NASCAR Whelen Mod. Tour
NASCAR CW East Series
October 10th-12th, 2008
Stafford Motor Speedway
Stafford Springs, CT
Trackside Now: WMT and CW East at Stafford Motor Speedway
Peyton Sellers and Mike Stefanik are your Race Winners.
Sunday, 6:35pm ET -   Here's the full finish of the WMT CarQuest Fall Final 150:

1. Mike Stefanik   18. Bobby Grigas III
2. Matt Hirschman      19. Eric Goodale
3. Chuck Hossfeld               20. Glen Reen
4. Todd Szegedy         21. Doug Coby III
5. Eric Beers       22. Ken Heagy
6. Ted Christopher                      23. Renee Dupuis
7. Rowan Pennink                      24. Joe Hartmann
8. Anthony Sesely                      25. Wade Cole
9. Glenn Tyler                     26. Jamie Tomaino
10. Kevin Goodale                      27. Tom Abele Jr.
11. Ed Flemke Jr.                        28. Ryan Preece
12. Rob Summers                       29. Reggie Ruggiero
13. Jimmy Blewett                     30. Frank Ruocco
14. Rick Fuller                            31. Eric Berndt
15. Ronnie Silk                          32. Richard Savary
16. Danny Sammons                  33. Jake Marosz
17. Billy Pauch Jr.

Sunday, 4:45pm ET - Mike Stefanik holds on to win at Stafford Motor Speedway.  This is his first win since this same race in 2007.  Matt Hirschman and Chuck Hossfeld round out the top 3.  A full rundown will follow when it is available.

Sunday, 4:43pm ET - GREEN on lap 145, and Mike Stefanik once again pulls out into the lead.  He's trailed by Matt Hirschman, Chuck Hossfeld, Todd Szegedy and Eric Beers.  Can Stefanik hold on for the win?

Sunday, 4:40pm ET - Matt Hirschman doesn't get a good restart when the race goes GREEN on lap 140.  However, when a tire flies off the car of Doug Coby III the race goes YELLOW again.  Our top 5 at this point looks like this:  Mike Stefanik, Chuck Hossfeld, Matt Hirschman, Todd Szegedy, Eric Beers.  Can Stefanik continue to hold off the cars behind him?

Sunday, 4:35pm ET - The YELLOW flies on lap 136 for an accident between Glen Reen and Ronnie SilkMike Stefanik continues to lead the race, but the real action was behind him as Matt Hirschman and Chuck Hossfeld were side by side for several laps battling for second.  Hirschman continues to hold that position.  Behind them, its Todd Szegedy and Eric Beers.

Sunday, 4:30pm ET - With Ryan Preece no longer a factor, Mike Stefanik continues to lead.  He has Matt Hirschman all over his rear bumper though, trying everything in his power to get past.  Also in the picture is Chuck Hossfeld, back in 3rd place.  Todd Szegedy and Eric Beers round out the top 5 with 127 laps complete.

Sunday, 4:25pm ET - With 110 complete, the top 4 remain the same, but Todd Szegedy now sits in 5th.  Behind him its Eric Beers, Ted Christopher, Rowan Pennink, Ronnie Silk, Glen Reen rounding out the top 10.  At 115 complete, Ryan Preece is off the pace and limping his car down pit road.

Sunday, 4:20pm ET - We're GREEN again on lap 92.  Ryan Preece looked like he might take the lead on the restart but Mike Stefanik has once again shown off the power of his car and has retaken the top position.  Matt Hirschman takes over 2nd on lap 96, moving Preece back to 3rd.  Behind them its Chuck Hossfeld in 4th and Ted Christopher in 5th.

Sunday, 4:15pm ET - The YELLOW returns on lap 80 when Danny Sammons goes around.  On this caution, Rob Summers, Jimmy Blewett, and Jamie Tomanio all pit.  That cyles the lead back to Mike Stefanik as the race goes GREEN again on lap 84.  Several cars pile up on the backstretch during lap 85, but all keep it going.  Reggie Ruggiero seems to get the worst end of it - he's having trouble maintaining minimum speed.  The YELLOW finally flies with 88 complete.

Sunday, 4:05pm ET - It's GREEN again on lap 66, with Rob Summers leading the pack.  He's trailed by Ryan Preece, Matt Hirschman, Mike Stefanik, and Eric Beers.  Stefanik seems to be the class of the field at this point in the race - he's already worked his way back up to 2nd with 71 complete.  Further back in the field, the car of Eric Berndt brings it to pit road after putting down a ton of smoke.

Sunday, 4:00pm ET -   Mike Stefanik continues to lead here at Stafford, and he's started to put a number of cars a lap down.  At lap 59, YELLOW comes out for a spin by Eric Goodale on the front stretch.  Eric, the younger brother of Tour regular Kevin Goodale, is making his first start on the Tour.  Almost the entire field elects to pit on 61, with Rob Summer and Jamie Tomanio among the few who don't.

Sunday, 3:55pm ET -   We're still under green here at Stafford, and Mike Stefanik continues to lead.  Ryan Preece has taken over fourth from Eric Beers, but otherwise the top 5 remains the same.  45 laps have been completed.

