Thursday, 11:55pm ET - While Alex Haase was celebrating his win in victory lane, Justin Wakefield stood just feet away, fuming over the lap 124 wreck that put him in the wall.  Initially it appeared he was frustrated on the track at Jeff Fultz, but it was Haase that he was ticked off at, feeling he was the one that got into Fultz, which caused the incident.

We talked to all drivers involved and will have more on the controversial incident and all the action surrounding the Firecracker 125 next week on

That is it for us here at the track.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

Thursday, 11:30pm ET - Here is the unofficial finish of the Firecracker 125 (127) PASS South Super Late Model feature at Greenville-Pickens Speedway:

1) Alex Haase
2) Corey Williams
3) Jeff Fultz
4) Mark Gibson
5) Dean Clattenburg
6) Logan Ruffin
7) Jimmy Doyle
8) Heath Hindman
9) Perry Brown
10) Brandon Johnson
11) Justin Wakefield
12) Clete Caywood
13) Spencer Wauters
14) John Stancill
15) Rodney Brooks
16) Tim Pinion
17) 22x Michael Buckner
18) Alex Fleming
19) John Batten

Thursday, 10:56pm ET - Alex Haase has won the PASS South Super Late Model "Firecracker 125" at Greenville-Pickens Speedway.  Corey Williams crossed the line second with Jeff Fultz third.

We are heading down to the pits to talk to the drivers as well as watch the largest fireworks display in South Carolina tonight.  We will have the full unofficial results soon.

Thursday, 10:54pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 125 - Alex Haase gets the jump on Corey Williams ...

Thursday, 10:50pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 125 - Both drivers have been cleared, but the red flag is out to clear the track of the mess in turn one.

The Firecracker 125 has now turned into the Firecracker 127 as the series will run a green-white-checkered finish.

The top five are: Alex Haase, Corey Williams (on the outside where he has been good), Jeff Fultz, Mark Gibson and 13-year-old Logan Ruffin.

Thursday, 10:47pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 125 - Behind the leaders, Clete Caywood and Spencer Wauters have slammed the turn one wall.  Wauter's car looks shortened up pretty good.

It appears that the end of the Firecracker 125 is going to be a wreckfest.

Thursday, 10:46pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 124 - Alex Haase got the jump on Corey Williams going into one.

Thursday, 10:41pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 124 - Going into turn one, Corey Williams got ahead of Jeff Fultz.  Fultz slid his car sideways after possible contact from Alex Haase, getting into the side of Justin Wakefield, stuffing him hard into the wall. 

Wakefiield drove his car the wrong way slowly on the track as the field came around while under yellow and appeared to have had a 'discussion' with Fultz.  There was no contact though.

Jeff Fultz lost a few positions.  Now it is Corey Williams, Alex Haase, Mark Gibson and Fultz on the restart.

Thursday, 10:41pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 123 - ...

Thursday, 10:38pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 123 - John Stancill appeared to have hit the wall as he is dragging the whole car around the track with sparks flying.  He finally came to a stop on the backstretch, forcing the yellow.

This time, Jeff Fultz will be on the inside, but Corey Williams will be on the outside where he appears to prefer to be for the two-lap dash to the checkered.  Behind the two drivers is Alex Haase and Justin Wakefield, who are waiting in the wings in case something happens to the two leaders.

Thursday, 10:37pm ET - Jeff Fultz got the lead from Corey Williams, but Corey dove to the outside in turn two trying to get the lead back on that outside groove he likes.  The two run side by side.

Thursday, 10:35pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 121 - Corey Williams and Jeff Fultz are side by side.

Thursday, 10:33pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 121 - Tim Pinion has stopped on the back stretch, forcing the yellow with just a handful of laps to go.

On the restart, it will be Corey Williams, Jeff Fultz, Justin Wakefield, Alex Haase and Mark Gibson up front, racing for the win.

Thursday, 10:29pm ET - With just 10 laps remaining, Corey Williams has pulled out to at least a 10-car-length lead over Jeff Fultz. Justin Wakefield runs third with Alex Haase and Mark Gibson rounding out the top five.

