Trackside Now: PASS South Easter Bunny 150
Corey Williams Wins Easter Bunny 150
Saturday, 9:45pm - The teams are all packing up and heading out from Hickory Motor Speedway, and that is it for us tonight.

Stay tuned next week to for the race stories from the third annual Easter Bunny 150.

Saturday, 9:35pm - Here is the finishing results from tonight's Easter Bunny 150:

147Corey Williams
231Ryan Lawler
320John Stancill
451Zach Stroupe
591Heath Lindman
68Cassius Clark
797John Fleming
817Travis  Benjamin
92RMike Rowe
100Shaun  Turple
1122Perry  Brown
1298Justin Wakefield
134RBen Rowe
1418Bradley McBaskill
1548John Batten
1635Derek Ramstrom
1739SRyan Sieg
1870Jeff Choquette
1914Clete Caywood
2016Tom McCann Jr
2151HAlex Haase
2282Grant Enfinger
2362gMark Gibson
2439Dean Clattenburg
2526Brandon Johnson
2671Jimmy Doyle
2752Butch Miller
2805Alex Fleming
2994Mich Cobb
3042Tim Pinion

Saturday, 9:15pm - Corey Williams wins the third annual Easter Bunny 150.

Folks, sometimes things happen for a reason. 

We apologize, but we had equipment failure there during the last 50 laps, which interrupted the live updates.  We think the excitement of this race caused interruption in our services.  Let us back up to the last restart.

The green flag came out at lap 107 with the battle for the lead heating up between Corey Williams and Ryan Lawler.  At lap 118, Lawler worked his way around Williams for the top spot with Zach Stroupe running a close third and John Stancill back in fourth. 

It settled down for a few laps before it got heated up once again for the lead.  Williams and Lawler battled side by side for the lead with about 17 laps to go.  This allowed Stroupe and Stancill to close up on the two frontrunners.

Williams snagged the lead solidly a few laps later while Stancill snuck around Stroupe for the third position.  Stancill then made his presence known on the back bumper of Lawler with Stroupe looming right behind.

Over the final laps, Williams was able to pull away from the three drivers that were nose to tail for the runnerup spot.  Weaving around lap traffic on the white flag lap, Lawler held onto second place with Stancill and Stroupe following him across the line.  Heath Hindman crossed the line fifth, but the victory belonged to Williams.

We are getting a full race rundown and will have that shortly.

Saturday, 8:46pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 8:39pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 107: The caution is out on lap 107.  Mike Rowe made contact with Travis Benjamin, who spun down the backstretch.  Jeff Choquette and Dean Clattenburg were also involved.  Benjamin has continued.  Choquette is waiting for a wrecker.

Saturday, 8:38pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 8:36pm - Ben Rowe has not lost a lap under this caution yet and his Richard Moody Racing team is thrashing to repair the damage to his car before he does.

The restart order will be Ryan Lawler, Corey Williams, Travis Benjamin, MIke Rowe, John Stancill, Zach Stroupe, Cassius Clark and Grant Enfinger.

Saturday, 8:35pm - Jeff Choquette has just pitted for a flat left rear tire, caused by contact in that turn four melee.

Timing and scoring officals are still trying to figure out who the new leader is.  We'll keep you posted.

Saturday, 8:32pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 105: On lap 104, the leaders have encountered trouble in the form of lapped cars.  A few cars tangled and Jeff Choquette barely clipped it.  Ben Rowe, Zach Stroupe and John Stancill were also among the drivers involved.  Rowe has fairly heavy damage and has lost his rear bumper and spoiler.  Derek Ramstrom is stalled on the race track as well.

Saturday, 8:31pm - The leaders are working heavy lapped traffic right now, with Choquette just barely ahead of Ben Rowe.

Saturday, 8:30pm - At lap 100, here is your top 10 - Jeff Choquette, Ben Rowe, Zach Stroupe, Corey Williams, Ryan Lawler, Heath Hindman, Travis Benjamin, John Stancil, Cassius Clark and Mike Rowe

Saturday, 8:28pm - After visiting pit road several times, the #26 of Brandon Johnson is back on the track - several laps down.

Saturday, 8:27pm - At lap 85, Butch Miller and Jimmy Doyle have both pulled off the track.

