Ed Dachenhausen Reaches His Goal With First TVMRS Win By Denise Dupont
Connecticut Drivers Dominate Lee USA Speedway
On Friday July 11th the True Value Modified Racing Series returned to Lee USA Speedway for 96 green laps of green-flag racing in an event four laps less than usual in reference to an area radio station that was sponsoring the night’s activities.
At the end of the race, 96 laps were just fine for Connecticut drivers, who for the second time this year dominated the top three spots when the leaders crossed the start finish line. Leading the pack was Ed Dachenhausen for his first ever TVMRS win.

After all the obstacles, winning just did not seem real.

“I am pretty much amazed,” said Dachenhausen.  “But we had a really good car tonight and I am just so happy. For once everything worked out the way that it should be. We were fast tonight. I am just happy, I am just so happy to be alive at this moment.”

Dachenhausen had won the third heat race and then went into the race with a top three starting position. He continued to race third until just after the race mid-point when he passed Rob Goodenough and Les Hinckley to take the lead.

Passing was not easy with the slick track conditions. Dachenhausen had to hold onto his car tight as it loosened more with each lap, but that was to be expected.

“Oh yeah, we always get loose here at Lee.”

But loose or not Dachenhausen was determined to take the lead.

“I knew that I was going to get there.”

Getting to the lead and staying there is not easy though when you have Les Hinckley in your rear view mirror.

“I was afraid of the #06 car,” said Dachenhausen.  “I knew he was going to be pretty stout the whole way. I was surprised to get by him the way that we did on that restart. I elected to go to the high side and he gave us the bottom and everything worked.”

Once Dachenhausen got by Hinckley, he continued with his strategy and got by the leader Rob Goodenough.

"The #6 car was loose and I could see that he was loose. So I just kept running him as hard as I could. Eventually we got to the outside of him and he gave us a racing lane. I cannot thank him enough. Everything just worked out so good.”
Dauchenhauses poses after his victory.  (Jim Dupont Photos)
Dwight Jarvis (#28) and Kirk Alexander (#43) do battle.

After Hinckley passed Goodenough, he moved into the second spot and kept right on Ed’s back bumper waiting for him to make just one wrong move.

“He was free, I was free and maybe if he made a mistake we were pretty equal at the end there maybe we could have done something at the end.

Could Hinckley have caught Dauchenhausen if the race went the full 100 laps?

“I doubt it,” said Hinckley. “He (Ed) was getting pretty free, but I was pretty free from the start too. He kind of drove off and I was just riding. It was a good run.”

At the end of the race Hinckley gave it all he had.

“At the end, I was up on the wheel. That was all that I had. I almost stuffed the thing (car) in the fence a few times trying to get to the outside of him.”

The track at Lee has its own personality and in the end, it has the last word.

Mike Holdridge (#0) racing at Lee USA Speedway. (Jim Dupont Photos)
“It is a typical Lee deal. The track is pretty abrasive. When you beat the stuff up it gets pretty like icy at the end of the race.” 

So with worn tires and ice like conditions on the track even the lead cars struggled. 

“I could not do much at the end of the race,” said Hinckley about his drive at the end.  “You just have to deal with it. That is all you can do. I tried to make a run at it and I think that put the pressure on him pretty good and saved what I could for the end. It was just one car short.”

Even though they did not win, the race was fun competition for Hinckley’s #06  Montville team.

“It is always fun to come to Lee. I came up one spot short tonight but congratulations to Nils and the Dachenhausens’. The have been doing this a long time, they deserve it.”

And the gentleman racer that he is, Hinckley took the time to congratulate the #10x race team in victory lane. “It was a good race. I wish that it shook out a little different but I cannot win them all.”

A podium finish also went to Connecticut driver Mike Holdridge. He was not strong in his heat race so he started the main race back in seventeenth. He did not stay in the back very long though because his car seemed to tune in the longer that he raced.

“I really wish that things kept going in double file. This thing (car) was really hooked up on the top,” said Holdridge.  “I am happy with the way that we finished. Having a third place finish is really cool. Congratulations to Ed and Les. And I would like to thank Matt, my father, and Don for working on the car.”

Chris Pasteryak took the series point lead by four points after an eighth place finish at Lee.

Next TVMRS Event: Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine Saturday night, July 19, 2008 Heat races starting 6:30 P.M.

Lee Race Notes:

Ed Dachenhausen’s Race Team
This year has been a year of changes for Ed Dachenhausen, his family and crew. At the end of 2007, the Dachenhausen Racing Team knew that they could not afford to continue to race on their own in the TVMRS. The cost of racing had become a challenge for the team.

Before despair set in, Ed got a call from the 10x team who was looking for a driver.

“We could not do it this year and we got the phone call from Nils and put the ride together and thank God that we did.”

An amicable agreement was soon reached and the union of the Lindstedt owned car
and Dachenhausen race team formed a new hard charging team on the track.

The familiar 10x TVMRS car has new vibrancy as it rounds that track that reflects the
energy and determination that Ed brings to the new team. “

Nils Lindstedt owns the car and Mike his son is the crew chief.

It is half of a Spafco car and half a mutt.  Pink and yellow stripes now highlight
the familiar blue 10x car, with the merging of the colors reflecting the new team.

Dachenhausen has run strong and improved his performance each week working
towards his goal.

“Finally a win, I cannot believe it.”

But this win did not come without a lot of pain and struggling as the team has been hindered with engine problems this year. 

“We went through his motor, we went through my motor and we are now on his spare motor that has been under the bench for three years.  The 10x is a lower budget operation.”

But that has not kept their spirits down.

“We are on our game. We have been fast all year long. With the motor problems and everything like that we have not had a chance to show what we can do. Hopefully now we can take care of some business for the rest of the year. We should get the good motor back next week and it should be great.

“I just can’t be proud as I am of Mike and his father Nils they put together a great car,” said Ed about the #10x car.  “I am just so grateful to drive it.

“I also have to thank my Mom and Dad.  They put tires on (the car) every week. They even got me to the race track for years.”

Les Hinckley and Rob Goodenough race on the track. (Jim Dupont Photos)
Hinckley though was not too sure that the passing on lap 27 restart was according to the rules. 

“In my opinion we got jumped on the restart,” said Hinckley.  “I thought that the restart should have been called back.”

With the jump on the restart, Hinckley had lost his race lead and slid back to third.

Hinckley based his judgment on previous race calls.

“They have hollered at me numerous times for restart stuff so I was trying to be on my best behavior and we kind of got taken advantage of on the restart.”

Since there was nothing Hinckley could do about the passing, he just drove onward.
“It was what it was. I am not going to put the blame on any body else. I should not have put myself in that situation. I should have been more aggressive and if they had a problem with it we could have tried it again.”

Then as fast as they passed Hinckley, the leaders started to back up to him on the track.

“I was not too concerned about it (the race restart) because I thought that they would back up to us as Robbie did. For as hard as Eddie was racing Rob I thought for sure that he was going to back up more than he did. He was getting pretty loose at the end but we were too.”

Dachenhausen takes the checkers at Lee USA Speedway.