Thursday, 10:27pm ET - Just a couple laps after taking second, Corey Williams put the move on Jeff Fultz on a groove of the race track that even regulars have never seen on the extreme outside of turn four to take the lead.

Thursday, 10:26pm ET - With just 24 laps to go, someone told Corey Williams it is go time.  He rocketed around the outside of Justin Wakefield like wasn't moving in turn four.  Now he is stalking Jeff Fultz.

Thursday, 10:23pm ET - Rodney Brooks appears to have broken something coming off turn two.  He was barely able to coast around to the pit entrance, but he made it and is getting out of his car.

Thursday, 10:21pm ET - It is hard to tell up front who really has the best car.  Earlier, Justin Wakefield was able to pull away from Jeff Fultz.  Once Fultz got in the lead, he has been able to pull away from Wakefield, only to see Wakefield charge back up to his bumper, then back off again.

There are 95 laps complete of the 125-lap race.

Thursday, 10:19pm ET - Clete Caywood bounced hard off the backstretch wall.  One person in the tower said he went up on two wheels.  He continued on and smacked the wall two laps later.  He is still going with a lot of damage on his car from the earlier incident.

Thursday, 10:15pm ET - Jeff Fultz made a power move in turn four, getting around Justin Wakefield for the lead at lap 76.

Thursday, 10:14pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 73 - Once again it was Justin Wakefield getting the lead going into turn one.  This time, Alex Haase stayed right on his bumper, not letting Jeff Fultz in.  However Fultz hung tough on the outside, eventually getting back into second behind Wakefield.

Thursday, 10:11pm ET - The top five at this yellow are Justin Wakefield, Jeff Fultz, Alex Fleming, Corey Williams and Dean Clattenburg.  John Stancill, Mark Gibson and Clete Caywood run just outside the top five.

15 of the 19 drivers that started are on the track.

Thursday, 10:08pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 73 - Alex Fleming went around in turn four, then was clipped by another car, which appeared to be heath Hindman, ripping off his front nose.  Hindman has some damage to the front of his car and has also made it to pit road.

Thursday, 10:03pm ET - Coming to the halfway flags, Corey Williams made a move on Alex Fleming to put himself in the top five for the first time tonight after starting 19th.

Fleming is now sixth and still is showing smoke out from under his car, especially when he brakes for turn one.

Thursday, 10:02pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 59 - Justin Wakefield got the jump again on Jeff Fultz as the two appeared to try and out jump the other on the restart.  Fultz tried to hang with him on the outside going into three, but had to get behind him coming off four.

Thursday, 9:57pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 59 - Rodney Brooks went around in turn four, possibly off the bumper of Perry Brown.  Both have made it to pit road and are checking their cars over.

Justin Wakefield still leads Jeff Fultz, Alex Haase, Dean Clattenburg and Alex Fleming. 

Corey Williams has moved up to sixth after a fierce battle with the back half of the top 10. 

Thursday, 9:55pm ET - At lap 50, here is the top 10: Justin Wakefield, Jeff Fultz, Alex Haase, Dean Clattenburg, Jimmy Doyle, Heath Hindman, Alex Fleming, Mark Gibson, Corey Williams and John Stancill.

Thursday, 9:50pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 41 - Justin Wakefield got the jump again on Jeff Fultz and currently leads.

Thursday, 9:49pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 41 - Logan Ruffin made a move coming off turn two under Perry Brown.  It wasn't clear from up in the media booth whether Ruffin came up or Brown came down.  Either way, Brown spun and Ruffin continued. 

This will be a quickie yellow.  Justin Wakefield and Jeff Fultz will once again bring them back to the green.

Thursday, 9:45pm ET - We just about had a big mess on the back stretch as a few cars mid pack got together, causing everyone to play bumper tag going into turn three, but no one went around and we stay green.

Justin Wakefield did hold serve up front, but Jeff Fultz has been hounding his back bumper since the restart.

Thursday, 9:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 26 - Justin Wakefield and Jeff Fultz lead them under the flagstand.

