McKnight(mare) Continues For U.S. Racers Against Canadian Driver at Delaware Speedway By Jim Blacroch
ISMA Action: Dave McKnight, Two-For-Two at Delaware
Dave McKnight of Brampton, Ontario, came into Friday night's ISMA Super show at Delaware Speedway with a ton of confidence after dominating the event one year ago.

On Friday night McKnight continued that dominance with a speedy romp to victory at the bumpy .500-mile on Friday night. McKnight is one of those crafty veterans who finds a way to get things done and Friday night at Delaware was no exception. Following a qualifying race win he found himself starting near the front of the field in front of some of the divisions top dogs which gave him the inside track on going for the victory.
"We got a little bit of a break tonight and started decent," offered McKnight in victory lane. "Once we got out front we gave it everything we had. We've been struggling a bit this year, but tonight we had a car that
was very strong. We had a car that could get the job done."

McKnight slipped past leader Jeff Holbrook on lap 15 and never looked back as he drove off to score the popular victory, but behind him the racing was fast and furious as Russ Wood and Chris Perley put on spectacular driving displays to reach second and third respectively.

Perley, 'The Rowley Rocket', who drives for Vic Miller went from 12th to 3rd in the race. It wasn't without some close calls and definite hard racing however as Perley offered following the event.

"Going from 12th to 3rd, I'm happy with that," smiled Perley, who maintained his ISMA points championship lead, following the event. "It is just crazy to race here. You really do hold your breath on every pass. Everything here is so tight and when you do make a pass you are holding your breath and hopefully the guy that you are passing doesn't move and you don't move and nobody touches. It is an effort just to keep it clean. Everyone I came up through to pass tonight was a battle. This division keeps getting tougher, nobody was an easy pass. The car held together and I came out with a top three. I'm surprised by that. We could have used a late race caution because it looked we were really gaining on them at the end, but by then they were so far out in front of us, I really couldn't do anything."
Russ Wood, who is competing for car owner/driver Jeff Holbrook, came home second in an impressive run and gained slightly on Perley in the championship standings. During the race Wood held a very spirited battle with his car owner.

"I was happy with the car," grinned Wood following the event. "We were coming on strong and the car was handling good. I think I was reeling in Dave (McKnight) and I had a heck of a battle with Jeff (Holbrook). That was some wicked racing with my car owner. He wasn't giving me an inch. I really wish it had been a longer race. For my first time here, I had fun. I'm happy with the second tonight. We'll see what we can do tomorrow night."

Holbrook and Bobby Magner rounded out the top-five. McKnight, Dave Trytek and Mike Ordway, Jr., won the qualifying races.
Dave McKnight salutes the crowd after winning the event. (ISMA photo)
Johnny Benson testing a Super Modified. (ISMA photo)
Super Notes from Delaware:

Johnny Benson tested his new Xtreme Chassis machine, but drove as teammate to McKnight at Delaware. Benson finished 9th and look for his new car to make it's debut at the North South Shootout at Concord Motorsport Park in North Carolina in mid-November.

21 Supers made the two into the 'Great White North' for the show.

Doug Didero ran with the wing and finished sixth. Didero still looked happy following his Oswego Classic win just a few short weeks ago.

McKnight's win came in front of a more-then-solid crowd at Delaware and McKnight definitely wanted to perform.
"We won this race last season and trying for a back to back, I think I pushed the envelope a little to make me try a little harder," explained McKnight. "We didn't have to pass much tonight and once we got out front we had a clean raceway most of the way. That helped a bunch. I'm sure Chris (Perley) and Russell (Wood) had to work hard to get through the pack. But, hey that's racing. Tomorrow at Berlin will be a lot tougher so we'll try to capitalize on this run and make it better. Hats off to the whole team, Patco Transportation, and to Forrest and Forest our engine builder who got our good motor back in a hurry. Thanks also to everybody involved in the race tonight and for all of the fans coming out to watch us do our thing. To win in this series is incredible, but to win here is very important to me. I can't believe we did it twice."
BOX SCORE - Delaware Speedway, Delaware, Ontario, Canada - ISMA 50:

Summary Delaware Speedway - ISMA 50 - Sept. 26, 2008

ISMA 50:
1. Dave McKnight Jr.
2. Russ Wood
3. Chris Perley
4. Jeff Holbrook
5. Bobby Magner
6. Doug Didero 
7., Rob Summers
8. Mike Ordway Jr.
9. Johnny Benson Jr.
10. Mark Sammut
11. Mike Lichty
12. Bobby Bond
13. Dave Trytek
14. Brandon Bellinger
15. Ryan Litt
16. Larry Lehnert
17. Dan Lane
18. Dave Shullick Jr.
19. Michael Barnes
20. Denny Fisher
21. Dave McCullough
Top: Chris Perley and Mark Sammut.  Bottom: Russ Wood and Jeff Holbrook. (ISMA photos)
Heat 1: Dave Trytek, Bob Magner, Robbie Summers, Mike Lichty, Michael Barnes, Larry Lehnert, Denny Fisher, Bobby Haynes Jr. (dns blown motor)

Heat 2: Dave McKnight, Russ Wood, Mark Sammut, Chris Perley, Brandon Bellinger, Danny Lane, Ryan Litt

Heat 3: Mike Ordway Jr., Johnny Benson, Dave Shullick Jr., Jeff Holbrook, Doug Didero, Dave McCullough, Bob Bond