NASCAR Whelen Mod. Tour
NASCAR CW East Series
June 26th-28th, 2008
NH Motor Speedway
Loudon, NH
Trackside Now: WMT and CW East at New Hampshire
Friday is Camping World East Day at NHMS
Friday, 8:17pm ET - Here is your finishing order for the Helluva Good 125 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

1.  Eddie MacDonald
2.  Trevor Bayne
3.  Matt Kobyluck
4.  Austin Dillon
5.  Ricky Carmichael
6.  Marc Dvais
7.  Mike Olsen
8.  John Salemi
9.  Brad Leighton
10.  Brian Ickler
11.  Dustin Delaney
12.  Jesus Hernandez
13.  Jody Lavander
14.  Mike Johnson
15.  Jeff Anton
16.  Mux Dumarey
17.  Jonathan Smith
18.  Charles Lewandoski
19.  Jamie Hayes
20.  Joe Masessa
21.  Alan Tardiff
22.  Craig Goess
23.  Bryon Chew
24.  Derek Thorn
25.  Chase Mattioli
26.  Antonio Perez
27.  Scott Bouley
28.  Steve Park
29.  Peyton Sellers
30.  Ryan Duff
31.  Patrick Dupree
32.  Rogelio Lopez
33.  Todd Peck
34.  Jeffrey Earnhardt
35.  Bobby Hamilton, Jr.
36.  James Pritchard

Friday, 8:17pm ET - Eddie MacDonald pulled away on a green, white, checkers restart and has won the Helluva Good 125 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  It is his first win at the Magic Mile.  Ironically, it came on a Friday night, which is the night every week when his family's Lee USA racetrack, holds events.  Lee is within an hour of NHMS and MacDonald still races a Late Model there on occasion.

Trevor Bayne and Matt Kobyluck were second and third.  We'll have a full run down for you shortly.

Friday, 8:14pm ET - With five laps to go, there is an epic battle for the lead between Trevor Bayne, Eddie MacDonald and Matt Kobyluck.  Bayne passed Kobyluck down low first and then crowded him up the track in turn four.  MacDonald dove under both of them to take the lead, but then slipped high in turn one.  Now Bayne leads MacDonald and Kobyluck and the yellow has just come out for a stopped car of Antonio Perez on the backstretch.  Perez was off the track, but exited his car which forced officials to throw the caution.

It took two laps to write all of that, so we're working lap 122 under caution right now.

Friday, 8:07pm ET - The race will restart with nine laps to go. Matt Kobyluck will lead Trevor Bayne, Austin Dillon, Jesus Hernandez and Eddie MacDonald to the line.

Friday, 7:58pm ET - Ryan Duff spun down the backstretch after getting turned by the #14 of Joe Masessa and then got T-Boned by Patrick Dupree. The caution is back out and it is lap 110.

Friday, 7:57pm ET - Matt Kobyluck jumped into the lead on the restart and brought Trevor Bayne with him into second place. Jesus Hernandez fell back to fifth on the restart.

Friday, 7:55pm ET - NASCAR has penalized both Brian Ickler and Brad Leighton for rough driving.  They have both been sent to the rear of the field and Jesus Hernandez is now the race leader.  He'll have Matt Kobyluck, Marc Davis, Trevor Bayne and Ricky Carmichael in his mirror for the lap 106 restart.

Friday, 7:51pm ET - Things got crazy on the lap 101 restart.  Brad Leighton charged from third to go three wide into the lead on the frontstretch, but made contact with Brian Ickler while getting there.  Ickler hit Jesus Hernandez, who slid up into the outside wall.  Coming out of turn two, Ickler got his revenge on Leighton and spun him around.  Behind that came the big mess - with Mike Olsen, Austin Dillon, Rogelio Lopez, Patrick Dupree, Mike Johnson and Bryon Chew all among the cars involved in the backstretch wreck.

NASCAR is currently reviewing the scoring.  Brian Ickler appears to be the leader.

