Saturday, 10:15pm ET - The top three in the Modified North-South Shootout have passed tech, so Burt Myers is the official winner of the event.

That is it for us here at the sixth annual North-South Shootout. will have more from the event next week on the site.

Saturday, 10:05pm ET - Here are the unofficial finishing orders of tonight's main features for the Modifieds, SK Modifieds, Super Modifieds and the Vintage Modifieds:

11Burt Myers
260Matt Hirschman
379Ronnie Silk
436Ted Christopher
598nBobby Santos III
628George Brunnhoelzl III
74sJason Myers
817nGlen Reen
998hChuck Hossfeld
1034nRusty Smith
112Todd Szegedy
1223Brian Loftin
1345Erick Rudolph
1440Ryan Preece
1588Woody Pitkat
1679xEd Flemke, Jr.
175Charlie Pasteryak
1875Carl Pasteryak
198sJay Mize
2093Rowan Pennink
219Eric Beers
22*07Frank Fleming
23659Danny Bohn
2431Gene Pack
258nEarl Paules
2619Jimmy Blewett
27*06Les Hinckley
2817sChris Whitenight, Jr.
2999Jamie Tomaino
30*08Thomas Farrell III
3144Rick Kluth
3266Pete Brittain
333Daren Scherer

1*00Ted Christopher
212bJimmy Blewett
355Steven Reed
48fThomas Farrell III
510Doug Coby
619Kenny Horton
781Ryan Preece
891Shaun Carrig
912fKevin Flockheart, Jr
105Eric Beers
1161Richie Evan, Jr.
1251Rob Janovic, Jr.
138eJeffrey Earnhardt
148pPatti Pruitt
1545Gary Young, Jr.
1614Marc Nappi
1738Robert Schwartz, Jr.
1877Michael Carpenter
1948Rick Kluth
2031Thomas Cravenho, Jr.
2158Ronnie Silk
2227Adam LaCicero
233Henry Stampfl
2411Pete Brittan
2571Jimmy Zacharias
266Keith Rocco
274Ron Yuhas, Jr.
2874Sherri Hogan
291Ricky Knapp

194Dave McKnight, Jr.
284Mike Lichty
37Charlie Schultz
478Mark Sammut
514Scott Martel
69Bobby Santos III
792Larry Lehnert
877Tim Ice
938Randy Burch
1097Rob Summers
1185Jeff Russell
1232Doug Didero
1361Dave Shullick, Jr.

114Pete Brittain
27Brian Janik
3*09Dean Slappey
440Anthony Colosimo
513Randy McAnulty
628Willie Wall
73Shaun Mangum
850Ken Pullen
912Johnny Gregory
1077David Poskitt
** Did Not Start ***
1191Don Skaggs

Saturday, 09:11pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG: The "Dirty South" Burt Myers has brought the North South Shootout title to the Southern racers for the first time as he has won the sixth annual North South Shootout.  Matt Hirschman was second, followed by Ronnie Silk, Ted Christopher and Bobby Santos.

We are heading trackside.  We will be back with more from the North South Shootout soon.

Saturday, 09:09pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers got out to a healthy lead...

Saturday, 09:08pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 122: Eric Beers stopped on the front stretch at the same time Rowan Pennick hit the wall in turn four.

During the yellow, Pennink made his way to turn one, but ended up stopping.  He got out and reportably gave the one-finger salute to Glen Reen, so it is possible his trip into the wall went off Reen's bumper.

The report is that Beers had a battery go dead.

Saturday, 09:04pm ET - On the restart, Eric Beers was slow to get up to speed, causing Burt Myers to skate around and head toward the front.  A few laps later, Burt Myers made the move around Matt Hirschman for the lead. 

Saturday, 09:02pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Matt Hirschman, Eric Beers, Burt Myers, Ronnie Silk and George Brunnhoelzl III head to turn one. There are six laps to go.

Saturday, 08:59pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 119: Eddie Flemke went for a spin in turn one, possibly off the bumper of Jason Myers.

Saturday, 08:58pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Matt Hirschman, Eric Beers, Burt Myers, Ronnie Silk and George Brunnhoelzl III head to turn one.

Saturday, 08:57pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 118: A car slowed on the front stretch.  It appeared to be Danny Bohn.