Thursday, 9:37pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 26 - Tim Pinion has spun on the backstretch, coming to a rest sideways midway down the track. 

The current top five: Justin Wakefield, Jeff Fultz, Alex Haase, Dean Clattenburg and Jimmy Doyle.

Thursday, 9:35pm ET - At lap 25, Corey Williams has moved up to 12th, but is over a half lap down to the leader.

Thursday, 9:33pm ET - At lap 20, Justin Wakefield still leads the pack.  Alex Haase has moved up to second with Jeff Fultz right behind him.  Dean Clattenburg is fourth with Jimmy Doyle fifth.  Heath Hindman has slid back from the front spot to sixth with Perry Brown and Alex Fleming, who is showing some signs of smoke, next in line.  Logan Ruffin has fallen back to ninth and Mark Gibson runs 10th.

Thursday, 9:26pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 1 - Heath Hindman and Justin Wakefield lead the field down the front stretch once again with Wakefield getting the jump and the lead.

Thursday, 9:22pm ET - YELLOW FLAG- LAP 1 - John Batten and Clete Caywood got together in turn three on the first lap, causing the first yellow flag.

Heath Hindman got the jump on the start and currently hold the top spot.  Justin Wakefield and Alex Haase are second and third with Logan Ruffin dropping back to the fourth position after getting hung out on the outside.  Jeff Fultz runs fifth.

Thursday, 9:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Heath Hindman and Logan Ruffin lead the field down the front stretch and under the flag stand to start the Firecracker 125.

Thursday, 9:18pm ET - Corey Williams was on pit road when the engines were fired, but has joined the field on the track. 

Thursday, 9:17pm ET - The driver introductions have been completed, the engines are fired and the drivers are currently circulating the track on their warm-up laps.

Thursday, 9:10pm ET - The National Anthem has been sung and the PASS South Super Late Model drivers have driven their cars to the front stretch for a quick driver's introduction prior to the race.

Thursday, 9:00pm ET - The two local division races have completed.  Dale Walker won the Renegade race and Ricky Stephens won the Chargers division feature.

The PASS South Super Late Model Series  "Firecracker 125" is up next.

Thursday, 8:55pm ET - Dean Clattenburg is one driver that hasn't made many appearances this year that is here.  We spoke to him on why he hasn't made all the shows.  He said his car just wasn't right, so he has been working on it getting it up to speed.  Clattenburg did say that his car is still not quite there, but he is right in the mix now where before he wasn't even close.

Thursday, 8:45pm ET - During the driver meet and greet, the top 10 drivers redrew for their starting position.  It was an intense draw session as the front row was determined by the ninth pull of the pill.  Heath Hindman, who qualified ninth, will start from the pole position.  Logan Ruffin, who qualified 10th, will start outside pole.

Here is the starting grid for tonight's Firecracker 125 PASS South Super Late Model feature:

1) 91 Heath Hindman
2) 76 Logan Ruffin
3) 98 Justin Wakefield
4) 67 Jeff Fultz
5) 51H Alex Haase
6) 20 John Stancill
7) 39 Dean Clattenburg
8) 22 Perry Brown
9) 71 Jimmy Doyle
10) 62 Mark Gibson
11) 05 Alex Fleming
12) 14 Clete Caywood
13) 48 John Batten
14) 5 Spencer Wauters
15) 26 Brandon Johnson
16) 42 Tim Pinion
17) 22x Michael Buckner
18) 30 Rodney Brooks
19) 47 Corey Williams

Thursday, 8:43pm ET - We talked to Justin Wakefield after he set fast time.  He said his car finally got fast right there during qualifying.  He has been fighting a loose car, but he feels that the night time will cause the track to tighten up to his liking.

Thursday, 8:40pm ET - We found out what the situation was with Corey Williams' car.  They were having trouble with the left front spring binding up on the car, so they decided to make some changes to fix the issue.  They rushed to get it fixed before qualifying and it just wasn't fixed properly when he went out on the track.  Rather than risk stuffing his car into the wall, he pulled it in and decided it was better to fix it right than wad it up. 

