Modified Tour
June 19, 2008
Thompson Int'l Speedway
Thompson, CT
Trackside Now: New England Dodge Dealers 75 at Thompson
Silk Holds Off Christopher For the Win
Thursday,  11:40pm ET - Here's the final unofficial race results for the New England Dodge Dealers 75 Presented by Charter:

Thursday,  10:27pm ET - Lots of great battles as the laps trickle down.  Mike Stefanik and Chuck Hossfeld are banging on each other for 3rd and 4th while Ronnie Silk takes home his second career win, holding off Ted Christopher at the stripe.  Your unofficial top ten at the finish are: Ronnie Silk, Ted Christopher, Mike Stefanik, Chuck Hossfeld, Tony Ferrante Jr, Todd Szegedy, Matt Hirschman, Bobby Santos III, Kevin Goodale and Ryan Preece.  Back with the full run down when its available.

Thursday,  10:18pm ET - Hallelujah!  We've stayed green for a bit now.  It's great racing at the front of the pack as we get up to 55 complete - can we stay green for a bit?  Time will tell.  The top 15 with 61 complete are: Ronnie Silk (who passed Christopher on a restart), Ted Christopher, Tony Ferrante Jr, Chuck Hossfeld, Todd Szegedy.

Thursday,  10:09pm ET - 1 by 1 we count laps off.  If it sounds ugly, it has been.  We're only up to lap 52, and this has become more about survival then it has racing.  The racing - when they are able to get a few green off - has been superb - but this format has seemed to led to a lot of wrecked race cars.  The top 5 remains the same.  6 cars are on pit road and as many are behind the wall.

Thursday,  9:59pm ET - I had to say something, didn't I?  The caution - the eye-popping 10th of this event - flew with 51 complete.  Ted Christopher had been pulling away from the cars behind him, but no more.  Behind TC is Ronnie Silk, Chuck Hossfeld, Todd Szegedy, and Mike Stefanik.

Thursday,  9:55pm ET - Well, we're finally running green flag laps in succession now, and Ted Christopher is still your leader with 45 green flag laps complete.  He's followed by Ronnie Silk and Chuck Hossfeld, who are practically welded together.  Todd Szegedy and Tony Ferrante Jr round out the top 5.  In the distance, a full moon is visible.  Can that explain tonights mayham?

Thursday,  9:48pm ET - Slow going here.  We're only up to 34 complete, and under caution again.  Meanwhile, James W. Civali sits on pit road, penalized two laps for aggressive driving.  He's been there for several minutes now as his fellow drivers have yet to be able to complete lap 35.  He's now joined on pit road by early leader Bobby Grigas III, also being penalized (1 lap) for aggressive driving.  And that green doesn't last long with pileups on both ends of the track.  So in 14 minutes, we've made it a whole 2 laps.  This is going to be a long night at this rate.

Thursday,  9:33pm ET - Up to 33 laps complete with TC still the leader.  This latest caution is for James W. Civali spinning out on the front stretch.  The top 10 currently is Ted Christopher, Ronnie Silk, Chuck Hossfeld, Todd Szegedy, Mike Stefanik, Ryan Preece, Eric Beers, Jimmy Blewett, Tony Ferrante Jr, and Bobby Santos III.  They just attempted another restart but that ended with Billy Pauch Jr in the turn 2 wall and Eric Berndt on pit road for repairs.

Thursday,  9:26pm ET - We've got quite the shakeup up front with 26 laps complete.  Ed Flemke Jr gave Bobby Grigas III the boot coming out of turn 4, sending Grigas into the spin cycle.  NASCAR penalized Flemke for aggressive driving and he has been sent to the rear of the field.  Your new leader?  Ted Christopher.  He's trailed by Ronnie Silk, Eric Beers, Chuck Hossfeld, Ryan Preece, Todd Szegedy, Jimmy Blewett, Mike Stefanik, James W. Civali, and Anthony Sesely.

Thursday,  9:19pm ET - The caution comes out with 21 laps complete when Kevin Goodale spins out while trying to pass Bobby Grigas III for the lead.  The new top 10 is: Bobby Grigas III, Eddie Flemke Jr, Ted Christopher, Ronnie Silk, Chuck Hossfeld, Eric Beers, Ryan Preece, Jimmy Blewett, Todd Szegedy and Mike Stefanik.  Of note:  James W. Civali, who started in 29th, is up to 11th.