Saturday, 8:25pm - At the halfway mark (lap 75), the top 10 are: 1) Jeff Choquette, 2) Heath Hindman, 3) Ben Rowe, 4) Zach Stroupe, 5) Corey Williams, 6) Ryan Lawler, 7) Mike Rowe, 8) Cassius Clark, 9) Grant Enfinger, 10) Travis Benjamin

Saturday, 8:21pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 8:19pm - The red flag is gone and the race is now under yellow.  So now that the pits are open here is a damage report. Kyle Busch wasted no time getting to work ripping body panels off Alex Haase's car.  The rest of the crew is hard at work repairing it. 

John Batten's team has the hood of the #48 up and is working away. 

Randy Johnson looks done for the night and several others, including Travis Benjamin, Butch Miller, Shawn Turple and Ryan Seig are back on the track.

Top five on the restart will be: 1) Jeff Choquette, 2) Heath Hindman, 3) Ben Rowe, 4) Corey Williams, 5) Zach Stroupe

Saturday, 8:17pm - The red flag had mixed results for Kyle Busch.  The good news was that it allowed him to sneak into the tunnel-less infield after arriving at Hickory after the race began.  The bad news is that he now gets to examine the heavy damage on the #51H car that he owns and Alex Haase drives.

Saturday, 8:15pm - The drivers involved in the backstretch crash include Alex Haase, Shawn Turple, Butch Miller, John Batten, Travis Benjamin, Justin Wakefield, Jimmy Doyle and Ryan Seig.

A track wrecker is currently lifting the #26 car of luckless Brandon Johnson off Alex Haase's #51H.  We don't really expect either car to continue because they are both heavily damaged.

Saturday, 8:10pm - RED FLAG - Lap 64: The officials have put the red flag out to clean up the mess.  The field is stopped coming off turn two, just in front of where the wreck occured.

Saturday, 8:09pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 64: There is a yellow flag out for a big wreck on the backstretch right after the restart.  We're still counting the cars that are involved....stand by for the full list.  It will be a long one.

Saturday, 8:08pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 8:05pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 63: The caution is out for a spin on the frontstretch by Derek Ramstrom.  Also involved was Travis Benjamin.  Both cars appear to have no major damage and should continue on in the race.

Impresive early on is John Stancill, who started way back in 24th.  Stancill currently sits in the 12th position.

The current top five are: 1) Jeff Choquette, 2) Heath Hindman, 3) Ben Rowe, 4) Corey Williams, 5) Zach Stroupe

Saturday, 8:03pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 8:02pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 58: The caution is out for a tangle between Ryan Seig, Bradley McCaskill and Brandon Johnson. No major damage occured during the incident and all were able to drive away.

Top three: 1) Jeff Choquette, 2) Heath Hindman, 3) Ben Rowe

Saturday, 8:00pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 7:59pm - Travis Benjamin has been pitting repeatedly under the last few cautions for adjustments to his #17.  Benjamin is still on the lead lap.

Mitch Cobb has retired from the race.

Saturday, 7:57pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 53: The caution is out for a backstretch spin by Clete Claywood.

Saturday, 7:56pm - At lap 50, your top 10 are Jeff Choquette, Heath Hindman, Corey Williams, Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Ryan Lawler, Mike Rowe, Grant Enfinger, Zach Stroupe and Butch Miller

Saturday, 7:56pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 7:51pm - Derek Ramstrom has returned to the track without lossing a lap after being involved in that latest incident.

Saturday, 7:51pm - Mitch Cobb is sitting on pit road with his team working on the front end of his #94 machine.  Alex Fleming has gotten out of his car, with damage resulting from that log-jam knocking him out of the event.

Saturday, 7:51pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 46: The complexion of the top 10 changed quickly with this incident. 

The lapped car of Brandon Johnson spun in turn four with Cassius Clark and Zach Stroupe narrowly missing him.  Top 10 runners Mitch Cobb and Derek Ramstrom didn’t and both wrecked, along With the lapped car of Tom McCann.

Top five on the restart will be: Jeff Choquette, Heath Hindman, Ben Rowe, Corey Williams and Cassius Clark.

Saturday, 7:50pm - There has been some fierce side by side battling between Cassius Clark and Heath Hindman for nearly 20 laps for the second position behind Jeff Choquette.  Hindman finally worked his way solidly into the second position as the race continues under green with 40 laps complete.

Saturday, 7:44pm - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 7:42pm - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 20: Jimmy Doyle, running in fifth, attempted to pass Cassius Clark for the fourth position when he lost control off turn four and spun.  He was able to continue.