Thursday, 8:37pm ET - Sorry for the delay in coverage.  We got stuck down on the track during the local heat races, and due to being behind on time, the PASS South cars immediately went to the front stretch for the driver meet and greet.  We have some information from the pit area that we will be posting momentarily.

The local divisions are on track now for their features.

Thursday, 6:55pm ET - The track is currently silent as there is a driver's meeting for the local divisions.  Their heat races will begin around 7:15pm.

We are going to head down to the track and chat with some of the PASS South Super Late Model drivers.  We will be back with more updates before the green flag.

Thursday, 6:40pm ET - Local divisions are on the track for their warm-up laps. 

Thursday, 6:38pm ET - Qualifying results (the top 10 will redraw for their starting positions during the driver meet and greet later this evening):

1) 98 Justin Wakefield (20.127)
2) 67 Jeff Fultz (20.398)
3) 71 Jimmy Doyle (20.402)
4) 22 Perry Brown (20.424)
5) 62 Mark Gibson (20.549)
6) 39 Dean Clattenburg (20.552)
7) 51H Alex Haase (20.580)
8) 20 John Stancill (20.583)
9) 91 Heath Hindman (20.591)
10) 76 Logan Ruffin (20.653)
11) 05 Alex Fleming (20.696)
12) 14 Clete Caywood (20.718)
13) 48 John Batten (20.910)
14) 5 Spencer Wauters (21.179)
15) 26 Brandon Johnson (21.306)
16) 42 Tim Pinion (21.388)
17) 22x Michael Buckner (21.397)
18) 30 Rodney Brooks (21.648)
19) 47 Corey Williams (no time)

Two drivers that were here did not attempt to qualify:

42x Samantha Vannoy - wrecked in practice
61 Chase Austin - loaded up before qualifying started

Thursday, 6:30pm ET - A few notes from qualifying:

Spencer Wauters looped it on his first lap of qualifying and appeared to make slight contact with the backstretch wall.  He was able to continue on and complete his qualifying run.

The Corey Williams saga continues.  His crew had pushed his car to the back of the qualifying line, then pushed it to the front next to all the cars, waiting until last to go on the track.  He was to be the final qualifier and did get on the track for his one lap of qualifying (PASS was only going to give him one lap due to not being in line at the time the qualifying started).  He weaved his car slow around the track, and coming off four to get the green flag for his lap he turned it hard left into the pit area, behind all the other cars that qualified.  Something still must be amiss on his car.

Chase Austin did not attempt to qualify and has loaded up his car to head home.

Thursday, 6:26pm ET - Justin Wakefield is the fastest qualifier for the first time in his PASS South Super Late Model career.  We will have the complete results from qualifying in a short bit.

Thursday, 6:15pm ET - Timing and scoring is a bit confusing up in the officials' tower.  There are two different times being called out every time a driver crosses the scoring loops for a qualifying lap.  The track has their own timing system while PASS has theirs going as well.  The times are slightly different due to placement of the timing equipment on the track.  The good news is that the fans are only hearing one set of times by Alan Dietz, the PASS South Series announcer, so they aren't as confused as we are here in the booth. 

We assume PASS will use their own times and not the track's times.

Thursday, 6:07pm ET - The first car has hit the track for qualifying, which is the #30 of Rodney Brooks.  As he pulled on the track, Corey Williams' team got his car off the jack stands and has pushed the car to the end of the qualifying line.  Whatever the situation was, they got it corrected, or good enough to make a qualifying attempt.

We will follow up later with Williams to see what the issue was.

Thursday, 6:00pm ET - An interesting development is occuring down in the pits.  All the cars are lined up and ready to qualify, except the current points leader Corey Williams.  His car is sitting in his pit area on jack stands.  His crew doesn't seem to be scrambling around it, so it appears he will not get in line for a qualifying attempt.

Once we find out more we will post it.

Thursday, 5:48pm ET - Currently the local divisions are in the middle of their practice sessions.  Qualifying for the PASS South Super Late Models is scheduled to start at the top of the hour.