Thursday,  9:14pm ET - Bobby Grigas III is flexing his muscles early.  He just went from third to first in one corner, and the two cars he edged past (Hossfeld, who had taken the lead on the restart, and Goodale) aren't exactly slouches.   Ed Flemke Jr is also slicing and dicing his way to the front - 15 laps in and he's up to 3rd.  Top 10 are: Bobby Grigas III, Kevin Goodale, Ed Flemke Jr, Chuck Hossfeld, Ronnie Silk, Eric Beers, Ted Christopher, Ryan Preece, Jimmy Blewett, and Todd Szegedy.

Thursday,  9:08pm ET - We have 2 laps in the book now, but that's not for lack of effort.  Eric Beers led lap 1 before getting passed by both Kevin Goodale (the new leader) and points leader Chuck Hossfeld.  This most recent caution is for hard contact into the turn 1 wall by Danny Sammons, who limps his car to pit road.  Ken Heagy also pits under this caution.

Thursday,  9:00pm ET - With only green flag laps counting tonight, we can't even get the first lap in the books before the caution waves.  Several cars piled up together in the backstretch with Jamie Tomaino getting the worst end of it.  All cars are moving and Tomanio is the only one in the pits getting repairs.  We'll try that restart again shortly...

Thursday,  8:45pm ET - A little bit later then expected, but we're back here at Thompson.  The Whelen Modified Tour teams are bringing their pit carts onto pit road now.  The cars should be following shortly, and we should have racing coverage not too much longer after that.  It's a nice, clear night here, and there should be no concerns about weather impeding the program.

Thursday,  7:00pm ET - Good evening from Thompson International Speedway where the Whelen Modified Tour will be competing in the New England Dodge Dealers 75 - a race where only green flag laps will count.  Qualifying has completed here, and Bobby Grigas III has taken his first career pole.   The WMT race is schedule to begin at approximately 8:15 PM.   Here's the full starting lineup, with the redraw (top 8 redrew).
1. #46Eric Beers
2. #58Kevin Goodale
3. #0Danny Sammons
4. #4Chuck Hossfeld
5. #79Ronnie Silk
6. #09Bobby Grigas III
7. #36Ted Christopher
8. #10Ed Flemke Jr.
9. #59Matt Hirschman
10. #19Jimmy Blewett
11. #2Todd Szegedy
12. #5Charlie Pasteryak
13. #21Richard Savary
14. #16Mike Stefanik
15. #31Tony Ferrante Jr
16. #3Ryan Preece
17. #77Rick Fuller
18. #90Renee Dupuis
19. #64Eric Berndt
20. #08Tommy Farrell
21. #99Jamie Tomaino
22. #98Bobby Santos III
23. #11Anthony Sesely
24. #33Wade Cole
25. #70Andy Seuss
26. #06Billy Pauch Jr.
27. #93Rowan Pennink
28. #8Glenn Tyler
29. #28James W. Civali
30. #12Ken Heagy

31. #32Tom Abele Jr.
32. #05Joe Hartmann
33. #17Glen Reen
34. #75Carl Pasteryak
35. #9Jake Marosz

DNQ: Gary McDonald, Roy Seidell Jr, Reggie Ruggiero
Bobby Grigas III picked up his first career pole award.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
1992 WMT Champ Jeff Fuller was honored prior to the race.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
It's a full moon over Thompson.  Is that to blame for the mayham on the track?  (Jim DuPont Photo)
1. #79Ronnie Silk
2. #36Ted Christopher
3. #16Mike Stefanik
4. #4Chuck Hossfeld
5. #31Tony Ferrante, Jr
6. #2Todd Szegedy
7. #59Matt Hirschman
8.  #98Bobby Santos III
9. #58Kevin Goodale
10. #3Ryan Preece
11. #90      Renee Dupuis
12. #77        Rick Fuller
13. #21Richard Savary
14. #46Eric Beers
15. #12Ken Heagy
16. #33Wade Cole
17. #75Carl Pasteryak
18. #32Tom Abele, Jr
19. #93Rowan Pennink
20. #5 Charlie Pasteryak
21. #09Bobby Grigas III
22. #9         Jake Marosz
23. #17Glen Reen
24. #05Joe Hartmann
25. #8Glenn Tyler
26. #10 Ed Flemke, Jr
27. #11Anthony Sesely
28. #28James W. Civali
29. #19Jimmy Blewett
30. #12Tommy Farrell
31. #32Billy Pauch Jr.
32. #05Eric Berndt
33. #17Andy Seuss
34. #75Danny Sammons
35. #9Jamie Tomaino
Ronnie Silk brought the Hillbilly Racing Team back to Victory Lane   (Jim DuPont Photo)