NASCAR Whelen Mod. Tour
NASCAR CW East Series
Sept. 11th-13th, 2008
NH Motor Speedway
Loudon, NH
Trackside Now: WMT and CW East at New Hampshire - Saturday
MacDonald and Christopher Take NHMS Victories
Saturday, 6:56pm - New Hampshire Motor Speedway is Ted Christopher's playground.  Saturday's win in the New Hampshire 100 Whelen Mod Tour event is TC's record 10th career victory at "The Magic Mile."  Christopher has five wins in the NASCAR Camping World Series East and tonight's win makes it a handful at NHMS on the Mod Tour as well.  The win was doubly-important for the 50-year-old racer, as well, as it combined with Chuck Hossfeld's 29th-place finish after an early crash will leave TC in prime position to capture his first-ever Whelen Modified Tour Championship.

Jimmy Blewett had a strong car throught the night, but ended up second to TC.  Seventeen-year-old Ryan Preece was third, earning his best-career WMT finish.  A similarly impressive stat was Danny Sammons' fifth-place finish, which was the young driver's best of the season.

We'll have a full recap of the Whelen Modified Tour marathon here at NHMS today coming this week here on  We hope you enjoyed our Trackside Now coverage from the track throughout the weekend.

1.  Ted Christopher
2.  Jimmy Blewett
3.  Ryan Preece
4.  Rob Summers
5.  Danny Sammons
6.  Matt Hirschman
7.  Erick Rudolph
8.  Woody Pitkat
9.  Jamie Tomaino
10.  Eric Beers
11.  Tommy Farrell
12.  Ken Heagy
13.  Todd Szegedy
14.  Glenn Tyler
15.  Billy Pauch, Jr.
16.  Eddie Flemke
17.  Jake Marosz
18.  Bobby Grigas III
19.  Ronnie Silk
20.  Ryan Newman
21.  Richard Savary
22.  Rowan Pennink
23.  Renee Dupuis
24.  Gary McDonald
25.  Reggie Ruggiero
26.  Anthony Sesely
27.  Mike Stefanik
28.  Tom Abele, Jr.
29.  Chuck Hossfeld
30.  Kevin Goodale
31.  Joe Hartmann
32.  Donny Lia
33.  Wade Cole
34.  Doug Coby
35.  Glen Reen
36.  Rick Fuller
37.  Charlie Pasteryak
38.  Bobby Santos III

Saturday, 6:23pm - Ted Christopher has won the New Hampshire 100 by a carlength over Jimmy Blewett.  Ryan Preece was third, Donny Lia fourth, Danny Sammons fifth.  We'll have full results shortly. 

Saturday, 6:21pm - Ryan Preece helped bump draft Jimmy Blewett to the lead with five to go.  Christohper got in line before Preece could take second away.  Then, by turn one, Christopher was back out in front on lap 96.

Saturday, 6:19pm - GREEN is out with just eight laps remaining.  A single-file restart found Christopher holding the lead with Blewett glued to his bumper.

Saturday, 6:12pm - YELLOW is out for a big mixup up front on lap 86.  Eric Beers took second from Christopher using the lapped car of Jake Marosz as a pick, but Marosz clipped Beers, sending Beers' #46 for a spin in turn one.  That incident collected Ryan Newman, as well.  Jimmy Blewett came to a complete stop to avoid the crash and currently is scored second.

It's Christopher, Blewett, Preece, Lia (in Summers' car), Sammons, Pitkat, Hirschman, Tomaino, Rudolph and Farrell in the top-10.

Under this caution, Bobby Grigas III has taken to pit road while running fifth.

Saturday, 6:09pm - Christopher has re-taken the lead at the stripe on lap 83.  Blewett runs second with Beers, Newman, Grigas and Preece in tow.

Saturday, 6:08pm - Much like at Talladega, whoever is in the lead seems to be a sitting duck down the stretch here tonight.  The power of the draft down the straightaways helps whoever is in second take the lead.  That's the case between Jimmy Blewett and Ted Christopher as we hit the 20-to-go marker.  Currently it's Blewett holding off Christopher, Beers, Preece, Newman and Grigas.

Saturday, 6:05pm - Christopher has re-taken the lead on lap 75, flying by Blewett.  Blewett fought back to get the lead back in turn one of the next lap.

Saturday, 6:02pm - Ryan Newman helped push Jimmy Blewett clear of Ted Christopher after Christopher pulled even with Blewett for the lead on lap 73. 

