Saturday, 7:25pm ET - The PASS South last chance race is now taking to the track.  Again, the top six will transfer into the feature with the rest of the field being set by provisionals, and one person will go home. 

Saturday, 7:07pm ET - There has been a slight schedule change tonight with the running order.  Pure Stock is up first, followed by the PASS South last chance race.

Saturday, 7:02pm ET - PASS South youngster Logan Ruffin comes from a famous line of entertainers, but it isn't from the racing side of entertainment.  Shelley Ruffin, Logan's mother, is a musican from Tennessee.  She sang the National Anthem in front of the crowd here at OCS.

Saturday, 6:50pm ET - Here are the results from time trials, the top twenty have locked themselves into the show.  The rest will run the last chance race in order to make the field.
The top ten drivers will redraw for their starting spots.
120John Stancill13.863
292Jason Hogan 13.867
34Ben Rowe13.869
422Perry Brown 13.883
551Zach Stroupe13.889
644NTrevor Sanborn13.932
747Corey Williams13.946
876Logan Ruffin13.948
931Ryan Lawler13.961
1067Jeff Fultz13.968
1198Justin Wakefield13.979
1224Brian Royalty14.026
1351HAlex Haase14.036
1426Preston Peltier14.050
1591Heath Hindman14.056
165Spence Wauters14.104
170Strom Altman14.130
1815Clay Jones14.139
1918Brandon McCaskill14.149
2070Jeff Choquette14.164
2148John Batten 14.171
22O5Alex Fleming14.172
2362Mark Gibson14.243
2429Allen Gordon 14.318
2542Tim Pinion14.518
2625Chad Martin14.535
2730Rodney Brooks14.749
2880Shannon Mines14.907
29OOGinny Quinones15.539

Saturday, 6:20pm ET - Up next is the PASS South Super Late Model Series Orange Blossom Special qualifying.

Saturday, 6:18pm ET - Ryan Glenski, in his first start in the Pro Challenge Series, set fast time in qualifying.  Glenski beat out Meghan Dillner by just 0.016 seconds to take the pole.  Starting third in the 10-vehicle deep field is Kyle Wilson

Saturday, 6:10pm ET - The Pro Challenge Series division has started their qualifying session.  This is a rookie race only for the new drivers in the series to race amongst themselves and get some track time.

Some names that are here for the Pro Challenge rookie race are Ryan Glenski, Meghan Dillner and Kyle Wilson.

Saturday, 6:00pm ET - There are a total of 29 PASS South Super Late Models here.  The series will start 28 cars ... 20 will be locked in from qualifying, then six will transfer from the last chance race, followed by provisionals.  There will be one car going home.

The top 10 drivers will redraw for their starting position later in the day.

Saturday, 5:55pm ET - Here are the practice times from the final PASS South practice session.

144NTrevor Sanborn14.016
247Corey Williams14.033
331Ryan Lawler14.038
498Justin Wakefield14.118
551Zach Stroupe14.122
662Mark Gibson14.184
720John Stancill14.191
867Jeff Fultz14.212
9O5Alex Fleming14.235
1076Logan Ruffin14.253
110Strom Altman14.253
1222Perry Brown 14.255
134Ben Rowe14.277
1426Preston Peltier14.292
1515Clay Jones14.342
1651HAlex Haase14.374
1718Brandon McCaskill14.386
185Spence Wauters14.412
1948John Batten 14.508
2070Jeff Choquette14.607
2180Shannon Mines14.718
22OOGinny Quinones14.760
2342Tim Pinion14.885
2425Chad Martin15.024

Note, there were five drivers that didn't have times recorded for the session or didn't run ... Jason Hogan, Heath Hindman, Allen Gordon, Rodney Brooks and Brian Royalty.

Saturday, 5:35pm ET - Qualifying for the local divisions have begun.

Saturday, 5:25pm ET - We have obtained a practice sheet from the final PASS South session.  Trevor Sandborn turned the fastest time, followed by Corey Williams.  We will have a full listing here shortly.

Saturday, 5:20pm ET - Two drivers are racking up the frequent flyer miles to race here today. 

Ryan Lawyer finished 18th in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway last night, got a nap at 2:00am and left out on a plane at 5:00am to come back this direction for the race.

Corey Williams will be flying out tomorrow to Watkins Glen (NY) as he is a crew member with Andy Santerre Motorsports' NASCAR Camping World East Series team, which is running at the Glen tomorrow.

Saturday, 4:35pm ET - We have been seeing Preston Peltier in a driving suit here all afternoon, hanging around Brandon Johnson's car.  We have found out that Peltier will drive Johnson's car tonight for the event.

Saturday, 4:30pm ET - Practice has concluded here at OCS for all divisions, including the PASS South Super Late Models.  There were no major incidents during the sessions.

We are going to check with the officials and see if there are practice times available.

The driver's meetings are at 5:00PM for all divisions: local divisions on the front stretch and PASS South at the tech shed.

