NASCAR Whelen Mod. Tour
NASCAR CW East Series
June 26th-28th, 2008
NH Motor Speedway
Loudon, NH
Trackside Now: WMT and CW East at New Hampshire
Welcome to the Magic Mile
Thursday, 6:30pm ET - We've been battling some computer problems here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, so we've been off-line.  Been here are a few items to bring you up to speed on.

It started raining again and all track activity for the rest of the day was cancelled.  The NASCAR Camping World East Series will have a practice session from 8:30-10am tomorrow morning.  They will race around 5pm on Friday.  You can find the starting line-up below.

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour lineu- was based on the NASCAR rulebook, which used a combination of point standings and qualifying order to make up the field.  Four drivers will go home without having a chance to qualifying.  They are Doug Coby, Jon McKennedy, Kenny Horton and Ken Bouchard.

Here is your starting line-up for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race:

1.  Chuck Hossfeld
2.  Ted Christopher
3.  Todd Szegedy
4.  Mike Stefanik
5.  James Civali
6.  Eric Beers
7.  Rowan Pennick
8.  Matt Hirschman
9.  Eddie Flemke, Jr.
10.  Ken Heagy
11.  Kevin Goodale
12.  Ryan Preece
13.  Bobby Grigas, III
14.  Richard Savary
15.  Ronnie Silk
16.  Tom Abele, Jr.
17.  Glenn Tyler
18.  Joe Hartmann
19.  Anthony Sesely
20.  Wade Cole
21.  Jimmy Blewett
22.  Bobby Santos, III
23.  Rick Fuller
24.  Jamie Tomaino
25.  Glen Reen
26.  Billy Pauch, Jr.
27.  Renee Dupuis
28.  Danny Sammons
29.  Reggie Ruggiero
30.  Jake Marosz
31.  Dale Quarterley
32.  Gary McDonald
33.  Sean Patterson
34.  Rob Summers
35.  Andy Seuss
36. Brian Loftin
37.  LW Miller
38.  Jeff Fuller

Thursday, 4:05pm ET - There was a brief practice session that took place for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour before it started to rain again.  Among the drivers who did not make laps at speed on the track were Mike Stefanik and Todd Szegedy.  Right now, we are under another rain delay at New Hampshire.

Thursday, 3:55pm ET - Here is the official starting line-up for Friday's NASCAR Camping World East Series race at New Hampshire International Raceway.  The field was set by points:

1.  Austin Dillon
2.  Brian Ickler
3.  Steve Park
4.  Matt Kobyluck
5.  Jeffrey Earnhardt
6.  Trevor Bayne
7.  Marc Davis
8.  Jesus Hernandez
9.  Rogelio Lopez
10.  Eddie MacDonald
11.  Jody Lavender
12.  Ricky Carmichael
13.  Bryon Chew
14.  Peyton Sellers
15.  Jamie Hayes
16.  Jeff Anton
17.  Craig Goess
18.  Dustin Delaney
19.  Max Dumarey
20.  Ryan Duff
21.  Mike Olsen
22.  Brad Leighton
23.  Jonathan Smith
24.  John Salemi
25.  Bobby Hamilton, Jr.
26.  Derek Thorn
27.  James Pritchard
28.  Alan Tardiff
29.  Scott Bouley
30.  Todd Peck
31.  Charles Lewandoski
32.  Joe Masessa
33.  Mike Johnson
34.  Patrick Depree
35.  Anton Perez
36.  Chase Mattioli

Thursday, 3:15pm ET - The Modifieds are lined up in their pit area with hard chargers James Civali and Jimmy Blewett the first guys planning on heading out to test out the newly-dried track.  It's not raining, the track is mostly dry and a new idea at a schedule is floating around.  That would be to hold a practice session for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, then one for the NASCAR Camping World East Series, then a short scuff session for the Mods and finally Modified qualifying.  CW East time trials would be scrubbed.

If the rain comes back, there is a possibility that Mod Tour qualifying could be held early tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 2:35pm ET - There is a little bit of good news here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway - the weather radar shows that most of the showers have passed over us and are now headed out towards Maine.  It has stopped raining, but it is still very cool and gray outside.  The jet dryers are on the track and according to a track official, the schedule for the afternoon is "very fluid".  We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, 2:30pm ET - Here are the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour competitors who are assembled here for this weekend's events:

00 - Dale Quarterley
0 - Danny Sammons
1 - Rob Summers
2 - Todd Szegedy
3 - Ryan Preece
4 - Chuck Hossfeld
05 - Joe Hartmann
06 - Billy Pauch, Jr.
7 - Jeff Fuller
8 - Glenn Tyler
09 - Bobby Grigas, III
9 - Jake Marosz
10 - Eddie Flemke, Jr.
11 - Anthony Sesely
12 - Ken Heagy
14 - Reggie Ruggiero
16 - Mike Stefanik
17 - Glen Reen
19 - Jimmy Blewett
21 - Richard Savary
22 - Lloyd Agor
23 - Brian Loftin
26 - Gary McDonald
28 - James Civali
29 - Kenny Horton
32 - Tom Abele, Jr.
33 - Wade Cole
36 - Ted Christopher
38 - LW Miller
40 - Doug Coby
46 - Eric Beers
53 - Sean Patterson
55 - Ken Bouchard
58 - Kevin Goodale
59 - Matt Hirschman
70 - Andy Seuss
77 - Rick Fuller
79 - Ronnie SIlk
80 - Jon McKennedy
90 - Renee Dupuis
93 - Rowan Pennick
98 - Bobby Santos, III
99 - Jamie Tomaino

Thursday, 2:15pm ET - Austin Dillon is here this weekend with his family's Team Dillon #3 Chevrolet in place of the Andy Santerre Motorsports car that he started out the season with.