Saturday, 08:56pm ET - With 10 laps to go, Burt Myers has worked his way to third with Ronnie Silk in fourth, pushing Jason Myers to fifth.  Ahead of them, Eric Beers is reeling in Matt Hirschman.

Saturday, 08:51pm ET - Ronnie Silk and Burt Myers are slicing their way through the field.  Both are now in fourth and fifth with 15 laps to go. 

Saturday, 08:51pm ET - Matt Hirschman holds serve as the leader with Eric Beers taking the second spot.

Saturday, 08:50pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Matt Hirschman and Eric Beers head to turn one.

Saturday, 08:49pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 98: Matt Hirschman got too good of a jump on the restart, so the officials called that start off and we will try again.

Rowan Pennink is still on the track, so whatever problem he had blowing smke isn't keeping him from going around the track now.

Saturday, 08:48pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Matt Hirschman will lead Eric Beers, Ryan Preece, George Brunnhoelzl III and Jason Myers to turn one.

Saturday, 08:44pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 98: Rowan Pennink appeared to have blown his motor on the restart, but ahead of him, Ted Christopher went for a spin on the front stretch.  According to observers, a tire went down after possible contact with Matt Hirschman.  TC has made a pit stop to change the tire.

Saturday, 08:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ted Christopher and Matt Hirschman will lead Eric Beers, Ryan Preece and George Brunnhoelzl III to turn one.

Saturday, 08:38pm ET - As expected, Burt Myers, Ronnie Silk and Bobby Santos have made their manditory pit stops, so everyone is set for the rest of the race.

Saturday, 08:38pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 98: Bobby Santos, one of the three cars that needed to pit yet, stopped in turn four.  That was a blessing for the other two that had to stop, Burt Myers and Ronnie Silk.

Saturday, 08:36pm ET - We are currently on a long green-flag stretch, which could bite Burt Myers and Ronnie Silk, who haven't pitted yet and have to pit before lap 110 per the North-South Shootout rules.  There are 90 laps on the board with Myers leading Silk.

Saturday, 08:32pm ET - The yellow almost came out when George Brunnhoelzl III and Bobby Santos were pushing and shoving on the track.  Eric Beers went around the outside of the two and they all about waded up in turn one.  They were all able to continue though.

Saturday, 08:28pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Ronnie Silk headed to turn one, but once again it was Myers getting the top spot.  Now Silk has Ted Christopher all over his bumper..

Saturday, 08:27pm ET - Gene Pack and Glen Reen were on pit road during this yellow.

Saturday, 08:26pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 60: Debris has brought out this yellow.

Les Hinckley also has pulled off the track.

Saturday, 08:22pm ET - Burt Myers held onto the lead with Ronnie Silk following right behind.  Ted Christopher has made his way to third.

Saturday, 08:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Ronnie Silk head to turn one.

Saturday, 08:19pm ET - The cars are back rolling now.

Saturday, 08:15pm ET - Most of the cars were able to pull away on their own, but Jimmy Blewett's car was too damaged to drive off, so his car went off on the hook.  Chris Whitenight, Jr is also getting pulled off the track on the hook.

During this red flag, Burt Myers is shown as the leader with Ronnie Silk in second.  Bobby Santos, Ted Christopher and Ryan Preece round out the top five.

Saturday, 08:08pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 47: Due to the cleanup on the front stretch as well as the removal of the cars, the red flag is out.

Saturday, 08:06pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 47: On the restart, Jimmy Blewett spun around in front of the field and into the frontstretch wall.  He may or may not have had help.  After Blewett hit the wall, he got piled into by Rowan Pennick, Woody Pitkat, Glen Reen, Todd Szegedy, Chris Whiteknight, and Jay Mize.  Further back, Les Hinckley spun around trying to avoid the incident. 

Saturday, 08:05pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Jimmy Blewett race down to turn one.

Saturday, 08:00pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 47: Charlie Pasteryak has spun on the front stretch.  Burt Myers still leads Jimmy Blewett.

Saturday, 07:59pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Jimmy Blewett will continue their battle for the top spot as the two go under the flag stand.

Saturday, 07:58pm ET - Les Hinckley, Earl Paules, Jason Myers, Eddie Flemke, Todd Szegedy, Danny Bohn, Rusty Smith and Glen Reen have also pitted under this caution period.

Burt Myers continues to lead over Jimmy Blewett, Ronnie Silk, Bobby Santos, Charlie Pasteryak, Ted Christopher, Erick Rudolph, Ryan Preece, Eric Beers and Matt Hirschman.

