Matt Hirschman Ends Up in Center of Storm at Stafford By Denise Dupont
Tour Driver Has Bad Day, Gets Involved in Incidents with Tomaino and Blewett
Instead, Hirschman found himself to be the center of the wrong kind of attention after the event after being involved in separate on track incidents with Jamie Tomaino and Jimmy Blewett.

The 200-lap Spring Sizzler was not kind to Hirschman, as he tried to make his way to the front of the track and became frustrated with traffic in the way about mid-race. To let Jamie Tomaino know he was behind him and running faster, he tapped the back bumper of Tomaino's #99.  The bump led to spin by Tomaino.

Hirschman was black flagged for the incident and sent to the rear of the pack.

“I poked Jamie from behind,” admitted Hirschman.  “I gave him one shot and it was enough that he ended up loosing it and spinning out. I didn't want to spin him out, but I was probably frustrated with him. He was running third and he knew that there were faster cars behind him so he drove down the straight away giving me the outside to drive along next to him, then he just drives into the side of you. He does not let you by anyway. So I was frustrated with it. I did not want to spin him out. I just wanted to give him a shot because I had guys coming hot behind me with new tires.”

Matt was charged with rough driving and sent to the rear of the field.

“I gave him a shot and I spun him out. We had broken radio communication because of a helmet mike issue. It just made me look bad and I made the team look bad. Overall we just had a long, bad day. We have to put it behind us and go forward.”

Later on in the race as cars raced hard during a restart, the #19 car of Jimmy Blewett and #59 of Matt Hirschman also tangled. Hirschman's car spun as Blewett's car was propelled into the air hitting the soft walls in turn one.

“We came off of turn four and he must have just been at my left rear quarter and we touched. I went around so quick I did not even know what happened. I did not have communications so it was just a bad deal. More than Jimmy Blewett's fault it was my fault. It was not my spotter's fault. It was not my fault that I did not get the communication.”

To Hirschman, this was just a continuation of a bad day.

“That basically was our communication problem. With a broken wire at that point, I was not getting anything. So I was basically driving without a spotter. The whole day we just looked bad.”

Blewett was not injured in the hard wreck, while Hirschman soldered on a finish of 14th.

Matt Hirschman (#59) and Jimmy Blewett (#19) tangled at Stafford - and Blewett got the worst of the deal.  (Jim Dupont Photos)
Coming off of a win in the 75-lap Pennsylvania Champion Series race at Mountain Speedway the week before, Matt Hirschman hoped to be the center of attention in the Spring Sizzler NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Stafford Motor Speedway.  His hope was to do just that be winning the race.