Saturday, 6:02pm - GREEN flag is back out on lap 71.  Blewett got the best start and holds the lead over Preece and Christopher.

Saturday, 6:00pm - Teddy Christopher has rocketed past Jimmy Blewett in turns three and four of lap 68, but the YELLOW quickly came out afterwards for the #26 of Gary McDonald in the turn-one wall.  Blewett will take the lead back under this yellow.

Running order is Christopher, Blewett, Preece, Grigas, Newman, Beers, Rudolph, Sammons, Hirschman and Donny Lia (in Rob Summers' car) in the top-10.

Saturday, 5:57pm - GREEN flag is back out with 25 laps to go.Blewett and Preece raced side-by-side through turn one, but Blewett now has the advantage down the backstretch with Preece and Erick Rudolph in tow.

Saturday, 5:55pm - Engines have re-fired for the final 28 laps of the race.  Now that the field is back under YELLOW, these "pace" laps are counting towards the 100-lap total, just as they would've if the field was still under yellow this afternoon.

Saturday, 5:49pm - Despite his heavily beat-up car, Billy Pauch, Jr. is going to finish up the New Hampshire 100 in the Dick Greenfield #06 tonight, even though he was scheduled to appear in a $20,000-to-win dirt Modified event at Grandview Speedway in Pennsylvania tonight. 

One driver that did not stick around for the continuation is Robbie Summers.  Summers left NHMS to head to Waterford Speedbowl (CT) to compete in the weekly SK Modified event tonight.  Donny Lia, who exited the Modified event early this afternoon, will serve as a relief driver for the remaining laps.

Saturday, 5:30pm - The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race, and a few post race fights, are complete.  The resumption of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race will be coming up shortly.  There are 62 laps complete and 38 laps remain.  The first 18 cars are on the lead lap.  Here is the restart lineup:

1.  Jimmy Blewett
2.  Ryan Preece
3.  Erick Rudolph
4.  Ted Christopher
5.  Todd Szegedy
6.  Ryan Newman
7.  Eric Beers
8.  Danny Sammons
9.  Bobby Grigas, III
10.  Matt Hirschman
11.  Rob Summers
12.  Reggie Ruggiero
13.  Renee Dupuis
14.  Jamie Tomaino
15.  Tommy Farrell
16.  Woody Pitkat
17.  Ken Heagy
18.  Jake Marosz
19.  Billy Pauch, Jr.
20.  Richard Savary
21.  Mike Stefanik 
22.  Glenn Tyler 
23.  Rowan Pennick
24.  Eddie Flemke, Jr.
25.  Gary McDonald
26.  Tom Abele, Jr.
27.  Ronnie Silk
28.  Doug Coby

Saturday, 4:30pm - While the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race takes place and we wait for the conclusion of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour feature, here are a few leftovers Trackside Now items from this morning's NASCAR Camping World Series event, won by Eddie MacDonald (scroll down for full results).

Matt Kobyluck finished third in the event and maintains a 192-point point lead with two races remaining.  Austin Dillon, Trevor Bayne and others could still mathematically catch or pass Kobyluck, but it will be a tough job to do.

Here are the top 15 in the standings:

1.  Matt Kobyluck - 1810 points
2.  Austin Dillon - 1618
3.  Trevor Bayne - 1585
4.  Jesus Hernandez - 1575
5.  Marc Davis - 1508
6.  Steve Park - 1482
7.  Eddie MacDonald - 1475
8.  Ricky Carmichael - 1460
9.  Brian Ickler - 1447
10.  Peyton Sellers - 1433
11.  Jeffrey Earnhardt - 1416
12.  Jody Lavander - 1353
13.  Jeff Anton - 1311
14.  Max Dumarey - 1274
15.  Dustin Delaney - 1253

In other CW East News.....

Eddie MacDonald might not be done winning for the day either.  In the tech inspection area, MacDonald was trying to find a ride to Oxford Plains Speedway - where an ACT Late Model event is being held this evening.  Eddie Mac's racecar is there and he won an ACT event at Oxford earlier this season, so if he make it there he should be a contender.

Joey Pole headed for Oxford after the NHMS race too.  He'll be racing his family's #97 there tonight.  Tonight at NHMS, Pole finished sixth in his first Camping World East Series start.  Even mor eimpressive was the fact that he nursed a wounded car to that finish.  Pole bounced off the wall early on and cracked an A-Frame and bent the rear end.  Yet he still ran very strong throughout the remainder of the event.