At the lap 20 mark, the top three are: 1) Jefff Choquette, 2) Heath hindman, 3) Corey Williams

Saturday, 7:39pm - On the start, Jeff Choquette jumped out to the lead while Zach Stroupe dropped back a few positions on the high side.  Stroupe has settled into the sixth position after lap 10.  Heath Hindman is running second with Cassius Clark in third.

Saturday, 7:35pm - GREEN FLAG - The Easter Bunny 150 has started.

Saturday, 7:33pm - The fans are in their seats, the National Anthem has been played and the engines are fired.  We are just moments away from the start of the PASS South Easter Bunny 150.

Saturday, 7:20pm - John Stancill spun during his qualifying run earlier, but he raced his way into te field during his consi race.  We caught up with Stancill during the fan meet and greet, and he said yesterday was the first time he had seen the car he is racing tonight.

Stancill comes from a Legends Car background and was the 2007 Semi-Pro national champion.

Saturday, 7:05pm - Jeff Choquette is starting on the pole for the Easter Bunny 150, but he is looking at the big picture of tonight’s race already.  Moments after pulling the lucky number one pill from a hat, Choquette said that instead of trying to check out early, he plans to be patient with the goal of being there at the end.

Saturday, 7:01pm - The redraw has occured for the top 10 starters in the Easter Bunny 150, and it was Jeff Choquette drawing the number one starting spot.  Zach Stroupe drew the second starting position and will start outside Choquette when the green flag flies.

Here is the complete starting grid for the 3rd Annual Easter Bunny 150:

170Jeff Choquette
251Zach Stroupe
391Heath Hindman
447Corey Williams
58 Cassius Clark
671Jimmy Doyle
74RBen Rowe
835Derek Ramstrom
931Ryan Lawler
1082Grant Enfinger
1194Mich Cobb
1216Tom McCann Jr
1362gMark Gibson
140Shaun  Turple
1522Perry  Brown
162RMike Rowe
1718Bradley McBaskill
1898Justin Wakefield
1948John Batten
2052Butch Miller
2105Alex Fleming(consi one - 1st)
2239Dean Clattenburg(consi two - 1st)
2317Travis Benjamin(consi three - 1st)
2420John Stancill(consi one - 2nd)
2539SRyan Sieg(consi two - 2nd)
2697John Fleming(consi three - 2nd)
2726Brandon Johnson(PASS South Provisional)
2842Tim Pinion(PASS South Provisional)
2951HAlex Haase(last chance - 1st)
3014Clete Caywood(final provisional awarded)

Saturday, 6:55pm - The #51H Toyota Camry owned by Kyle Busch Motorsports and driven by Alex Haase has just been announced as the best appearing car for tonight’s race.

Saturday, 6:50pm - We have just received word that Kyle Busch is en route on a place from Nashville to the Hickory area so he can catch tonight’s Easter Bunny 150 in person.  Busch finished 16th in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Nashville Superspeedway after spinning, but he hopes that his Kyle Busch Motorsports development driver Alex Haase will have a better night.  So far, he has.  Haase won the last chance event to get into the EB 150 feature.

Saturday, 6:45pm - We are way behind schedule here at Hickory Motor Speedway due to oil downs and the funeral stoppage next door.  At this point in the evening we

Saturday, 6:45pm - We are way behind schedule here at Hickory Motor Speedway due to oil downs and the funeral stoppage next door.  At this point in the evening we would be well into the Easter Bunny 150.  However the officials want to make sure the fans get what they came for, which includes the autograph session, so that will still take place for the loyal fans that came out to meet their favorite drivers and watch some great racing.

Saturday, 6:38pm - The Rolling Thunder Modified feature was reduced to 30 laps due to the time and amount of cautions.  When the marathon race finally ended, it was Billy Morris taking the checkered flag.

Saturday, 6:15pm - Travis Benjamin’s team likes their chances for tonight’s race.  They time trialed 21st after gambling on some pre-qualifying changes to the car.  That didn’t end up working out, so they went back to a more proven set-up for their consi race – which Benjamin won. 

Saturday, 6:10pm - caught up with last year’s Easter Bunny 150 winner Ryan Lawler who reports that he is very happy with his car for tonight’s race.  Lawler reports that his car is just as good or better as it was after practice last year.  He timed trialed 10th for the race, but could start as high as the pole after the top 10 position are redrawn for.