Saturday, 4:07pm ET - The PASS South Super Late Models are back on the track for their final round of practice.

Saturday, 4:00pm ET - The PASS Officials do not have times for us from the first sessions of practice, but we have been told they are going to try and have their system set up for the last round of practice.

Saturday, 3:30pm ET - A little PASS history tells us that in the two previous races here at Orange County Speedway we have produced 17 lead changes.  The Previous winners are Wade Day (2006) and Corey Williams (2007).  This is the site of Williams first career PASS win.  He would go on to win three straight after his victory here last year.

Saturday, 3:00pm ET - PASS Super Late Model practice is in the books we hope to have speeds shortly.  We did ask some veteran drivers how hot does it get in these cars on days like this?  The answer we got varies from 130-140 degrees. That makes the time we do sit up here in the air-conditioned media booth to put up Trackside Now updates in between taking photos from the infield and chatting with the drivers seem like luxury.

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - Prior to the start of practice we saw one team with a temperature  gun checking to see how hot the asphalt was.  It's reading was 136 degrees before any cars had hit the track. 

Saturday, 2:15pm ET - We are hearing that the track added another PASS Super Late Model practice from 4:00PM - 4:30PM.  We will try to confirm that with race control.

Saturday, 2:05pm ET - The practice for the PASS SLMs are on the track for practice.

Saturday, 1:30pm ET - We are working on getting a full driver roster of cars here at the track,, but early counts show around 30 PASS cars here for tonight's race.  Drivers include Perry Brown, Zach Stroupe, Corey Williams, Jason Hogan, Ben Rowe, Alex Haase, Spencer Wauters, Heath Hindman, Ryan Lawler, Tim Pinion, Trevor Sanborn, Justin Wakefield, Alex Fleming, Mark Gibson, Jeff Fultz, Logan Ruffin, Chad Martin and others.

Saturday, 1:15pm ET - The weather today at OCS is just a bit warm.  With the heat index, temperatures are well above the 100 degree mark today.  It will be difficult for the drivers and crew members to stay cool throughout the day.  The good thing is that rain doesn't appear to be an issue, so the race should be good to go for later this evening.

Saturday, 1:00pm ET - Good afternoon from Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina for the Pro All Stars Series South “Orange Blossom Special” Super Late Model event. will be on hand for the entire day here at OCS and will have coverage of the action as it happens at the track.

Here is today’s race schedule:

11:00 AM : Sign In
11:30 AM : Pit Gates Open
1:00 PM : OCR Tire Shop Opens
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM : PASS SLM Practice
3:05 PM – 4:00 PM : OCS Practice – Limited (10 min), Pure Stock (5 min), Pro Challenge (5 min), Grand Stock (5 min)
5:00 PM : OCS mandatory driver’s meeting & roll call for LSC, GS, PS & PC
5:30 PM : Qualifying order (6 cars or less will draw) – Pure Stock, Grand Stock, Limited, Pro Challenge
6:00 PM : PASS SLM time trials
6:00 PM : Front Gate opens
6:40 PM : First event cars line up
6:55 PM : Presentation of colors, Invocation and National Anthem
7:00 PM : Green Flag order
-PASS Last Chance Race
-Pure Stock – 20 laps
-Pro Challenge Rookie Race – 25 laps
-Grand Stock – 35 laps
-Limited – 50 laps

PASS South
Orange Blossom Special
June 7th, 2008
Orange County Speedway
Rougemont, NC
Jeff Choquette. (51 Sports Photo)
Trackside Now: PASS South Orange Blossom Special (NC)
Trevor Sanborn Wins First PASS South Super Late Model Series Feature
Former Bandolero driver and current Allison Legacy racer Ryan Glenski is here running Tripp Massengill's Pro Challenge car in the rookie race - his first Pro Challenge event. (51 Sports Photo)
Corey Williams is fast here at OCS. (51 Sports Photo)
Bond Suss (left) gives instructions to Zach Stroupe, who drives the BDI Racing #51 PASS South machine. (51 Sports Photo)
Jason Hogan's crew is using towels on their heads to keep cool. (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Lawler's crew is working hard and sweating hard. (51 Sports Photo)
John Litzinger, owner of the Pro Challenge Series, is here to take a look at the rookie crop racing here today. (51 Sports Photo)
Ben Rowe's crew pushing his car. (51 Sports Photo)
Preston Peltier is working on Brandon Johnson's car. (51 Sports Photo)
The pits are alive here at OCS. (51 Sports Photo)
Trevor Sanborn in his first PASS South victory lane pose. (51 Sports Photo)
Bob Dillner (right), owner of BDI Racing, flew in from Pocono to see his Daughter Meghan race the Pro Challenge and Zach Stroupe race his Super Late Model (51 Sports Photo)
Shelley Ruffin, PASS South racer Logan Ruffin's mom, sings the national anthem. (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Fultz gives's Jason Buckley the finger before qualifying. (51 Sports Photo)