Saturday, 7:30pm ET – For the first time since 1986 a Southern Modified driver pulled into victory lane at Martinsville Speedway.  Burt Myers drove heck of a race on his way to his first career win at Martinsville.  That makes it two in a row in the south series for the Walnut Cove, North Carolina driver.  That's all from Martinsville, we'll have a full wrap up later this week on

11Burt Myers
23Ryan Preece
359Matt Hirschman
411Reggie Ruggiero
586Ted Christopher
62Todd Szegedy
788Woody Pitkat
810Ed Flemke Jr.
993Rowan Pennink
1023Brian Loftin
1199Jamie Tomaino 
1283Tim Brown
1336L.W. Miller
1458Eric Goodale
1546Eric Beers
168Glenn Tyler
1728George Brunnhoelzl
1850Kevin Goodale
19O5Joe Hartman
204Chuck Hossfeld
2198Rich Kuuiken Jr.
2232Tom Abele Jr
230Danny Sammons
2416Mike Stefanik
2579Ronnie Silk
2619Jimmy Blewett
27O9Bobby Grigas III
2833Wade Cole
2974Jason Myers
3012Ken Heagy
3147Andy Suess
319Jake Marosz
32O6Billy Pauch Jr
33O1Jay Foley
3477Rick Fuller
357Glen Reen
3625John Smith
37O7Frank Fleming
3821Richard Savary
3914Bobby Hutchenson
4018Zach Brewer
4257Sean Gartner
43O2Buddy Emory

Saturday, 6:18pm ET – Burt Myers has won the Made In America 300.  Stay tuned for more. 

Saturday, 6:11pm ET – Burt Myers has pulled away a bit from Preece. we now have 20 laps to go.

Saturday, 6:08pm ET – Burt Myers has taken the lead with the aid of lap traffic, we have 29 laps to go.

Saturday, 6:06pm ET – Burt Myers is coming on strong as he has pulled to the back bumper of Preece. We have 35 laps to go.

Saturday, 6:03pm ET – 50 laps to go and no change up front  Preece has a three car length lead over Myers.

Saturday, 6:00pm ET – As the sun sets half the track is in the shade while half is still in sunlight, who will this help in the closing laps? 

Saturday, 5:56pm ET – We have gone GREEN again on lap 227 Preece leads, as Myers, Matt Hirschman, Ted Christopher and Todd Szegedy make up the top fives.

Saturday, 5:52pm ET – We have gone GREEN on lap 218  after some bumper tag Burt Myers has taken the lead on lap 222.  Right as he came to the line a tangle up behind up sent a few cars spinning puting us back under YELLOW.  This will put Preece back in the lead as we will go back to the last completed Green flag lap.

Saturday, 5:47pm ET – Another YELLOW as Tom Abele has gone around in turn two on lap 215.

Saturday, 5:46pm ET – After starting in 11th Reggie Ruggiero in now up to fifth. up front it is still Preece, Burt Myers, Brunnhoelzl, and Matt Hirschman.

Saturday, 5:44pm ET – To give you an idea how good Ryan Preece has been today, at halfway he told the track announcer that he was only driving 80%.  If that is the case then that spells trouble for the rest of the field.  Jason Myers has been treated and released from the infield car center.

We are GREEN on lap 197

Saturday, 5:34pm ET – Another YELLOW as Jason Myers nearly took the wall down in turn four, Bobby Grigas III was involved along with others.

Saturday, 5:28pm ET – The restart went bad for a few drivers, Mike Stefanik was slow coming up to speed and Chuck Hossfeld, Kevin Goodale and Ken Heagy tangled up in turn one.

We have gone back GREEN on lap 187.

Saturday, 5:25pm ET – We are YELLOW again for a car who got into the wall trying to make it in to the pits. 179 laps are in the books.

Saturday, 5:20pm ET – Chuck Hossfeld has returned to the track, he will loose points in the title chase as Christopher and Hirschman are both in the top 10.

Saturday, 5:15pm ET – We are back GREEN on lap 155.  We spent a few laps blowing off the track which was covered in speedy dry.  Preece again powers away as only 29 cars took the restart.

Saturday, 5:03pm ET – Here is the top 15 at lap 150, there are 23 cars on the lead lap.

13Ryan Preece
21Burt Myers
328George Brunnhoelzl
459Matt Hirschman
516Mike Stefanik
62Todd Szegedy
783Tim Brown
847Andy Suess
936L.W. Miller
1086Ted Christopher
1111Reggie Ruggiero
1274Jason Myers
1346Eric Beers
1423Brian Loftin
1593Rowan Pennink

Saturday, 4:55pm ET – The dash to halfway got wild in the back of the pack as an 14 car wreck has slowed us once again.  Rick Fuller, Chuck Hosfeld, Woody Pitkat, Kevin Goodale, Danny Sammons, Wade Cole, Billy Pauch, Ronnie Silk, Jamie Tomaino, Rich Kuiken, Jimmy Blewett, Eric Goodale, Jay Foley, and Glen Reen were all involved.