Friday, 7:46pm ET - Peyton Sellers has lost power on his #44 and it coasted to a stop on the backstretch.  The caution has come out to push, pull or tow his ride back to the pits on lap 99.  Brian Ickler, Jesus Hernandez, Brad Leighton, Matt Kobyluck and Marc Davis are your top five currently.

Friday, 7:41pm ET - Steve Park has pulled on to pit road and the hood is up on his #35 car.

Friday, 7:40pm ET - The green flag is back out on lap 86.

The current top runners in the Helluva Good 125 NASCAR Camping World East Series event are Brian Ickler, Jesus Hernandez, Marc Davis, Matt Kobyluck, Mike Olsen, Brad Leighton, Ricky Carmichael, Austin Dillon and Trevor Bayne.  Several of the lead lap cars have pitted and will restart deep in the field.

Friday, 7:34pm ET - The #50 of Todd Peck has hit the outside wall in turn one and the yellow flag is out at lap 82.  Peck's incident was a single car one.

Brian Ickler still leads Eddie MacDonald.

Friday, 7:28pm ET - Brian Ickler is now leading over Eddie MacDonald.  The race is 73 laps old.

Friday, 7:26pm ET - The green flag is back out.  Eddie MacDonald continues to lead.  Brian Ickler is now second.

Friday, 7:20pm ET - Scott Bouley has spun on lap 66 to bring out yellow flag number three.  The top five are Eddie MacDonald, Rogelio Lopez, Brian Ickler, Jesus Hernandez Steve Park, Austin Dillon, Marc Davis, Bryon Chew, Matt Kobyluck and Antonio Perez.

Charles Lewandoski and Peyton Sellers have both pitted under caution.

Friday, 7:15pm ET - At lap 56, Eddie MacDonald still leads Rogelio Lopez and Brian Ickler.  Jesus Hernandez and Steve Park are fourth and fifth.

Friday, 7:10pm ET - At lap 45, Eddie MacDonald is leading.  He took over the top spot on the last restart.  Rogelio Lopez and Brian Ickler are running second and third.

Friday, 7:05pm ET - Trevor Bayne was penalized for exiting pit road too quickly on the latest round of pits stops.

Friday, 7:01pm ET - On lap 34, Jeffrey Earnhardt has placed his #8 DEI machine into the inside backstretch tire wall fairly hard.  Dustin Delaney brushed the wall to start things out and there was a chain reaction behind them.  Earnhardt got pointed towards the infield and nosed into the inside wall.

The second yellow flag period is out.  The leaders are on pit road.  Among those using this as an opportunity to pit are Matt Kobyluck, Trevor Bayne and Peyton Sellers.

Kobyluck and Bayne have taken fuel only on their stops.

Rogelio Lopez stayed out and is scored as the race leader currently.  The race is 37 laps old.

Friday, 6:52pm ET - On lap 22, the first yellow has come out for an incident with the #59 car of Bobby Hamilton, Jr.  During the caution, Austin Dillon pitted - possibly a strategy move in case the race is shortened from its 125 laps planned distance by darkness.

Friday, 6:48pm ET - Our internet connection had a bit of a hiccup there, but now we are back online.  Matt Kobyluck still leads and the race has gone clean and green for 20 laps.  Austin Dillon  and Eddie MacDonald are directly behind the leader with Steve Park a little ways back in fourth currently.

Friday, 6:38pm ET - The green flag is out and after three laps, Matt Kobyluck has taken the lead of the NASCAR Camping World East Series event at New Hampshire.

Friday, 6:30pm ET - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series qualifying has wrapped up and what seemed impossible just a few hours ago is now ready to happen - the NASCAR Camping World East Series is about to hit the track for their main event.

The cars have fired their engines and Austin Dillon will lead the field to the green in just a few minutes.

Friday, 5:50pm ET - The rain has subsided and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars are on track for the conclusion of their qualifying round.  Twenty-four cars went on track before the rains came, so the remainder will run and the CWES teams will line up shortly for their 125-lap feature, that as of now, is scheduled to still go 125 laps.

