Strong Driver-Car Pairing Puts Chris Pasteryak In DAV Victory Lane  By Denise Dupont
Second-Generation Racer In Driver's Seat for TVMRS Title
Chris Pasteryak won his heat race on Saturday October 11th and then returned to the track on Sunday to dominate and win the DAV Memorial 100 lap True Value Modified Racing Series race.

“I just cannot believe how good the car was,” said Pasteryak.  “It really made me look way better than I am here.  It is so good I just cannot believe it.”

Pasteryak came into the race leading in points in a very competitive and tight chase for the 2008 championship. At Seekonk, Pasteryak showed why his is the number one team this year. The car not only led all 100 laps, but it was not even challenged for the lead.

“It just does not get any better than that. The car was so good that it just made me look way better than I am as a driver.”

Earlier this season, Pasteryak took a tremendous hit while running in the Mod Mania race in Thompson. The car had severe damage, but the team pulled the pieces together and had the car back and ready to run the next week. Chris was not hurt at Thompson, but he thought his car at first was bruised beyond repair.

“After the crash at Thompson I never thought that I would be here. I figured that we were done for the year.

“I knew that I wanted to come out and have a really good day here.  I knew that we were going to struggle at Lee because I always struggle there. I knew that if we were going to have a shot at the Championship we were going to have to good where we ran good and not give any up there. This is the place that I had circled on the calendar especially after the mid summer crash here. I really wanted to come out and I really wanted to do good.”

Everything went right for young Pasteryak from the time the team took the car off the trailer to the time he took the checkered flag.

“I pulled a good number and then everything went right this weekend, not just driving it. This was the right kind of race and if there a bunch of cautions that car probably would have went away. There was only one and since I pulled a good number in the heat I got to drive it easy.”

The Annarummo name is no stranger at Seekonk Speedway and the weekly racing divisions. But at the DAV memorial race there was a new ‘WHO’ wheeling the familiar Francis Farm sponsored #12 around the track.  Vinnie’s son Todd sat behind the wheel and drove the car into second spot after starting the race in third.

Pasteryak celebrates his D. Anthony Venditti Memorial victory with Mrs. Venditti.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
Todd "Who" was impressive in his first TVMRS start.
This was Todd Who’s first time in the seat of an open wheel modified car and as he emerged from the car with a smile from ear to ear.

“It was awesome,” said Annarummo.  “I do not want to go back to the fender cars. These things are a blast.”

Annarummo has been competing in the Pro Stock division at Seekonk and has been successful at it.

“I have a lot of laps on this track and I have won a few 100-lap Pro Stock races. I like the extra distance here. I do not miss the Pro Stock cars one bit. These things are where it is at if you want to race.  It is a lot more finesse and I really enjoy that.”

It was veteran racer Dwight Jarvis who came from ninth and at the end of the race was all over Todd Annarummo’s bumper. But he ran out of time and Jarvis had to settle for third at the end of the race.

“I am happy with my finish tonight,” said Jarvis after the race.  “I think that we set the car up thinking that it would loosen up and we ended up a little tighter than we wanted. We are happy with third place down here. The car is in one piece and it was a good run.”

It has been a tougher than usual season for talented driver Les Hinckley. Last week at Lee USA Speedway, Hinckley finished third after battling for the last six races to get the monkey off his back.  At Seekonk, Hinckley competed well in his heat race and brought the car across the finish line for a fourth place finish.

“We had a good race car,” said Hinckley.  “We got right with that front group of cars. I think that we were a little better  then the two cars in front of us but not quite good enough to go around them. We never got to Chris.”

The top ten cars were all very even and functionally comparable when it came to racing on the track. Seekonk is a small, very fast track which makes racing that much more competitive. 

“This is a fast track and when you are among cars that are comparable it becomes very difficult to pass,” added Hinckley.  “It is difficult to get a position on a guy on the outside if you are a comparable race car.  It is a real racey race track. You can definitely use both lanes and go up and you can cross over. When you have a good car here you can have fun.”

Les Hinckley (#06) battles Jack Bateman at Seekonk. 
Mike Holdridge remains to be one of the most consistent racers this year in the TVMRS as he finished with a top five at Seekonk.

“I started 10th and I finished fifth,” said Holdridge.  “We moved forward and we ran with all fast cars, so I cannot complain. I have nothing to be upset about because I got two top-fives in two weeks.”

As the race year unwinds, Holdridge is second in points and the team is continuing to remain calm as they go forward into the last race of the season. 

“As far as points go that usually is a good deal. Chris has got them covered.  I have to congratulate them.  They have their act together. They are a great bunch of guys and everybody up there ran good. I am happy with where we were and now we are going to go to Claremont in the hunt for the Championship. We have one more shot at it and luck will have the deciding factor I believe.”