Saturday, 2:49pm - While the WMT teams have taken their cars to the garage for a later re-start, news has come out of the NASCAR Camping World Series East garage.  Matt Hirschman, who scored an impressive fourth-place finish in the Heluva Good 125 CWSE race in just his first-ever series start, has been rewarded by Gillett-Evernham Motorsports with a second start next weekend at Dover International Speedway. 

Saturday, 2:39pm - Jerry Gappens, GM of NHMS has announced to the crowd that because of the damage to the guardrail, the WMT cars will be pushed to the Truck Series garage, meaning an on-time green flag for the Truck Series race.  The WMT race will then re-start following the 3pm Truck Series race. 

The green-flag will fly with 38 laps remaining once the Truck Series race concludes.

Saturday, 2:35pm - NASCAR Officials have tweaked the current top-five running contradict their scoring monitors under this red flag.  They now say it is Jimmy Blewett now the leader, with Ryan Preece second, followed by Erick Rudolph, Ted Christopher and Todd Szegedy. 

Saturday, 2:33pm - Welders and hammers are diligently doing the work to fix the damaged wall on the backstretch.

Saturday, 2:26pm - Still under red at this point, but here's a rundown of the running order at this time.  Ryan Preece, Jimmy Blewett, Ted Christopher, Erick Rudolph, Ryan Newman, Todd Szegedy, Eric Beers, Bobby Grigas, Danny Sammons, Matt Hirschman, Robbie Summers top-10.  After that, it's Renee Dupuis, Reggie Ruggiero, Jamie Tomaino, Tommy Farrell, Kenny Heagy and Woody Pitkat.  Those are the only cars on the lead lap.

Saturday, 2:22pm - Two big news items.  The YELLOW has changed to a RED FLAG is out as Anthony Sesely hit has broken the infield armco barrier on the backstretch.  There are a half dozen track trucks there reparing it.

Also, teams on the radios are speculating that NASCAR may freeze a running order if and when the WMT race has to conclude early to make time for the Truck race, then the cars may be parked inside the garage area until after the Truck race.  Then, the WMT race would re-start at the point it left off after the Truck race in the order they were running.  This is only speculation, however, as no official word has come from NASCAR Officials.

Saturday, 2:15pm - has heard from a NASCAR Official that if the race is not over by 2:45pm, the checkered flag will be thrown at that time in order to do the driver intros for the Craftsman Truck Series race.  This gives the WMT 30 minutes to complete 40 laps. 

Saturday, 2:13pm - GREEN is back out and Ryan Preece has taken the lead on the outside of Jimmy Blewett.  Preece has taken Christopher with him. 

The CAUTION has returned out on lap 58 as Anthony Sesely has all but junked the front end of his car on the backstretch.

Saturday, 2:00pm - YELLOW is out as the leader Chuck Hossfeld plowed into the rear end of a slowing and spinning Kevin Goodale in turn four of lap 51  The rest of the leaders checked up behind the incident, but Ryan Preece was able to work his way up to the runner-up spot behind the new leader Jimmy Blewett.

There is a lot of clean up to do, so the RED FLAG has been displayed.  With less than a half hour remaining before the CTS on-track action, we're likely headed for a time-shortened race, although no word has come from the NASCAR Officials.

Saturday, 1:57pm - GREEN is out.  Hossfeld has a great run on the outside to lead at the start-finish line to complete lap 50. 

Saturday, 1:54pm - Lap 42 now and the leading 7NY car of Ryan Newman has fallen off the pace, handing the lead to Jimmy Blewett. Newman's car has a flat right-rear.

Newman's slow car brought out the CAUTION.

Several leaders have chosen to hit pit road under this yellow, including Christopher, Beers, Grigas, Ruggiero, Summers, Hirschman and others.

Restart order: Blewett, Hossfeld, Goodale, Sesely, Preece, Pitkat, Rudoloph, Sammons, Szegedy, Tomaino, Christopher, Beers, Newman, Grigas, Ruggiero, Summers, Hirschman, Dupuis.  Those 18 are the only cars on the lead lap.

Saturday, 1:48pm - While it's status-quo up front, Kevin Goodale, Bobby Grigas III and Anthony Sesely have been waging a torrid batle for seventh.  Grigas holds the spot for now.

Saturday, 1:43pm - Lap 30 now and Newman has a three-carlength lead over a large pack of chasers.  TC, Blewett, Hossfeld, Szegedy and Beers could fit under a blanket behind the leader.