Saturday, 6:00pm - Brandon Johnson and Tim Pinion were awarded the two PASS South provisionals.  Since no one is available for the PASS North provisional, Clete Caywood was slotted into the field, starting last.  There will be 30 cars starting the PASS South Easter Bunny 150 tonight.

We will have a full lineup right before the race starts, after the redraw.

Saturday, 5:55pm - The Rolling Thunder Modifieds are on the track for their feature.

Saturday, 5:50pm - Alex Haase made the best of the last chance race by winning the race, and more importantly, earning a spot in the Easter Bunny 150 race.  Behind him, a few drivers wrecked trying to get back to the checkered flag, which didn't matter since they were not in a transfer spot.  Damaged in the wreck was the #93 of Chris Roberts and the #24 of Brian Royalty, who borrowed a carburetor from the #51 BDI Racing team and driver Zach Stroupe.

Provisionals are being decided right now.  We will have the full rundown later as the top 10 redraw will occur on the front stretch in front of the fans before the race starts.

Last Chance Results
151HAlex Haase
214  Clete Caywood
35    Spencer Wauters
493   Chris Roberts
524   Brian Royalty
640   Eric Chase
74 L  Blake  Lehr
891mJoe Mattress
95b   Tom Buzze

Saturday, 5:35pm - Cody Smith passed Ryan Glenski for the lead in the Allison Legacy Series feature and held on to take the checkered flag in their 50-lap event.  Glenski was able to hang onto second position.

The last chance race for the PASS South Easter Bunny 150

Saturday, 5:10pm - Here are the results from the three consi PASS South races.  The last chance race is scheduled after the completion of the Allison Legacy race.

Consi One
117Travis  Benjamin (transferred to feature)
297John Fleming (transferred to feature)
351H      Alex Haase
440Eric Chase
524Brian Royalty
626Brandon Johnson
742Tim Pinion

Consi Two
139Dean Clattenburg (transferred to feature)
239SRyan Sieg (transferred to feature)
314Clete Caywood
493Chris Roberts
591m     Joe Mattress
60 Ginny Quinones
715Clay Jones

Consi Three
15  Alex Fleming (transferred to feature)
220John Stancill (transferred to feature)
34 LBlake  Lehr
45  Spencer Wauters
55bTom Buzze
623Brian Roberts

Saturday, 4:50pm - Devon Haun was able to get around Nick Stroupe on a restart to grab the lead of the Pro Challenge feature.  Stroupe tried numerous laps to get back by Haun on the low side, but Haun held him off, taking the checkered flag in their feature event.

Next up is the Allison Legacy feature.

Saturday, 4:35pm - The Pro Challenge feature just took the green flag.  Nick Stroupe and Devon Haun start side by side for their event, which features 13 cars.

Saturday, 4:30pm - Alex Fleming took the checkered flag in the third race.  He was followed by John Stancill as they will both transfer to the feature.

The rest of the drivers will have to attempt to get in the show via the last-chance race.  This includes Spencer Wauters, who hasn't made the field as of yet.

Saturday, 4:25pm - Race two saw a battle of the 39 cars as Dean Clattenburg in the #39  took the checkered flag over Ryan Sieg in the #29s.  Both drivers transfer to the feature.

Saturday, 4:18pm - In the first heat race Travis Benjamin held off Maritime driver John Fleming. Both move on to the feature. 

Saturday, 4:15pm - Heat races are underway for the PASS South Super Late Models, we will have results soon.

Saturday, 3:25pm - The Pro Challenge and Allison Legacy cars have run their qualifying laps.  We will have more info on who was fastest in both divisions shortly.

A funeral has started next door to the Hickory Motor Speedway track and per their agreements, the action has stopped here at HMS until it is completed.  Once the track gets the green light, they will resume qualifying with the Rolling Thunder Mods.

Saturday, 2:45pm - Qualifying for the support divisions, including the Pro Challenge, Rolling Thunder Modifieds and the Allison Legacy Series, will take place next.

Saturday, 2:43pm - Heath Hindman has set fast time in PASS South Super Late Model Qualifying for the Easter Bunny 150.  The top 20 are locked in the field while the rest of the drivers will have to get in the show via heat races.  There will be three races with the top two from each transferring to the main.  One position comes from the final last chance race and two final spots can be added for a PASS North and PASS South provisional, putting 29 cars on the starting grid for the feature.

The top 10 will redraw later for their starting position.