Friday, 5:25pm ET - We are still under a rain delay at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  It's not raining anymore and the track drying equipment is out in force.  We
expect that NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying will finish up once the track is raceable again.  After that, we hope that the NASCAR Camping World East Series will be able to hold their feature.

The CW East teams are in a holding pattern and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour portion of the infield is a ghost town since they didn't have any on-track activity today.

We did find that one Mod Tour driver had a job for today though.  Ryan Preece, driver of the Ole' Blue #3 has been the unofficial golf cart chauffeur for the hosts of the Carey and Coffey radio show, which is broadcasting live from the track this evening starting at 6pm.

Friday, 4:12pm ET - It has stopped raining at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and the dark clouds have yielded to lighter ones.  The jet dryer has just pulled out onto the frontstretch and we're keeping our fingers crossed here.  NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying is underway with 24 of 45 cars having taken time.  Hopefully, there will be enough time to dry the track and get the rest of qualifying and the entire CW East race in.  There are no lights at this facility.

Friday, 4:05pm ET - Rain continues to fall here at NHMS, but as if that wasn’t emotionally crushing enough for folks here at the track, the announcement just given by track GM Jerry Gappens just took some wind out of everyone’s sails…The elephant race, originally scheduled for the pre-race ceremonies for Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race has been cancelled.  Last-minute permit issues have forced the elephants from making it to NHMS, leaving fans devastated.

“We didn’t know until late yesterday (Thursday) that there were pachyderm permits required to move an elephant across state lines, and apparently, there are some health certifications required as well,” said Gappens.  “We’re disappointed, but we simply don’t have the time to comply properly with allthe federal procedures.”

Likely, all of the hard work that each elephants’ pit crews and guys back in the shops have gone for naught.  Rumor has it one of the favorites in Sunday’s elephant race had just returned from the chassis dyno and the seven-post pull-down rig, and without a purse from Sunday’s race, the team likely will have to shut down for the remainder of the year unless sponsorship can be secured.

Friday, 3:58pm ET - The skies have opened up and it is raining hard here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  We'll keep you posted as to what happens next, but don't expect any NASCAR Camping World East Series action for at least a little while.

Friday, 3:30pm ET - With rain in the area, NASCAR has decided to decided to try and move the NASCAR Camping World East Series feature up to 4:30pm instead of its scheduled 5:10pm start.  Right now, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is on the track for qualifying and after that, the track will be clear.

Friday, 3:15pm ET - The track is now sitting idle and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series qualifying has begun.  The NASCAR Camping World East Series is scheduled to start their race just after 5pm.

Unfortunately though, the skies have gotten darker looking off into turn one and two. The radar shows some storms to the south of the track, which could miss the speedway entirely (keep your fingers crossed!), but there could be worse news off to the West.  A band of showers is off towards Vermont and moving this way.  Hopefully, they will take long enough to get all of today's track activities in.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, 2:40pm ET - There isn't much activity in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour garage today.  All but three cars are loaded in their trailers with the #99 of Jamie Tomaino parked outside, the #0 of Danny Sammons sitting on jackstands and the #38 of L.W. Miller also on stands with the rear end assembly out of the car.  Mod teams have one practice session in the morning before their mid-day race tomorrow.

Friday, 1:10pm ET - The four NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams that went home early after qualifying for their event was rained out, won't go home empty-handed.  The teams of Kenny Horton, Doug Coby, Ken Bouchard and Jon McKennedy will all receive $500 in tow money for their troubles.

Friday, 12:30pm ET - There could be a pretty darn good race if just the crew members assembled for today's NASCAR Camping World East Series event decided to run their own feature at some point.  The list of former short track drivers in that pit today is a long one.

Of course, everyone knows about four-time NASCAR Busch North (that's what the called the series back then) champion Andy Santerre - who know owns Peyton Sellers' #44 car.  Also on that team is current PASS South point leader Corey Williams.

Former Busch North driver Fred Skaff is working on MIke Johnson's #96 team this weekend.

