NASCAR Whelen Mod. Tour
NASCAR CW East Series
June 26th-28th, 2008
NH Motor Speedway
Loudon, NH
Trackside Now: WMT and CW East at New Hampshire
Saturday is NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Day at NHMS
Saturday, 2:10pm ET - Here is your unofficial finishing order for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

1.  Chuck Hossfeld
2.  Ted Christopher
3.  Eddie Flemke
4.  Eric Beers
5.  Reggie Ruggiero
6.  Bobby Santos, III
7.  Todd Szegedy
8.  Ryan Preece
9.  Jeff Fuller
10.  Ronnie Silk
11.  Brian Loftin
12.  Matt Hirschman
13.  Jimmy Blewett
14.  Rick Fuller
15.  Rob Summers
16.  Rowan Pennick
17.  Kevin Goodale
18.  Andy Seuss
19.  L.W. Miller
20.  Billy Pauch, Jr.
21.  Jamie Tomaino
22.  Glenn Tyler
23.  Danny Sammons
24.  Joe Hartmann
25.  Wade Cole
26.  Mike Stefanik
27.  Gary MacDonald
28.  Jake Marosz
29.  James Civali
30.  Anthony Sesely
31.  Ken Heagy
32.  Dale Quarterley
33.  Sean Patterson
34.  Renee Dupuis
35.  Glen Reen
36.  Bobby Grigas, III
37.  Richard Savary
38.  Tom Abele

Saturday, 2:10pm ET - Chuck Hossfeld is the apparent winner of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  We say apparant because the finish between him and Ted Christopher was so close that the naked eye couldn't tell who won.  The scoring monitor can't either - it lists a margin of victory of 0.000 seconds.  A still photo shows that Hossfeld had a bit of his front bumper ahead at the finish line.

Saturday, 2:03pm ET - Chuck Hossfeld is the new leader on lap 91....oh wait...Ted Christopher is now back out front in the time it took to write this.  Those two have company - with Eddie Flemke and Todd Szegedy close behind in third and fourth.

Saturday, 1:57pm ET - James Civali's #28 is off the pace and has pulled into the pits.  We're working lap 80 and the top ten runners are Ted Christopher, Bobby Santos, Todd Szegedy, Eddie Flemke, Ronnie SIlk, Reggie Ruggiero, Jeff Fuller, Eric Beers and Brian Loftin.

Saturday, 1:53pm ET - Bobby Santos, III was the latest driver to try and take the lead from Ted Christopher, but like the efforts of Eric Beers and Todd Szegedy, that mission was short-lived.  TC leads James Civali, Chuck Hossfeld, Bobby Santos and Todd Szegedy at lap 73.

Saturday, 1:40pm ET - The yellow flag is out for an incident with Kevin Goodale.  L.W. Miller is the lucky dog and will now get back onto the lead lap.

Ted Christopher leads Bobby Santos, Rob Summers and Brian Loftin.  None of those drivers pitted under this caution.

Ryan Preece, Eric Beers, Eddie Flemke, Chuck Hossfeld and Rowan Pennick were among the drivers who pitted under this caution.

Eric Beers and Jeff Fuller were both penalized for going too fast on pit road.  They were placed to the end of the longest line.  Jamie Tomaino was penalized with a drive-through penalty for leaving his pit with pit equipment.

We're working lap 57 currently.

Saturday, 1:38pm ET - Eric Beers keeps ducking under Ted Christopher for the lead, but hasn't been able to make a pass stick yet. James Civali, Ryan Preece and Todd Szegedy are the rest of the top five on the all-important lap 51.

Saturday, 1:30pm ET - Ted Christopher and Todd Szegedy have traded the lead a few times, but it's currently TC out front.  Eric Beers and James Civali have slipped by Szegedy for second and third.  We are at lap 40 of 100.

Saturday, 1:25pm ET - Todd Szegedy took the lead from Ted Christopher for a brief period, but TC zoomed right back into the lead and currently runs in front of Szegedy, Eric Beers, James Civali and Chuck Hossfeld.

Further back, a few wild eyed Southern (Modified Tour) boys have hooked up and drafted from the back to the 20th and 21st positions.  Andy Seuss and Brian Loftin are working together to get through the field.

Renee Dupuis has pulled off the track.  It also appears that Tom Abele, Glen Reen, Richard Savary and Bobby Grigas, III are done for the day.

Saturday, 1:18pm ET - We went back to green, but quickly back to yellow when Mike Stefanik and tangled with Glen Reen.  We're currently working lap 16 and Ted Christopher is leading Chuck Hossfeld, Todd Szegedy, Eric Beers and Ryan Preece.

Saturday, 1:10pm ET - The yellow flag is out right now for the backstretch wreck with Tom Able, Jr. and Richard Savary.  Both cars are heavily damaged.  Bobby Grigas has also visited pit road with front end damage to his #09 Modified.

Saturday, 1:07pm ET - Ted Christopher leads lap 1.  Christopher, Chuck Hossfeld and Todd Szegedy have a small breakaway from the rest of the front runners.  Your top 10 at lap 5 are:  Christopher, Hossfeld, Szegedy, Mike Stefanik, Eric Beers, James Civali, Eric Beers, Ryan Preece, Ed Flemke Jr., Matt Hirschman and Rowan Pennink.  Caution on the speedway on lap 6 for an accident between Tom Abele, Jr. and Richard Savary.