Thursday, 5:25pm ET - There are 21 PASS South Super Late Model cars here for tonight's race.  Here is a list of who is here:

05 Alex Fleming
5 Spencer Wauters
14 Clete Caywood
20 John Stancill
22 Perry Brown
22x Michael Buckner
26 Brandon Johnson
30 Rodney Brooks
39 Dean Clattenburg
42 Tim Pinion
42x Samantha Vannoy (will not start - wrecked in practice)
47 Corey Williams
48 John Batten
51H Alex Haase
61 Chase Austin
62 Mark Gibson
67 Jeff Fultz
71 Jimmy Doyle
76 Logan Ruffin
91 Heath Hindman
98 Justin Wakefield

Thursday, 5:20pm ET - The second practice session has been completed, and unfortunately we have an early casualty.

The #42x of Samantha Vannoy smacked the wall in turns one and two pretty hard, damaging the right side of her car.  She was able to drive her car into the pit area, but her team has loaded up her machine in the trailer and it appears she will not start tonight's Firecracker 125.

Thursday, 5:15pm ET - Other news and notes from the pits after the first session:

Heath Hindman said his car was all over the place.  He said it was like someone was putting fluids down on the track.

Alex Fleming didn't feel like he was getting what he needed out of his car with his current transmission, so the team was busy changing it to hopefully get more out of his #05 machine.

Perry Brown said his car is good, just a little loose off.  He said that tonight late in the race the track might favor the drivers with less horsepower as the track is slick and too much HP will cause some wheelspin.

Jeff Fultz only had one word to say about his car ... it is "good."

Alex Haase said the track is real greasy, which is certainly affecting everyone's lap times right now.

Thursday, 5:10pm ET - During the first session, the only issue on the track was a spin in turn two by Rodney Brooks.  The racer from the north said he is trying to get used to the track and thinks he will be right there with them tonight.  He didn't hit the wall and didn't have any damage, so he will be good to go.

Thursday, 5:05pm ET - As the first practice session got underway, Corey Williams' car sat silent on pit road.  Williams had a battery problem, which kept him off the track for the first part of the session.  Once they got a battery charged and in his car, he went out and turned some laps.  During the practice break he said he was "fighting tires" and was a bit all over the track.

Thursday, 5:00pm ET - The first practice session is over and the second session is on track at the moment.  Unfortunately we will not have times from practice, but that was not the fault of anyone at the track, rather an airplane.

The airline lost the baggage with the transponders in it that the officials had coming down to Greenville.  The good news is that they were able to find the bag and get it to the track before practice.  The bad news was that the transponders needed to be charged, so they are currently sitting in tech getting juiced up for later on in the day.

We will have more news from practice momentarily.

Thursday, 2:55pm ET - It is about time for the PASS South drivers to hit the track for practice.  We are going to head down trackside to take photos and keep tabs on things throughout the two sessions.  If we can, we will update something throughout the session.  Otherwise, we will be back with the official car count and hopefully some times from the practice.

Thursday, 2:35pm ET - Speaking of drivers that are here, we mentioned young Logan Ruffin.  The Tennessee racer is just 13 years old (turns 14 on July 7th).  Earlier this week it was announced in his official discussion forum at (also the location for the short-track message boards) that he will be featured in this month’s Sports Illustrated’s “Where Will They Be?” report, which showcases 17 athletes that are on the rise in the sports world.  Last year the then 17-year-old Joey Logano was the featured athlete.  This year Ruffin is the only racer featured amongst the group.

Thursday, 2:30pm ET - The early count of cars is just over the 20 mark for the PASS South Super Late Model feature.  Looking down from the press tower, we see the cars of John Stancill, Spencer Wauters, Jeff Fultz, Logan Ruffin, Alex Haase, Mark Gibson, Justin Wakefield, Corey Williams, Clete Caywood, Tim Pinion, Brandon Johnson, Rodney Brooks, Perry Brown, Alex Fleming and others.  At quick glance, we do not see Heath Hindman, but he is expected to be here, so he might just be somewhere hiding at the moment.