Sunday, 3:50pm ET -   It's been an uneventful race thus far.  We're just over 30 laps in and Mike Stefanik continues to hold the point.  He's got Ted Christopher hot on his tail, with Chuck Hossfeld, Eric Beers, and Ryan Preece continuing to round out the top 5.  Further back, it's Matt Hirschman, Doug Coby III, Glen Reen, Rob Summers, and Todd Szegedy as the top 10.  Frank Ruocco just took a spin through the front stretch grass but was able to get it going again, so no caution was thrown.

Sunday, 3:45pm ET -   And we're GREEN for the Whelen Modified Tour half of this doubleheader.  Mike Stefanik leads lap 1, with Ted Christopher, Eric Beers, Chuck Hossfeld, and Ryan Preece rounding out the top 5.

Sunday, 3:25pm ET -   Woody Pitkat wins the SK race and Keith Rocco claims the SK Modified Championship.  The Whelen Modified Tour teams are bringing their pit wagons out onto the track now - with outside driver introductions, we're probably at least 20 minutes away from that race starting.

Sunday, 2:45pm ET -   Here's the full finish of the CW East CarQuest Fall Final 150:

1. Peyton Sellers15. Craig Goess
2. Trevor Bayne   16. Kevin Swindell
3. Jesus Hernandez   17. Alan Tardiff
4. Austin Dillon    18. Brian Ickler
5. Eddie MacDonald    19. Bryon Chew
6. Woody Pitkat 20. Ted Christopher
7. Matt Kobyluck 21. Jeff Anton
8. Jody Lavender         22. Alan Purkhiser
9. Jamie Hayes   23. Jonathan Smith
10. Ricky Carmichael  24. Mike Johnson
11. Ryan Truex   25. James Pritchard
12. Mike Olson   26. Steve Park
13. Marc Davis   27.  Charles Lewandoski
14. Dustin Delaney    28. Scott Bouley

The SK Modifieds are on the track currently, 24 laps into the 40 lap race.  When their race concludes, the Whelen Modified Tour will be up.

Sunday, 1:35pm ET -   After 10 minutes or so of deliberation, Peyton Sellers is confirmed as the race winner.  This is his first career CW East win.  2nd is Trevor Bayne and 3rd is Jesus Hernandez.  The remainder of the finish will be posted when its available.

Sunday, 1:25pm ET -   As anticipated, this was a wild finish.  On the white flag lap, Ted Christopher spun out of the lead, handing it over to Peyton Sellers.  NASCAR has not yet confirmed that Sellers is the race winner.  Trevor Bayne crossed the line second - will he be given the win?   We're still waiting on the final word.

Sunday, 1:20pm ET -   We're GREEN once more on lap 143 and Brian Ickler is spun out of the lead on the restart.  Ted Christopher is back in the lead and has Peyton Sellers and Trevor Bayne hot on his heels.  With 4 laps remaining, Ickler has slowed on the track right in front of the leaders.  This is going to be a wild and crazy finish. Can Christopher hold of Sellers?

Sunday, 1:15pm ET -   The GREEN flies on lap 136 and Brian Ickler holds off Ted Christopher on the restart.  Further back though, it's a multi-car pileup before the leaders can complete the lap.  So we're back under the YELLOW again.  Can Ickler continue to hold off Christopher or the hard-charging Peyton Sellers?

Sunday, 1:10pm ET -   Brian Ickler is putting distance between himself and Ted Christopher as the laps tick down.  Peyton Sellers, Trevor Bayne, and Austin Dillon continue to hold their positions.  YELLOW on lap 132 for Marc Davis.  Now instead of smooth sailing to the finish, Ickler is going to have to hold off Christopher.  Can he do it?  We'll find out...

Sunday, 1:05pm ET -   We're GREEN again on lap 112, and Brian Ickler is back out in front.  He leads Ted Christopher, Peyton Sellers, Trevor Bayne, and Austin Dillon.  Local favorite Steve Park has pulled his car behind the wall after suffering from brake problems.

Sunday, 1:02pm ET - The GREEN came out on lap 108, but  immediately went YELLOW again when Kevin Swindell spun (perhaps with help?) from near the front of the field.  His car is signifigantly shorter then it was a few laps ago.

Sunday, 1:00pm ET - The YELLOW waves again on lap 102 for a Jonathan Smith spin.  Things were starting to get a bit dicy up front, with Brian Ickler taking over 2nd from Peyton Sellers, and Kevin Swindell attempting to take over 3rd from Sellers.  Trevor Bayne, Austin Dillon, Jesus Hernandez, Eddie MacDonald, Woody Pitkat, and Matt Kobyluck round out the top 10.  Ted Christopher is still the leader.

Sunday, 12:50pm ET - Lap 85 gives us a new leader - Ted Christopher takes advantage of the lap traffic to scoot by Peyton SellersBrian Ickler can't quite complete his pass of Sellers and remains in 3rd.  Behind them and interspersed with lap traffic is Kevin Swindell in 4th and Trevor Bayne in 5th.

