NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour-New England Dodge Dealers 150 Results
(Start position in parentheses)

1. (7) Jimmy Blewett, Howell, N.J., Chevrolet, 150 laps, 62.937 mph, $6,900.
2. (18) Ed Flemke, Jr., Southington, Conn., Chevrolet, 150, $4,200.
3. (16) Doug Coby, Milford, Conn., Chevrolet, 150, $2,700.
4. (3) Matt Hirschman, Northampton, Pa., Chevrolet, 150, $2,800.
5. (8) Eric Beers, Northampton, Pa., Chevrolet, 150, $3,000.
6. (14) Kevin Goodale, Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 150, $1,950.
7. (26) Mike Stefanik, Coventry, R.I., Pontiac, 150, $2,700.
8. (12) Danny Sammons, Hamilton, N.J., Chevrolet, 150, $1,750.
9. (17) Carl Pasteryak, Lisbon, Conn., Pontiac, 150, $1,300.
10. (20) Charles Pasteryak, Lisbon, Conn., Chevrolet, 150, $1,250.
11. (21) Rick Fuller, Auburn, Mass., 150, $1,225.
12. (15) Glenn Tyler, Hampton Bays, N.Y., Chevrolet, 150, $1,600.
13. (24) Billy Pauch, Jr., Frenchtown, N.J., Dodge, 150, $1,525.
14. (9) Richard Savary, Canton, Mass., Chevrolet, 150, $1,700.
15. (2) Chuck Hossfeld, Ransomville, N.Y., Dodge, 150, $1,575.
16. (4) Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield, Conn., Ford, 150, $1,550.
17. (11) Erick Rudolph, Ransomville, N.Y., Chevrolet, 150, $1,325.
18. (6) Ryan Preece, Kensington, Conn., Chevrolet, 150, $1,500.
19. (30) Joe Hartmann, Calverton, N.Y., Chevrolet, 149, $1,375.
20. (29) Wade Cole, Riverton, Conn., Chevrolet, 149, $1,325.
21. (28) Ken Heagy, Calverton, N.Y., Ford, 148, $1,300.
22. (25) Jamie Tomaino, Howell, N.J., Chevrolet, 146, $1,275.
23. (10) Bobby Grigas, III, Marshfield, Mass., Chevrolet, 145, $1,250.
24. (19) Glen Reen, Wilbraham, Mass., Chevrolet, 140, $1,225.
25. (27) Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Chevrolet, 138, $1,318.
26. (23) Ken Horton, Guilford, Conn., Chevrolet, 102, suspension, $800.
27. (1) Ronnie Silk, Norwalk, Conn., Pontiac, 77, vibration, $1,300.
28. (5) Ted Christopher, Plainville, Conn., Chevrolet, 54, ignition, $1,300.
29. (13) Eric Berndt, Cromwell, Conn., Chevrolet, 32, distributor, $800.
30. (31) Anthony Sesely, Matawan, N.J., Dodge, 30, engine, $1,200.
31. (22) Rob Summers, Vernon, Conn., Chevrolet, 28, steering, $800.

Standings: 1. C.Hossfeld, 1250; 2. T.Christopher, 1164; 3. T.Szegedy, 1132; 4.
M.Hirschman, 1098; 5. E.Beers, 1086; 6. M.Stefanik, 1081; 7. E.Flemke,Jr., 1053; 8. J.Blewett, 1011; 9. R.Silk, 1003; 10. R.Preece, 956.

Friday, 11:35pm ET – Jimmy Blewett has won the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Stafford Motor Speedway.  How did that happened?

Well, Todd Szegedy passed Ryan Preece for the lead going down the backstretch on lap 148.  Going into turn one the next time by, Preece and Szegedy appeared to make contact.  NASCAR ruled it as intentional and send Preece to the tail end of the lead lap - despite the fact that Preece crossed the finish line first.

Jimmy Blewett was then placed as the winner.  Eddie Flemke, Doug Coby, Matt Hirschman, Eric Beers, Kevin Goodale, Mike Stefanik, Danny Sammons, Carl Pasteryak and Charlie Pasteryak were scored as the remainder of the top 10.

Friday, 11:27pm ET – Well, things sure got exciting on the restart.  Todd Szegedy dove under Ryan Preece on the restart.  He held down there going into turn one and grabbed the top spot for good.  Well it appeared that way, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Chuck Hossfeld got turned around in turn one and stayed parked in the infield to draw the caution.  He didn't lose a lap, but he'll go to the rear of the field.

And somehow, Ryan Preece is being scored as the leader on the green, white, checkered restart.

Friday, 11:23pm ET – With 10 laps to go, Richard Savary and Billy Pauch, Jr. ended up sliding through what track announcer Matt Buckler called "John Deere country" - also known as the frontstretch grass.  We're really appreciating the Bucklerisms tonight because the racing isn't exactly captavating.  But you'll have that once in a while...and there are still 10 laps to go, so anything could happen.

