Sunday, 8:15pm ET - Below are the unofficial results of the PASS 300 Super Late Model event at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).  We're signing off for today and hope that you enjoyed following along with this year's big race.

1.  Johnny Clark
2.  Adam Bates
3.  Kelly Moore 
4.  Trevor Sanborn
5.  Cassius Clark
6.  DJ Shaw
7.  Travis Benjamin
8.  Ben Rowe
9.  Scott Mulkern
10. John Stancill
11.  Derek Ramstrom,
12.  Aaron Ricker
13.  Steve Knowlton
14.  Alan Wilson
15.  Chris Smith
16.  Heath Hindman
17.  Bub Bilodeau
18.  Steve Berry
19.  Jay Sands
20.  Bobby Babb
21.  Walt Pugsley
22.  Bill Rodgers
23.  Marty Prevost
24.  Joe Decker
25.  Bill Whorff
26.  Charlie Colby
27.  Gunnar Josselyn
28.  Scott Chubbuck
29.  Alan Tardiff
30.  Mike Fowler
31.  Alex Haase
32.  Harry Olson
33.  Donnie Whitten
34.  Donnie Lashua
35. Jeremie Whorff

Sunday, 6:45pm ET - Cassius Clark's #8 has gone through technical inspection and the tech line at Beech Ridge is now closed.  All results are still unofficial.

Sunday, 6:30pm ET - The cars of DJ Shaw, Travis Benjamin, Kelly Moore, Adam Bates, Johnny Clark, Trevor Sanborn and Ben Rowe have all cleared technical inspection.  The last car in line, the #8 of Cassius Clark, is currently being gone through right now.  No infractions appear to have been found on anyone's car.

Sunday, 5:45pm ET - Unofficially, your top five finishers in the PASS 300 Super Late Model feature at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway are Johnny Clark, Adam Bates, Kelly Moore, Trevor Sanborn and Cassius Clark.

The five cars, plus the Super Late Models of DJ Shaw, Travis Benjamin and Ben Rowe have been summoned to the "garage" area on the Beech Ridge grounds.  Those garages are located in the wooded area off of turns three and four and used as the track offices and a workspace for all of the equipment used to help maintain the track and its grounds.

The eight cars are being subject to an intense engine inspection.  A team of PASS and track officials, with help from longtime engine builder Goodwin Hannaford are looking over the cars and it will be awhile before everyone is cleared of tech.  We can tell you that Shaw's car was the first in line and the first to pass its inspection.  We'll keep you posted on the rest of the happenings.

Sunday, 4:12pm ET - The rain has picked up to be fairly heavy and PASS officials have called the race official.  Johnny Clark has won and we're going to brave the elements to get you all of the stories right now.  We'll be back in a bit.

Sunday, 4:12pm ET - It has started raining hard with five laps to go, Johnny Clark is leading Adam Bates, Kelly Moore, Trevor Sanborn and Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 4:08pm ET - With 25 laps to go, Johnny Clark enjoys a comfortable lead at Beech Ridge over Adam Bates, Kelly Moore, Trevor Sanborn and Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 4:00pm ET - We won't bother to tell you who pitted here at Beech Ridge.  Instead, we'll tell you that Bill Whorff, Jr. and Gunnar Joselyn were the only two drivers left in the race who did not pit.

Alan Tardiff has pulled his car behind the wall.

The rain has stopped, so we might be going green before too long.  We are about to go green again.

Johnny Clark leads after his team gave him a great pit stop.  He is followed by Trevor Sanborn, Adam Bates, Kelly Moore and Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 3:54pm ET - The caution is out and it is raining a little harder here at Beech Ridge.

Sunday, 3:53pm ET - It is raining lightly here at Beech Ridge, but the race is still green.  That probably won't be the case for long though.

Sunday, 3:52pm ET - Adam Bates has taken over the lead from Trevor Sanborn. We have 50 laps to go in this race.

Sunday, 3:50pm ET - We are now working lap 240 and not much has changed.  Trevor Sanborn leads Adam Bates, Kelly Moore, John Stancil, Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Steve Berry, Travis Benjamin and Ben Rowe.  Those are the only cars left on the lead lap.

We have felt a few raindrops in the infield here at Beech Ridge.  The skies aren't looking too good either.

Sunday, 3:38pm ET - At lap 200, we count 10 cars left on the lead lap.  They are Trevor Sanborn, John Stancil, Kelly Moore, Steve Berry, Adam Bates, Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Travis Benjamin, Ben Rowe and Scott Mulkern.

Sunday, 3:30pm ET - On lap 172, Scott Chubbuck went for a long slide through the turn three infield dirt.  No caution came out,but he lost a lap to leader Trevor Sanborn.  Since we have last left you, Sanborn has also put Derek Ramstrom and Aaron Ricker down a lap.  Next on his hitlist are DJ Shaw and Ben Rowe.