Donny Lia has brought his car to pit road for an unscheduled stop.

Saturday, 1:41pm - Jimmy Blewett muscled his way to the lead around lap 20, but Ryan Newman brought Ted Chrstopher with him to the front on lap 25.  It's Newman, TC, Blewett, Hossfeld, Szegedy, Beers, Grigas, Goodale, Sesely, Pitkat top-10.

Saturday, 1:31pm - GREEN is out and Hossfeld has taken the lead from Newman on the start and took Eric Beers with him to second.  Believe it or not, the field made it a full lap without incident.

Behind them, Newman and Jimmy Blewett seem to be worknig well together. 

Figures Newman and Blewett would work together, as Blewett named ther pseudo-team and blossomng friendship "Neckless and Wreckless Racing."

Saturday, 1:28pm - Under caution, but the restart order will have Ryan Newman leading Chuck Hossfeld, Jimmy Blewett, Eric Beers, Anthony Sesely and Todd Szegedy.

The drivers that did not return to the track from the first melee on-track were Fuller, Coby, Stefanik, Flemke, Savary, Pasteryak, Santos, Pennink, Hartmann and Cole

Saturday, 1:25pm - The Mod boys and girls are having a hard time getting going.  Just as the field got the GREEN FLAG again, the CAUTION immediately came out in turn three on the first lap for a crash that involved Glen Reen and Ronnie Silk.

Reen has extensive damage to his car, which is actually a backup Todd Szegedy machine that he was utillizing after crashing his primary car last weekend at Thompson and blowing a motor in his own backup car earlier this weekend at NHMS.

Saturday, 1:18pm - As the cars have re-fired and remain under caution for clean-up for the big first-lap crash, teams and fans throughout NHMS are undoubtedly wondering if the race will go its scheduled 100 laps.  Because the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race is scheduled to go live on television at 3pm, with driver introductions scheduled for 2:30pm.  There have been several NHMS Mod Tour races hampered by time constraints in the past, ruining some teams' strategies.  Could this be another?

Saturday, 1:18pm - NASCAR Officials have stated that there will be a complete re-start, minus the drivers that are pitting after this crash or those in the garage. 

Saturday, 1:10pm - GREEN FLAG flag is out and there was instantly a CAUTION.  Rick Fuller apparently missed a shift at the start/finish line, where Doug Coby could not steer clear of him.  That set off a chain-reaction crash that included a 20-plus car wreck.  Fuller, Coby, Eddie Flemke, Erick Rudolph, Bill Pauch, Jr., Richard Savary, Matt Hirschman, Doug Coby, Ronnie Silk, Wade Cole, Glenn Tyler, Mike Stefanik, Joe Hartmann, Reggie Ruggiero, Robbie Summers, Bobby Santos III, Charlie Pasteryak, Rowan Pennink and several others all have various levels of damage from this crash.

Officials brought out the RED FLAG for cleanup.  Under the red flag, Glenn Tyler got out of his heavily-damaged car and was seen on his cell phone calling his crew to tell them what is hurt on his #8 car. 

Saturday, 12:56pm - Engines have fired for the New Hampshire 100 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour feature.  Green flag is to wave in just a few minutes.

Saturday, 11:45am - Earlier this morning, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour ran their final practice session.  Here is the rundown from that session.  Their feature event will start at 1:15pm ET.

1.Todd Szegedy – 29.277 seconds
2.Ted Christopher – 29.417
3.Bobby Grigas, III – 29.440
4.Chuck Hossfeld – 29.468
5.Eric Beers – 29.483
6.Donny Lia – 29.493
7.Billy Pauch, Jr. – 29.506
8.Mike Stefanik – 29.519
9.Richard Savary – 29.519
10. Reggie Ruggiero – 29.519
11. Ryan Preece – 29.605
12. Bobby Santos, III – 29.612
13. Doug Coby – 29.626
14. Charlie Pasteryak – 29.636
15. Kevin Goodale – 29.654
16. Erick Rudolph – 29.675
17. Danny Sammons – 29.690
18. Ronnie Silk – 29.708
19. Matt Hirschman – 29.715
20. Woody Pitkat – 29.803
21. Eddie Flemke – 29.808
22. Anthony Sesley – 29.832
23. Rob Summers  - 29.836
24. Glenn Tyler – 29.922
25. Rowan Pennick – 29.943
26. Renee Dupuis – 29.997
27. Tom Farrell, III – 30.007
28. Glen Reen – 30.133
29. Joe Hartmann – 30.302
30. Gary McDonald – 30.714
31. Wade Cole – 30.737
32. Jake Marosz – 31.696
33. Jamie Tomaino – 32.212