The only driver not here in the top-10 in points is Zach Stroupe, who currently sits in the eighth position.

Thursday, 2:10pm ET - On the official Pro All Stars Series (PASS) site this week at, it was announced that tonight's show will also feature the largest fireworks show in the State of South Carolina.  Fans around the area are encouraged to come on out for some great racing action with the PASS South Super Late Models and the local Renegade and Chargers classes, then stick around for the great fireworks display.  If you cannot make it to the track, we will keep you up to speed on the action right here on

Thursday, 2:05pm ET - The weather today at Greenville-Pickens is a typical summer day.  The temperature will hang around the 90 degree mark throughout the day and into the evening, only dropping a few degrees prior to race time.  The good news is, according to the weather experts, there is a zero-percent chance of rain, so we are going to see some great racing action this evening.

Thursday, 2:00pm ET - Good afternoon from Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Greenville (Easley), South Carolina for the Pro All Stars Series South “Firecracker 125” Super Late Model event. will be on hand for the entire day here and will have coverage of the action as it happens at the track.

Here is today’s race schedule:

Backstretch Gate Opens at 1 PM (Admission is $20.00)
Pit Gate open s @ 1pm
General Admission Grandstand Gate Opens at 4 PM (Admission is $20.00)

PASS SLM Practice 3:00-4:00
PASS SLM Practice  4:30-5:15
PASS Drivers Meeting @ 5:20pm

Charger Practice 5:30-5:40

Renegade Practice 5:40-5:50

PASS SLM Time Trials 6:00-6:30

Warm Up
Renegade 6:35-6:40
Charger 6:40-6:45
Renegade Drivers' Meeting: 6:50
Charger Drivers' Meeting: 6:55
7: 15pm

PASS Last Chance 15 laps (if needed)
Renegade heats (2)
Charger heats (2)

7:30 – 8:15 Meet and Greet

8:30 pm
Renegade feature (10 laps)
Charger feature (12 laps)
PASS Event Green flag @ 9:00 pm
Fireworks display approx 10:30 following main event
PASS South
Firecracker 125
July 3rd, 2008
Greenville-Pickens Speedway
Greenville (Easley), SC
Trackside Now: PASS South Firecracker 125 at Greenville-Pickens
Alex Haase Picks Up Second PASS South Super Late Model Victory In A Row
The winner's trophy will celebrate the victory for the winning driver as well as pay tribute to the birth of our nation. (51 Sports Photo)
Alex Haase at speed. (51 Sports Photo)
Samantha Vannoy smacked the wall hard during practice, damaging her car too much to race later tonight. (51 Sports Photo)
No, Spencer Wauters isn't trying to escape the sun by climbing under his car.  He is trying to get it dialed in for qualifying. (51 Sports Photo)
Alex Fleming and his crew work under his car to change the transmission and other things for the race.  He requested this photo be posted to prove they do get under his car and work on it.  It must be some inside joke we aren't aware of. (51 Sports Photo)
Corey Williams changed out his battery before the start of practice. (51 Sports Photo)
The American Flag flies in the infield here at Greenville-Pickens. (51 Sports Photo)
Corey Williams and Mark Gibson are parked next to each other in the pits. (51 Sports Photo)
Teams are getting unloaded and ready to practice. (51 Sports Photo)
The transponders, which almost didn't make it here since the airline lost the baggage initially, sit charging in the tech area during the practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Corey William's car sits on jack stands while everyone else is lined up to qualify. (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Fultz was second fastest during the qualifying session. (51 Sports Photo)
Chase Austin's car is loaded up and headed home before the feature. (51 Sports Photo)
Spencer Wauters goes for a ride down the backstretch during his qualifying run. (51 Sports Photo)
Justin Wakefield set fast time for the Firecracker 125. (51 Sports Photo)
It was probably best we didn't get a clear photo of Spencer Wauters' damaged machine.  The car was trashed. (51 Sports Photo)
The top three finishers in the Firecracker 125, from left to right, Corey Williams (second), Jeff Fultz (third) and Alex Haase (first. (51 Sports Photo)