Trackside Now: PASS North at Wiscasset Raceway
PASS Modifieds Are Also On The Card Today
Note - Trackside Now isn't really going to be trackside today.  As you'll see below, we have had challenges getting online from the track, so our updates require a short drive into town where we'll write and post limited updates throughout the day.

Sunday, 6:20pm ET - We're sorry for not having more timely updates throughout the day today.  A tight schedule and connection problems kept Trackside Now parked for much of the afternoon.

Here is the skinny on the Wiscasset race.  Johnny Clark led every lap of the Ray Haskill Ford 125 PASS North Super Late Model race and won.  Travis Benjamin put up a whale of a fight though and was right on his bumper in second place at the end.  Ben Rowe bested Cassius Clark and Adam Bates in a three-way fight for third.

Rounding out the top 10 finishers were DJ Shaw, Kelly Moore, Scott Chubbuck, Richie Dearborn and Steve Berry.

Earlier in the afternoon, Mark Lucas won his third straight PASS Modified feature over Kenny Harrison, Tom Oliver, Gary Norris, Jr. and Ronald Gooden.

The PASS North heat races were won by Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe and Richie Dearborn.

The PASS Modified heat races were won by Kenny Harrison and Tom Oliver.

Sunday, 1:20pm ET - It's back to the track where heat races is scheduled to start at 2pm.  We'll have more updates later in the afternoon.

Sunday, 1:10pm ET - In what could be the most shocking news of the day, Cassius Clark has a new firesuit this week.  Clark has always worn hand-me-down suits from guys like his father Billy Clark and Andy Santerre, but now he has his very own threads.

Just a week or so ago, we joked in the 51 Short Track Draft that Clark needed to update his firesuit.  Now he has.

Sunday, 1:05pm ET - Sam Sessions won the Big Dawg 400 at Wiscasset a few years back and was planning to compete in today's race.  However, the Crete Carriers #1 machine that Sessions is driving "blew up" in opening practice and the team has withdrawn from the event.

Sunday, 1:00pm ET - Adam Bates was unoffically quickest in opening practice for today's Super Late Model race.

Sunday, 12:55pm ET - Also on the racing card for today are the PASS Modifieds, which are being led into the event by Mark Lucas - who has won the last two tour events; and the Wiscasset Mini Truck division.

Sunday, 12:52pm ET - You'll see below that Ben Rowe is listed in the #44 SLM today.  No, that is not a misprint.  No, my fingers didn't stick on the "4" key for a moment too long.

Rowe had an engine problem in last week's PASS South race at Motor Mile Speedway (VA) with his normal #4 Richard Moody Racing machine.  Meanwhile, his teammate for that race, Trevor Sanborn, finished in the top five with the #44 RMR car.  This week, Rowe has the #44 since his own car is still being repaired.

Number changes and Ben Rowe tend to work well together.  A few years back, Rowe was struggling with the handling of his #00 Tom Estes-owned car and borrowed Chris Kennison's #10 Pro Stock/Super Late Model that was being run weekly at Oxford Plains Speedway for a race.  That race was at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) and Rowe ended up winning with the borrowed car.

Sunday, 12:45pm ET - Here are the PASS North Super Late Models that we observed in the pit area so far today:

00 - Jeremie Whorff
1Crete - Sam Sessions (Withdrawn)
1 - Randy Turner
2 - Mike Rowe
7 - Jimmy Chambers
7w - Donnie Whitten
8 - Cassius Clark
10 - Steve Knowlton
10x - Bill Whorff, Jr.
15 - Steve Berry
17 - Travis Benjamin
22 - Harry Olsen
22h - Mike Harnish
33 - Richie Dearborn
35 - Derek Ramstrom
40 - Gary Bellefleur
44 - Ben Rowe
47 - Kelly Moore
54 - Johnny Clark
60 - DJ Shaw
75 - Gary Smith
77 - Scott Chubbuck
97 - John Fleming
98 - Adam Bates

Sunday, 10:50am ET – In the event that we can’t get online for regular Trackside Now updates (see below), we will try to drive around and get a signal to give you results after the heat races and features today.