Saturday, 11:35am - Here is the unofficial finishing order for the Heluva Good Fall 125 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

1.  Eddie MacDonald
2.  Steve Park
3.  Matt Kobyluck
4.  Matt Hirschman
5.  Austin Dillon
6.  Joey Pole
7.  Mike Olsen
8.  Trevor Bayne
9.  Bryon Chew
10.  Jeff Anton
11.  Dustin Delaney
12.  Max Dumarey
13.  Craig Goess
14.  Jeffrey Earnhardt
15.  Derek Thorn
16.  Ricky Carmichael
17.  Alan Tardiff
18.  Marc Davis
19.  Jesus Hernandez
20.  Peyton Sellers
21.  James Pritchard, Jr.
22.  Brad Leighton
23.  Ryan Duff
24.  Jamie Hayes
25.  Scott Bouley
26.  Jody Lavander
27.  Todd Peck
28.  Antonio Perez
29.  Brian Ickler
30.  Ryan Black
31.  Jeremy Clark
32.  Jonathan Smith
33.  John Salemi
34.  Alex Kennedy
35.  Mike Johnson
36.  Joe Masessa
37.  Jason Cochrane
38.  Laine Chase

Saturday, 11:32am - On the last lap, Eddie MacDonald passed Steve Park for the lead and has won the NASCAR Camping World East Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Park maintained second place at the finish line.

Saturday, 11:29am - With five laps to go, Brad Leighton has lost power on the backstretch.  He might be out of fuel, but is definately out of contention for the racer victory.  Steve Park now leads Ricky Carmichael, Eddie MacDonald, Matt Kobyluck and Matt Hirschman.

Wait...Carmichael just ran out of fuel.  There are justr two laps to go.

Saturday, 11:23am - Peyton Sellers won't get a shot at the race victory.  A tire appeared to go down on his #44 while running in second and he hit the outside retaining wall.  The caution flag is out at lap 115.

With 10 laps to go, Brad Leighton leads Steve Park, Ricky Carmichael, Eddie MacDonald and Matt Hirschman.

Saturday, 11:20am - Brad Leighton still elads and now Peyton Sellers is taking his turn running in the second position.  Steve Park is third with Ricky Carmichael, Matt Hirschman, Eddie MacDonald, Matt Kobyluck, Austin Dillon, Joey Pole and Jeffrey Earnhardt rounding out the top 10.

The race is 112 laps old.  There are 13 laps to go.

Saturday, 11:10am - Steve Park has just moved past Ricky Carmichael for second place with 25 laps to go.  Brad Leighton still leads.

Saturday, 11:10am - At lap 92, Brian Ickler has hit the turn one outside wall hard.  Itr appeared that a tire could have gone down first, as Ickler just turned right.  Ickler is okay.  His car appears to be done for the day.  The caution is out.

Bryon Chew, Matt Kobyluck, Mike Olsen, Trevor Bayne and several others cars have pitted.

Meanwhile, in the Modified garage area, we have learned that Donny Lia had engine problems in his #96 and that team is installing a back-up engine from the Mike Stefanik team currently.

Saturday, 11:06am - There have been some changes in the top 10.  Trevor Bayne and Alan Tardiff both had to pit under green for fuel after both solidly sitting in the top 10 during a long green flag run.

Antonio Perez got really, really sideways, but saved it.  He has dropped out of the top 10.

Right now, Brad Leighton leads Ricky Carmichael, Eddie MacDonald, Jody Lavander, Steve Park, Peyton Sellers, Brian Ickler, Austin Dillon, Matt Hirschman and Jeffrey Earnhardt at lap 90.

Saturday, 11:00am - Brad Leighton has taken the lead from Eddie MacDonald.  Moments after taking the lead, Leighton nerfed the lapped car of Todd Peck and sent him around.  The green flag stayed out and Leighton extended his advantage.  Eddie MacDonald is sliding around in second place and Ricky Carmichael is currently chasing him down on lap 80.  Trevor Bayne, Antonio Perez, Brian Ickler, Steve Park, Jody Lavender, Peyton Sellers and Alan Tardiff round out the top 10.