The Savary/Pauch incident brought out the caution.  The lineup on the restart will be Ryan Preece, Todd Szegedy, Jimmy Blewett, Chuck Hossfeld, Eddie Flemke, Doug Coby, Matt Hirschman and Eric Beers.

The green flag will come out with six laps to go.

Friday, 11:18pm ET – There are 20 laps to go and the running order is still Ryan Preece leading Todd Szegedy, Jimmy Blewett, Chuck Hossfeld and Eddie Flemke.

Friday, 11:10pm ET – Ryan Preece kept his advantage on the restart and still leads Todd Szegedy at lap 112.  Jimmy Blewett has now gotten up to the third position.

Friday, 11:06pm ET – On lap 103, Bobby Grigas, III spun in turn three and hit the outside wall.  He's okay, but the car isn't driving away, so there might have been a mechanical problem that caused the wreck.  Kenny Horton also spun afterwards and hit the wall right ahead of Grigas.  Horton drove away, but pulled behind the wall.

Billy Pauch, Jr. is the lucky dog.

Friday, 11:03pm ET – At lap 100, the top five are Ryan Preece with Todd Szegedy right on his bumper and then a gap back to Chuck Hossfeld, Jimmy Blewett and Eddie Flemke.

Friday, 10:59pm ET – Ryan Preece jumped to a huge lead on the restart and now leads Todd Szegedy.

Friday, 10:57pm ET – This is going to be a longer caution.  Glen Reen's car had its tire come off a rim while exiting pit road.  The car is now being hooked to a wrecker to be brought back in. 

Friday, 10:55pm ET – Cautions really do breed cautions.  There's another caution on lap 79.  This time, it was for Jamie Tomaino's solo spin through the frontstretch grass.  His team believes that something broke on his car to cause the spin.

For a race that ran with only one yellow flag in the first 50 laps, this has definately gotten a tad uglier.

Todd Szegedy currently leads Ryan Preece, Chuck Hossfeld, Eddie Flemke and Doug Coby.

Glen Tyler go tthe lucky dog for this caution period.

Friday, 10:52pm ET – The line-up changed slightly within the top 10 before the restart, buut the top four listed below are correct...and everyone listed in the top 10 is running in the top 10.  We just had some scoring and lineup issues apparantly.

Friday, 10:50pm ET – The green flag came out and Erick Rudolph jumped out to the lead on the restart - even with tires that are so old that they "were in the AARP" (you can thank track announcer Matt Buckler for that quip). 

But the caution came back out on lap 68 when Richard Savary spun in turn four.

Glen Reen is the lucky dog and will now officially be back on the lead lap.

But wait...Rudolph has pitted and the lights went out on the pace car while he was in.  Rudolph has made it back to the tail end of the field, but was a half lap behind.

Now, Joe Harttman has spun and brought out another caution.  It's lap 72 currently.

Currently, the top 10 runners are Ryan Preece, Todd Szegedy, Chuck Hossfeld, Eddie Flemke, Matt Hirschman, Eric Beers, Mike Stefanik, Doug Coby, Jimmy Blewett and Jamie Tomaino.

Ronnie Silk has pitted under caution and his car won't run.  The team is checking out the electrical system and the carb.

Friday, 10:43 ET – There are some funky things going on with the lineup. Joe Harttman got the lucky dog, but Glen Reen and Ken Heagy won't restart the race in front of the leaders on the tail end of the lead lap like they were running around under yellow flag laps.  We're on lap 64 - nine laps for a single car spin caution - and the lights are still on the pace car.

Friday, 10:35 ET – There is nothing like a little bit a drama to wake us up.  On lap 54, Ted Christopher has pitted under green from the fourth position.  The team is taking their time looking under his hood, so that cannot be a good thing.

On lap 55, Glen Reen spun through the frontstretch grass, but didn't hit anything.  That was good enough to bring the caution out though - the second one of the night.

TC has now been pushed behind the wall.

Now, the leaders are coming down pit road.  Todd Szegedy, Chuck Hossfeld, Ryan Preece, Ronnie Silk, Matt Hirschman, Eric Beers, Mike Stefanik, Eddie Flemke and many other competitors have come in.  Hossfeld was the first of the bunch to get back on the track - he'll restart in second place.

The only lead lap competitor who didn't pit was Erick Rudolph, who now leads.  Joe Harttman, Glen Reen and Ken Heagy stayed out too and now appear to be the tail end of the lead lap.

Friday, 10:34 ET – We would report you any changes in the top five...but there aren't any.  We're up to lap 53 and trying hard to stay awake.