Saturday, 07:57pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 47: Eddie Flemke appeared to have been tagged coming off turn four, causing him to spin and hit the wall on the front stretch.  He was able to continue.

Pit stops are expected from a few drivers.

Saturday, 07:54pm ET - Jamie Tomaino and Thomas Farrell III have pulled off the track and appear to be done for the night.

Saturday, 07:53pm ET - Burt Myers and Jimmy Blewett were side by side for a lap or so, but Blewett took the lead on the outside from Myers.  Then, a few laps later, Myers made the move by Blewett again as the two about wrecked going into one, but it has settled down up front. 

Saturday, 07:51pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Jimmy Blewett lead the field to the green again

Saturday, 07:49pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 30: A few drivers spun in turn one, but they were all able to continue.

Saturday, 07:48pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Jimmy Blewett lead the field to the green.

Saturday, 07:47pm ET - Since we are within the window for pit stops, many of the leaders came down pit road during the caution.  Among those who pitted were Matt Hirschman, Ted Christopher, Brian Loftin, Erick Rudolph, George Brunnhoelzl, Ryan Preece, Woody Pitkat, Chuck Hossfeld, Eric Beers, Rowan Pennick, Jamie Romaino and Glen Reen.

Brunnhoelzl had problems on pit road and dropped back deep in the field.  Ted Christopher, who may have been somewhat involved in that pit road incident, came out first.

But Burt Myers inherited the leader by not pitting.  Jimmy Blewett will line up second for the restart.

Saturday, 07:44pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 30: Tommy Farrell slowed, causing Gene Pack to spin behind him.  Carl Pasteryak and Chris Whitenight, Jr were also involved.

Saturday, 07:43pm ET - Matt Hirschman held serve up front on the restart.  Meanwhile, Pete Brittain made the hard turn into the pits.

Saturday, 07:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Matt Hirschman and Erick Rudolph lead the field under the flag stand.

Saturday, 07:38pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 25: Three cars spun around in turn four, including Carl Pasteryak, Rick Kluth and Pete Brittain.  Kluth lost his brake rotor, which caused the incident, according to the track announcers.

Saturday, 07:34pm ET - On the outside, Matt Hirshman got the jump and leads Erick Rudolph around the track. George Brunnhoelzl III, Burt Myers and Ryan Preece run in the top five7

Saturday, 07:36pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Erick Rudolph and Matt Hirschman lead the field under the flag stand.

Saturday, 07:34pm ET - A few notes about the race while we are waiting for the green to come back out.

All drivers have to make a manditory pit stop between lap 30 and lap 110.  They have to jack the car off the ground to at least have two tires off the surface.

There will be double-file restarts all race until lap 100.

Saturday, 07:29pm ET - Glen Reen is reporting that his car is really loose, so he is on pit road.  Todd Szegedy is also on pit road after bouncing off the wall earlier.

Saturday, 07:27pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 19: Daren Scherer has spun his Modified backwards and into the turn one wall, coming to rest against the foam blocks.

Saturday, 07:27pm ET - Frank Fleming has made his way to pit road and the hood is off.

Saturday, 07:26pm ET - We are at lap 15 and the yellow or red flags haven't been displayed, unlike the SK or the Super Modified features. Erick Rudolph still leads Matt Hirschman, Burt Myers, George Brunnhoelzl III and Ted Christopher.

Saturday, 07:22pm ET - Erick Rudolph jumped right to the lead on the first lap with Matt Hirschman following him through.  Burt Myers has settled into third.

Saturday, 07:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday, 06:57pm ET - Up next is the big show, the North-South Shootout Modified feature.  Here is the starting lineup for the 125-lap feature:

11Burt Myers
245Erick Rudolph
35Charlie Pasteryak
460Matt Hirschman
523Brian Loftin
628George Brunnhoelzl III
719Jimmy Blewett
836Ted Christopher
92Todd Szegedy
1040Ryan Preece
119Eric Beers
1298hChuck Hossfeld
1307Frank Fleming
1493Rowan Pennink
1517nGlen Reen
1606Les Hinckley
1708Thomas Farrell III
1879xRonnie Silk
198nEarl Paules
2098nBobby Santos
2134nRusty Smith
2279Eddie Flemke
2388Woody Pitkat
2466Pete Brittain
2544Rick Kluth
264SJason Myers
2717SChris Whitenight, Jr
2875Carl Pasteryak
29659Danny Bohn
303Daren Scherer
3131Gene Pack
3299Jamie Tomaino
338Jay Mize

Saturday, 06:47pm ET - Early on, it appeared the Super Modified race was going to go smooth, but a red flag did come out at lap 15 for David Shullick, Jr, who was leading at the time, lost control of his car after something broke in the right front, slamming the turn-one styrofoam blocks that are against the wall.  He was able to get out ok.