Saturday, 10:58am - We've been running clean and green here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Eddie MacDonald is still leading at lap 73.  Trevor Bayne is second with Brad Leighton pressuring him hard.  Oops.  Leighton is now second with Bayne back to third.  Matt Hirschman is making forward progress and is up to the 12th position.

Saturday, 10:47am - Here is a lap 51 update for you short track fans following the progress of a few CW East newbies today.  Modified ace Matt Hirschman currently runs in the 15th position, while ACT Late Modeler Joey Pole runs in the 19th spot right now.

Saturday, 10:45am - Eddie MacDonald has cycled back into the lead with Trevor Bayne, Antonio Perez, Brad Leighton, Ricky Carmichael, Jody Lavender, Steve Park, Bruian Ickler, Alan Tardiff and Mike Olsen in pursuit with 48 circuits in the book.

Marc Davis has pitted under green and the early leader does not appear that he'll go on to his first CW East victory today.  Mike Johnson's #96 has been pushed back to the garage area.  John Salemi drove his #63 back to the garage area as well.

Saturday, 10:35am - The green flag came back out on lap 28.  A few laps later, Jeffrey Earnhardt got sideways while battling in the top five and that allowed Alan Tardiff to get by into third.  Then Eddie MacDonald slid past Tardiff to move into third.  Meanwhile, Trevor Bayne passed Marc Davis for the lead.

On lap 30, Jesus Hernandez and Mike Johnson tangled on the frontstretch.  This brought on caution number four.  Both drivers drove away.

The caution period presented a chance for Marc Davis, Matt Kobyluck, Derek Thorn and Jonathan Smith to pit.

Currently, the top five are Trevor Bayne, Eddie MacDonald, Alan Tardiff, Antonio Perez and Jeff Anton.

Scott Bouley is the lucky dog under this caution period.

Saturday, 10:28am - Peyton Sellers has completed his scheduled pit stop.  The current top five are Marc Davis, Trevor Bayne, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Alan Tardiff and Antonio Perez.  None of those drivers have pitted yet.  The highest running car that has pitted is Eddie MacDonald in the seventh position.

Saturday, 10:25am - Peyton Sellers is now leading the race over Marc Davis and Trevor Bayne after several drivers, including Eddie MacDonald, Steve Park, Matt Kobyluck and Ricky Carmichael have pitted under the second caution of the day.

The third caution period is now out for an incident in turns three and four with Jason Cochrane and Dr. Joe Masessa.

Saturday, 10:14am - The first caution of the race is out at New Hampshire for Laine Chase's #13 car.  Eddie MacDonald, Peyton Sellers, Steve Park, Brian Ickler and Marc Davis are the current top five.  Ryan Black just got the lucky dog pass.  He was three laps down, but is now just two behind. 

Austin Dillon has pitted under this caution.

Saturday, 10:06am - The green flag is out for the NASCAR Camping World East Series main event.  Eddie MacDonald led the first lap of the race.

Saturday, 9:55am - The polesitting NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team of Ryan Newman and car owner Kevin Manion did not take part in final practice this morning for the Tour race.  They are happy with the performance of their car and didn't feel the need to turn any extra laps.

Saturday, 8:45am - The delay of the NASCAR Camping World East Series from yesterday to today will have a ripple effect on a race down south as well.  It forces Mike Herman, Jr. to miss the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event at Southern National Raceway Park in Kenly, NC today

Herman will be spotting for Joe Gibbs Racing's Marc Davis in CW East, who will be starting 5th in the Heluva Good! Fall 125.  In addition to Davis, Herman will also spot today for NASCAR Whelen Northern Modified Tour driver Ryan Preece in the Ole Blue #3 for Boehler Racing Enterprises. The New Hampshire 100 is scheduled for 1:00 pm.

"I'm disappointed to miss my first Southern Mod Tour start of the year," said Herman. "I'm especially disappointed for Fireside Hearth & Home, since this was a big race for their Raleigh office. Fireside has been a great partner for 14 years and I'll definitely make it up to them."

Also missing the Southern National Southern Modified race will be Jason Trinchere, who works as a DEI Engineer and drives a Modified in his spare time.

Saturday, 8:15am ET - isn't the only source for news and commentary from the NASCAR Touring Series races at NHMS today.  For more information from the NASCAR Camping World East Series, be sure to check out  Alan Claffie runs that site and has been to every NASCAR Busch Grand National North.Busch North Series/Busch East Series/Camping World East Series event in the past ten years.  A lot of changed this that tour evolved from a New England-based short track destination to a developmental series, but Claffie's presence hasn't - so we salute him.