Sunday, 3:25pm ET - At the halfway mark, we count there to be 16 cars still on the lead lap.  This is highly unofficial though.  However, it is very official that Trevor Sanborn is putting a hurting on the field here so far at Beech Ridge.

Lap 150 rundown - 1. Trevor Sanborn, 2. John Stancil, 3. Steve Berry, 4. Kelly Moore, 5. Scott Mulkern, 6. Adam Bates, 7. Cassius Clark, 8. Steve Knowlton, 9. Scott Chubbuck, 10. DJ Shaw, 11. Johnny Clark, 12. Travis Benjamin, 13. Ben Rowe, 14. Alan Wilson, 15. Aaron Ricker, 16. Derek Ramstrom.

Sunday, 3:20pm ET - At lap 135, Trevor Sanborn leads John Stancil, Steve Berry, Kelly Moore and Scott Mulkern.

The bad news is that the skies are getting darker here at Beech Ridge....but we are approaching the halfway mark.

Sunday, 3:10pm ET - The caution is out on lap 110 for a spin by Gunnar Joselyn in turn three.  Bub Bioldeau got some front end damage in the incident.

Kelly Moore, Johnny Clark, Adam Bates, Bobby Babb, Derek Ramstrom, Billy Whorff, Ben Rowe, Bill Rodgers, Bub Bilodeau, Travis Benjamin, Jay Sands and Bill Rodgers are all among the drivers who pitted under this caution.

Trevor Sanborn currently leads Steve Berry, Scott Mulkern, Steve Knowlton and Scott Chubbuck.

Mike Fowler has pulled behind the pit wall with his #66.

Sunday, 3:03pm ET - Trevor Sanborn is back into the lead.  Alex Haase has just pulled into the infield pit area with his #51.

Sunday, 3:00pm ET - Kelly Moore has rocketed into the lead at Beech Ridge over Steve Berry, Trevor Sanborn, Johnny Clark and Scott Mulkern.

Oh wait...Sanborn is back to second and pressuring Moore hard.  Berry is right there in case anyone slips up.  We're having a RACE here!  We're at lap 80.

Sunday, 2:56pm ET - Alex Haase spun by himself on the backstretch to bring out the caution on lap 73.

Trevor Sanborn had been putting cars a lap down at a maddening pace.  Those who had dropped off the lead lap included Heath Hindman, Alan Tardiff, Bub Bilodeau, Chris Smith, Joe Decker, Gunnar Joselyn and Jay Sands.

Donnie Lashua has dropped out of the race.

Travis Benjamin is reporting to his team that the car has no grip at all going down the straightaways. 

Sunday, 2:50pm ET - Marty Prevost and Walt Pugsly have dropped off the lead lap. 
Trevor Sanborn continues to have a comfortable lead over Steve Berry and Kelly Moore.

Sunday, 2:45pm ET - At lap 45 here is the top 20 in the running order at Beech Ridge - 1.  Trevor Sanborn, 2. Steve Berry, 3. Kelly Moore, 4. Bill Rodgers, 5. Scott Chubbuck, 6. Johnny Clark, 7. Cassius Clark, 8. Scott Mulkern, 9. Adam Bates, 10. Steve Knowlton, 11. Ben Rowe, 12. Alex Haase, 13. Bobby Babb, 14. Travis Benjamin, 15. Mike Fowler, 16. DJ Shaw, 17. Aaron Ricker, 18. John Stancil, 19. Derek Ramstrom, 20. Alan Tardiff

Sunday, 2:40pm ET - With 25 laps in the books, Trevor Sanborn is showing the way at Beech Ridge over Steve Berry, Scott Chubbuck, Bill Rodgers, Cassius Clark and Johnny Clark.

Harry Olsen has dropped out of the race with his #22.

Sunday, 2:29pm ET - The green flag has just out and Scott Chubbuck has pulled into the early lead of the 300-lap SLM feature at Beech Ridge.

The first caution of the day has come out on lap five thanks to a multi-car wreck on the backstretch between Marty Prevost, Chuck Colby, Joe Decker, Donnie Whitten, Jeremie Whorff and Harry Olsen.

Sunday, 2:25pm ET - A walk through the pits before the SLM feature shows plenty of optimism.  We talked to Scott Chubbuck, Ben Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Adam Bates, Alan Tardiff and Mike Fowler who all said that their cars were great for today's race.

Bates even said that he felt his car might be a little bit better than it was last year, when he won his first career PASS North feature at the track.