That turned the lead over to McKnight, but yellow fever continued to plague the race.  Tim Ice had a tire go flat, causing a yellow, then Doug Didero spun to bring out the third yellow. Rob Summers also spun after a wheel flew off his car to bring out the fourth yellow and Ice spun to bring out the fifth. 

In the end, McKnight had to fend off Mike Litchey for the win in the last few laps.  He was able to do so, taking the checkered first.  Litchey finished second with Charlie Schultz third.  Mark Sammut and Scott Martel rounded out the top five.

The race took 50 minutes to complete.

Saturday, 05:45pm ET - The Super Modified race is next.  Here is the starting lineup for their 50-lap feature:

192Larry Lehnert
294Dave McKnight
361David Shullick, Jr
497Rob Summers
532Doug Didero
69Bobby Santos
77Charlie Schultz
884Mike Litchey
978Mark Sammut
1014Scott Martel
1185Jeff Russell
1277Tim Ice
1338Randy Burch

Saturday, 05:40pm ET - For the record, unofficially the 50-lap SK Modified race took about 1 hour 45 minutes to complete.  Hopefully the rest of tonight's show goes a bit smoother, otherwise we will be here until the sun rises Sunday morning.

Saturday, 05:35pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG: Ted Christopher has won the SK Modified feature of the North South Shootout.

As expected, the fight between Jimmy Blewett and Christopher was going to be big.  In turn three, coming to the white flag, Blewett hit the backend of Christopher's car extremely hard.  Whether Blewett drove it in there hard or Christopher brake-checked in the corner, but both were able to continue.  Blewett lost a bit of space to Christopher, allowing TC to take the victory.  Blewett held on to second while Steven Reed finished third.  Tommy Farrell finished fourth and Doug Coby finished fifth.

Saturday, 05:32pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ted Christopher leads Jimmy Blewett past the flag stand.

Saturday, 05:31pm ET - Here is the top five for the restart: Ted Christopher, Jimmy Blewett, Doug Coby, Steven Reed, Tommy Farrell

Saturday, 05:22pm ET - Marc Nappi was the other car involved, and track announcers said that he is also ok, which is the best news.

Saturday, 05:20pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 48: The yellow flag is out as the officials are tending to the issues in turn one.  Gary Young, Jr is out of his car, but we are awaiting to hear who the other driver is and if they are ok.

Saturday, 05:19pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 48: A nasty wreck occurred as Gary Young, Jr and  another driver pounded the wall in turn one.  Young's car is sitting on top of the other car.

Saturday, 05:16pm ET - A lap after taking the green, Doug Coby slipped in turn four, allowing Jimmy Blewett to move to second.

Saturday, 05:16pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ted Christopher leads the field back to the green with Doug Coby in second.

Saturday, 05:14pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 46: A single car spin occured in turn four, bringing out the yellow.

Saturday, 05:12pm ET - Ted Christopher got stuck behind lapped traffic, allowing Doug Coby to pull right up to Christopher's bumper and even attempt a pass, but he slipped back in second.

Saturday, 05:08pm ET - Ted Christopher is the halfway leader.  Meanwhile. Jimmy Blewett has moved up to third.

Saturday, 05:06pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ted Christopher leads the field back to the green.

Saturday, 05:05pm ET - Ronnie Silk has made it to pit road as the crew is making an adjustment.

The current top five: Ted Christopher, Doug Coby, Eric Beers, Jimmy Blewett, Tommy Farrell

Saturday, 05:03pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 21: Ronnie Silk and Keith Rocco were battling hard for the second spot.  Coming out of turn two, it was unclear as to whether there was contact or not, but Rocco, on the outside, slammed the wall hard, breaking his front suspension as his tire was flopping around.  Silk appears to not have any damage.

Ted Christopher still leads.

Saturday, 04:59pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ted Christopher leads the field back to the green.

