NASCAR Whelen Mod. Tour
NASCAR CW East Series
Sept. 11th-13th, 2008
NH Motor Speedway
Loudon, NH
Trackside Now: WMT and CW East at New Hampshire
It's a Beautiful Day at The Magic Mile
Thursday, 6:45pm ET - We have been experiencing some technical difficulties here at NHMS, so thanks for your patience. We will be back online tomorrow for Trackside Now as the Camping World East Series hits the track for the Heluva Good 125. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour boys have a day off on Friday. So enjoy the chilly New Hampshire night and we'll see you back on tomorrow!

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Thursday, 5:50pm ET - A few observers on pit road were impressed with how deep Ryan Newman drove it into turn-one on his qualifying lap. Bob Mueller, crew chief of the Chuck Hossfeld #4, said "I don't think I've ever seen someone drive it into turn-one that deep at this place." 

When asked about how deep he drove it in before lifting, Ryan jokingly responded "well, I lifted."

Thursday, 5:45pm ET - Ryan Newman has won the pole position for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  37 cars took time in qualifying with the entries of Ryan Preece and Glen Reen not taking timed laps.  Both drivers will start on Saturday with provisionals.

We will have a full field rundown shortly.

Thursday, 5:22pm ET - 24 of 39 Modifieds have taken time trial laps.  Currently, Ryan Newman leads the session followed by Jimmy Blewett, Eric Beers, Anthony Sesley and Todd Szegedy.

Thursday, 5:10pm ET - The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is currently qualifying and 11 cars have taken timed laps.  Jimmy Blewett and Todd Szegedy lead the way so far.

Here is what we found out after taking a stroll through the Mod pit area:

Chris Pasteryak is here turning wrenches on his father Charlie's #5 Modified.  Pasteryak wrecked hard in Sunday's True Value Modified Racing Series event and reports that he was a "little sore, but not too bad" on Monday morning.  There was concern that Pasteryak, the TVMRS point leader, might have had his car too heavily damaged to race again, but don't be concerned.  He reports that repairs to the car are almost finished and it will be back in action in next Saturday's TVMRS race at All-Star Speedway.

Daytona 500 winner Ryan Newman might be new to Modified racing, but he knows where to go to learn all the tricks of the Tour.  Earlier, we told you how he has been working with Florida Speedweeks champion Jimmy Blewett.  Later on, we spied him getting pointers from Mod Tour legend Mike Stefanik as well.

Bobby Grigas, III will not be high-tailing it to Thompson International Speedway tonight.  Grigas has been racing all season long in the Sunoco Modified division there, but will skip the race tonight since his James Paige-owned #00 was heavily damaged in a wreck there on Sunday.

Thursday, 4:50pm ET - Charles Lewandoski was to make his second NASCAR Camping World East Series start of the 2008 season this weekend at NHMS with a new sponsor, IMTI, but last-minute logistical issues kept Lewandoski from making the trip from his Mooresville, NC shop to NHMS. 

Thursday, 4:45pm ET - Peyton Sellers has won the pole for the NASCAR Camping World East Series event with his #44 Andy Santerre Motorsports Chevrolet.  Sellers went out late in qualifying and posted a lap of 30.124 seconds.

Here is the starting lineup for Friday's CW East event:

Row One -
1.  Peyton Sellers
2.  Steve Park
Row Two -
3.  Eddie MacDonald
4.  Brian Ickler
Row Three -
5.  Marc Davis
6.  Brad Leighton
Row Four
7.  Derek Thorn
8.  Trevor Bayne
Row Five -
9.  Jeffery Earnhardt
10.  Joey Pole
Row Six -
11.  Jesus Hernandez
12.  Craig Goess
Row Seven -
13.  Matt Kobyluck
14.  Jody Lavander
Row Eight -
15.  Austin Dillon
16.  Ricky Carmichael
Row Nine -
17.  Matt Hirschman
18.  John Salemi
Row Ten -
19.  Jamie Hayes
20.  Dustin Delaney
Row Eleven -
21.  Mike Johnson
22.  Bryon Chew
Row Twelve -
23.  Jeff Anton
24.  Alex Kennedy
Row Thirteen -
25.  Antonio Perez
26.  Joe Masessa
Row Fourteen -
27.  Mike Olsen
28.  Ryan Duff
Row Fifteen -
29.  Alan Tardiff
30.  Max Dumarey
Row Sixteen -
31.  Laine Chase
32.  Todd Peck
Row Seventeen -
33.  Scott Bouley
34.  Jason Cochran
Row Eighteen -
35.  Jonathan Smith
36.  James Pritchard
Row Nineteen -
37.  Jeremy Clark
38.  Ryan Black

Thursday, 3:45pm ET - The #99 Camping World East Series entry of Bryon Chew is sporting sponsorship from Tracker Boats and Bass Pro Shops this weekend.  His car looks very similar to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry of NASCAR Busch North Series (the series that grew into CW East) graduate Martin Truex.