Meanwhile, on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour site of things, the Carey and Coffey show is braodcasting live today from 10am-1pm.  Their guests with Mod ties this morning include Todd Szegedy, Donny Lia, Mike McLaughlin and Todd Bodine.  Check out their streaming broadcast at

Saturday, 8:00am ET - Good morning from New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where the skies are clear and the fog is burning off.  Weather should not be an issue for today's races.  We have the rain-delayed-from-yesterday NASCAR Camping World East Series feature scheduled for 10am and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour scheduled for 1:15pm.  There's also a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race to be run this afternoon here as well.

CW East teams have had their cars impounded since qualifying on Thursday, so this morning, they will basically be allowed to push their cars onto the grid and adjust tire pressures.  Given the circumstances, there could be a few other minor things allowed, but no major work can be done until pit road opens during the race. 

Meanwhile, in the NACSAR Whelen Modified Tour pit area, Glen Reen has gotten a hold of the Brady Bunch #00 car and renumbered it as the #17 for today's race.  Reen is in the field thanks to a provisional, but had engine problems on Thursday.  The Brady car, which was scheduled to be driven by True Value Modified Racing Series regular Jon McKennedy, had been the only car not to make it into the field after time trials took place and provsionals were doled out.

Here are the starting lineup for today's events:

NASCAR Camping World East Series
Heluva Good! Fall 125
Starting Lineup
(Car number in parenthesis)

  1. (44) Peyton Sellers, Danville VA., Chevrolet, 126.437
  2. (35) Steve Park, East Northport N.Y., Dodge, 126.215
  3. (71) Eddie MacDonald, Rowley Mass., Chevrolet, 126.161
  4. (15) Brian Ickler, San Diego Calif., Chevrolet, 126.098
  5. (18) Marc Davis, Mitchelville MD., Toyota, 125.624
  6. (55) Brad Leighton, Center Harbor N.H., Chevrolet, 125.409
  7. (80) Derek Thorn, Lakeport Calif., Ford, 125.219
  8. (1) Trevor Bayne, Knoxville Tenn., Chevrolet, 125.195
  9. (8) Jeffrey Earnhardt, Mooresville N.C., Chevrolet, 124.961
10. (03) Joe Polewarczyk, Hudson N.H., Chevrolet, 124.928
11. (11) Jesus Hernandez, Fresno Calif., Chevrolet, 124.805
12. (2) Craig Goess, Greenville N.C., Toyota, 124.674
13. (40) Matt Kobyluck, Uncasville Conn., Chevrolet, 124.617
14. (88) Jody Lavender, Hartsville S.C., Chevrolet, 124.471
15. (3) Austin Dillon, Lewisville N.C., Chevrolet, 124.430
16. (4) Ricky Carmichael, Clearwater Fla., Chevrolet, 124.389
17. (9) Matt Hirschman, Northampton Pa., Dodge, 124.357
18. (63) John Salemi, Nashua N.H., Chevrolet, 123.630
19. (52) Jamie Hayes, Norlina N.C., Chevrolet, 123.442
20. (39) Dustin Delaney, Mayfield N.Y., Chevrolet, 123.438
21. (96) Mike Johnson, Salisbury Mass., Ford, 123.147
22. (99) Bryon Chew, Mattituck N.Y., Chevrolet, 123.107
23. (30) Jeff Anton, Russell Mass., Chevrolet, 122.462
24. (37) Alex Kennedy, Aztec  New Mexico, Chevrolet, 122.446
25. (12) Antonio Perez, Mexico City Mex., Dodge, 122.367
26. (61) Mike Olsen, North Haverhill, N.H., Chevrolet, 121.644
27. (7) Ryan Duff, Hazard, Ky., Chevrolet, 121.640
28. (38) Alan Tardiff, Lyman Me., Chevrolet, 121.454
29. (16) Max Dumarey, Gent Belgium, Chevrolet, 121.195
30. (14) Joe Masessa, Franklin Lakes N.J., Chevrolet, 120.957
31. (13) Laine Chase, Beverly Mass., Chevrolet, 120.803
32. (50) Todd Peck, Glenville PA., Chevrolet, 120.170
33. (26) Scott Bouley, Wolcott Conn., Chevrolet, 119.432
34. (72) Jason Cochran, Marion N.C., Chevrolet, 119.297
35. (21) Jonathan Smith, Beacon Falls Conn., Dodge, 119.040
36. (41) James Pritchard, Wharton N.J., Dodge,  118.029
37. (81) Jeremy Clark, Concord N.C., Chevrolet, 115.709, provisional
38. (45) Ryan Black, Alta Loma Calif., Ford, No speed, provisional