Friday, 10:30 ET – We're still under green at lap 33 and pit road is a busy place.  Pennick is parked on the pit road and his team isn't hurrying, so his night might be over.  Eric Berndt is also in and the team has gone under the hood of his #64 Modified.  Rob Summers came in as well and his team has pushed his #1 behind the wall.

Also pitting was Anthony Sesely's #11, but he is back out on the track.

At lap 38, Todd Szegedy leads Chuck Hossfeld, Ryan Preece, Ted Christopher and Ronnie Silk.  The leaders are coming into lapped traffic.

And finally, Rowan Pennick has returned to the track - several laps down.

Friday, 10:25 ET – Rowan Pennick is being summoned to pit lane to check out reports of smoke from his #93 car.

Friday, 10:24 ET – On lap 25, the top five is unchanged from below.

Friday, 10:20 ET – Todd Szegedy took over the lead after a great restart.

Kenny Horton half spun in turn two, but kept his car rolling and didn't lose a lap or bring out the caution.

We are currently working lap 12 and the top five ar Szegedy, Chuck Hossfeld, Ryan Preece, Ronnie Silk and Ted Christopher.

Friday, 10:18 ET – On lap two, the night's first caution came out for a turn three spin by Charlie Pasteryak.  There doesn't appear to be any damage on his deep blue Modified.

Chuck Hossfeld took the lead with Todd Szegedy rocketing into second place.  Polesitter Ronnie Silk runs third.

Friday, 10:15 ET – The lights are off on the pace car and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race for tonight is about to get underway.  Ronnie Silk will lead the field to the green flag.

Friday, 10:03 ET – There is good news on the weather front.  The cell of showers that was bearing down on the track appears to have broken up.  We made be clear for 150 laps of NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour racing - and a SK Light feature afterwards.

The Tour race is up next and teams are setting up their stalls on pit road now.  We hope to see pace laps within the next 10 minutes or so.

Friday, 9:52 ET – Doug Coby won the 40-lap SK Modified feature race over Jimmy Blewett and Chris Jones.  As track announcer Matt Buckler noted, "Blewett did everything but charter a helicopter to try and get over Coby tonight."  It was a good race.

"Jimmy was probably the person who I was least interested in seeing behind me," said Coby.  "He's a clean driver, but he is a hard driver.  If I made one bobble, he would have gotten by me."

"I hope I gave a good show to the fans," said Blewett.  "It was fun racing with Doug."

Coby's run wasn't flawless though.  After the checkers, he tried to do doughnuts in turn four and got stuck in the very wet infield grass.  Eventually, Coby freed his car to drive to victory lane without the help of a wrecker.

Friday, 9:50 ET – At lap 33 in the SK Modified race, the battle between leader Doug Coby and Jimmy Blewett is a classic one.  Although listening to track announcer Matt Buckler describe it is even more entertaining.  He's called the race a three ring circus, he's described Blewett as a "dangerous driver" and he's noted that Coby's rear bumper is "all black and blue" from Blewett's bump-drafting.

Friday, 9:45 ET – Keith Rocco got knocked out early on in the SK Modified feature and he didn't mince words about why he felt that was.

"The car was really good, but I don't know what Steve Reed was thinking.  It's the first time I saw him in the top five all year and he got into me.  He needs to go back to racing at Wall Stadium and wherever because he doesn't belong at Stafford Motor Speeedway."


Woody Pitkat is also out of the race.

Currently Doug Coby leads Jimmy Blewett and Zach Sylvester on lap 17 of 40.

We believe that the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 150-lap feature is up next and that the SK Lights division will end the evening.  The weather radar still shows showesr to the west of the track, but they seem to be stalling out a little bit.  Keep your fingers crossed for us and maybe the weather won't be a factor again tonight.

Friday, 9:20 ET – Eric Beers might have won the Pole Award for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, but he did not fare well in the redraw for starting positions.  Beers drew eighth of eight.  So the top eight starters are now going to be Ronnie Silk, Chuck Hossfeld, Matt Hirschman, Todd Szegedy, Ted Christopher, Ryan Preece, Jimmy Blewett and Beers.

The SK Modified feature is up next.

Friday, 9:15 ET – Corey Hutchings won the 30-lap Late Model feature at Stafford.  He was in command all race long, but the battle for second place came down to just inches.  Ryan Posocco edged Woody Pitkat barely at the finish line for that position.

Friday, 9:00 ET – We have been having technical difficulties here at Stafford, so we apologize for the delay in getting Trackside Now up tonight.  You can follow along below with what you may have missed.