Sunday, 9:10am ET – Here’s a bit of a surprise.  2006 Oxford 250 winner Jeremie Whorff’s pristine #00 Super Late Model just rode by on an open trailer.  Whorff hasn’t been racing much in the PASS Series of late and he wasn’t on the pre-entry list, but appears to be ready for competition today.

Sunday, 9:00am ET – We’re keeping our fingers crossed when it comes to bringing you Trackside Now coverage from Wiscasset Raceway today.  When we were here last August, there was no connectivity problems with the wireless card that is used to get online at tracks all over the map.  That was actually a bit of a surprise, since Wiscasset is in a rural area and that usually isn’t a good sign for a strong signal.

This time around, there has been so such luck and so far we haven’t been able to get online at the track.  So we’ve taken a trip into town and set up shop in the parking lot of a local grocery store for the time being.  At the time of leaving the track, it was very cloudy so maybe clearer skies will help get a signal. 

The pit gates haven’t opened yet, but on our drive into town, I passed several teams towing to the track – including those of Travis Benjamin, Kelly Moore, Adam Bates, Jimmy Chambers, Richie Dearborn and Ben Rowe.

You can now add another one to that list.  As I was typing this report, the black truck and trailer belonging to Derek Ramstrom’s #35 PASS North team trucked on by.  They are excused for being a little bit later than the Maine teams here, since Ramstrom had a nearly four hour tow from his Masschusetts home.

Actually, you can add a second addition to that list as well.  Steve Knowlton’s #10 truck trailer just rode by.

Sunday, 8:40am ET – Yesterday at Wiscasset, the track hosted their regular weekly racing series card – headlined by the Late Model Stock division’s 30 lap Chris Kane Memorial.  Chris Thorne held off Steve Reny, Ricky Rolfe and early leader Darren Ripley for the victory.

Rolfe, who won the ACT Late Model event at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) a few weeks back, was sitting in the tech area just before 7pm, after the feature was run, and told us that he planned on loading up and racing his #51 in the Late Model race at Oxford later in the evening.  It would be a tight race to get there in time, but he thought that it would be do-able.

Rolfe came to Wiscasset to prepare for next weekend’s big money Coastal 200 Late Model event there.

Rolfe won the race to Oxford apparently, a check of the results from that track this morning shows that he finished 10th in last night’s show, which was won by Travis Adams.

There were a few PASS tie-ins during the Late Model feature at Wiscasset.  Travis Benjamin was working on the #12 pit crew of Seth Raven.  Bill Whorff, Jr. competed in the race and a former Johnny Clark car was also in the field.

The only PASS team on the grounds of Wiscasset on Saturday was the #77 operation of Height Motorsports and driver Scott Chubbuck, who unhooked their trailer in the pit area but did not appear to have touched their racecar at all.

Two Super Late Models teams did practice on Saturday, but neither one is expected to race today.  Charlie Colby and Scott King both race regularly at Wiscasset and took some hot laps.  We know that King will be at Richmond Raceway to crew for his son in the karting ranks there.  Colby wasn’t on the PASS entry list, so he probably won’t be racing either.

Sunday, 8:25am ET - It’s a beautiful spring day here at Wiscasset Raceway and weather shouldn’t be a factor in today’s activities.  That was a little bit of a change from when I woke up at 5:30am to the sound of rain on the roof of the camper, but the clouds have blown out to sea just on cue.  Any chance of recurring showers later today is 20% or less depending on the forecast.

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One of the Town of Wiscasset's attractions is "Red's Eats", a tiny seafood shack in town that has been featured on national television, in books and in travel guides all over.  And yes, that is a racecar being towed past on Route One in the background.
Just a few miles from the track is the village of Wiscasset - a quiet coastal New England town.
Scott King had his Super Late Model at the track on Saturday, but won't be racing on Sunday.  (51 Sports Photos)
Randy Turner's team gives him a push.  (51 Sports Photos)