Kenny White, Jr. on the other hand is not competing for the championship, but in the close race for the 2008 TVMRS Rookie of the Year.

“We are looking forward to that hopefully,” said White.  “We worked real hard, the whole team.”

White came to Seekonk very optimistic about the track but left with a better appreciation of the asphalt and its competitive racing atmosphere.

“The funny part is we came here and I did not like this place very much,” said White. “It is more because you have to have a knack and know how to get a car around here. Carl Pasteryak helped me out a lot.  I really paid attention to what he had to say and Phil the crew chief made a lot of good adjustments and we got it.”

Rookie competitor White learned fast from the experienced drivers and teams and managed to have a 10th-place finish at Seekonk.

The TVMRS will head to Twin State Speedway and the Ricky Miller Memorial 100 to end their racing season with a race for the 2008 Championship. The team will be part of Sunday, October 19th racing competition at the track.

Seekonk Race Notes and More:

Chris Pasteryak Closing In on Title
The winner of the TVMRS always has to start the next race from the back of the pack. With the tight point race for the 2008 championship now going on, one wondered on Sunday October 12h if it ever went through Pasteryak’s mind to settle for second. In second spot he could go to the final race of the season and compete in the heat races for a better spot.

“No way!!,” said Pasteryak.  “I tried to win a race here at Seekonk since 1998 when I started in a Legends car. I finished second four times. Twice in the Legend car and both were really close. I wanted one here and I wanted to hug Irene in Victory Lane more than anything else. So if I have to start last, I have to start last.”

With the championship within arms reach and Twin State being the deciding place, what are Chris Pasteryak’s thoughts as the team heads next to Twin State?

“I do not know what to expect. I have never been there. We will probably go there with the same setup that we ran here and work off of that. I have never been to Claremont but I remember my father racing with Ricky Miller at Riverside. I think that it is a great thing what they are doing with the Race for Victory Junction Gang Camp. I really hope that we get it in and if there is a freak early winter snow storm that knocks it out, we can always run it again next year.”

The Pasteryak family has a lot of years of racing among the drivers and the team has been in the spotlight and victory lane many times. But a championship in a modified car has always somehow eluded the talented teams.

“There has been a race modified in my father and uncle’s shop since 1976 and never ever in anything have we ever won a title in a modified. It is not just me working for it, it is my uncle working for it, it is my father working for it, and it is the guys that have been helping on it since 1976 working on it.”

The fans have always cheered and wished the Pasteryak family the best as they have competed in the mods. The family oriented racing team is always been cheerful and upbeat at every race and they are there to race their best and give the fans a show.

“We have been trying for so many years. Now that we have a shot at it we are going to put all we got at it and try to do it. Whatever happens, happens”

Father Knows Best
What was Vinne Who’s advice to he son Todd as he got in behind the wheel of the #12?  “Make sure that all the wheels are on the car when you bring it back.”

The younger Annarummo appears headed to be taking over the wheel of his old man’s car come 2009.

“If everything goes well yes, I will fill my dad’s shoes in the TVMRS. That is what I would like to do. It is all based on finances at this point.

“We will scale it back. A few years ago we had a great sponsor/owner.  We had a huge shop where we were able to run a couple car team and that was great but the way the economy is now and where we are at that is not going to happen.

“My dad will step back. He has another guy who will place him in a car for six or seven races. They are building a new car for him to run the four Seekonk shows, a couple of Star races and stuff like that.”

After making his debut on a home track will the young Annarummo try his hands at the last race for the TVMRS for 2008 season?
“It is yet to be determined if I will run up at Twin State Speedway next week. We are not sure yet. We probably will go to that All-Star race the day before that. It depends how we fair there. If good then we will go there.”

Dwight Jarvis Pumped for Twin State
Dwight Jarvis has competed for many years at Claremont Speedway and is looking forward to returning to compete there at the track now know as Twin State.

“I have a good feeling going to Twin State,” said Jarvis.  “We have a good bunch of guys here and a lot of them will catch on in a hurry to be competitive. It will be good to be close to home. “

Kenny White, Jr. Ready to Win?
Young Kenny White, Jr has held his own on the track this season, but does he think he is good enough to win?

“I do not think we are ready to win yet,” admitted White.  “We had a competitive car and we gained some points.  We went from 17th to 10th, so everything pretty much was what we wanted from this weekend.”

Veteran driver Carl Pasteryak has been mentoring White this year and helping him learn as he grows. 

“Carl has helped me all year long. It really helps because he is a driver and he understands the car well. It really helps me. He can explain things better to me. He’s a driver he has helped me a real lot.”

Is the #77 team ready for the Twin State and the last race of the year for the TVMRS?

“We are looking to go to Claremont and run respectively hopefully gain some more points and get the rookie of the year.”