Trackside Now: PASS South Mom 150 - Motor Mile Speedway (VA)
15-Year-Old Zach Stroupe Wins; Youngest Winner In PASS South History
Saturday, 10:45pm ET - That is it for us at Motor Mile Speedway.  Stay tuned next week for more on the "Mom 150" PASS South Super Late Model Event.


Saturday, 10:40pm ET - Tech has been cleared.  15-year-old Zach Stroupe has become the youngest driver to win a race in PASS South history.  Corey Williams crossed the line second with Alex Haase making a late charge up to third.  Heath Hindman and Trevor Sanborn rounded out the top five.

Here are the complete results of tonight's "Mom 150":

1) #51 Zach Stroupe
2) #47 Corey Williams
3) #51H Alex Haase
4) #91 Heath Hindman
5) #44 Trevor Sanborn
6) #09 Kevin Barrett
7) #98 Justin Wakefield
8) #30 Rodney Brooks
9) #5 Spencer Wauters
10) #22 Perry Brown
11) #26 Brian Johnson
12) #39 Dean Clattenburg
13) #62 Mark Gibson
14) #24 Brian Royalty
15) #20 John Stancill
16) #00 Ginny Quinones
17) #05 Alex Fleming
18) #18 Bradley McCaskill
19) #42 Tim Pinion
20) #4 Ben Rowe
21) #8 Cassius Clark

Saturday, 9:44pm ET - Zach Stroupe wins the PASS South Mom 150 at Motor Mile Speedway, his first PASS South victory.

We are heading down trackside and will have more, including results, soon.

Saturday, 9:42pm ET - Stroupe is coming up on lapped traffic.  It appears it will be a factor ....

Saturday, 9:41pm ET - Just 10 laps are remaining in the Mom 150.  Zach Stroupe leads Corey Williams by about four car lengths.  It is about 10 car lengths back to Heath Hindman, who has been pressured hard by Alex Haase for several laps.  About another five car lengths back is Trevor Sanborn.

Saturday, 9:36pm ET - 125 laps are in the books, so that leaves just 25 laps remaining in the Mom 150.

Zach Stroupe currently leads over Corey Williams, who is just a few car lengths behind.  Heath Hindman, Alex Haase and Justin Wakefield round out the top five.

Saturday, 9:36pm ET - On the restart, Zach Stroupe out-muscled Corey Williams going into turn one and out of turn two to retake the lead.

Saturday, 9:35pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 119 - Corey Williams and Zach Stroupe lead them into turn one.

Saturday, 9:34pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 119 - The #22 of Perry Brown clipped the apron in turn three and ended up spinning out in turn four.

Corey Williams currently leads over Zach Stroupe.  Heath Hindman, Justin Wakefield and Alex Haase round out the top five.

Saturday, 9:29pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 101 - Corey Williams got the jump on Zach Stroupe and currently leads as they go down the backstretch.

Saturday, 9:27pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 101 - It was only a matter of time.  Alex Haase slid up and clipped the left rear of Trevor Sanborn, causing the Sanborn machine to spin in turn one.  Officials put Haase to the rear for the contact.

Zach Stroupe is now back in the lead with Corey Williams restarting on his outside.  Heath Hindman is third with Justin Wakefield in fourth.

Saturday, 9:25pm ET - Alex Haase dove to the inside of Trevor Sanborn and the two have been going side by side for the last tn or so laps.  They have made contact a few times as Haase has come up into the side of Sanborn.  Behind them, Zach Stroupe is watching and waiting,,,,

Saturday, 9:23pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 88 - Tervor Sanborn got the jump on Alex Haase to retain the lead.  Zach Stroupe and Corey Williams are in tow.

Saturday, 9:18pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 88 - A big mess coming off turn four involved Brian Royalty, Ginny Quinones , Brian Johnson , Spencer Wauters and Rodney Brooks.

Saturday, 9:18pm ET - Trevor Sanborn got the jump on Zach Stroupe as he dropped back on the outside.  Alex Haase got to second while Stroupe settled into the third position.

Saturday, 9:18pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 87 - This time Trevor Sanborn is on the inside with Zach Stroupe on the outside going into turn one.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 87 - Ginny Quinones and Brian Johnson got together in turn two.  Apparently they have been getting a little friendly on the track as officials just warned them to knock it off or go to the pits for the rest of the race.

Coming back to the yellow, the Trevor Sanborn beat Zach Stroupe back to the line, so he will be credited with leading the lap.

Saturday, 9:13pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 86 - Zach Stroupe and Trevor Sanborn are circling the track side by side.