Saturday, 04:55pm ET - Cars are back moving, so we should be back to green soon. 

One thing to worry about now is the sun.  This same time yesterday, the officials delayed action on the track because of how blinding the sun is to the drivers as they exit turns one and two.  Hopefully the drivers over the next 15 minutes before the sun dips below the treeline will be careful.

The top five at this time: Ted Christopher, Ronnie Silk, Keith Rocco, Eric Beers, Rick Kluth

Saturday, 04:50pm ET - During the red flag, Ted Christopher was interviewed over the PA system. The race leader stated that he had to hand it to his crew because he had been complaining about the handling of his car for a few days and they “finally got it right” for the feature.

Saturday, 04:49pm ET - Track officials have penalized Tommy Cravenho for his involvement in the incident.  He will have to restart at the back of the pack.

Saturday, 04:48pm ET - It has been one hour since the start of the SK event.  Five yellow flags and four red flags into the event, we have 16 of the 50 laps complete.

Saturday, 04:44pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 16: The cars did stop on the front stretch, but the officials took a while before they finally threw the red flag.  The Yuhas machine appeared to be a bonefire before track officials decided to start putting it out.

Saturday, 04:43pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 16: We spoke too soon.  Keith Rocco, Tommy Cravenho and Ron Yuhas, Jr were battling hard for the third spot coming off turn four.  They went three wide down the front stretch, contact was made and Yuhas went spinning into the turn one wall on fire.  He was able to get out of the car, but amazingly the field is still driving around the track under yellow while his car is up in flames.

Saturday, 04:43pm ET - Amazingly, 15 laps are now on the board.  Ted Christopher leads Ronnie Silk.

Saturday, 04:39pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ted Christopher leads the field back to the green.

Saturday, 04:38pm ET - The motors have refired, so we should be going back to green here shortly.  The top five are: Ted Christopher, Ronnie Silk, Tommy Cravenho, Ron Yuhas, Jr, Keith Rocco.

Also, the multiple cautions has allowed Jeffrey Earnhardt's team to work on his car.  He has returned to the track.

Saturday, 04:35pm ET - Over the PA, the track announcer interviewed Ted Christopher's crew chief Brad LaFontaine.  He said that TC is not complaining, so he must have a pretty good car.

Saturday, 04:30pm ET - While we await the cleanup, here is a few news bits:

Jeffrey Earnhardt might have retired his car.  It appears his car was damaged from the second major incident.

Keith Rocco started last on the field, but in seven very long laps, he has worked his way up to within the top 10.  Right now, as the cars are stopped, he is sitting in the fifth position, but we aren't sure if that is correct or not.  Either way, that is pretty impressive after starting 29th. 

Jimmy Blewett was in the pits during the red flag.  Officials announced before the race that teams could work on the cars during the red, so we assume he was working on the power steering issues.

Saturday, 04:27pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 7: The third red flag in seven laps has come out as they are working to remove the cars from turn three.

Saturday, 04:25pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 7: The two cars of Robert Schwarz, Jr and another driver we cannot determine got together in turn three as both rest against the inside wall. 

Saturday, 04:23pm ET - Ted Christopher ducked under Ronnie Silk to take the lead at lap five.

Saturday, 04:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ronnie Silk leads the field under the flag stand with Ted Christopher running now in second.

Saturday, 04:20pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 2: At least the SK Mods got by the first lap, but just two laps in now, the yellow is back out as Steven Reed and Doug Coby got together on the front stretch off turn four.  It forced multiple cars to stack up behind, but everyone was able to pull away.

Saturday, 04:18pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ronnie Silk leads the field to turn one.

Saturday, 04:18pm ET - Ok, we are about ready to try it again.  This time, it is a single-file start with zero laps complete.

Saturday, 04:16pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 0: The officials have red-flagged the field on the front stretch in order to get the field realigned after the melee in turn four.  This will be a quick red flag.

Saturday, 04:14pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 0: Well, we can't seem to get a lap under green.  Running in second, trying to get the lead back after the initial start, Kenny Horton spun in turn four, causing practically the whole field to stack up and stop.  We would list the names, but essentially it was the whole field, minus a few cars, that had to park it in turn four.  Everyone was able to drive off, except Sherri Hogan.

Horton has made it to the pits to straighten out the steering on his car.