* Denotes Sunoco Rookie of the Year Contender

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
New England 100
Starting LIneup
(Car number in parentheses)

1. (7) Ryan Newman, South Bend Ind., Chevrolet, 127.453
2. (4) Chuck Hossfeld, Ransomville N.Y., Dodge, 127.080
3. (19)Jimmy Blewett, Howell N.J., Chevrolet, 126.901
4. (46) Eric Beers, Northampton Pa., Chevrolet, 126.612
5. (09) Bobby Grigas, III, Marshfield Mass., Chevrolet, 126.493
6. (77) Rick Fuller, Auburn Mass., 126.396
7. (11) Anthony Sesely, Matawan N.J., Chevrolet, 126.371
8. (2) Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield Conn., Ford, 126.337
9. (58) Kevin Goodale, Riverhead N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.303
10. (96)Donny Lia, Jericho N.Y., Chevrolet, 126.135
11. (28) Doug Coby, Milford Conn., Chevrolet, 125.908
12. (36) Ted Christopher, Plainville Conn., Chevrolet, 125.853
13. (16) Mike Stefanik, Coventry R.I., Pontiac, 125.849
14. (10) Ed Flemke, Jr., Southington Conn., Chevrolet, 125.477
15. (0) Danny Sammons, Hamilton N.J., Chevrolet, 125.477
16. (21) Richard Savary, Canton Mass., Chevrolet, 125.444
17. (45) Erick Rudolph, Ransomville N.Y., Chevrolet, 125.365
18. (5) Charles Pasteryak, Lisbon Conn., Chevrolet, 125.286
19. (98) Bobby Santos, Franklin Mass., Chevrolet, 125.236
20. (59) Matt Hirschman, Northampton Pa., Chevrolet, 125.232
21. (14) Reggie Ruggiero, Rocky Hill Conn., Ford, 125.045
22. (79) Ronnie Silk, Norwalk Conn., Pontiac, 124.988
23. (88) Woody Pitkat, Stafford Conn., Chevrolet, 124.888
24. (06) Billy Pauch, Jr., Frenchtown N.J., Dodge, 124.831
25. (1) Rob Summers, Vernon Conn., Chevrolet, 124.567
26. (8) Glenn Tyler, Hampton Bays N.Y., Chevrolet, 124.293
27. (32) Tom Abele, Jr., Norwich Conn., Chevrolet, 124.228
28. (90) Renee Dupuis, Glastonbury Conn., Chevrolet, 124.187
29. (93) Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley Pa., Chevrolet, 123.671
30. (08) Tommy Farrell, Neptune N.J., Chevrolet, 123.667
31. (05) Joe Hartmann, Calverton N.Y., Chevrolet, 123.103
32. (33) Wade Cole, Riverton Conn., Chevrolet, 122.795
33. (9) Jake Marosz, Middletown Conn., Chevrolet, 122.235
34. (3) Ryan Preece, Kensington, Conn., Chevrolet, No speed*
35. (12) Ken Heagy, Calverton N.Y., Chevrolet, 121.123*
36. (17) Glen Reen, Wilbraham Mass., Ford, No speed*
37. (99) Jamie Tomaino, Howell N.J., Chevrolet, 121.963*
38. (26) Gary McDonald, Ronkonkoma N.Y., Chevrolet, 117.955*

* Denotes Provisional


NHMS track workers make repairs to the backstretch wall. (51 Photos)
The #7NY of Ryan Newman gets pushed to the starting grid.  (51 Photos)
Donny Lia's team changes their engine before the Mod feature.
Eddie MacDonald crosses the finish line for the Camping World East Series race.  (51 Photos)
Eddie MacDonald (#71) makes the winning pass of Steve Park (#35).  (51 Photos)
Ricky Carmichael had a strong run going before running out of gas late in the race and finishing 16th.  (51 Photos)
Trevor Bayne overcame running out of gas late to finish eighth.  (51 Photos)
Two contenders, Mike Johnson (#96) and Jesus Hernandez (#11) found themselves out of contention early with this crash..  (51 Photos)
The action was close between Jimmy Blewett (#19) and Ted Christopher (#36) down the stretch. (51 Photos)
TC celebrates his 10th NHMS victory with his team. (51 Photos)