Saturday, 9:12pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 86 - A car has spun off turn two to bring out the yellow.

On the restart it will be Stroupe followed by Sanborn, Haase, Hindman and Williams.

Saturday, 9:10pm ET - Justin Wakefield has started dropping back.  Trevor Sanborn and Alex Haase was able to get by him.

Saturday, 9:10pm ET - Zach Stroupe once again was able to get the drive after a lap of green flag racing to take the lead once again.

Saturday, 9:09pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 80 - Zach Stroupe and Justin Wakefield go back towards turn one once again.

Saturday, 9:07pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 80 - John Stancill has hit the outside wall on the backstretch.  We caught the backend of it, but it appears someone might have put him into the wall.  The #39 of Dean Clattenburg might have been the driver as his front end is smashed up.

Saturday, 9:05pm ET - 75 laps are in the books, meaning we are at halfway in the 150-lap race.  The top five remains the same with Zach Stroupe leading by about eight car lengths over the field.

Saturday, 9:04pm ET - It took two laps to sort out who would lead as Zach Stroupe and Justin Wakefield went side by side for the top spot.  Stroupe, on the low side, finally was able to clear Wakefield and has pulled out to a three car length lead by lap 70.

Trevor Sanborn, Alex Haase and Heath Hindman still run in the top five.

Saturday, 9:01pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 61

Saturday, 9:00pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 61 - Alex Fleming smacked the inside wall on the restart, slowing at the exit of pit road.  He was able to get off the surface of the track, but the officials already called the yellow.

Since the yellow happened immediately after the green, the restart order will be the same.

Saturday, 8:58pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 61

Saturday, 8:56pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 61 - Bradley McCaskill got up near the wall and slowed going into turn one to bring out the yellow. 

The restart will have Zach Stroupe and Justin Wakefield side by side again followed by Trevor Sanborn, Alex Haase and Heath Hindman.

Saturday, 8:52pm ET - Zach Stroupe now has about a lead of about 10 car lengths over Justin Wakefield and is pulling away just a little every lap.

Saturday, 8:52pm ET - Zach Stroupe still leads the field at lap 50.  Justin Wakefield has dropped back about four car lengths off Stroupe's back bumper.  Trevor Sanborn though is all over the back of Wakefield for the second spot.  Alex Haase and Heath Hindman round out the top five.

Saturday, 8:50pm ET - Zach Stroupe got the lead on the start, but Justin Wakefield is putting a ton of pressure on Stroupe's back bumper for the spot.

Saturday, 8:49pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 37

Saturday, 8:47pm ET - During this yellow, a few cars have hit pit road, including Spencer Wauters and John Stancill.

Saturday, 8:45pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 37 - It appears the #24 of Brian Royalty has lost a motor as fluids came out of his car off turn four and he slowed.  The #00 of Ginny Quinones spun off four in the oil and nosed into the inside wall. 

Stroupe still leads Wakefield during this yellow.

Saturday, 8:44pm ET - This time is was Zach Stroupe getting the jump on Justin Wakefield for the top spot on the restart.  Stroupe got to turn one first and lead the following lap.

At lap 35, Stroupe still leads Wakefield.  Behind them Corey Williams is third, followed closely by Trevor Sanborn and Alex Haase.

Saturday, 8:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 28 - Once again, Justin Wakefield and Zach Stroupe takes them back to turn one.

Saturday, 8:41pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 28 - The #42 of Tim Pinion has spun in turn two.  His car has come to a rest against the wall on the inside.  The officials are calling for a wrecker, so the #42 might be done for the night.

Justin Wakefield still leads Zach Stroupe, Trevor Sanborn, Corey Williams and Alex Haase.

Saturday, 8:38pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 24 - Justin Wakefield and Zach Stroupe lead them into turn one.

Saturday, 8:32pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 23 - Cassius Clark's car caught on fire while running in the second position.  After the yellow was called, Zach Stroupe tagged Clark as the #8 car tried to get down to the inside of the track.  Clark spun and Stroupe continued, not losing a position on the track.

Top five: Justin Wakefield, Zach Stroupe, Trevor Sanborn, Corey Williams and Heath Hindman.

Saturday, 8:27pm ET - We are 10 laps in the books and so far it is clean and green.  Justin Wakefield took advantage of the pole draw and is leading the event.  Cassius Clark is second, followed by Zach Stroupe, Trevor Sandborn and Heath Hindman.