Saturday, 04:11pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ronnie Silk and Kenny Horton lead the field down to turn one... again.

Saturday, 04:08pm ET - As the field makes their way back on the track, the track announcers mentioned that Jimmy Blewett has lost his power steering, so it should make for a rough 50 laps for him.

Saturday, 04:00pm ET - RED FLAG LAP 0: After the drivers circulated the track under the yellow flag for many laps, the officials have decided to red flag the event as there is fluid all around the track.  So, we are right now in a waiting pattern.

Saturday, 03:56pm ET - It will be a complete restart, which hurts Kenny Horton as he had taken the early lead from Ronnie Silk on the first lap.

Saturday, 03:52pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 0: A multiple car wreck occured in turn three, involving Shaun Carrig, Ryan Preece, Adam LcCicero, Mike Carpenter and a few others.  Everyone was able to continue except Ricky Knapp, Jr, who had to be pulled off on the hook. 

Also, going into one on the first lap, Gary Young, Jr appeared to have popped his motor going into one as smoke billowed out from under his machine.

Saturday, 03:48pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ronnie Silk and Kenny Horton lead the field down to turn one.

Saturday, 03:45pm ET - Sherri Hogan couldn't initially get her car fired up as the drivers started to make thier pace laps, but she got a push from a tow truck and the car fired up ok.

Saturday, 03:30pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for the SK Modified 50-lap Feature:

158Ronnie Silk
219Kenny Horton
38FTommy Farrell
455Steven Reed
510Doug Coby
631Tommy Cravenho
700Ted Christopher
84Ron Yuhas, Jr
912Jimmy Blewett
105Eric Beers
1151Rob Janovic
1271Jimmy Zacharias
1381Ryan Preece
148Jeffrey Earnhardt
1591Shaun Carrig
1648Rick Kluth
1711Pete Brittain
1814Marc Nappi
191Ricky Knapp, Jr
2027Adam LcCicero
213Henry Stampfl
2212fKevin Flockhart, Jr
238pPatti Pruitt
2461Richie Evans, Jr
2574Sherri Hogan
2638Robert Schwarz, Jr
2745Gary Young, Jr
2877Mike Carpenter
296Keith Rocco

Saturday, 03:20pm ET - Next up is the SK feature.  We will have the starting lineup in just a few moments.

Saturday, 03:15pm ET - Jay Mize was given the opportunity to forfeit the money he won for winning the non-qualifiers race and start the North-South Shootout.  Of course, Mize took the option and he will be in the big show.

Saturday, 03:10pm ET - Jay Mize won the non-qualifier Modified race.  He led the event from wire to wire.  Kenny Horton hounded the back bumper of Mize for the whole race and tried to turn under him coming off turn four, but lost control of his car, nosing into the inside wall.  Richie Kuiken and Barry Callavini slipped by Horton's spinning car to take the second and third positions.  Horton crossed the line backwards in fourth with Jason Trinchere, who spun with four laps to go, finishing fifth.  Luke Fleming dropped out of the event, finishing sixth.

Saturday, 02:56pm ET - The non-qualifier event is next for the Modifieds.  It is a 25-lap race for the guys that will not be in the North-South Shootout.  Here is the starting lineup:

18Jay Mize
229Kenny Horton
303Luke Fleming
498SRick Kuiken
576Jason Trinchere
64NBarry Callavini

Saturday, 02:55pm ET - Pete Brittain won the Vintage Modified feature.  Brittain, who is racing three races this year during the North-South Shootout, drove John Betts' car to an easy win over the rest of the field.  Dean Slappery was the first  Rolling Thunder Modified racer, winning that portion of the race.

Saturday, 02:33pm ET - As the feature for the Vintage Division & Rolling Thunder Modifieds starts, there is breaking news in the pits.  John Nichols, who finished third in the last Modified consi, locking him into the North-South Shootout, broke his motor and will not be able to start the feature.  According to the officials, that will bump Daren Scherer into the field, who finished fifth in the consi.

Saturday, 02:16pm ET - Up next is the opening ceremonies, then the first feature of the day for the Vintage Division & Rolling Thunder Modifieds.  They will run a combined-division race of 25 laps.

Saturday, 02:15pm ET - The second 25-lap Consi race for the North-South Shootout Tour-type Modifieds is now complete.  The top four finishers, who will all advance to the feature pending tech, were Woody Pitkat, Rick Kluth, Josh Nichols and Carl Pasteryak.

