The Checkers Fly Twice in a Row for Kirk Alexander by Denise Dupont
Kirk Alexander Continues to Make History with his 28th Victory
Another race, another win by Kirk Alexander.  (Jim Dupont Photos)
“Then when you get up to lap sixty and seventy people start fading and getting loose. Then they are just holding on,” said Alexander.  “So we are setup for the long haul.”

This is the strategy that helps the Alexander team consistently perform each race.

Every week the A-Team car comes to the track in a pristine shape ready for the
challenge. Once they are at the track, Alexander jumps into the seat and drives the
car to reward his team for their efforts.  This week he started from the back, because
of winning the last series event, and that added to the team's excitement.

“This week the car was just a hair on the tight side, but I could really use the horsepower
off the corner. It paid off in the end.”

Along with the continual passing and swapping, Monadnock fans saw a lot of good
clean racing. It was also some pretty intense racing for a small quarter mile track.

“We had a great battle with the #6 [of Rob Goodenough],” said Alexander. “I had a few
battles with a few guys working through the pack. The #73 [Jon McKennedy] car was
following us for a while and then he got tangled with the #22 [David Pinkham] car. I think
we were in the top three or something at that point. It was just great racing all around.”

Late in the race Alexander drove into the corners hard as he fought to pass Rob Goodenough for the lead.

“She (the car) was tight,” said Alexander.  “Then when I backed down and went in easier I could hold the car down. That was just me over-driving it. I learned from my mistake and came back and we ended up getting him. This car just has an awesome bite off the corner. It is working. We used all the motor and everything.”

Goodenough crossed the start finish line on Kirk's back bumper for a strong second place finish.

The True Value Modified Racing Series went to Monadnock Speedway (NH) for the second race of the season on Saturday, April 26th.
Kirk Alexander started in the back of the pack at Monadnock Speedway and he did what he does best, he deftly maneuvered his car to the front to win the TVMRS 100 lap race.

“They made the right changes to the car after the heat race and it paid off. The car is awesome,” said Alexander.  “Great crew, great team, great everything!”

Chris Pasteryak brought the field of twenty-six cars around the track to start the race. The fans were then in for a real treat as the first thirty seven laps were just a lot of incredible racing with a lot of give and take and side by side action. Pasteryak led the first half of the race and for a while it looked like he was going to win the race.  Then the cautions started and restarts took their toll on the leaders.

Alexander described how this race, and many of the series events, progress.

“The guys that are going to run hard thirty or forty laps, are running on tires. It makes it tough because everybody is fast and has the same amount of tires.”
Goodenough's #6
“For some reason we were not picking good rows tonight,” said Goodenough.  “Not that you would have a choice. In the heat race we had a few choices and I did not make very good choices in the heat race. We had to start deep in the field and I was kind of mad at myself for using it (the car) up as much as I did. We were a little bit loose at the end of the race, but I was still real happy with this car for what it did tonight with Kirk and the show that we put on.”

When the race started Goodenough was in the middle of the pack and he raced his car hard.  “I did not feel safe riding around in the back and I did not want anything to happen. I would had rather been up in the top six or top eight somewhere and try to pick them off from there. We definitely used up more than I would have liked to coming up to the front.”

Even though he raced his car harder then he wanted, Goodenough managed to make it to the front to lead the race. Then cars started to loosen and cautions started to fall where Rob did not want them.
David Pinkham's #22
“Cautions did not come anywhere near where they would help us. There was a lot going on out there”, said Goodenough. “I do have to say though that the guys ran me clean all night. I got into some pretty tight corners out there and I thought that I was going to get bumped down a little bit and I did not. The guys really gave me a lot of respect.”

“When I got to Kirk, he ran me as hard as I ran him. The two of us bumped a couple of times, but it was a lot of fun and I give him respect for how well and clean he ran.” 

But respect and fun on the track was not enough to bring home the win for Goodenough.

“I was real happy with the couple of restarts where I was able to hold him (Kirk) off. I
have a 1985 car here and I can only expect so much out of it. But I am real happy with
it and my finish. 

Rookie David Pinkham spun on lap fifty-four and then came from the back of the pack
for his second straight podium finish.

“The beginning was really good. The first thirty to thirty-five laps I thought that everybody
was really good and used their heads”, said Pinkham. “Around lap fifty things got a
little crazy for a little while. We got into a little mess. The guy just went up over the
side of my car and placed some rubber marks on it. I had to start from the rear and
came back through but it turned out to be a good day.”

So far it has been a great start of the season for Pinkham with a second place finish at
Lee and a third at Monadnock.

“I am very happy. My crew has done a great job with the car and we are having a little luck. So hopefully it will stay going this way and we will have some fun this year. These are a great bunch of guys and it is a great series to race on.”

The next stop for the TVMRS will be Saturday May 3, at the Waterford CT Speedbowl with heat races starting at 4:30 PM.

True Value Modified Racing Series, Monadnock Speedway

Race Leaders: Pasteryak (1-54) P.Jarvis (55- 65) Goodenough (66-85) Alexander (86-100)
Caution Flags: 6
Race Time: 51:03

Black Mountain Painting Award: _ way leader: Pasteryak
Sunoco Hard Charger: Alexander

Finish:  (1) Kirk Alexander, (2) Rob Goodenough, (3) David Pinkham, (4) Dwight. Jarvis, (5) Peter Jarvis, (6) Les Hinckley, (7) Mike Holdridge, (8) Chris Pasteryak, (9) Dale Evonsion, (10) Ken White, (11) Mike Douglas, (12) Dave Berube, (13) Ken Wenzel, (14) Jack Bateman, (15) Steve Masse, (16) Ed Dachenhausen, (17) Joe Doucette, (18) Jimmy Dolan, (19) Kevin Ianarelli, (20) Ed Spiers, (21) Shelly Perry, (22) Sean Bodreau, (23) Frank L'etoile, (24) Bryan Shumway, (25) Jon McKennedy, (26) Tommy Cravenho.

We have a feeling that Kirk Alexander finds this more fun than fishing.  (Rick Ibsen Photo)