Sunday, 12:45pm ET - We've hit the halfway mark here at Stafford, and Peyton Sellers has seen his lead shrink as he begins to encounter lapped traffic.  Ted Christopher and Brian Ickler are both now only a few car lengths behind Sellers.  Kevin Swindell moves past Trevor Bayne for 5th on lap 78.

Sunday, 12:40pm ET - We remain under green at Stafford, and Peyton Sellers has put a gap between himself and the battle for 2nd.  Ted Christopher holds the spot currently, but he has a mirrorful of Brian Ickler.  Further back, it's Trevor Bayne in 4th and Kevin Swindell in 5th.  Bryon Chew, Jesus Hernandez, Austin Dillon, Eddie MacDonald and Woody Pitkat round out the top 10 with 65 laps complete.

Sunday, 12:35pm ET - The GREEN comes back out on lap 46 and we have a new leader - Peyton SellersTed Christopher slides back into 2nd, with Brian Ickler, Trevor Bayne, and Kevin Swindell rounding out the top 5.  On the move is Jesus Hernandez who started 18th and now sits in 7th place.

Sunday, 12:30pm ET - 2008 Champion Matt Kobyluck ducks down pit road under this caution and the race goes GREEN on lap 37.  Ted Christopher jumps into the lead and brings Peyton Sellers with him.  The newly shuffled top 5 now features Brian Ickler in 3rd, Steve Park in 4th, and Trevor Bayne in 5th.  The YELLOW comes back on lap 40 for an accident on the frontstretch between James Pritchard and Scott Bouley.

Sunday, 12:25pm ET - Still green here at Stafford.  Brian Ickler leads a 4 car breakaway, but there's a healthy gap between him and Ted Christopher, who is trying to hold off Matt Kobyluck for 2nd.  Behind them, it's Steve Park in 4th and Peyton Sellers rounding out the top 5.  With 27 laps complete, Ickler puts his first car a lap down - Scott Bouley.  Lap 32 and the YELLOW waves for an Alan Purkhiser spin.

Sunday, 12:20pm ET - GREEN on Lap 9.  Brian Ickler continues to get great restarts, but he has Ted Christopher breathing down his neck.  Matt Kobyluck and Steve Park have both gotten past Mike Olson for 3rd and 4th, respectively. 

Sunday, 12:15pm ET - YELLOW on Lap 5 for a Jeff Anton spin.  Brian Ickler still leads, and the top 5 remains the same.  Further back, its Peyton Sellers, Steve Park, Bryon Chew, Woody Pitkat, and Trevor Bayne rounding out the top 10.

Sunday, 12:13pm ET - Racing action is underway at Stafford.  Brian Ickler gets a great start and leads the first lap.  He's followed by Mike Olson, Ted Christopher, Kevin Swindell, and Matt Kobyluck.

Sunday, 12:05pm ET - The CW East engines have fired and pace laps have begun.  We should be getting underway shortly.

Sunday, 11:45am ET - Good morning from Stafford Motor Speedway where the pit party is just wrapping up.  There's a full slate of racinig on tap today, starting with the Camping World East Series approximately at noon.  The CW East will be followed by Stafford's SK Modified series, the Whelen Modified Tour, and the day will wrap up with Stafford's Late Models.

Here's the starting lineup for the CW East race:

1. Brian Ickler15. Ryan Truex
2. Mike Olson16. Ricky Carmichael
3. Kevin Swindell  17. Mike Johnson
4. Ted Christoper  18. Jesus Hernandez
5. Woody Pitkat    19. Alan Purkhiser
6. Matt Kobyluck   20. Jamie Hayes
7. Bryon Chew      21. Charles Lewandoski
8. Peyton Sellers  22. Jeff Anton
9. Trevor Bayne    23. Eddie MacDonald
10. Steve Park      24. Dustin Delaney
11. Austin Dillon                          25. Alan Tardiff
12. Craig Goess                          26. Jonathan Smith
13. Marc Davis                            27. Scott Bouley
14. Jody Lavender                       28. James Pritchard

And the starting lineup for the Whelen Modified Tour race:

1. Mike Stefanik   18. Eric Berndt
2. Ted Christopher      19. Anthony Sesely
3. Glen Reen               20. Glenn Tyler
4. Eric Beers        21. Kevin Goodale
5. Rob Summers  22. Rowan Pennink
6. Chuck Hossfeld                       23. Billy Pauch Jr
7. Jamie Tomaino                       24. Frank Ruocco
8. Doug Coby III                          25. Richard Savary
9. Danny Sammons                    26. Rick Fuller
10. Ryan Preece                         27. Wade Cole
11. Bobby Grigas III                    28. Renee Dupuis
12. Todd Szegedy                       29. Eric Goodale
13. Matt Hirschman                    30. Ken Heagy
14. Ed Flemke Jr                        31. Joe Hartmann
15. Jimmy Blewett                      32. Tom Abele Jr
16. Ronnie Silk                           33. Jake Marosz
17. Reggie Ruggiero

Updates to follow.