PosNo.NameBest Time
191Heath Lindman14.904
271Jimmy Doyle   14.94
34RBen Rowe       14.944
470Jeff Choquette 14.97
547Corey Williams14.971
68  Cassius Clark 14.981
751Zach Stroupe 14.985
835Derek Ramstrom     14.991
982Grant Enfinger15.007
1031      Ryan Lawler   15.008
1194      Mich Cobb      15.021
1216      Tom McCann Jr       15.022
1362g     Mark Gibson  15.04
140Shaun  Turple 15.058
1522       Perry  Brown 15.061
162R       Mike Rowe    15.073
1718Bradley McBaskill  15.077
1898Justin Wakefield    15.085
1948John Batten   15.097
2052Butch Miller 15.101
2117Travis  Benjamin   15.132
2239Dean Clattenburg  15.143
235          Alex Fleming15.162
2497John Fleming15.171
2539S     Ryan Sieg     15.187
264 L       Blake  Lehr   15.225
2724Brian Royalty15.231
2814Clete Caywood      15.26
295bTom Buzze    15.263
3051H      Alex Haase   15.277
3193Chris Roberts15.298
3220John Stancill  15.333
3326Brandon Johnson  15.335
3415Clay Jones    15.357
355 Spencer Wauters   15.445
3640Eric Chase    15.513
3791m     Joe Mattress  15.521
3823Brian Roberts 15.548
3942Tim Pinion      15.624
4000Ginny Quinones      15.868

Saturday, 2:00pm - Here are a few notes while qualifying is on track.

JR Norris was on hand Friday driving one of Richie Wauters’ #5 Super Late Models.  Norris probably won’t race the car though.  Instead he was shaking it down and coaching Wauters’ son Spencer, who will enter the Easter Bunny 150.  Spencer drove the team’s other #5 which also logged plenty of laps during the day of practice.

For many drivers the Easter Bunny 150 will start off the 2008 racing season, but there are some drivers in attendance at Hickory who have already had on track success in the first few months of the year.

Three winners from Florida Speedweeks will are entered in the Easter Bunny 150.  The Super Late Model champion of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna, Jeff Choquette, has ventured up from Florida for this race.  He is joined by NSS Crate Late Model feature winner Eric Chase of Vermont and Zach Stroupe, who swept both Pro Challenge races at NSS this year.

Choquette also won Speedfest 2008 at USA International Speedway back in January.

The winner of The Rattler at South Alabama Speedway, Grant Enfinger, is also here this weekend with his #82 Super Late Model.

Saturday, 1:57pm - Ginny Quinones is on the track, starting the qualifying session for the PASS South Super Late Models.  We will have full results after qualifying is complete.

Saturday, 1:55pm - We are awaiting the time trials to start.

Saturday, 1:50pm - Practice times for the second session (PASS South):

198Justin Wakefield 14.862
217Travis  Benjamin 14.89
322Perry  Brown      14.954
45  Alex Fleming      14.986
58  Cassius Clark    14.991
647Corey Williams   14.991
752Butch Miller       15.007
82RMike Rowe        15.03
918Bradley McBaskill      15.053
1051H    Alex Haase        15.057
1120      John Stancill      15.066
124R      Ben Rowe         15.068
1351      Zach Stroupe     15.087
1462g    Mark Gibson      15.11
1531      Ryan Lawler      15.121
1682      Grant Enfinger   15.123
1771      Jimmy Doyle     15.126
184 L     Blake  Lehr       15.128
1997      John Fleming    15.133
2048      John Batten       15.192
2194      Mich Cobb        15.205
225Spencer Wauters      15.213
235b      Tom Buzze       15.218
2470     Jeff Choquette    15.289
2516     Tom McCann Jr 15.306
2639S   Ryan Sieg         15.312
2735     Derek Ramstrom15.35
2824     Brian Royalty     15.412
2940     Eric Chase         15.547
3091     Joe Mattress      15.563
3123     Brian Roberts     15.565
3226     Brandon Johnson15.568
3393     Chris Roberts     15.586
3400      Ginny Quinones   15.638
3515     Clay Jones          15.642
363      John Michaels     15.719
3742    Tim Pinion           15.8
3891    Heath Lindman     19.158

Saturday, 1:07pm - Justin Wakefield posted the fastest time during the second round of practice with a 14.862 second lap.  Travis Benjamin, Perry Brown, Alex Fleming and Cassius Clark rounded out the top five. 

