A New Year With the Same Result in True Value Mods by Mike Twist
Alexander Wins Again, But He Has to Work for it at Lee
The Lee race began with Andy Seuss and Kirk Alexander sharing the front row.  Those two drivers would be the only leaders of the race.  (Leif Tillotson Photo)
But after finding some mechanical ills after the heat race, Seuss was just happy to be in the feature and didn't get down about his 18th-place result.

“The rear end was moving around a little bit and then we had overheating issues,” said Seuss.  “None of the ingredients that we needed were there today, but one thing that never changes in how hard these guys work.

“After winning the heat race, they found a blown head gasket.  We definitely wouldn't
have been out there if they didn't work so hard and I know how lucky I am to have them
on my side.  Most other teams would have loaded the car on the trailer and left.  They
fixed it and I was able to go out and lead a few laps before we had other trouble.”

Even with Seuss out of the picture, things didn't get easy for Alexander.  Before the
halfway mark, Pinkham caught up to him and never stayed very far behind.

“I didn't want to run hard at the beginning.  But I got forced too.  That's just the way it is.
“He (Pinkham) thought that I was just playing with him, but he was getting to me.  I'm
glad that we had that last caution there because the tires cooled off and got better grip.
We had a decent lead and maintained it, but it wasn't as easy as it looked.  I was
holding on to it pretty tight.”

Meanwhile, Evonsion was coming back through the field after an early spin.

“It was definitely a little embarrassing early in the race there.  I was holding on for dear
life trying not to spin out.  We adjusted on every caution there was and that didn't really
make much of a difference.  Finally, I did spin out and I thought that the day was over.  We came in and switched tires around and that made a big difference.  We aren't allow to change tires, but we can switch them from front to rear and that was enough to get me up to third.”

The first race of the fifth season for the True Value Modified Racing Series ended just like 26 other events in the tour's short history did.
With Kirk Alexander in victory lane.
It was not a surprise that the man who has won three of the four tour titles so far won the season opener at Lee.  To get the victory, Alexander had to fend off a brand new Modified team and another driver who had actually spun early in the race with an evil handling racecar.  That might sound easy, but it was anything but that.  David Pinkham kept Alexander honest all race long and finished second, while Dale Evonsion placed third after getting better and better as the race ran its course.

“That was fun,” said Alexander.  “I got bumped and banging a little bit, but you know what?  It was fun to do that.  It was a good race.

“It got loose near the end.  We lost forward bite.  That's typical of this place.  I know that right rear is gone and the left rear is gone.  We were just kind of holding on, but I knew that Dave was in the same boat and so was everyone else.”

Andy Seuss started on the pole after winning his heat race and battled Alexander early for the lead.   But a combination of overheating and rear end problems soon sent Seuss falling through the back, and eventually dropped him out of the race.
(L-R) Dale Evonsion, Kirk Alexander and David Pinkham all took different routs to end up on the podium at Lee.   (Jim Dupont Photo)
But third was all that would be for Evonsion on this day. 

“I definitely needed a caution to get up to them and I wasn't about to throw away a good finish after the day that we had.  I suppose that I could have tried the outside because Dave was loose, but I decided to stay in line and take what I got.”

Pinkham's runner-up finish came aboard the Greeley's Garage #22 Modified.  It was a new ride for the Maine veteran and one that he hopes to contest the whole season with.

“That was a lot of fun,” said Pinkham.  “This was another test for us, to learn what the car was going to do during the course of the race.

“You can't take nothing away from Kirk.  He's been around and he's a great drive in a great sport.  You can trust him and you know that he has a lot of respect for the other drivers.  That's nice and that's why I like this tour.”
Kirk Alexander leads David Pinkham.  (Jim Dupont Photo)
That tour and Alexander have become almost one in the same.   After his 27th victory, Alexander was asked if he'd even be racing if the True Value Modified Racing Series has not been born.

“Probably not,” said Alexander.  “I thought about SK racing, but this series is good.  You race with a good group of guys and it's fun.”

“I want to go race in other series [like the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour], but I just
don't have the finances to do that.  I wish that somebody was looking for a driver.  I'd
love to go back to Loudon and race.  I just can't afford it.”

When pushed though, Alexander did admit what he would probably be doing without
the TVMRS.

“I'd probably be fishing.”

Instead, he's just been fishing for trophies.

We have a feeling that Kirk Alexander finds this more fun than fishing.  (Rick Ibsen Photo)