Over at the #03 team of Rogelio Lopez, the short track world is very well represented by team owner Dave Davis (a former Busch North driver) and crew members Tom Carey, Jr. (a former race winning Busch North driver) and former Busch North Rookie of the Year Robbie Harrison.  Harrison's father Bob, an accomplished short track racer in his own right, is also helping the team this weekend.  Also on the #03 crew this weekend is Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) standout Richard "Bubba" Pelton.

Another former Busch North regular, Paul Wolfe, is helping out the #01 team of Charles Lewandoski.  The winningest CW East/Busch North driver in history, Kelly Moore, is helping out the #14 team of Joe Masessa.  Former Maine Super Late Model standout Jerry Babb is working on the team of Ricky Carmichael. 

We also hear that three-time Busch North champion Jamie Aube is helping out a CW East team this weekend. 

Those are just a few of the crew members with driving experience who we have run into this weekend.

Friday, 12:10pm ET -'s own Bob Dillner, during his regular job for SPEED TV, reported on NASCAR Live that current NASCAR Camping World East Series drivers Jeffrey Earnhardt and Trevor Bayne will move full-time to the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2009, provided that they obtain sponsorship.  Both will drive for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.  Earnhardt will also enter a few Nationwide Series races before the end of this season to prepare for 2009.

Friday, 12:05pm ET - An update on Brian Ickler's back-up car situation - yesterday, the car had trouble making it through technical inspection for a problem around the rear window part of the car's body.  The team had planned to run that car as their primary car, but switched it to a back-up role after the tech troubles.  This morning they wrecked the "new" primary car, so changes to the first car (now the back-up) had to be completed at the track afterall. 

Friday, Noon ET - Wherever they went, rain was the story of the day yesterday for NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour drivers Bobby Grigas, III and Jimmy Blewett.  Both drivers planned to qualify for the Tour race here and then drive down to Thompson International Speedway (CT) to run the Sunoco Modified feature there.  But first, qualifying for the Tour got rained out.  Then, the towel was thrown in on the weekly racing at Thompson - leading to one long day with little reward.

Friday, 11:30am - Yesterday, Charles Lewandoski's team had their work cut out for them when their #01 Toyota had problems in the tech area.  The team had to cut out their floorboards and do some major reworking of the car, but they got the job done and will be fine to race today.  The team also battled ignition and brake problems in practice this morning, but all systems are go now for ChaLew's first CW East start of the 2008 season.

Friday, 11:30am - Brian Ickler's team is hard at work in the NASCAR Camping World East garage area.  Ickler was third quickest in practice, but the radiator cap came off his car and dumped coolant under the right side tires.  Ickler saved the car once, but couldn't save it a second time during the incident and ended up backing into the wall with the right rear. 

The team is now preparing their backup car, which is the same car that he won with at Iowa Speedway earlier this season.

Patrick Dupree also spun his #24 car during the session.

Friday, 11:10am - Here's the full rundown for the first, and final, NASCAR Camping World East Series practice that was held this morning at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

1.  Austin Dillon - 30.919 seconds
2.  Rogelio Lopez - 30.956
3.  Brian Ickler - 30.969
4.  Jeffery Earnhardt - 30.973
5.  Matt Kobyluck - 31.013
6.  Peyton Sellers - 31.063
7.  Steve Park - 31.069
8.  Marc Davis - 31.102
9.  Brad Leighton - 31.116
10.  Eddie MacDonald - 31.116
11.  Trevor Bayne - 31.137
12.  Jesus Hernandez - 31.206
13.  Bryon Chew - 31.260
14.  Antonio Perez - 31.296
15.  Jody Lavender - 31.304
16.  Bobby Hamilton, Jr. - 31.344
17.  John Salemi - 31.422
18.  Ricky Carmichael - 31.492
19.  Mike Johnson - 31.497
20.  Jeff Anton - 31.524
21.  Jonathan Smith - 31.537
22.  Ryan Duff - 31.546
23.  Derek Thorn - 31.562
24.  Mike Olsen - 31.592
25.  Max Dumarey - 31.622
26.  Alan Tardiff - 31.670
27.  Joe Masessa - 31.714
28.  Dustin Delaney - 31.723
29.  Craig Goess - 31.917
30.  Patrick Dupree - 31.959
31.  Charles Lewandsoki - 32.041
32.  James Pritchard, Jr. - 32.144
33.  Todd Peck - 32.248
34.  Jamie Hayes - 32.296
35.  Chase Mattioli - 32.613
36.  Scott Bouley - 35.225