We are awaiting the full practice results and will post those once available.

Saturday, 12:53pm - Next up at HMS is the driver's meeting, followed by time trials at 1:30pm.

Saturday, 12:49pm - The Hickory Motor Speedway is currently silent as the second and final practice sessions have completed.  No major incidents occured during the sessions except for a few spins during the Allison Legacy practice.

We will have full timing and scoring from the second practice session once we get it from officials.

Saturday, 12:35pm - A few cars appear to be done for the day.  Both Joseph Burns and Adam Crawford will have a long drive home before qualifying.  Teams for both drivers have packed it in for the day.

Shaun Turple's crew is still working on his car after a three-car wreck earlier in practice.

Saturday, 11:45am - Practice times from the first round of PASS South SLMs shows Corey Williams pacing the session.  Here are the times:

147Corey Williams14.758
282Grant Enfinger 14.852
3Shaun  Turple         14.856
431 Ryan Lawler           14.858
55   Alex Fleming          14.9
694 Mich Cobb             14.9
72R Mike Rowe            14.965
839 Dean Clattenburg           14.985
962dJeff Day         14.999
10      20 John Stancill  15.009
11      77 Jeff Choquette15.017
12      71  Jimmy Doyle  15.019
13      4R Ben Rowe      15.024
14        5 Spencer Wauters           15.033
158 Cassius Clark 15.042
16      48 John Batten            15.043
17      91 Heath Lindman       15.058
18      39S      Ryan Sieg              15.066
19      18 Bradley McBaskill  15.067
20      51H      Alex Haase     15.07
21      98 Justin Wakefield     15.122
22      51 Zach Stroupe          15.125
23      5           Tom Buzze            15.157
24      4 L         Blake  Lehr   15.167
25      16  Tom McCann Jr      15.178
26      17  Travis  Benjamin     15.214
27      40  Eric Chase             15.223
28      35 Derek Ramstrom    15.259
29      22   Perry  Brown         15.267
30      97   John Fleming        15.267
31      14   Clete Caywood      15.362
32      14   Adam Crawford      15.457
33      15   Clay Jones            15.48
34      93   Chris Roberts        15.64
35        0  Ginny Quinones     15.725
36      24    Brian Royalty       15.728
37      26    Brandon Johnson  15.846
38     35NYJoseph  Burns       15.866
39      42   Tim Pinion             16.075
40      91mJoe Mattress         16.149

Saturday, 11:44am - The car that Ben Rowe is driving here this weekend has been to Hickory before – but not with a great outcome.  Last season, Corey LaJoie drove it as a teammate to Rowe at Richard Moody Racing, but crashed it before the race and loaded it up early.  The car was rebuilt and is now Rowe’s primary machine.  His back-up car also has a rough past.  It was the car that he was leading with in a qualifying race for Speedfest 2008 at USA International Speedway (FL) in January when his oil filter failed.  That led to the oil in the sump being dumped under the tire and a big wreck ensued.  The car was also rebuilt and Rowe has it at his disposal if needed today.

Saturday, 11:42am - Blake Lehr is here and will run the full PASS South schedule this season.  The 17-year-old Florida driver will run the #4 LehrJet Racing SLM for those races, but also has a ride in the #3 car of Fountain Motorsports for the entire ASA Late Model Southern Division schedule.  That car has been prepared by Florida short track legend Dick Anderson.

Saturday, 11:40am - The first round of practice for all divisions has been completed.  The Allison Legacy cars are now on the track for their second round of practice.

Saturday, 11:30am - Most know Mike Twist as's Editor, but Twist is also a wheelman.  Making his Pro Challenge debut, Twist will drive the #151 Pro Challenge truck in tonight's race.

Saturday, 11:25am - With the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series off this weekend, there is plenty of big-time racing influence at Hickory.

Cup drivers Kyle Busch and Bill Elliott both own cars that will be racing to get into the show today.  Busch’s teenage discovery Alex Haase is here in the #51H and Elliott’s #94 is adorning the car of Mitch Cobb.

A few Cup vendors are in the house as well. BSR and Racing Electronics have brought the big rigs that usually service the Cup garage to Hickory for teams to stock up on needed parts and radios.

And of course, our own Bob Dillner is here since he is not on assignment with SPEED Channel this week.  Dillner owns the #51 Super Late Model of Zach Stroupe and the #51 Pro Challenge machine of Nick Stroupe.