This YELLOW takes us to the halfway point.

Saturday, 4:44pm ET – YELLOW flag lap 139, John Smith slowed and Joe Hartman got turned into the wall by Wade Cole.  It will be a quick dash to the halfway break.

Saturday, 4:41pm ET – As we go GREEN once again Ryan Preece pulls away from Burt Myers. Matt Hirschman did move into third on the restart with Brunnhoelzl, and Szegedy in the top five.

Saturday, 4:36pm ET – YELLOW flag on lap 119 as Eric Goodale went around in turn two. It has not been a kind last few laps for the Goodale family.

The GREEN lasted one lap as several cars got tangled up on the restart, add another YELLOWGlen Reen, Danny Sammons, and Tom Abele were some of the cars involved. 

Saturday, 4:26pm ET – We went GREEN and now we are back YELLOW third place car Kevin Goodale spun in turn two.  Before that Ted Christopher and Matt Hirschman each got a little out of shape on the restart, both lost several positions.

We are back GREEN on lap 109.

Saturday, 4:24pm ET – We are under YELLOW on lap 101 as L.W. Miller got into the back of Chuck HossfeldBobby Grigas III had to stop to avoid the spin.  

Saturday, 4:20pm ET – We are still GREEN as the pack has separated a bit, with the leaders hitting traffic up front. we are closing in on lap 100.

Saturday, 4:15pm ET – It has not been a good restart for Ted Christopher, he has slipped back in the pack as Matt Hirschman is now fifth and Todd Szegedy is sixth and Mike Stefanik is now seventh. 

Saturday, 4:12pm ET – As we go back GREEN Preece leads Burt Myers, Kevin Goodale, Brunnhoelzl III, and Ted Christopher.

Saturday, 4:10pm ET – We are YELLOW after a mess in turn four, Bobby Hutchens, Danny Sammons, Glen Reen, and Woody Pitkat were some of the cars that were tangled up in the fourth turn.

Saturday, 4:05pm ET – We stand corrected as Ronnie Silk drove away he came to a stop and his car has since been toed back to the pits. GREEN is back out on lap 60.

Saturday, 4:01pm ET – Leaders were working lap traffic when the YELLOW came out on lap 57.  Jason Myers and Ronnie Silk have gone around in turn two, both cars drove away after the spin.

Saturday, 3:58pm ET – Ryan Preece still leads as Brian Loftin is way back in 33rd, not sure what has gone wrong with the Southern Division point leader.  On the other end Bobby Grigas III is up to 11th after starting 23rd. 

Saturday, 3:53pm ET – GREEN FLAG is back out on lap 31. They pack is two-by-two for five rows behind the leaders.

Saturday, 3:50pm ET – We are YELLOW at lap 25 as Jake Marosz, and Zach Brewer have wrecked in turn two. Brewer pointed at Glen Reen after the climbing from his car. Both look to be done for the day.

Saturday, 3:44pm ET – GREEN FLAG is back out and Preece gets away clean with Myers, Kevin Goodale, Brunnhoelzl and Ted Christopher in the top five.

Saturday, 3:40pm ET – Ryan Preece took the lead on lap 3, and the YELLOW flies on lap 12 for the 02 of Buddy Emory, he hit the wall in turn two. 

Saturday, 3:37pm ET – GREEN FLAG is out this time it's a lot cleaner as Burt Myers jumps out to the early lead.

Saturday, 3:35pm ET – GREEN FLAG is out and we are underway at Martinsville. A big mess took place in turn one as the leaders stacked up Danny Sammons, Reggie Ruggiero, and Brian Loftin.  We will have a complete restart, no cars had any real damage after the tangle up.

Saturday, 3:30pm ET – Engines have fired and we close to the start of the 500th race in Whelen Modified Tour history.  43 cars will be apart of this historic event today at Martinsville.

Saturday, 3:25pm ET – Pre race activities are over and we are set for the command to fire engines.

Saturday, 2:10pm ET – Here is the line-up for the Made In America 300.  There was a draw among the top six drivers for inversion. A pair of North Carolina boys will lead them down to the green at 3:30pm. We are heading top side for the feature and we will be back before the green flag flies.

114Bobby Hutchenson
21Burt Myers
350Kevin Goodale
43Ryan Preece
586Ted Christopher
628George Brunnhoelzl
74Chuck Hossfeld
874Jason Myers
92Todd Szegedy
1059Matt Hirschman
1123Brian Loftin
1216Mike Stefanik
1311Reggie Ruggiero
1493Rowan Pennink
15O7Frank Fleming
1683Tim Brown
1777Rick Fuller
1819Jimmy Blewett
1936L.W. Miller
200Danny Sammons
2179Ronnie Silk
2258Eric Goodale
23O9Bobby Grigas III
2446Eric Beers
257Glen Reen
2699Jamie Tomaino 
2712Ken Heagy
2810Ed Flemke Jr.
2947Andy Suess
30O6Billy Pauch Jr
3188Woody Pitkat
32O2Buddy Emory
3325John Smith
3421Richard Savary
3518Zach Brewer
368Glenn Tyler
37O5Joe Hartman
3898Rich Kuuiken Jr.
3933Wade Cole
4032Tom Abele Jr
41O1Jay Foley
429Jake Marosz
4357Sean Gartner

DNQ40Bradely Robbins
DNQ49Scott Rigney
DNQ53Sean Patterson
DNQ89Jamie Tomaino Jr.
DNQ97Bryan Douzat

Saturday, 1:30pm ET – Ryan Preece has won the pole for the Made In America 300. We will have the full line-up shortly.