Friday, 10:40am - The Hartford Courant's Shawn Courchesne reported that Kevin Manion (crew chief for Martin Truex Jr. on the Cup circuit) inquired about former Formula One driver and current Cup pilot Juan Pablo Montoya to drive the 7NY Modified at NHMS this weekend.  Manion, according to the Courant, also reached out to Sprint Cup drivers AJ Allmendinger, Sam Hornish Jr. and Carl Edwards.

Friday, 10:20am ET - The first and only practice session for the NASCAR Camping World East Series has come and gone. Austin Dillon wasted no time getting used to his new Team Dillon surroundings and paced the session.  Following him on the speed charts were Rogelio Lopez, Brian Ickler, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Matt Kobyluck, Peyton Sellers, Steve Park, Marc Davis, Brad Leighton and Eddie MacDonald.

Friday, 9:30am ET -  The NASCAR Camping World East Series is finally getting a chance to practice.  The rain from yesterday is gone and the series is currently on the track for their one and only session before today's dinner-time feature race.

Rogelio Lopez, Brian Ickler, Matt Kobyluck and Austin Dillon are currently on top of the speed charts in this session.

There is no on-track activity for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour today.

A little bit of news from the CW East garage is that Charles Lewandoski will be making his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut here tomorrow driving an entry fielded by Fitz Motorsports.  Also, ACT Late Model driver Joey Pole, who won last weekend's event at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME), will drive in a limited schedule of CW East races for the #5 team of Vermont's Barney McRae.

Speaking of Late Models, Cris Michaud finally beat Eric WIlliams to win the Governor's Cup at Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT) last night.  Williams had won the last two Governor's Cup events with Michaud as the runner-up.  This time, they were reversed with Michaud beating Williams. had planned to attend the big race, but all of yesterday's rain delays put us behind schedule and to make it for the green flag, a two-plus hour tip from track to track would have to be completed in under an hour.  Since we like having our licenses, and would like to actually hold on to them, so the trip was scrubbed.  We will have coverage of Saturday night's ACT Late Model race at White Mountain Motorport Park (NH) however.


The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour isn't hitting the track at all today.  Tomorrow, Jeff Fuller will start shotgun on the field in the #7 machine.  (51 Photo)
Rogelio Lopez's #03 CW East car.  (51 Photo)
Brian Ickler's mangled #15 machine.  (51 Photo)
Patrick Dupree (#24) goes for a spin in practice.  Brad Leighton (#55) slips on by.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Bobby Grigas salutes's camera during Thursday NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour practice.  Grigas' plans to race at Thompson last night were rained out.  (51 Photo)
Ricky Carmichael   (Jamie Williams Photo)
Current PASS South point leader Corey Williams (L) and 2006 PASS North Rookie of the Year Alan Tardiff (R).  Williams is working on Peyton Sellers' #44 today while Tardiff is driving the #38 car.
Steve Park (#35) has laps around New Hampshire in everything from a Cup car to a Modified to a Camping World East Series machine.  (51 Photo)
LW Miller's Modified in the garage area before its rear end was pulled out.  (51 Photo)
CWES driver Marc Davis (left) and his spotter MIke Herman (right) goof around with a New England "lobstah."  (51 Photo)
Some early race action between Rogelio Lopez (#03) and Jeffery Earnhardt (#8) and Matt Kobyluck (#40) and Austin Dillon (#3).  (51 Photos)
Eddie McDonald leads Rogelio Lopez.  (51 Photos)
Eddie MacDonald makes it three-wide in the closing laps under Trevor Bayne and Matt Kobyluck.  (51 Photos)
Eddie Mac was a happy camper after his big NHMS win.  (51 Photos)