After spliting with the ASM team, word got out that Dillon had publicly bad-mouthed the team upon leaving, supposedly citing the fact that he wanted to do his own thing so he could be with a team that was "better prepared".

But that's not true, Dillon told the media corps at the track on Thursday afternoon.

"I saw that on the Internet and I don't know where that came from.  I didn't like reading that either," said Dillon.  "I have no problem with Andy Santerre Motorsports.  I have no problems with Andy and Sue [Santerre].  What this came down to was convenience.  The [Santerre] shop was an hour away from RCR [Richard Childress Racing] and I live another 30 minutes beyond that.  It was a lot of driving."

Dillon, who is the grandson of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car owner Richard Childress, now has his racecars housed in a shop next to the RCR shops in Welcome, North Carolina.

Thursday, 2:00pm ET - Here is the full roster of NASCAR Camping World East Series competitors assembled here this weekend:

01 - Charles Lewandoski
03 - Rogelio Lopez
1 - Trevor Bayne
2 - Craig Goess
3 - Austin Dillon
4 - Ricky Carmichael
7 - Ryan Duff
8 - Jeffrey Earnhardt
11 - Jesus Hernandez
14 - Joesph Masessa
15 - Brian Ickler
16 - Max Dumarey
18 - Marc Davis
24 - Patrick Dupree
26 - Scott Bouley
30 - Jeff Anton
35 - Steve Park
38 - Alan Tardiff
39 - Dustin Delaney
40 - Matt Kobyluck
44 - Peyton Sellers
50 - Todd Peck
52 - Jamie Hayes
59 - Bobby Hamilton, Jr.
61 - Mike Olsen
63 - John Salemi
71 - Eddie MacDonald
72 - Jason Cochran
80 - Derek Thorn
81 - Jason Holehouse
88 - Jody Lavander
93 - Ian Henderson
96 - Mike Johnson
99 - Bryon Chew

Thursday, 2:00pm ET - Two drivers who are here for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race are hoping to head down to Connecticut's Thompson International Speedway to run in the weekly Sunoco Modified feature there this evening.  Bobby Grigas, III and Jimmy Blewett are both hoping to compete down there, but the weather in both places could put a damper on those plans.

Thursday, 1:50pm ET - It's still raining here at NHMS, although it has settled down to a light mist and the jet driers are on the track.  It appears that NASCAR Camping World East Series qualifying will be scrubbed, with the hopes of some type of practice session being able ot take place here before it gets dark - if it stops raining of course. 

The CW East tech area has been busy today.  The biggest story was that major changes were required to bring the #01 of Charles Lewandoski into compliance.  Right now, Lewandoski and his crew, with the help of a few other teams, are actuallly cutting the floorboards out of the #01 car - which is a former Bill Davis Racing Toyota.  ChaLew reports that they have a lot of work ahead of them, but should be fine to race tomorrow.  They do not have a back-up car at their disposal.

Thursday, 1:45pm ET - Former NASCAR Busch North Series (now Camping World East Series) regular Dale Quarterley will run the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race here this weekend in the Joe Brady-owned #00 car.

Thursday, 1:15pm ET - Last week at Thompson International Speedway (CT), Jeff Fuller was being honored as a past champion of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.  This week, he's back in the game and will drive the #7 Modified owned by Martin Truex, Jr.'s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series crew chief Kevin "Bono" Manion here at NHMS this weekend.

Orginally, Kyle Busch was going to drive the car and then Tony Hirschman was mentioned as a possible driver, but eventually Fuller got the nod for the ride.

Thursday, 12:30pm ET - There are certain things that seem to be a given at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (the track formerly known as New Hampshire International Speedway, no matter who owns the facility.  The Modifieds are almost certain to put on a heck of a show, the smiling faces who work for the track are always great to work with and at some point in the weekend, it will rain.

Right now, it is in fact raining.  Practice for the NASCAR Camping World East Series was supposed to start at 11am.  It didn't - thanks to the wet stuff.  The rain has gotten steadier since then, but it has not quite gotten particually heavy at any point either.  However, we don't really expect any clearing in the next little bit so for now, we'll be telling you what is going on in the pit area, and not on the race track...for now at least.  Stay tuned.

It's raining at New Hampshire.  (51 Photos)
Charles Lewandoski's team goes to work on their #01 after tech problems.
The Mods line up for practice under threatening skies.