Even car owner Jay Cushman, who usually plays his cards close to his vest, said that team's Ford was going really well.  Cushman commented that driver John Stancil has shown to be a very patient driver and that could mean big things for the team today.

Derek Ramstrom, who also ran strong here earlier in the year before encountering a mechanical DNF rated his #35 SLM as "Decent to very good."

Sunday, 2:20pm ET - The autograph session that was planned for today has been scrapped.  We are hearing that there could be somepoor weather moving into the area later this afternoon, so race officials would like to speed the program along as quickly as possible.

Sunday, 2:15pm ET - We now have the official starting lineup for today's PASS 300.  We were mistaken in the fact that Lonnie Sommerville made the field.  He'll be towing back to Canada early with his #23 car.  On the other hand, Gunnar Joselyn will make the starting field with a provisional.  We were correct too in assuming that Harry Olsen would start the race with his #22 machine.

You caa find the top 26 starters at the bottom of this page.  The positions from 27th on back on the grid are as follows:

27.  Bill Whoff, Jr.
28.  Jay Sands
29.  Harry Olsen
30.  Gunnar Joselyn
31.  Chris Smith
32.  Alan Wilson
33.  Joe Decker
34.  Marty Prevost
35.  Donnie Whitten

DNQs - Lonnie Sommerville, Katie Hagar, Kirk Thibeau, Donnie Morse, Scott King.

Sunday, 2:10pm ET - Andy Shaw dominated the 50-lap PASS Modified race and won the event over Troy Morse.  It was an emtional victory for car owners Dave and Crystal Wehr.  Dave's father, also named Dave, passed away in January.  Today would have been his birthday, so to honor him the team was really looking forward to having a successful finish today.

Glen Bradberry, who recently acquired the #85 that had been driven by Kenny Harrison, finished third in his PASS Modified debut.  Ron Henry and Tom Oliver placed fourth and fifth.

The PASS North teams are now setting up their pit stalls and that 300-lap feature is set to begin before too long.

Sunday, 1:32pm ET - Donnie Morse held off Russell Morse to win a wild and messy Sports Series 100-lap feature event.

Terry Merrill dominated the race with his #36 until getting crossed up with Dan McKeage and the two drivers went to the rear with only four laps to go.  On the resulting restart, Merrill got damaged worse on the restart when he got caught up with several cars on the backstretch.

How bad were things?  A few drivers were told by race officials to just load up and leave the pits for their antics over the course of the 100 lap race.

Sunday, 12:30pm ET - We have word of the final adjustments to the starting line-up for today's 300-lap Super Late Model main event.

Bill Whorff, Jr., Jay Sands and Lonnie Sommerville advanced through their finishes in the Last Chance race.

Alan WIlson, Chris Smith, Marty Prevost, Joe Decker and Donnie Whitten received provsionals.

It appears that Gunnar Joselyn, Scott King, Katie Hagar and Donnie Morse are going home.

We're not quite sure about the #22 of Harry Olsen.  Since he is in the top 10 of the PASS North standings, he would appear to be in line for a provisional.  We'll check on his status and follow up on that as soon as we know something.

Sunday, 12:22pm ET - We're working lap 15 of the Sports Series 100-lap feature.  The caution is currently out for an incident between Beech Ridge regulars Andy Fields and Bradley Babb in turn four.  Terry Merrill currently leads in his #36.

Sunday, 12:20pm ET - The last chance race for the PASS North Super Late Models is now complete and there was no shortage of action in the event.

Bill Whorff, Jr. won the race.

Donnie Whitten got caught in a wreck on the first lap, Joe Decker was running in second when he didn't get up to speed ona  restart and lost five positions, Katie Hagar got into the rear of Whorff at one point and spun herself through the infield grass, Marty Prevost spun going back to that caution period by himself, Chris Smith slowed late in the race (his fuel system problems might not be solved) and Marty Prevost spun again, with some help from Scott King, late in the event.

Here are the results.  We are not quite sure about provisionals yet:

1.  Bill Whorff, Jr.
2.  Jay Sands
3.  Lonnie Sommerville
4.  Joe Decker
5.  Donnie Whitten
6.  Scott King
7.  Alan Wilson
8.  Donnie Morse
9.  Katie Hagar
10.  Kirk Thibeau
11. Gunnar Joselyn
12. Chris Smith
13.  Harry Olsen
14.  Marty Prevost

Sunday, 11:55am ET - Practice for all divisions is now complete.  There were no caution periods or incidents during the final PASS Modified practice session.

Sunday, 11:30am ET - The final PASS North practice session went clean and green, while the final practice session for the Sports Series is winding down now.  Jake Madore looped his #00 early that session, but didn't hit anything and continued on.