Saturday, 8:26pm ET - Justin Wakefield jumped out to a pretty good lead on the start, follwed by Cassius Clark.

Saturday, 8:24pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 8:20pm ET - The engines have been fired and the PASS South Mom 150 will begin shortly.

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - Zach Stroupe, Corey Williams and John Stancill all seem confident about their cars.  They all said they are good and are waiting for the race to start.

Ben Rowe said his car is better than where he qualified and should move up through the field when the green driops.

Saturday, 8:10pm ET - Here is the results from the inversion ...

1) #98 Justin Wakefield
2) #8 Cassius Clark
3) #91 Heath Hindman
4) #05 Alex Fleming
5) #51 Zach Stroupe
6) #20 John Stancill
7) #44 Trevor Sanborn
8) #22 Perry Brown
9) #47 Corey Williams
10) #51H Alex Haase

Saturday, 8:00pm ET - The pit party is up next, along with the top-10 redraw for the PASS South Super Late Model racers.

Saturday, 7:53pm ET - Doug Paasch took the win in the Rolling Thunder Modified 75-lap feature and Tracy Moore won the 50-lap Limited Sportsman division feature.

Saturday, 6:00pm ET - While there is a break in the action, we are going to stretch our legs and take a break as well.

We will be back with more news and information from the pits after the Rolling Thunder Modifieds and Limited Sportsman division classes complete their features.

Saturday, 5:50pm ET - Even though the oval track is silent at the moment, the drag strip off the backstretch isn't.  They have had some action there all day as drivers are over there tuning their cars.

There was an accident earlier as one drag car lost control and hit the wall, but officials reported that the driver was ok.

Saturday, 5:45pm ET - All of the local divisions have qualified.  We are now silent at the track until 6:30pm, when the Rolling Thunder Modifieds will take to the track for their feature.

Saturday, 5:35pm ET - A few notes from the pits.

Spencer Wauters said something broke on the motor of his primary car.  He said the secondary car is just the same as the primary, so there shouldn't be any difference in his performance tonight.

If you were at the last PASS South race at Cordele, you will remember Rodney Brooks and his multiple trips off the track surface.  It seemed that every caution Brooks went flying off the track at high speeds.  On a couple occasions it appeared he was headed out to the watermelon patch.  Brooks told right before qualifying tonight that at Cordele he had brake problems, which caused them to lock up.  This is what sent him spinning off the track surface whenever he was near an incident.

Alex Fleming said his car is handling great, but he just doesn't have the power the other guys do.  Fleming is on the crate program, so he is hoping on long runs it will balance out.

Saturday, 5:25pm ET - Qualifying results (top 10 will redraw during the driver meet and greet):

1 #47 Corey Williams (15.328)
2 #51 Zach Stroupe (15.350)
3 #8 Cassius Clark (15.350)
4 #20 John Stancill (15.377)
5 #51H Alex Haase (15.405)
6 #98 Justin Wakefield (15.414)
7 #91 Heath Hindman (15.47)
8 #05 Alex Fleming (15.478)
9 #22 Perry Brown (15.509)
10 #44 Trevor Sanborn (15.529)
11 #4 Ben Rowe (15.568)
12 #39 Dean Clattenburg (15.613)
13 #5 Spencer Wauters (15.621)
14 #62 Mark Gibson (15.641)
15 #24 Brian Royalty (15.652)
16 #18 Bradley McCaskill (15.679)
17 #26 Brian Johnson (16.001)
18 #42 Tim Pinion (16.185)
19 #00 Ginny Quinones (16.253)
20 #30 Rodney Brooks (16.379)
21 #09 Kevin Barrett (no time)

Saturday, 5:20pm ET - There were no incidents during qualifying.  Kevin Barrett wasn't able to get his car started, so he didn't take time.  He will start 21st on the field.

Saturday, 4:52pm ET - Corey Williams has set fast time for tonight's PASS South "Mom 150" Super Late Model race at Motor Mile Speedway.

We will have the full qualifying results shortly.

Saturday, 4:15pm ET - The PASS South Super Late Models are lining up on pit road for their qualifying session.  We are going to head down to the track during the session and touch base with some drivers and teams.

We will have results after qualifying completes.

Saturday, 4:10pm ET - Officials did state in the driver's meeting earlier today that since there are 21 cars here, all cars will qualify and there will not be any heat or consi races.  The top 10 in qualifying will redraw for their starting position on the frontstretch in front of the fans during the driver meet and greet.

Saturday, 4:05pm ET - Here are the top five times from the final two practice sessions today for the PASS South Super Late Models.