Friday, 8:50 ET – Here are the qualifying results for tonight’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Stafford Motor Speedway (CT):

1.  Eric Beers – 18.298 seconds
2.  Todd Szegedy – 18.371
3.  Matt Hirschman – 18.375
4.  Jimmy Blewett – 18.387
5.  Ted Christopher – 18.397
6.  Chuck Hossfeld – 18.458
7.  Ryan Preece – 18.483
8.  Ronnie Silk – 18.500
9.  Richard Savary – 18.525
10.  Bobby Grigas, III – 18.528
11.  Erick Rudolph – 18.530
12.  Eric Berndt – 18.541
13.  Danny Sammons – 18.541
14.  Kevin Goodale – 18.542
15.  Glenn Tyler – 18.559
16.  Doug Coby – 18.586
17.  Carl Pasteryak – 18.605
18.  Eddie Flemke, Jr. – 18.607
19.  Charles Pasteryak – 18.610
20.  Glen Reen – 18.610
21.  Rick Fuller – 18.612
22.  Rob Summers – 18.622
23.  Kenny Horton – 18.643
24.  Billy Pauch, Jr. – 18.653
25.  Jamie Tomaino – 18.658
26.  Mike Stefanik – 18.703

Provisionals –
Anthony Sesely
Ken Heagy
Rowan Pennick
Wade Cole
Joe Harttman

Friday, 8:30 ET – They are trying to move things along here at Stafford, but not everyone seems to be on board.  The festivities of presenting contingency awards from last week’s Tour race at Riverhead Raceway were delayed for an extra few minutes because one of the sponsor reps who was to present an award was busy on his cell phone.  Also, Ryan Preece – one of the award winners – was missing when they were looking from him.  He returned back to the pits after time trials and had to be summoned to victory lane to claim his award.

Meanwhile, there is more bad weather to the west….so we are hoping that things do move along quickly before it gets here...or maybe the showers will break up before getting here.

Friday, 8:25pm ET – Eric Beers went out late and set down the quickest lap in qualifying.  His Coors Pole Award is the seventh of his Mod Tour career and the first one of the 2008 season.

The competitors that didn’t crack the starting grid were Reggie Ruggiero, Tom Abele, Jake Marosz, Renee Dupuis, Frank Ruocco and Gary MacDonald.

Friday, 7:50pm ET – Ah…it’s been a fun afternoon here at Stafford Motor Speedway where the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is assembled for a 150-lap event here tonight.  The weather has been rainy and the computer has been buggy, but we’re finally ready to bring you some updates as part of our Trackside Now coverage.

It started raining here around 5pm and that put the whole program into a holding pattern.  The good news though was that most of the heavy storms passed south of the track.  The fans who did brave the delay got to see a few lightning bolts in the distance and that helped keep everyone entertained.  Track crews worked hard to dry the track and now the show is back on the road.  There are still showers in the area, so hopefully they will avoid the track. It is going to be a late night here though.  The track has scrapped heat races for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series weekly divisions and they’ve already run the DARE stock feature as a track-drying activity, but everything else is still on the race card – including an autograph session and time trials for the Tour Mods.

The Tour teams also got a quick scuff session and are now getting ready to go out to qualifying.

The Joe Brady-owned #00 that is being driven by Frank Ruocco had a tough afternoon.  He wrecked in practice and then had a flat tire in the scuff session.  However, NASCAR will allow the team to bolt on a new tire and time trial at the end of the order.

Officials are hoping for a 10pm start to the Tour Modified feature.

There are 37 competitors vying for 31 starting positions tonight.  Here are the drivers and teams that are here on hand:

00 – Frank Ruocco
0 – Danny Sammons
1 – Rob Summers
2 – Todd Szegedy
3 – Ryan Preece
4 – Chuck Hossfeld
05 – Joe Harttman
5 – Charlie Pasteryak
06 – Billy Pauch, Jr.
8 – Glen Tyler
09 – Bobby Grigas, III
9 – Jake Marosz
10 – Eddie Flemke
11 – Anthony Sesely
12 – Ken Heagy, Jr.
14 – Reggie Ruggiero
16 – Mike Stefanik
17 – Glen Reen
19 – Jimmy Blewett
21 – Richard Savary
26 – Gary MacDonald
28 – Doug Coby
29 – Kenny Horton
32 – Tom Abele, Jr.
33 -  Wade Cole
36 – Ted Christopher
45 – Erick Rudolph
46 – Eric Beers
58 – Kevin Goodale
59 - Matt Hirschman
64 – Eric Berndt
75 – Carl Pasteryak
77 – Rick Fuller
79 – Ronnie Silk
90 – Renee Dupuis
93 – Rowan Pennick
99 – Jamie Tomaino

August 8, 2008
Modified Tour
Stafford Motor Speedway
Stafford Springs, CT
Trackside Now: NASCAR Mod Tour at Stafford
After a Rain Delay, Things Are Full Speed Ahead
The Mods line up to qualify under brighter skies than earlier in the day.  (51 Photos)