Former PASS North regular Gary Johnson is competing in the Sport Series race today with the #35 car.

Sunday, 11:10am ET - Here are a few things learned from talking to drivers and teams this morning at Beech Ridge:

Steve Berry has logged laps at Beech Ridge is just about every type of racecar.  Last year, he contended for the PASS 300 victory until a late race flat tire.  This year, he looked very strong in his Saturday heat race, but that is no guarantee of success today.

"This place changes from hour to hour, much less day to day so we're not sure what we have for today," said Berry.

DJ Shaw won his heat race on Saturday, but he's not really satisified with his car yet.  His #60 team made "three or four" changes before practice.  Sahw reports that he has been fighting a tight condition all weekend.

Beech Ridge regular Chris Smith still has to run the last chance race, but appears to be safe for the feature because of the availability of a Beech Ridge provisional.  Smith was strong early in his heat race and consi events yesterday, but dropped back late.  He reports that the car was sputtering.  So this morning, his #10x team went to work on the fuel line, fuel cell, fuel filter and carb to try and remedy the problem.

Sunday, 11:05am ET - The final 20-minute practice session for the PASS North Super Late Models is underway.  Bill Whorff, Jr. was the first driver to line up for the session.  Whorff is one of the drivers who needs to earn a starting spot through the last chance race this afternoon to get into the PASS 300.

Sunday, 8:45am ET - To start things off on a clear and somewhat cool Maine morning at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, here is today's schedule:

9am - Pit Gate Opens
10am - Grandstands Open
11am - Rotating Practice (Super Late Models, Sports Series and PASS Modifieds)
Noon - Racing Begins

PASS SLM Last Chance Race (20 Laps)
Sport Series (100 Laps)     
PASS Modifieds (50 Laps)

Autograph Session (If Time Permits)

PASS North SLM (300 Laps)

And here are the starting lineups (so far) for today's PASS North Super Late Model and PASS Modified feature races:

PASS North Super Late Model Starting Grid

1.Scott Chubbuck
2.Bill Rodgers
3.Trevor Sanborn
4.Scott Mulkern
5.Steve Berry
6.Cassius Clark
7.Mike Fowler
8.Steve Knowlton
9.Bobby Babb
10.Alex Haase
11.Johnny Clark
12.Adam Bates
13.DJ Shaw
14.Ben Rowe
15.Kelly Moore
16.Walt Pugsy
17.Travis Benjamin
18.Donnie Lashua
19.Jeremie Whorff
20.Aaron Ricker
21.John Stancil
22.Derek Ramstrom
23.Charlie Colby
24.Bub Bilodeau
25.Heath Hindman
26.Alan Tardiff

Remainder of PASS North starting grid to be determined by last chance race and provisionals on Sunday.

PASS Modified Starting Grid

1.  Greg Ellis
2.  Scott McDaniels
3.  Billy Dixon
4.  Troy Morse
5.  Sammy Gooden
6.  Ron Henry
7.  Gary Norris
8.  Scott Grant
9.  Andy Shaw
10.  Tom Oliver
11.  Mark Lucas
12.  04 Car
13.  Kenny Harrison


PASS North/National SLM
PASS 400 Weekend
September 21st
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway
Scarborough, ME
Trackside Now: PASS 400 Weekend - Sunday
All of the Action from Maine's Beech Ridge Motor Speedway
Scott Chubbuck (#77) and Bill Rodgers (#53x) will make up the front row for today's 300 lap race.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Beech Ridge regular Aaron Ricker (#22x) and the track's 2008 Pro Series (Super Late Model) champion Bub Bilodeau.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Chuck Colby goes around during Saturday's heat races. (Jamie Williams Photo)
Katie Hagar (who is filling in for Mike Rowe) was sent to the rear for spinning Scott King in their heat race on Saturday. (Jamie Williams Photo)
A pair of #4s - the blue #4x of Bobby Babb and the yellow #4 of Ben Rowe.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
The Richard Moody Racing pit set-up of Trevor Sanborn (#44) and Ben Rowe #4.  (51 Photo)
Carquest Maritimes Tour standout Lonnie Sommerville is at Beech Ridge with his #23 this weekend.  (51 Photo)
Jeremie Whorff dropped out of the SLM feature early in the event.  (51 Photo)
Teams set up their pits for the PASS 300.  (51 Photo)
Andy Shaw (C) is joined by runner-up Troy Morse (R) and newbie Glen Bradberry (L) in victory lane at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photo)
Alex Haase retired from the event early with his #51 SLM. (51 Photo)
Trevor Sanborn and Cassius Clark have their cars finish post-race tech inspection.   (51 Photo)
The rain made the podium celbration a little bit subdued and soggy.   (51 Photo)