Sesson Two
1) #44 Trevor Sanborn (15.414)
2) #47 Corey Williams (15.464)
3) #20 John Stancill (15.473)
4) #91 Heath Hindman (15.537)
5) #51H Alex Haase (15.653)

Session Three (final session)
1) #51 Zach Stroupe (15.389)
2) #51H Alex Haase (15.391)
3) #44 Trevor Sanborn (15.441)
4) #22 Perry Brown (15.450)
5) #98 Justin Wakefield (15.451)

Saturday, 4:00pm ET - Local practice has completed.  The track is silent for the next 30 minutes, then the PASS South drivers will hit the track one by one for qualifying.

Saturday, 3:50pm ET - Zach Stroupe was fastest in the final Super Late Model practice session with a 15.389 second lap.

Saturday, 3:40pm ET - The final practice session has ended for the PASS South Super Late Models.  There were no incidents during the final session, which was dominated by drivers making mock qualifying runs.

We are waiting for some information from the officials for the timing and scoring during the final two sessions.

The Thunder Modifieds are on track for their final practice of the day.

Saturday, 2:57pm ET - The final round of practice starts shortly.  We are going to head down to the track for the final round of practice and will have updates soon.

Saturday, 2:45pm ET - Spencer Wauters' crew has elected to rollow out his backup car after something happened under the hood during the second practice session.  The car should be pretty good as J.R. Norris was in the car yesterday shaking it down during practice day.

Saturday, 2:35pm ET - The second PASS South session has ended.  Trevor Sanborn was the fastest during this session.

Due to a change in the timing and scoring computers, at this time we do not have the times available for the second session.  If we get them we will post them.

The local racers are currently on track right now for their second practice session.

Saturday, 2:25pm ET - The practice session has resumed.  There are five minutes left in this practice session.

Saturday, 2:20pm ET - With a plume of smoke, Spencer Wauters brought out a yellow flag during the practice session.  Going into turn one it appeared something gave way under the hood of the #5 car. 

There are fluids from turn one all the way around to turn four and into the pit area where Wauters has stopped his car in his pit stall.

Saturday, 2:05pm ET - The PASS South Super Late Models are back on the track for their second round of practice.

Saturday, 2:00pm ET - Perry Brown set fast time in the first practice session.  Ben Rowe turned the second fastest time, followed by Zach Stroupe, Trevor Sanborn and Cassius Clark

Here are the fast times during the session.  This is also a list of the 21 drivers that are here for tonight's Mom 150.

1) #22 Perry Brown (15.56)
2) #4 Ben Rowe (15.638)
3) #51 Zach Stroupe (15.66)
4) #44 Trevor Sanborn (15.669)
5) #8 Cassius Clark (15.687)
6) #51H Alex Haase (15.705)
7) #47 Corey Williams (15.722)
8) #98 Justin Wakefield (15.723)
9) #20 John Stancill (15.731)
10) #05 Alex Fleming (15.801)
11) #5 Spencer Wauters (15.842)
12) #18 Bradley McCaskill (15.877)
13) #39 Dean Clattenburg (15.924)
14) #62 Mark Gibson (15.928)
15) #42 Tim Pinion (16.061)
16) #24 Brian Royalty (16.068)
17) #26 Brandon Johnson (16.341)
18) #09 Kevin Barrett (16.374)
19) #00 Ginny Quinones (16.38)
20) #30 Rodney Brooks (16.449)
21) #91 Heath Hindman (no time)

Saturday, 1:40pm ET - There are 21 Super Late Models here for the PASS South race.

Saturday, 1:35pm ET - The first practice session for the PASS South Super Late Models has been completed.  There were no incidents during the first session.  We are awaiting times from the officials.

The local divisions are on track now for their first practice session.

Saturday, 12:15pm ET - We are heading down trackside for the driver's meeting, which is scheduled for 12:30pm.  We will be staying down trackside for the practice sessions, which are scheduled from 1:00pm to 3:40pm.  If we can, we will swing back up to the tower between the sessions and give some updates.  Otherwise, we will be back with you before qualifying rolls off at 4:30pm to provide some practice notes and times.

Saturday, 11:45am ET - Cars have been rolling through the tech station this morning before the driver's meeting and the practice takes place after noon. 

Saturday, 11:30am ET - Two of the younger drivers that have made noise this year in PASS South racing are here today to compete in the Mom 150.

Zach Stroupe is here with his BDI Racing #51 machine.  Unlike the other races this year for Stroupe, car owner Bob Dillner will not be able to be here to watch his driver race as he has obligations with SPEED TV's coverage of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Darlington, South Carolina. 