Saturday, 12:15pm ET – As we get ready for qualifying we can tell you that Jamie "The Jet" Tomaino will be making his 496th career start today in the Whelen Modified Series. He has only missed a few along the way.  He along with every driver in the field would love to win the 500th event in series history.

Saturday, 11:40am ET – The practice speeds are in and Tim Brown is atop the chart under the track record which was set by Greg Sacks (18.746) in 1986.

Here is the top ten.

1. Tim Brown 18.737 (under track record)
2. Ryan Preece 18.746
3. George Brunnhoelzl III 18.754
4. Chuck Hossfeld 18.759
5. Burt Myers 18.784
6. Bobby Grigas 18.785
7. Ted Christopher 18.797
8. Eric Beers 18.805
9. Richard Savary 18.825
10. Ed Flemke Jr. 18.854

Saturday, 11:30am ET – The Whelen Made in America 300 is a unique race with two different winners celebrating victories. The top finishing driver in the NASCAR Whelen Modified and NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified tours will be credited with wins. Points will be awarded to drivers based on their finish versus other drivers in their series.  As Donny Lia won this race a year ago, L.W. Miller got credit with the win in the south after getting a third place finish.

Saturday, 11:20am ET – Today is the 500th race in the history of the Whelen Modified tour.  It would be nice to have 500 cars turn out for this event, but we will have to settle for 47 cars.  43 will start the event so it will be tight for some in qualifying which is slated for 12:30pm.

10Danny Sammons
21Burt Myers
32Todd Szegedy
43Ryan Preece
54Chuck Hossfeld
67Glen Reen
78Glenn Tyler
89Jake Marosz
910Ed Flemke Jr.
1011Reggie Ruggiero
1112Ken Heagy
1214Bobby Hutchenson
1316Mike Stefanik
1418Zach Brewer
1519Jimmy Blewett
1621Richard Savary
1723Brian Loftin
1825John Smith
1928George Brunnhoelzl
2032Tom Abele Jr
2133Wade Cole
2236L.W. Miller
2340Bradely Robbins
2446Eric Beers
2547Andy Suess
2649Scott Rigney
2750Kevin Goodale
2853Sean Patterson
2957Sean Gartner
3058Eric Goodale
3159Matt Hirschman
3274Jason Myers
3377Rick Fuller
3479Ronnie Silk
3583Tim Brown
3686Ted Christopher
3788Woody Pitkat
3889Jamie Tomaino Jr.
3993Rowan Pennink
4097Bryan Douzat
4198Rich Kuuiken Jr.
4299Jamie Tomaino 
43O1Jay Foley
44O2Buddy Emory
45O5Joe Hartman
46O6Billy Pauch Jr
47O9Bobby Grigas III

Saturday, 11:00am ET – Good morning from Martinsville, VA.  It's a beautiful cool day here at the historic oval know as "The Paper Clip".   The two Whelen Modified tours have come together today for a a showdown at one of NASCAR's oldest venues. Martinsville Speedway has been a staple for the NASCAR Modified tour since it's existence. Today we will write a new chapter of history in the Made in America 300.

Here is today's schedule.

Saturday, Sept. 20
6:00 a.m. - Garage and registration open
6:30 a.m. - Inspections begin
8:00 a.m. - Mandatory rookie drivers'/spotters' meeting
8:30 a.m. - Mandatory drivers'/crew chiefs' meeting
9:30 a.m. - 90-minute practice session
12:30 p.m. - Made In America Whelen 300 qualifying
2:00 p.m. - Autograph session on pit road
3:10 p.m. - Driver introductions
3:30 p.m. - Start of Made In America Whelen 300

September 20, 2008
Modified Tour North & South
Martinsville Speedway
Martinsville, VA
Trackside Now: Made In America Whelen 300
NASCAR Whelen Mods at Martinsville Speedway (VA)
Matt Hirschman has had a break out year in 2008. Now he's second in points behind Christopher.  (51 Photos)
L.W. Miller sits in his car before practice.  (51 Photos)
George Brunnhoelzl III won his first tour race a few weeks back. (51 Photos)
Ted Christopher has been the man in the North this season.  (51 Photos)
Can Tim Brown win one for the South?  (51 Photos)
The war ended in 1865, but battles are still held on the race tracks like Martinsville. (51 Photos)
Ryan Preece wins the pole for the Made In America 300. (51 Photos)
Burt Myers wins one for the South, he is the winner of the Made In America 300. (51 Photos)