MotoTown Brings Indoor Racing to Connecticut by Denise DuPont
TC is Among Those Getting in Out of the Cold to Go Racing
This winter, Mototown USA is helping racers and fans come in and get out of the bitter New England cold while they get their race fix over winter months.
The Mototown, USA Facility in Windsor, CT is the first dedicated indoor racing stadium in the United States catering to the motocross and supercross enthusiasts. The facility contains both an indoor motocross and quarter mile short track. When you open the door, your eyes set site on a large open racing hippodrome with dirt mounds and circles of dirt.

On Sunday, January 13th, the “Bud Light 12 pack Winter Series” continued at Mototown featuring six divisions of racing with Street Stock, Modified Lights and Sprint Cars competing. The quarter mile indoor dirt track was slick and fast as cars slid around sometimes approaching turns on only two wheels.

The racing event started with a motorcycle demonstration on the oval track. They were fun to watch but we were told that one has to come back to see them jump and turn on the motocross tracks. We all have seen it on TV but just imagine right here in our backyard in New England.

After the first Sprint race the winner, Lex Burrell, was all smiles in victory lane and expressed his thoughts about running on the track:

“It was pretty neat to run on a track this small,” said Burrell.  “We don’t often run places where we have to use the brakes this often. It is great to come in here and do something at this time of winter.”

Jack Arute took time out from announcing to suit up and play in a Sprint Car racing for the second week in a row competing in a 750 cc Sprint Car with Ted Christopher as his teammate. Arute started sixth in his feature and made it up to fourth as he followed Christopher across the start finish line.

TC, who had started on the outside pole, wheeled the car around the track low like an SK Modified but fell back to third spot when he went a little high and was passed by Whip City Sprint Car champion Marc Guerard.

Marc Guerard crossed the finish line first holding off drivers like Ted Christopher and their hard charges.

“Mototown is great,” said Guerard, as he emerged from his car in victory lane.
“The track is really nice and it is a good facility.”
Fans got to see everything from Sprints to Mini Mods to full-sized Street Stocks inside at MotoTown.    (Jim DuPont Photos)
When the Late Model-type cars came on the track at first they looked too large for the facility. But the 4 cylinder cars went green from start to finish with Darren Jacob the victor.

“It was great, really fun with these cars here on this track,” said Jacobs.  “Hopefully we will get more cars out here because it is a great track to run these cars on. It is really fun.”  

The 8-cylinder cars though had several cautions and
the cars looked a little out of place. The lead changed
several times and cars that spun were able to pass
and come back through the back of the pack though.
The winner, Jon Routhier, also expressed his delight
with the track,

“I appreciate Mototown for this race here,” said
Routhier.  “We had a lot of fun. The guy that was
racing with me ran a hard line. He gave me room and
I gave him room. He got a little to high and spun
himself out and that is how I won.”

Racing on dirt at this indoor oval track proved to be
more enjoyable to watch then one could imagine on
a blistery day. If you have some time the winter, take
a ride to Mototown USA. But even though the building
is climate controlled to keep spectators comfortable,
bring your winter coat and gloves to stay warm in
case the excitement is not enough to keep you

Summary of January 13, 2008 Race Winners

600cc Sprint - Lex Burrell (#117), Redding, CT.
750cc Sprint - Marc Guerard (#95), Hartford, CT.
1200cc Sprint – Matt Norrie (#16m), West Suffield, CT.
Modified Lite – Ryan Charland (#10c), Somers, CT.
4 Cylinder – Darren Jacobs (#21) , Springfield, MA.
8 Cylinder – Jonathan Routhier (#031p), Canaan, CT.

Jack Arute (L) and Ted Christopher (R) were teammates for the day.