John Stancill is here with his familiar number of 20, but the car, the color and the motor are different from the last PASS South race he competed in.  He is hoping this new car, and the new color (red instead of the usual black), will bring him good luck.

His brother Ben, who drives in the Camping World East Series, is here to assist the younger Stancill.  Ben usually spots on race day for John.

Saturday, 11:20am ET - Friday was a practice day here at the Motor Mile for the PASS South drivers.  Approximately 18 cars practiced during the day with more drivers expected to show today for the race (we will have a car count later in the day).  We do not have practice times available, but Alex Haase was unofficially the fastest driver to turn laps here.  He was on sticker tires though while many drivers turned laps on older tires.

Later today we will post practice times as we receive them from the officials for the sessions to see who is quick today on the clock.

Saturday, 11:15am ET - For those that have never been here to the great racing facility, here are a few quick facts about the track.

Motor Mile Speedway is a .416 mile asphalt racing oval. The straights are 506 feet long, 55 feet wide and banked seven degrees. Turns are 550 feet long, 70 feet wide and banked 15 degrees.

Saturday, 11:05am ET - Before the action gets started, would like to wish all the moms out there a happy Mother's Day weekend.

Saturday, 11:00am ET - Good morning from Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, Virgina.  We are on hand for tonight's PASS South "Mom 150" Super Late Model race, the third race in the 2008 season for the southern division of Pro All Stars Series racing action. 

Here is today's schedule at the facility:

12:30 PM PASS Drivers Meeting
1:00 PM Practice Starts
1:00 - 1:30 PM PASS SLM
1:45 - 2:00 PM Limited Sportsman
2:00 Grand Stands Open
2:00 - 2:30 PM PASS SLM
2:30 - 2:45 PM Rolling Thunder Modifieds
2:45 - 3:00 PM Limited Sportsman
3:00 - 3:40 PM PASS SLM
3:40 - 3:50 PM Rolling Thunder Modifieds
3:50 - 4:00 PM U-Cars


4:30 PASS SLM, Rolling Thunder, Limited Sportsman

Race Order
6:30 Rolling Thunder Modifieds (75 Laps), Limited Sportsman (50 Laps)

7:45 - 8:15 PM PASS Meet & Greet
8:20 PM Driver Introductions
8:30 PM Green Flag PASS (150 Laps)
U-Car (25 Laps)
Spencer Wauters' team is unloading his backup car after mechanical issues with his primary car.   (51 Sports Photo)
PASS South
Mom 150
May 10th, 2008
Motor Mile Speedway
Radford, Virginia
Perry Brown was the fastest driver during the first practice session of the day.   (51 Sports Photo)
Zach Stroupe has the Virginia Tech logo on his hood today.  He was the fastest in the final practice session.   (51 Sports Photo)
Ben Rowe at speed.   (51 Sports Photo)
The cars are rolling through tech prior to the driver's meeting and the practice sessions.   (51 Sports Photo)
Zach Stroupe is here today, but without his BDI Racing owner Bob Dillner as he is in Darlington (SC) for the NASCAR race tonight.   (51 Sports Photo)
John Stancill is here with a different color car than the black scheme he is used to running.   (51 Sports Photo)
The PASS South drivers and teams are getting their cars ready for today's action at Motor Mile.   (51 Sports Photo)
Trevor Sanborn was the fastest PASS South driver in the second practice session.   (51 Sports Photo)
Alex Haase was the second fastest driver during the final practice session.   (51 Sports Photo)
Corey Williams is a cool customer in his car prior to qualifying.  He once again set fast time.   (51 Sports Photo)
Rodney Brooks is hoping to keep his car on the track tonight, especially since this track has an outside wall, unlike Cordele.   (51 Sports Photo)
Kevin Barrett was able to drive his car around the track for practice, but it wouldn't start for qualifying.  He will start last tonight.  (51 Sports Photo)
Cassius Clark tied with Zach Stroupe for the second fastest time in qualifying.   (51 Sports Photo)
Tracy Moore won the Limited Sportsman division feature.  (51 Sports Photo)
Doug Paase celebrated his Rolling Thunder Modified win with his supporters.   (51 Sports Photo)
Zach Stroupe celebrated his win with the BDI Racing team.  (51 Sports Photo)
Zach Stroupe gets congrats in victory lane from car owner Bob Dillner, who is at Darlington, South Carolina covering the NASCAR race for SPEED TV.   (51 Sports Photo)