Finishing fifth on back and on the outside looking in were Daren Scherer, Kenny Horton, Rick Kuiken and Barry Callavini

Lloyd Agor dropped out early.  He pulled behind the wall on lap 16.

Saturday, 02:03pm ET - The second 25-lap consi is on the track, ready to take the green.  Here is the starting lineup:

144Rick Kluth
288Woody Pitkat
334NRusty Smith
434SJosh Nichols
522Lloyd Agor
675Charlie Pasteryak
73Daren Scherer
898SRick Kuiken
929Kenny Horton
104NBarry Callavini

Saturday, 02:00pm ET - The first 25-lap Consi race for the North-South Shootout Tour-type Modifieds is now complete.  The top four finishers, who will all advance to the feature pending tech, were Eddie Flemke, Pete Brittain, Jason Myers and Chris Whiteknight.

Flemke completely dominated the race.  At one point, his lead was a full straightaway.

Finishing fifth on back and on the outside looking in were Danny Bohn, Gene Pack, Jay Mize and Luke Fleming.

Jason Trenchere caused plenty of fireworks in the race.  First, he muscled by the #17 of  Whiteknight to get into a transfer spot.  Then, a few laps later, he made contact with the #659 of Bohn in turn four while battling for third.  This time, things did not go as smoothly, as Trenchere slid up the track with heavy right front suspension damage.  He went back to the pits on the hook of a wrecker and will likely be a non-starter when the non-qualifier race rolls around later today.

Jamie Tomaino was also an early retiree from the race, but he already has a guaranteed start in the North-South Shootout

Keith Rocco had a rough race too.  He pitted early to make adjustments to his Brady Bunch #00 and then got turned around in turn four, sliding deep in the field again.  A few laps later, he played bumper tag with Pack and then finally, he slowed and dropped off the track on lap 18.

Saturday, 01:40pm ET - The first of the two Modified consis is about to take place here at CMP.  The top four from each consi will qualify into the North-South Shootout.

Here is the starting lineup for the first consi:

179Eddie Flemke
266Pete Brittain
399Jamie Tomaino
417SChris Whitenight, Jr
5659Danny Bohn
676Jason Trinchere
731Gene Pack
88Jay Mize
94SJason Myers
1003Luke Fleming
1100Keith Rocco

Saturday, 01:35pm ET – They came from North Carolina, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They came with famous short track surnames like Beers and Zacharias…and they came to pedal their hearts out for the Little Shootout to kick off the feature races today at the North-South Shootout.

The Little Shootout featured steel pedal cars for drivers about five years old and younger in a race down the fronstretch of Concord Motorsport Park.  This year, nobody could touch Austin Beers, who won in dominant fashion.  This marked Beers’ third consecutive victory in the race.

“It was good,” said Beers of the race.  “I like to pedal fast.”

Beers’ proud papa is Modified pilot Eric Beers who will do double duty in both the Tour-type Modified and SK Modified features later today.  The elder Beers served as his son’s crew chief.

“The other night, after my car was loaded up and coming down here, I took a few hours to clean up Austin’s car,” said Eric Beers.  “He did a good job, now I have two chances to maybe win one here.”

Saturday, 01:30pm ET – There are plenty of notable drivers here this weekend, but a few big teams and big-named drivers who couldn’t make the trip as well.

The legendary Modified Tour teams of Boehler Racing Enterprises and Bob Garbarino’s Mystic Missile team are not here, but their drivers are.  Ryan Preece is driving his family’s car and Chuck Hossfeld is driving for H&H Motorsports.

Les Hinckley is the only True Value Modified Racing Series competitor here.  Absent is multi-time TVMRS champion Kirk Alexander – who has raced in the NSS previously.

The King of Southern Modifieds, Junior Miller, is not here either.  Nor is NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour notables LW Miller, Tim Brown or Brian King.

Also not here is Andy Seuss, who races all the time in Mod features both in the North and South.  The Seuss team heavily damaged their own #70 car in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season finale at Thompson and is back in New Hampshire repaired that this weekend.  They are said to not heartbroken about skipping this event. 

Saturday, 01:00pm ET - The pit party has concluded as the cars are making their way off the front stretch.

Saturday, 11:30am ET - The pit party is just moments away from starting.  We are going to head down trackside, visit with the drivers and see what it happening down in the pit area.  We will be back before the start of the consis with the lineups, news and notes.