Thursday, 3:40pm ET - On the Camping World East Series side of the garage, we have learned that Max Dumarey will not return to the #16 Fadden Racing team next season.  Dumarey will return home to his native Belgium after finishing out the 2008 CW East season and running the fall Talladega ARCA RE/MAX Series event for the team.  The ride is open for the 2009 season and beyond to qualified and funded drivers.

Team owner Mike Olsen is racing here this weekend in the #61 CW East car and will start and park a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series entry for Bobby Dotter's team on Saturday.

Thursday, 3:30pm ET - There are a few items of note from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour pit area.  First, Ryan Preece may have been one of the pre-race favorite to take the pole position for the WMT race, but he's not going to get the chance to see if that is possible.  Preece will sit out qualifying after a lifter failed in the engine of his #3 Boehler ride.  The team is going back to their shop in Massachusetts to get a different engine for Saturday's race, but they will start at the rear of the field with a provisional.

Meanwhile, Matt Hirschman's team has "patched up" the oil leak in their engine and are crossing their fingers that it will hold up for qualifying.

Glen Reen is running a back-up car to Todd Szegedy this weekend.  Reen wrecked his own #17 hard last Sunday at Thompson and the #2 team graciously offered to help him out this weekend.

Thursday, 3:20pm ET - Currently, the NASCAR Camping World East Series is on track for their qualifying session.  Here are the practice times for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour session that recently concluded:

1.  Ryan Newman - 29.233
2.  Jimmy Blewett - 29.369
3.  Todd Szegedy - 29.441
4.  Chuck Hossfeld - 29.445
5.  Ted Christopher - 29.465
6.  Eric Beers - 29.500
7.  Kevin Goddale - 29.585
8.  Ronnie SIlk - 29.609
9.  Bobby Grigas, III - 29.611
10.  Mike Stefanik - 29.628
11.  Billy Pauch, Jr. - 29.649
12.  Doug Coby - 29.651
13.  Eddie Flemke - 29.673
14.  Bobby Santos, III - 29.686
15.  Reggie Ruggiero - 29.723
16.  Richard Savary - 29.758
17.  Donny Lia - 29.788
18.  Rob Summers - 29.800
19.  Anthony Sesley - 29.809
20.  Erick Rudolph - 29.816
21.  Woody Pitkat - 29.819
22.  Rick Fuller - 29.841
23.  Danny Sammons - 29.849
24.  Charlie Pasteryak - 29.908
25.  Renee Dupuis - 29.919
26.  Tom Abele, Jr. - 29.991
27.  Rowan Pennick - 30.027
28.  Ryan Preece - 30.053
29.  Jamie Tomaino - 30.062
30.  Joe Hartmann - 30.076
31.  Jon McKennedy - 30.164
32.  Glen Reen - 30.234
33.  Glenn Tyler - 30.330
34.  Wade Cole - 30.598
35.  Tom Farrell, III - 30.646
36.  Gary McDonald - 31.241
37.  Jake Marosz - 31.430
38.  Ken Heagy - 31.566
39.  Matt Hirschman - 32.084

Thursday, 2:30pm ET - It seems that just about every time that the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and NASCAR Camping World East Series comes to New Hampshire Motor Speedway, weather is an issue on qualifying day.  Rain has caused delays, cancellations and general mayhem on Thursdays here in the past.

Not today....not even by a long shot.

The sky is blue, the temperatures are in the 70's and it's not even humid here.  It's a perfect late summer day in New England and we'll bring you up to speed on what has been going on here.

And even though the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is the headliner of the weekend, there is a great short track feel to the races this weekend.  When we pulled into the track this morning, we were even greeted by a security worker who is a well known driver in these parts himself - Louis Anderson, who races at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is working for the big track this weekend.

Back to the infield now, where the NASCAR Whelen Modifieds are currently on the track practicing.  Matt Hirschman lost an engine on his #59 car during practice and dumped oil on the track.  Anthony Sesely spun in that oil.