Saturday, 11:19am - The action has slowed once again during the PASS South practice session as a three-car incident occured in turn one.  Those involved were Shawn Turple, Joseph Burns and Spencer Wauters.  All three were able to drive off with Turple sustaining the most damage.

The green flag is back in the air as practice has resumed.

Saturday, 11:12am - Adam Crawford's weekend just got worse.  During practice he spun it on his own in turn three, smacking the outside wall.  The car was pulled off the track by a wrecker, so it is possible his weekend might be over before the green flag started.  When we find out more, we will post it.

Saturday, 11:02am - A few quick yellows displayed during the Rolling Thunder Modified practice as well as the Pro Challenge practice, but there hasn't been a major incident on the track as of yet.

The PASS South SLMs are on track.

Saturday, 10:45am - With the large amount of Allison Legacy cars that were on the track, it was amazing there was only one incident during the session, which was a single car spin.

Next up is the Rolling Thunder Mods, followed by the Pro Challenge as well as the PASS South Super Late Models.

Saturday, 10:30am - The first practice session of the day is on the track.  First up is the Allison Legacy Series.

Saturday, 10:00am - There are three drivers entered for today's EB 150 who have won in PASS South Competition at Hickory before.  Mike Rowe won the first Easter Bunny 150 in 2006. Ryan Lawler won the fall race here that season and last year's Easter Bunny 150 and Heath Hindman won the September, 2007 Over The Mountain 150.

Saturday, 9:50am - Adam Crawford unloaded his Super Late Model on Friday as well, but didn’t get much of a chance to practice.  He had engine problems in his machine and loaded it up.  He worked out the problems in his shop and is back this morning ready to race.

Saturday, 9:45am ET - JR Norris was on hand Friday driving one of Richie Wauters’ #5 Super Late Models.  Norris probably won’t race the car though.  Instead he was shaking it down and coaching Wauters’ son Spencer, who will enter the Easter Bunny 150.  Spencer drove the team’s other #5 which also logged plenty of laps during the day of practice.

Saturday, 9:40am ET - Friday was an optional day of practice for the Easter Bunny 150.  There were 45 cars that took part in the session, including one who left early and one that won't be racing today.  We'll have more on both of those fronts later on.

There were a few harmless spins, but no Super Late Model carnage during the session.  No official times were kept.

Saturday, 9:35am ET - Good morning from Hickory Motor Speedway, where there are over 40 Super Late Model teams assembled for the third running of the Easter Bunny 150 PASS South event.  The Pro Challenge Series, Rolling Thunder Modifieds and Allison Legacy cars are all here to for features events that are scheduled to be 50 laps each.  We'll bring you the latest news all day long, so sit back and get ready to enjoy the race.

Here is today's schedule.


10:50-11:00PRO CHALLENGE
12:00-12:15PRO CHALLENGE






There were a pair of drivers trying out a pair of #5 Super Late Models for car owner Richie Wauters on Friday.  But only one of them plans to race.  (51 Photo)
Heath Hindman looks over his notes during Friday's practice.  Hindman is the most recent PASS South winner at Hickory, winning the Over The Mountain 150 here on September 29th, 2007. (51 Photo) Editor Mike Twist is making his Pro Challenge debut in the #151 truck.  (51 Photo)
A three-car wreck occured during the first PASS South practice session. (51 Photo)
Adam Crawford's weekend got a little worse as he backed it into the wall during practice.  (51 Photo)
The Allison Legacy practice session was a bit crowded. (51 Photo)
Corey Williams was the fastest SLM during the first practice session.  (51 Photo)
Ben Rowe timed in third fastest in PASS South qualifying.  (51 Photo)
Heath Hindman set fast time in qualifying for tonight's Easter Bunny 150 SLM race  (51 Photo)
Travis Benjamin won the first PASS South consi race, putting him into the feature.  (51 Photo)
Devon Haun was exhausted, so he sat on the back of his truck in victory lane after winning the Pro Challenge feature.  (51 Photo)
Cody Smith won the Allison Legacy Feature  (51 Photo)
Clete Caywood will start last in the Easter Bunny 150 PASS South race..  (51 Photo)
Ryan Lawler is excited about his chances tonight.  (51 Photo)
Billy Morris won the marathon Rolling Thunder Modified feature.  (51 Photo)
Corey Williams, winner of the Easter Bunny 150.  (51 Photo)