Saturday, 10:56am ET - Practice has concluded.  The only other incident during the last practice session occured when Lloyd Agor went for a spin in turn four.  He was able to right his car and continue on.

Up next is the manditory driver's meeting.

Saturday, 10:40am ET - We have had one minor incident during the Modified practice session, currently on track.  Ted Christopher appeared to get into the back of Gene Pack going into turn one, sending pack sideways and forcing the yellow, but both were able to continue without any further issues.

Saturday, 10:15am ET - Practice continues here this morning at CMP.  There have been no incidents to speak of in the early sessions.

Saturday, 9:10am ET - Here is today's schedule of events:

08:00 AM: Pit Gates Open

09:20 AM - 09:35 AM : SK-Type Modifieds
09:45 AM - 10:05 AM : Super Modifieds
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM : Rolling Thunder Modifieds & Vintage Modifieds
10:35 AM - 10:55 AM : Modifieds


Modified Consi : two 25-lap events
Vintage Division & Rolling Thunder Modifieds Feature : 25 laps
Modified Non-Qualifiers Event : 25 laps
SK-Type Modifieds Feature : 50 laps
Super Modifieds Feature : 50 laps
Modifieds Feature : 125 laps

Saturday, 9:05am ET - Just as we expected, the only weather issues over the last two days was overnight and in the early morning hours as some precipitation hit the ground in the area, but everything at the track is dry and we are ready for a great day under sunny skies.

Saturday, 9:00am ET - Good morning from Concord Motorsport Park in Concord, North Carolina, for day two of the sixth annual North-South Shootout.  If you cannot make it out to the track today, follow along here at as we bring you coverage of the event all day.

To get up to speed on Friday's action at the track, which included practice, qualifying and heat-race action, click the link below for Trackside Now coverage.


North-South Shootout
November 7th - 8th, 2008
Concord Motorsport Park
Concord, North Carolina
Trackside Now: North-South Shootout - Saturday Action
Burt Myers Wins The North-South Shootout
Four 2008 Modified champions stand together -  (Left to Right) – NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Ted Christopher tries to choke RoC Modified champion Matt Hirschman as True Value Modified Racing Series champion Chris Pasteryak and NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Champion Brian Loftin look on.. (51 Sports photo)
The #7 Supermodified of Charlie Schultz. (51 Sports photo)
Doug Coby went for a ’57 Chevrolet Belair look to his #10 SK Modified. (51 Sports photos)
With all due respect to Tammy Wynette and The Dixie Chicks - Jason Trinchere stands by his Mod. (51 Sports photo)
The #45 SK Modified of Gary Young, Jr. features a unique fall skull and bones paint scheme. (51 Sports photos)
The #48 SK Modified of Rick Kluth. (51 Sports photo)
Victory lane is the place that all drivers want to end up at the end of the day. (51 Sports photo)
Jimmy Blewett during the pit party. (51 Sports photo)
The fans enjoyed meeting the drivers. (51 Sports photo)
Glen Reen during practice. (51 Sports photo)
Jamie Tomaino. (51 Sports photo)
Lloyd Agor spun out during practice. (51 Sports photo)
Gene Pack went for a ride in turn one during practice. (51 Sports photo)
Ted Christopher gets ready for driver introductions prior to the SK Modified feature. (51 Sports photo)
The starting field for the SK Modified feature. (51 Sports photo)
Ronnie Silk looks over his polesitting SK #58 Modified. (51 Sports photo)
“Cannonball” Kenny Horton. (51 Sports photo)
Dave McKnight parks his Supermodified after winning the 50-lap feature. (51 Sports photo)
Dave Schulick went from the lead to being parked in a sea of Styrofoam within just moments. (51 Sports photo)
Rob Summer’s #97 Supermodified ended its race against the inside wall  (51 Sports photo)
Mud Lane neighbors Matt Hirschman and Eric Beers hang out during the Supermodified feature.  (51 Sports photo)
Ron Yuhas’ #4 SK Modified received heavy damage. (51 Sports photo)
Ted Christopher’s #00 sits in victory lane after the SK Modified race. (51 Sports photo)
Burt Myers pulled into the mayhem that was victory lane. (51 Sports photo)'s Mike Twist interviews the North-South Shootout Modified winner Burt Myers after the race. (51 Sports photo)