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Donny Lia, last year's WMT champion, has returned to his home series this weekend and will drive the #96 H&H Motorsports Modified in Saturday's race.  The car is a 2009 Troyer that is undergoing some track testing this weekend.  It's a wild looking piece that is attracting plenty of interest in the garage area.  Chuck Hossfeld has driven one race, a RoC Modified show at Oswego, already in the car.

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Ryan Newman is here driving the #7NY Modified and he's not afraid to seek out some pointers from a more experienced Mod ace.  Newman and Jimmy Blewett have been working together today and plan to work as drafting partners in Saturday's race.  The two practiced their drafting together in practice as well.

In the Modified garage, there are 39 cars here to compete for 38 starting positions.  The #29 of Kenny Horton and the #22 of Lloyd Agor were on the pre-entry list, but both cars were withdrawn. 

Here is how the cars that are here will line up for qualifying:

1.  19  Jimmy Blewett
2.  90  Renee Dupuis
3.  59  Matt Hirschman
4.  8   Glenn Tyler
5.  21  Richard Savary
6.  16  Mike Stefanik
7.  2   Todd Szegedy
8.  1   Rob Summers
9.  14  Reggie Ruggiero
10.  88  Woody Pitkat
11.  10  Ed Flemke, Jr.
12.  79  Ronnie Silk
13.  93  Rowan Pennick
14.  99  Jamie Tomaino
15.  0   Danny Sammons
16.  11  Anthony Sesley
17.  98  Bobby Santos, III
18.  06  Billy Pauch, Jr.
19.  7   Ryan Newman
20.  08  Tommy Ferrel
21.  58  Kevin Goodale
22.  17  Glen Reen
23.  46  Eric Beers
24.  05  Joe Hartmann
25.  06  Donny Lia
26.  5   Charlie Pasteryak
27.  45  Erick Rudolph
28.  32  Tom Abele, Jr.
29.  00  Jon McKennedy
30.  33  Wade Cole
31.  12  Ken Heagy
32.  28  Doug Coby
33.  36  Ted Christopher
34.  4  Chuck Hossfeld
35.  3  Ryan Preece
36.  26  Gary McDonald
37.  09  Bobby Grigas, III
38.  77  Rick Fuller
39.  9  Jake Marosz

The CW East teams have held one practice session.  The #13 of Laine Chase went for a solo spin with a little bit of contact on the frontstretch, but other than that things were pretty clean. Here is the rundown from that session:

1.  Brian Ickler - 30.312 seconds
2.  Peyton Sellers - 30.453
3.  Joey Polwarczyk - 30.455
4.  Steve Park - 30.517
5.  Alex Kennedy - 30.542
6.  Jesus Hernandez - 30.634
7.  Matt Kobyluck - 30.669
8.  Ricky Carmichael - 30.713
9.  Eddie MacDonald - 30.739
10.  Trevor Bayne - 30.844
11.  Jody Lavender - 30.861
12.  Matt Hirschman - 30.902
13.  Jeffrey Earnhardt - 30.925
14.  Brad Leighton - 30.940
15.  Marc Davis - 30.995
16.  Dustin Delany - 31.018
17.  Mike Olsen - 31.079
18.  John Salemi - 31.154
19.  Craig Goess - 31.188
20.  Austin Dillon - 31.236
21.  Jamie Hayes - 31.243
22.  Antonio Perez - 31.258
23.  Alan Tardiff - 31.302
24.  Max Dumarey - 31.329
25.  Jeff Anton - 31.347
26.  Ryan Duff - 31.396
27.  Bryon Chew - 31.457
28.  Mike Johnson - 31.510
29.  Derek Thorn - 31.561
30.  Joe Masessa - 31.831
31.  Scott Bouley - 32.044
32.  Jonathan Smith - 32.142
33.  Laine Chase - 32.229
34.  Jason Cochran - 32.312
35.  Todd Peck - 32.346
36.  Jame Pritchard, Jr. - 32.393
37.  Jeremy Clark - 33.212
38.  Ryan Black - 34.922

Dustin Delaney watches CW East qualifying.
Eddie MacDonald's #71 CW East car.
Donny Lia pilots a new Troyer Modified.  (51 Photos)
Ryan Preece's #3 Modified
Glen Reen is running a slightly different look on the #17 Modified this week.
Max Dumarey's #16 CW East car.
Matt Hirschman's #59 team goes to work on their engine.
Jimmy Blewett (#19) pulls Ryan Newman along in the draft.
Matt Hirschman's #9 CW East car.
It's a sunny day at NHMS.
Ryan Preece's team works on their engine-less Modified.
Mike Stefanik (L) and Ryan Newman (R) discuss Modified racing in the garage area.