Saturday, 12:45pm ET - Jimmy Blewett was up late last night, but it wasn't because he was out partying.  Blewett raced an SK Modified at Stafford Motor Speedway (see below) and got back to New Hampshire late.  But he's not showing any signs of wear this morning.

"You can't wear me out," said Blewett.  "I'm athlete!"

Saturday, 12:20pm ET - We're back on the keyboard here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Currently, the NASCAR Sprint Cup cars are on track for their final practice session.  The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race is set to start at 12:45pm ET.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series has qualifying for their race and there were a few tie-ins to the short track to the NACSAR Camping World East Series there.  Charles Lewandoski timed in 26th for his Nationwide Series debut with Fitz Motorsports.  ChaLew had only a few practice laps, but still timed in a tick quicker than teammate Josh Wise.

Former NASCAR Busch North Series and ACT Late Model Tour regular Mark Durgin was spotted in the Nationwide Series garage as well.  Durgin is now the car chief for the Braun Racing #32 that is being driven this weekend by Denny Hamlin.  The Massachusetts native reports that he is now loves living down south with his family.

Saturday, 10:40am ET - There's a little bit of downtime here as the NASCAR Nationwide Series qualifies for their featurte this afternoon, so we'll go off-line for a bit to see what is going on in the Modified pit area.  We'll be back with more news and notes in a little while.

Saturday, 10:30am ET - A few of the competitors in today's NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event were busy last night at tracks throughout New England.  Bobby Santos, III was the most successful one - winning the NEMA Midget feature at nearby Lee USA Speedway. 

Competing in the SK Modified feature at Connecticut's Stafford Motor Speedway were Ted Christopher (who finished 8th) and Jimmy Blewett (18th).  Two drivers who didn't get to race at NHMS because qualifying was rained out on Thursday did see some action at Stafford Friday night as well - they were Kenny Horton (10th) and Doug Coby (20th).   All racing at Stafford were a pair of former Mod Tour regulars - Tom Bolles (17th) and Zach Sylvester (23rd).

The SK Modified feature at STafford was won by a guy with Tour ties as well. Woody Ptikat, an occasional Tour competitor and crew member for the #28 entry of James Civali, took down the race victory.

Saturday, 10:20am ET - There were a few rumors floating around the East Series and Modified Tour competitor camping lot last night that there might be some technical issues after the NASCAR Camping World East Series race.  However, a NASCAR source stated this morning that all cars cleared technical inspection without issues.  Three teams did have their engines sent back to the NASCAR technical center in Concord, North Carolina as part of a routine dyno test, but it was not to investigate any problems.

The rumors likely stem from the fact that NASCAR was very thorough in their inspection process after the race, with the tech area buzzing well into the night.  Race winner Eddie MacDonald had his engine, transmission, rear end and shocks all pulled from the car and examined closely.  All of the pieces except for the engine, which was one of the three going out for dyno testing, were already returned to the team.

NASCAR has given teams a message in the Camping World East Series this year that there will be little tolerance for rule violations and that their inspections will be full and complete.  NASCAR disqualified Peyton Sellers from an apparent victory for a shock issue at Greenville-Pickens and also DQ’ed Marc Davis from a runner-up finish at Iowa Speedway for a technical issue as well. Brian Ickler’s victory at South Boston Speedway (VA) was also in doubt for several days after parts were examined at NASCAR’s technical center.  Those parts eventually checked out and Ickler was officially awarded the race victory.

Saturday, 9:30am ET - Before the final practice session for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race took place Saturday morning, we asked Chuck Hossfeld what it was like to be back in the #4 Mystic Missile car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  After all, the car won this race last year with Donny Lia at the controls and Hossfeld recently won a Mod Tour at Stafford Motor Speedway for the team.

Hossfeld didn’t waste any words with his answer.

“It’s awesome,” said Hossfeld, with a big smile slowing appearing on his face.

That smile told a big story, but an even bigger story was told just a little bit later when Hossfeld went out and paced the practice session. 

Hossfeld will start on the pole as well, after the field was set by owner points.

Here is the full rundown from the practice session:

1.Chuck Hossfeld
2.Eric Beers
3.Ted Christopher
4.Jimmy Blewett
5.Todd Szegedy
6.Glen Reen
7.Reggie Ruggiero
8.Mike Stefanik
9.Bobby Grigas, III
10.Eddie Flemke
11.Bobby Santos, III
12.Andy Seuss
13.Ronnie Silk
14.Richard Savary
15.Ryan Preece
16.Matt Hirschman
17.L.W. Miller
18.Rick Fuller
19.Jamie Tomaino
20.Rob Summers
21.Glenn Tyler
22.Kevin Goodale
23.Danny Sammons
24.Jeff Fuller
25.Joe Hartmann
26.Tom Abele
27.Rowan Pennick
28.Sean Patterson
29.Billy Pauch, Jr.
30.Dale Quarterley
31.Brian Loftin
32.Wade Cole
33.Renee Dupuis
34.Ken Heagy
35.Jake Marosz
36.Anthony Sesely



The #4 team unloaded a quick racecar at NHMS. (51 Photo)
Matt Hirschman's #59   (51 Photo)
Mike Stefanik goes up in a cloud of smoke.  He lost a lap to the field, but kept trucking along.  (51 Photo)
The start of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race.  (51 Photo)
Jeff Fuller (#7), Brian Loftin (#23) and Dale Quarterley (#00) race in close quarters.  (51 Photo)
Eric Beers (#46) and Ryan Preece (#3).  (51 Photo)
Jimmy Blewett's #19  (51 Photo)